Here are some of our success stories!

Windy/Birdie - ADOPTED
Dec 4, 2018 - Have you ever heard that expression "a little birdie told me....?" Former adopters AGB Board member Vic and wife Barbara had sweet AGB alum Henry and were devastated when he passed to the Rainbow Bridge this fall. It took them a while but they soon wanted to meet adorable 1.5 year old girl Windy, who was found wandering around by a Good Samaritan. At the meet, Windy crawled up behind me, put her snout to my ear, and whispered "I want to go with them!" So off she went; to become Birdie and live way up on the mountain in Birmingham, where she can see her whole kingdom below her! Birdie is living the high life for sure. They say she is the most affectionate dog they've ever had, and once she is fully house-trained will be the perfect dog. We will look forward to seeing her at AGB events and couldn't be happier all around for this family! ******************************************** "Smiling at everybody she sees - everyone knows it's Windy". That old Association song is perfect for me because my name is Windy and I do like to smile! I'm a sweet little Golden girl of 1 and a half years. I weigh 56 pounds. Earlier this month, a Good Samaritan found me wandering around and put my story on social media and took me to the vets. I was told, even in Alabama, that's it's too cold for a little solo pup like me to be traveling around the streets on my own. And I'd rather not anyway. Who wants to be a stray? I want a nice family to love me and take care of me; that's my holiday wish. When the nice AGB lady came in to take my photographs, I posed like a little fashionista and smiled so I could put my best paw forward. She said I was a great dog. I have to be spayed and vaccinated and microchipped (they checked; I'm not chipped) and, because I was on the streets for a little while, I have to get my coat back in good shape; I have some fixable skin issues they're treating and I have an ear infection. But that won't stop me from posing for holiday photographs with you, if you want me. Come meet a girl named Windy - I could be home for Christmas!

Dec 3, 2018 - Wake has finally been released from his heart worm regimen and adopted to his very own personal Veterinarian! He was able to be fostered by her through the month which worked very nicely for him. Wake also had a few issues with other dogs but now that he is feeling better those seem to have resolved as well. He is a handsome, lucky dog! ******************************************* Help! I need some help! My name is Wake. I'm a 2 year old golden orphan boy weighing 48 pounds. AGB picked me up from a West Alabama shelter and brought me to Birmingham. I've got some miseries going on - I'm heart worm positive, I hadn't been neutered (that just happened), my skin is itchy and my teeth are infected. I have to stay calm in my kennel for heart worm treatment. I don't have a lot to be happy about....yet. They named me Wake and I guess that works because Wake means alert and watchful. And I've had to be alert and watchful for a while cause nobody's been taking care of me but me. I really hope some kind people will donate some money to me so I can get well. AGB says I am a total sweetheart, bright and attentive, and I rode beautifully in the car. I'm calm, a little bit timid at first (not too many people have been nice to me in my life) but I warm up quickly. I give LOTS of kisses! I ignore cats. It would be nice to maybe be the only dog in your home until I get used to being loved and safe and secure. I'm only a baby-faced two year old pup; do you think you would be the one to change my life and make me the happiest boy in the world? If so, I'm waiting for you!

Bellamie/Bella - ADOPTED
Dec 1, 2018 - Sweet faced senior Bellamie is now adopted to the family of AGB alum Winston and is a part-time greeter at Mom's clothing boutique here in Bham. She came to AGB with trash-can foraging habits which made living with her a bit of a challenge but the joke's on her with this family - they've figured out how to re-direct that habit! Look for Bella next time you shop in one of the Villages! That face will sell you an outfit! ***************************************** Hello, friends. Did you know that "Bella" is the most popular name for female pups? AGB decided my name should be a little more distinctive than the one I came in with - so now I am Bellamie. I'm a 9 year old beautiful lady that now weighs 88 pounds. My tale is a little shocking and sad. My owner took me to a vet clinic to be euthanized because of my weight; can you imagine how shocked the vet staff was (wasn't the owner supposed to control how much I eat?). The clinic got the owner to sign me over to them and they called AGB right away. I've been on a small portion diet with green beans as treats and I've lost 20 pounds and I'm looking good! It's been a tough time though. Besides being discarded for something entirely fixable, I was treated for heart worms (release date September 24!) and had surgery on a couple of benign masses. I'm feeling hopeful though because I know some one is out there who will feed me correctly and give me heart worm preventative and is looking to love a very sweet girl like me. I've got a bit of sass along with the sweetness so I'll probably make you laugh. I get along with all and I walk well on a leash. Once I know I'm safe and secure with some nice people, I'll be a happy and loving girl. Would you please come meet me; I could be the girl for you!

Toasty - ADOPTED
Nov 28, 2018 - Toasty, one of our orphans from a hoarding/neglect situation, came in super skinny but still with a great heart and spirit, has been adopted. She will never be hungry or ignored again thanks to her super sweet new mom who trains dogs for a national non-profit service dog organization. Toasty is now Scarlett, the color of her beautiful coat, and has had a complete turn around from her intake where she was 'oh so sad' and in need of love. Mom says "She is such a different dog and has come such a long way in just 10 days. You’d be amazed at the difference! Still has no idea what to do with toys but would probably jump through fire for a treat. She’s also getting better with house breaking and going potty on a leash (she hates to). Gets so excited to see me that she spins in circles and wags her tail furiously! It’s the cutest thing. But she never jumps or barks. She’s great with the cat. She has warmed up to my boyfriend and everyone in my family and is much less fearful - she is confident enough to go up to new people by herself now which is a huge improvement. She is starting to put on weight - she is now at about 54lbs from 47 and is much more energetic, although still calm-natured. She even went with us to pick out our Christmas tree!" ********************************************* How did a beautiful Golden girl like me wind up in such a bad, scary situation? My name is Toasty and I deserve so much better than what I had. I came to AGB along with with two other pups when an abandonment/neglect case got resolved. I'm 7 years old and very skinny. I'm love starved; I've been neglected for a long while. But AGB has put me in a foster home and, all of a sudden, I'm transforming into the happy girl I should have always been. I'm getting good food and lots of love; I even have my own warm bed. It's heaven! If you think you'd like a sweetheart like me for your very own, you ought to know that I've been told that I'm very sweet and gentle and I love attention. I will probably have to be near you and touching you with my paw for a while until I feel totally safe and secure. I am heart worm negative and I've been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Maybe you'll call me your sweetheart and give me the wonderful home I've always deserved.

Vasco/Banjo - ADOPTED
Nov 29, 2018 - Another gorgeous boy was adopted this week to the biggest yard ever, two great parents, another Golden mix, and a farm to boot on vacation! Vasco is now Banjo and is perfectly tuned to his new family. Well, what would you expect from a dog who had his owners move off and leave him? Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he walked on down to the local post office where everybody that met him petted and gave him treats and the staff fed and helped him find a home! What a smart dog! We are so happy Banjo has a different song in his life now. Have a happy life Banjo! (on left) ******************************************** Hi, my name is Vasco, which I think is an acronym for Very Amazing Special Canine Overall (VASCO). What else could it be? I'm 2 years old. I'm what they call a stray. My owner moved and left me behind; can you imagine? That wasn't very nice at all. Scary for me, in fact. But being the clever boy I am, I took my handsome self to the local Post Office to hang out and all the employees and neighbors there thought I was terrific and fed me and tried to find me a new home on social media. You just gotta find the right contacts, I think. So that lead me to AGB and they've promised me all my troubles are behind me. They're going to find me a new safe, loving, and lifelong home. And, in the meantime, they'll make sure I have a nice place to lay my head at night and some good meals. I'm neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and, happily, heart worm negative. I'm energetic and super sweet and obviously good looking! I've got that big boxy Golden Retriever head that people are so crazy about. Let's face it. I'm a catch. I think that maybe you ought to consider a VASCO for yourself, don't you?

Toasty/Scarlett - ADOPTED
Nov 28, 2018 - Toasty, one of our orphans from a hoarding/neglect situation, came in super skinny but still with a great heart and spirit, has been adopted. She will never be hungry or ignored again thanks to her super sweet new mom who trains dogs for a national non-profit service dog organization. Toasty is now Scarlett, the color of her beautiful coat, and has had a complete turn around from her intake where she was 'oh so sad' and in need of love. Mom says "She is such a different dog and has come such a long way in just 10 days. You’d be amazed at the difference! Still has no idea what to do with toys but would probably jump through fire for a treat. She’s also getting better with house breaking and going potty on a leash (she hates to). Gets so excited to see me that she spins in circles and wags her tail furiously! It’s the cutest thing. But she never jumps or barks. She’s great with the cat. She has warmed up to my boyfriend and everyone in my family and is much less fearful - she is confident enough to go up to new people by herself now which is a huge improvement. She is starting to put on weight - she is now at about 54lbs from 47 and is much more energetic, although still calm-natured. She even went with us to pick out our Christmas tree!" ********************************************* How did a beautiful Golden girl like me wind up in such a bad, scary situation? My name is Toasty and I deserve so much better than what I had. I came to AGB along with with two other pups when an abandonment/neglect case got resolved. I'm 7 years old and very skinny. I'm love starved; I've been neglected for a long while. But AGB has put me in a foster home and, all of a sudden, I'm transforming into the happy girl I should have always been. I'm getting good food and lots of love; I even have my own warm bed. It's heaven! If you think you'd like a sweetheart like me for your very own, you ought to know that I've been told that I'm very sweet and gentle and I love attention. I will probably have to be near you and touching you with my paw for a while until I feel totally safe and secure. I am heart worm negative and I've been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Maybe you'll call me your sweetheart and give me the wonderful home I've always deserved.

Yankee - ADOPTED
Nov 21, 2018 - Yankee was doing the Dandy dance when he met his new mom. He has LOVED being at their house and just walking around the yard taking it all in as his. Raised the entire ten years of his life in a little pen in the back yard, then left when the owners moved off, it's not hard to imagine his joy at his new digs! He follows mom around everywhere she goes, sits by the door looking out until her return from errands, and also is the best friend ever for his granddaughter. He has made this family very happy, and we couldn't be happier for him. Maybe someday he'll have another AGB buddy as a brother or sister! Happy Thanksgiving,Yankee, we know you are thankful. ********************************************** I'd like to be a 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' but actually I'm more like the 'Heartbreak Kid'. Hello, folks, my name is Yankee and I'm worried that this might be my last chance at a happy home! I'm already 10 years old and I was raised in a little pen in the back of someone's yard - in the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. So I've been a tough guy throughout but then those folks moved and just left me behind in my pen. Broke my heart. Somebody took me to a shelter and then AGB came and got me out. The vets have checked me out; I weigh 50 pounds and I've been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. As expected, I'm heart worm positive and must begin treatment because nobody took care of me like they should have. Also, I've got minor aches and pains from arthritis. But all this hasn't changed my happy, goofy personality. And I'm a good looking, red haired older gentleman, as you can see, who is very sweet and loving. I like people and most other dogs, unless they're scary. The AGB folks tell me that I deserve to while away my remaining years inside a warm house with a loving hand on my head and a big, soft bed to sleep in. Perhaps you would donate to my medical fund to get rid of these heart worms and then I could find my new people to love. Thank you from Yankee.

Rocky III - ADOPTIED Bonded to Lila
Nov 19, 2018 - Rocky and Lila were surrendered to AGB by their owners who were moving and didn’t feel that they had the time or space for this active duo. The two have been bonded for all of Rocky’s life and needed to stay together. We knew the right adopters would come along. A family from Georgia who have been involved with rescues for years saw them online and couldn’t wait to come meet them. Rocky and Lila met this family and knew it was time to go home. Their new mom reports that Lila loves to fetch a ball and that Rocky loves to chase Lila. These two are loving life…(Rocky is on the left; black dog against a black sweatshirt). ********************************************** Welcome to a duo of darling Doodles! Hello! My name is Rocky III (Rocky is a popular name at AGB). I'm 2 years old and I weigh 59 pounds. I was adopted as a puppy and I've spent my whole life with Lila so I don't think I can be without her. We look good together - she's an apricot blonde and I'm a black-haired, handsome Labradoodle boy. I'm neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and I'm heart worm negative. I'm also house trained and sleep in my crate. My owners are moving and surrendered Lila and I due to lack of time and space. We lived with another dog and a couple of cats and also kids so we're real friendly with everybody. Lila and I both like car rides. Why don't you get in your car and come take us for a ride? If you adopt us, you won't even have to drive us back to Birmingham. That's a plan! See you soon.

Lila - ADOPTED Bonded to Rocky III
Nov 19, 2018 - Rocky and Lila were surrendered to AGB by their owners who were moving and didn’t feel that they had the time or space for this active duo. The two have been bonded for all of Rocky’s life and needed to stay together. We knew the right adopters would come along. A family from Georgia who have been involved with rescues for years saw them online and couldn’t wait to come meet them. Rocky and Lila met this family and knew it was time to go home. Their new mom reports that Lila loves to fetch a ball and that Rocky loves to chase Lila. These two are loving life…(Lila is on the right). ********************************************** Welcome to a duo of darling Doodles! Hello, peoples! My name is Lila and I'm a beautiful, long-legged, apricot colored girl of five. I weigh a dainty 54 pounds. I'm just as sweet as I am pretty with all the wonderful attributes of a Golden Doodle - goofy, sweet, smart and energetic. I don't shed so most people with allergies can be around me just fine. My brother, Rocky, and I were surrendered because our owners are moving and they don't have the time or the space for us. And I need to be adopted with my brother cause I love him and need him. I've been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and I'm heart worm negative. I sleep in a crate but, since I don't get on furniture, I don't have to be in a crate. I'm totally house trained and I know a couple of commands like "sit". As you can see, I'm cute as a button. My dislikes are nerf guns and balloons, lol. Won't you come meet us? We'll make your life twice as nice.

Cuddles/Lady - ADOPTED
Nov 18, 2018 - Cuddles is now called Lady and she is truly living the life of a lady. Her new parents and sister drove to Birmingham from Texas and fell in love with her immediately. Lady follows her mom everywhere and loves attention and cuddles from her parents and her sister, GG. We are thankful for these sweet people who saw a dog who needed them and drove over 20 hours round trip. Cuddles came to AGB because of neglect and abandonment, but she will never have another lonely day in her life.

Nov 15, 2018 - Little bitty imp Tawny, 1 year old stray, is living it up as a pampered pet, going to doggie daycare (where they say she is one of the best pups they've ever had), and learning to get along with the cats when playing at home. She doesn't want to hurt them but doesn't yet understand that when she chases them it scares them. Mom says "She is really sweet and so very gentle, I think you could trust her with a newborn kitten!" She's grown to 32 pounds now and is generally being a delightful puppy. ********************************************** Hello, I'm an itty bitty puppy girl named Tawny. I'm one year old and I weigh only 28 pounds. I came from a northern Alabama shelter and arrived with mild anemia, malnutrition, an eye infection and needed some worming. AGB took one look at me and said this girl needs a good home where she'll be taken care of and loved. They say I'm a little "munchkin" because I'm cute, small and endearing. I'm heart worm negative and vaccinated, spayed and microchipped now. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm very alert and bright. I like other dogs too and I like to flirt with people. The Urban Dictionary describes a girl named Tawny as "a beautiful, perfect girl. You can't describe her; she's everything you've always wanted and more." Do you think I could be everything you've always wanted? I know you're everything I've ever wanted. Please come get me. Puppy kisses, Tawny

Fancy/Bella - ADOPTED
Nov 4, 2018 - Well, Miss Fancy Pants finally got her perfect home after many months of foster! Her new family drove 13-16 hours each way from Missouri after hearing her story and knew they could help her become the confident dog she should be. Fancy had a hard time meeting potential adopters because of her extreme shyness and lack of connection to strangers. It was so sad to see her struggling at Meet & Greets where people would just bypass her for the friendly dogs and her eyes showed that she knew she was an orphan. But this dad got down on the floor on his belly, sweet talked her over for a treat, and after two hours of quiet patience and kindness, she decided she would get in the car with them and give it a whirl. They called her their Fancy Girl but have changed it to Bella. Her happiness and love for her new parents is evident now in her smile and eyes. The family is quite pleased with her progress and she's turned into somewhat of a daddy's girl. They say "She is a wonderful little girl; I'm sorry it took us so long to find her, but I believe God kept her for us until the time was right." We are so grateful to our fosters who never give up on a dog that needs extra work, thank you. Bella, we can't wait to see your Christmas picture with a huge grin! Happy Thanksgiving! ******************************************** Fancy that! My new name is Fancy! It's a good one, don't you think? I'm a pretty little girl weighing only 38 pounds. I'm 2 years old. I've never had anybody pay a lot of attention to me; I've spent most of my 2 years fending for myself outside in the backyard. And then I found myself at a shelter. I had a little upper respiratory issue; I was sneezing at the shelter probably because I was outside in the cold and wet last winter. I'm fine now. I've been spayed and vaccinated. AGB thought a young girl like me ought to have a permanent home with someone to love me, feed me good food, train me, and let me live the rest of my life inside the house. I like other dogs and kids seem pretty nice too. I gave one little girl some hand kisses - I liked it and she liked it too. Maybe you could fancy giving a little girl like me a 'fancy' new life. I can't wait!

Sweet Sadie/Sadie - ADOPTED
Nov 10, 2018 - Sweet Sadie came in and then immediately out she went, as all good two year old beauties do. Smart girl claimed them immediately, climbing into their laps as if saying "Take me! Take me!" So of course they did! She and the cat are nose to nose buddies and living it up as LSU fans in the great state of Louisiana. Mom and Dad are thrilled with her and say "Sadie is doing great. Other than nightmares (or maybe good dreams) where she is chasing after something, she seems to have settled in like she’s always been here. She loves to play, loves affection, and is claiming her spot on the couch. I’m going today to get a different food. She does not like the food we got at the vet. Thank you again; she is and will be very loved." That's what we want for all our Sweeties.

Nov 5, 2018 - Big boy Gibbs was surrendered to AGB because his owner traveled a lot with work and he thought Gibbs needed more attention. He is now in Nashville with another AGB alum, Jules, and he is happily slimming down in his new home. He enjoys his daily walks and his life with his new children. His mom says that they feel like they won the lottery with Gibbs and that his big smile makes their hearts full! Sweet Gibbs will never have another lonely moment. ********************************************* Have you heard of Gibbs' Rules? Well, my name is Gibbs, just like the character on NCIS, and I have a few rules of my own! Rule #1 - Buy Gibbs tasty treats, Rule #2 - Feed Gibbs lots of treats, Rule #3 - Repeat Rules 1 & 2. Nobody is paying any attention to my rules lately because I weigh 133 pounds and I'm on the green bean and exercise diet. But I guess that's okay; I'm an easy going six year old boy who loves everybody - people, kids, dogs and cats. My owner surrendered me to AGB because his job keeps him traveling constantly. He didn't want me to be lonely all the time. I'm a really great pup and very, very handsome! I'm house trained; I lay by the door when I need to go out. I'm vaccinated, neutered, and heart worm negative. I like walking, swimming and car rides. I know "sit", "stay" and "come" commands. I sleep right by the bed but don't get on furniture. I do need some exercise and some continued weight management. I have a growth on my right flank that might need some future monitoring but the vets are checking on that right now. I'm a boy with a perfect Golden temperament. Think I should come live with you? Better hurry, the AGB folks here tell me I won't be an AGB orphan for very long! Maybe we could have just one or two treats to celebrate when I get adopted!

Carley - 800TH PUP ADOPTED
Oct 31, 2018 - Happy Halloween! We don't have any tricks for you, but we do have a treat - AGB 's 800th Adoption! It happens to be Carley, our pug-nosed Golden brought back from Germany by her military dad. When he was recently deployed again, he decided that it was in her best interests to re-home her. And the cool thing about it is that her new home is with AGB Co-Founder John and his sweet wife Deb!!! They report "We Love Love Love her! She gets more loving and sweeter by the day!" How could you not fall for that adorable face? No Boo's for you on this Halloween Carley, you are the Queen today! *********************************************** "Ain't she sweet"! Hello, I'm Carley and so happy to spread my sweetness around. I feel like the luckiest girl pup around. My former owner is in the military and brought me back from Germany. Then they found out they're being deployed again and my human's Mom was moving so no one was available to keep me while my owner was away serving his country. I'm sure he didn't want to do it but he decided to let AGB find me a new loving home. I'm a five year old golden girl, weighing 65 pounds, who is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and heart worm negative. I'm house trained. I've been described as a total sweetheart. I love people and other dogs. So now you know why I'm feeling so lucky - my story could have gone another way. Confidentially, someone very special to AGB is adopting me! They love me!

Minni/Coosa - ADOPTED
Oct 27, 2018 - Minni and Winni are now Coosa and Talla. Their adopters remind us that there are truly angels on earth. These sweet little girls came to us very shy and heart worm positive from a shelter near Birmingham. We treated Coosa’s heart worms and spayed her but Talla was pregnant so her medical care had to be put on hold while she cared for her four puppies. Once they were weaned, we reunited the duo. Their adopters drove down from South Carolina and took them to their new home so that Talla could be treated for heart worms and recover in the comfort of her new home. Their mom said, “Coosa and Talla are making strides each hour....we are not expecting miracles...we know it takes time, love and patience.” ******************************************** "Every morning I wake up and worry what's gonna happen today". Remember that really good Eagles song? I do worry what's going to happen every day. Right now, I feel as timid as a little mouse so maybe that why they call me Minni. I'm a tiny little 2 year old girl who is a bit underweight at 37 pounds. My sister, Winni, and I got abandoned at a shelter a couple of months ago when our owner moved. Both of us got brought to AGB together. Winni is busy in the nursery right now; she just had four little puppies. I'm trying to relax and feel safe but I was even shaking for my photo shoot. I promise I'm really sweet under all the fearfulness; I just don't understand what's happening to me. When I first got here, I hid in the back of my kennel but now I come out for ear scratches. I like those! AGB has promised I'm going to get a new home. In the meantime, I am being treated for heart worms and I've got to be spayed and microchipped so I have medical stuff to deal with. I did get all my vaccinations already. And the food is really good here so I should gain some weight. I'm longing for a day when I wake up and I'll be somebody's "sweet darling" and getting their love and care. I promise to love you right back!

Winni/Talla - ADOPTED
Oct 27, 2018 - Minni and Winni are now Coosa and Talla. Their adopters remind us that there are truly angels on earth. These sweet little girls came to us very shy and heart worm positive from a shelter near Birmingham. We treated Coosa’s heart worms and spayed her but Talla was pregnant so her medical care had to be put on hold while she cared for her four puppies. Once they were weaned, we reunited the duo. Their adopters drove down from South Carolina and took them to their new home so that Talla could be treated for heart worms and recover in the comfort of her new home. Their mom said, “Coosa and Talla are making strides each hour....we are not expecting miracles...we know it takes time, love and patience.” ******************************************* Supposedly the name Winni - meaning "from a friend's town" - is a great name for girl dogs who are shy. So AGB named me Winni and I am very, very sweet but also shy. I weigh 41 pounds. I was abandoned at a shelter with another dog and, even though I'm just 2 years old, I had recently had puppies. I've now been wormed and vaccinated. I'm about to be spayed and microchipped. But sadly, I'm heart worm positive and I'm undergoing treatment for that. I haven't been very well taken care of in the past. Maybe that's why I'm a little shy at first but I do warm up to friendly people very quickly. AGB came and rescued me from the shelter and they are taking good care of me. It would be so wonderful if you could contribute towards my heart worm and medical care. Since I've been with AGB, I've learned I love hugs and petting. And I've learned that I really love treats; they're just the best! I'm wishing that my hardships are in the past and that a really nice person or family will fall in love with me and take me home with them. I would love them so very much. In fact, I bet I would say to them what another Winnie (the Pooh) said: "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you".

Oct 24, 2018 - Cooper VI has been adopted to a very active Dad who is walking him now 5 miles a day (after starting at 1.5) and he is turning into a lean machine!  Mom gets plenty of love from him as well and he has plenty to spread around.  He’s a funny, goofy Golden and when he doesn’t want to do something - like get into the crate - he just plain sits down and refuses to budge, and at 106 pounds he has a slight advantage!  We love a sweet, big ole’ Golden like him and are very happy he has a permanent home with a family that adores him. See ya on your walks, Cooper!   ********************************************* My name is Cooper; I understand that I am the 6th of that name that's passed through AGB. But, happily, I'm not staying long - there's a family that wants me to be theirs. A big, handsome boy like me with a great personality like mine got a golden ticket to a new, loving home. Aren't I lucky? I wouldn't even be in the position of being an orphan if it wasn't for the fact my former owners got divorced and I didn't have a home anymore. So they called AGB and AGB arranged for me to come to Birmingham so we could search for new families. I'm 2 and a half years old; I weigh 106 pounds (yes, I'm dieting!) and I'm vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and heart worm negative. I like everybody - cats, dogs, kids and especially people! I'm house trained. I'm lovable. Oh, I have a flaw or two. Like you should really hide your socks; I've been known to steal them and smile about it! I'm fond of ripping up a good stuffy toy; that's an awful lot of fun. I wish every pup that becomes an orphan could be as lucky as me!

Zorro/Arlo - ADOPTED
Oct 23, 2018 - Zorro, the puppy with the black coat and white flash, was adopted to a very nice couple with a white Goldendoodle that loves to play. Zorro has met his best buddy and they are having the time of their lives. He is now Arlo and is quickly learning the rules of the house and commands. Don't play too hard Arlo, and work on your obedience training! ********************************************* Zorro! Just like the dashing masked vigilante of pulp fiction and movies, there is no doubt that I am a legend just like him! Or will be a legend as soon as I grow up some more. I am puppy Zorro; I'm 8 months old and I weigh 24 pounds currently. Just like Zorro's signature all black costume, I wear all black fur - it's so shiny, it looks almost blue - with a signature white streak on my chest. Unfortunately, not shaped like a 'Z' - how cool would that have been? AGB rescued me from a shelter; I have no idea how I came to be in a shelter. I had mild anemia and malnutrition and I had to be wormed but now I've been getting regular, nutrious meals (I still need to fatten up a bit more) and I am happy and raring to go! I've been neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. I'm a friendly little guy and I had fun playing with another AGB orphan; we had a ball. The AGB folks said I have a great personality and that I'm going to be gorgeous when I grow up. But why wait? I can be a dashing, handsome legend in your home right now! Please contact AGB and tell them you want to meet puppy Zorro!

Macee/Maci Bear - ADOPTED
Oct 22, 2018 - Sweet and beautiful Macee was surrendered to AGB by a loving owner who was gone too much to manage her thunder phobia. Macee had panicked and been destructive when her owner was at work, and she wanted a less stressful life for her beloved dog. Macee was adopted by this young, active couple and is doing well in her Nashville home, and, so far, she has reacted mildly to storms. Her parents installed a camera so they can monitor her on stormy days and drive home if needed. They report that she is a big lap dog and that they adore her. Enjoy the Music City, Macee! ********************************************* Let's talk about beautiful Golden girls cause I'm pretty sure I am one. Hi there, my name is Macee and I'm six years old. I love to be the Queen Bee because I command and adore attention - hugs, kisses, belly rubs - it's all wonderful! I was surrendered to AGB because of my owner's serious illness. It's such a shame because I lived with another dog and a cat and we're all separated now. It's been nerve racking for me. When the nice AGB lady picked me up, I jumped into her car, ignoring the ramp, because I was ready to go, go, go! Another nice lady fitted me for an AGB harness and I was so happy and excited. I whimpered a bit when she had to leave. But she told me AGB will find me a home as quickly as possible because I've got all the wonderful aspects of a golden girl; I'm extremely sweet and loving. I get along well with other dogs; I ignore cats and I love kids and all people. I'm house trained, vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and heart worm negative. I walk well on a leash. I'm overweight; I weigh 94 pounds but that's nothing that can't be fixed with the right diet - maybe some green beans. With all the sweet stuff I would bring to my new family, they need to know that I am really scared of thunder and fireworks and so maybe they could comfort me through that. Keep in mind that beautiful golden girls don't come around every day so I might not be here if you hesitate.

Abraham - ADOPTED
Oct 19, 2018 - When Abraham came to AGB he was malnourished and severely underweight, covered in fleas, anemic, full of hookworms, had an upper respiratory infection, and was so matted, his beautiful white fur had to be shaved. This changed when he was taken to Valleydale. They treated his medical issues and fell in love with this Velcro boy. One of our former volunteers saw him and knew she wanted to add him to her home. She says he is WONDERFUL and that everyone loves him. He now has a furry brother and sister and a mom who adores him and gives him the care and love he needs. ********************************************* One year and 5 months ago.....I was born. Do I sound like Abraham Lincoln? No? Well, I've got his name, Abraham, so I must be a VIP (very important pup). AGB came and got me out of an east Alabama shelter where I was in a bit of distress so I haven't felt very important up until now. First things first, I'm a 55 pound boy, I'm heart worm negative, vaccinated, microchipped and I'm going to be neutered (whatever that is). My beautiful white fur was so matted when I came to AGB that it had to be shaved off. I was anemic, malnourished, neglected, and I had hookworms and an upper respiratory infection. I am so much more comfortable now and I'm being treated for my medical stuff. And I get regular meals now; it's terrific! And I'm loving it. They call me a "velcro" dog and say I love to be petted. They also say that I am a total sweetheart. I like other dogs and play gently with them; they're my friends. So, I ask you, do you want a VIP in your home that will be your constant companion and be available for petting whenever you want? Then I'm your puppy guy! Call AGB and tell them you want to meet me. I can't wait to meet you!

Cherrie/Charley - ADOPTED
Oct 19, 2018 - Three year old Cherrie was surrendered due to food guarding issues and nipping the grandkids. She is a gorgeous purebred with a sweet spirit so we knew she would be fine with a dog-savvy person without young children. She is now Charley and doing great with new mom and her two college-aged kids. She gets pretty pooped out on her daily walks and runs! Charley passed her temperance test with flying colors at one of the local doggie daycare places in town so she gets to spend at least one day a week rompin' and rollin' with the other big dogs there. Be a good girl with that food Miss Charley, and we'll see you around! ********************************************** "Cherrie, baby!" I'm so beautiful songs could be written about me! My name is Cherrie, I'm a pure bred Golden girl who weighs 80 pounds. I'm about 3 and a half years old. I am spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and, happily, heart worm negative. I have a gorgeous light blonde coat and I'm adorable and sweet. I've been well trained too so I'm pretty much perfect except for one thing - I love my food and want to make sure nobody takes it away from me! I don't like others to mess around with my food or toys so I would sure love to be an only dog with no kids under 15. So I can be at my happiest self, the vet has put me on 'calming' medication which has helped me a lot! I've been told a dog savvy owner could help me know that my food will be coming on a regular basis - no need to worry! I know the "sit" command as well as others so I'm smart and able. Are you that special someone who could take a beautiful girl like me and teach her to understand how to be a perfect pup? I know I'm looking for you and longing to meet you. I could be the beautiful girl at your side.

Lilly Bear - ADOPTED
Oct 18, 2018 - Lilly Bear is home in New Orleans and her new mom reports that she is an angel! Her new sister Rosie had a little adjusting to do but with the help of an animal behaviorist, she is doing great! She is enjoying her walks twice a day and is loving the attention from her new mom. Lilly went for a check up with her new vet and the whole office fell in love with her. We could not be happier to hear that everyone is getting along happily! ******************************************** Drum roll, please! I'm pleased as punch to tell you that I, Lilly Bear, am AGB's 850th rescued orphan! And how lucky they picked me, a picture perfect example of a Golden Retriever. I'm a sweet little girl of 8 years and I, of course, weigh just the right amount a girl should weigh at my age (a lady shouldn't have to reveal her weight, should she?). I was surrendered by an owner who had me for four years. I lived inside the house and was house trained, crate trained, heart worm negative, spayed and vaccinated. But, for some reason I don't understand, for the last couple of months, I was left outside. It took a toll on my fur and skin so now I need some beauty treatments and medicated baths to get my pretty fur back in shape. I know some stuff like "sit", "fetch" and "drop". I am very sweet and lovable and pretty. I love toys - specially the plush stuffed ones - but I never chew or bother household items. I like other dogs but I don't take any guff off them; I'll let them know that they're in my face but I won't fight with them. I probably would chase a cat or some other small critter but isn't that what I'm supposed to do? I love car rides. Time's a wasting. Let's celebrate AGB's milestone of rescuing 850 pups by finding me a wonderful new home (inside the house, please) as soon as possible. We could even have cake! Or buy me a new stuffed plush toy. That sounds like a winning plan!

Oct 15, 2018 - Our little tripod Jilly is one of the sweetest dogs ever but she doesn’t like other dogs which made finding her forever home more challenging. She does like cats. A wonderful family from New Jersey with four cats, one a tripod, saw Jilly on Susie’s Senior Dogs and fell in love with her. They flew down, rented a car, and drove Jilly to her new home. She did great on the long drive home. Her new mom reports that Jilly went to the groomer for the first time and was such a good girl. We at AGB are very thankful for kind people who are willing to move mountains to help dogs like Jilly. There truly are angels on earth! ************************************************ My name is Jilly and I weigh a tiny 39 pounds of cute. Life hasn't always been kind to me in my 8 years on earth but I'd rather be known as joyous Jilly because I'm a strong girl and I believe things are looking up! I'm a tripod; my left rear leg was amputated some time ago. I came in covered in ticks and fleas, but those are all gone now. I had an ear infection and some skin issues that the vets have fixed up. But here's the good stuff, I'm still smiling although I'm sad I'm not in a home yet; I'm sweet and pretty and calm. They say I'm a sweetheart, but I'd rather be your ONLY sweetheart and not share my home with other dogs as they kinda scare me since I don't have all four legs. I deserve a nice owner and a nice home and a really good bed, don't you think? So are you the one to make me the happiest girl in the world? I hope so; I'm looking for you. Please make my dreams come true.

Charlie VI - ADOPTED
Oct 11, 2018 - This two year old little boy had his leg amputated but it sure didn't slow him down! Charlie runs like a speeding rocket and when he gets tired, he sits and scoots around the room on his rump - always in motion. He met his match with his adopters and their dog Oreo and has been learning to be a good boy and act mannerly when he eats and gets to go on leash. We are so happy for this as Charlie deserves a good life with a family that loves him. Keep training, Charlie, and make AGB proud. ********************************************* I look kind of sad and worried, don't I? Well, it hasn't been a good time lately. 'Good time Charlie's got the blues'. Hello, I'm Charlie. I'm a 4 year old fellow, weighing 37 pounds, that's had a streak of bad luck. I'll try to make this sad part short because things are looking up and getting better every day. I got taken to a shelter with a broken leg; I can't remember how it happened but it sure did hurt. I got seen at a clinic and they fixed it but since I didn't have much else to do in my kennel, I wouldn't leave the wrap or the stitches alone. It got infected and that hurt too. So here's the bad part; they had to remove my hind leg. Sigh, so now I'm a tripod. But then, somebody from AGB came and drove me to Birmingham to recover. They told me any Golden in need was their mission and they were going to take care of me and find me a home. Now that was some good news! I'm smiling a lot now and I'm getting around really good with three legs. I'm vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and heart worm negative. Don't you think it's time for 'Good Time Charlie' to have a good time? If you could contribute some dollars to my medical fund, that would be really great!

Lark/Rosie - ADOPTED
Oct 4, 2018 - Lark is now Rosie, a name that fits her sweet disposition. She is living a great life as the Doctor office mascot during the day, spoiled girl at night, and enjoying all the attention she gets from everybody she meets. She is working on getting over her fears of all things motorized but we know with time and patience she will figure it all out. Rosie is a happy girl, a "leaner" and gives mom kisses in the middle of the night. Beautiful girl, enjoy your new life! ********************************************* My name is Lark and I'm as pretty as my name sounds. I'm 2 and a half years old and I'm spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. I weigh 59 pounds. I was doing okay at a farm and suddenly I found myself at a shelter. Gosh, it was scary; I tried to be brave. But then AGB came and picked up me and took me away. I know I'm going to be fine now. Now I'm looking forward to finding a family that wants a pup like me to join them. I'm very sweet, love to lean on my humans, and like other cats, but some dogs scare me to death. I'm ready to be an inside dog and learn commands and practice more on my leash walking and maybe even enjoying treats and toys. Yes, that would be great!! So I'll just wait right here until you decide I should be yours. We could have a lark and a laugh together, couldn't we?

Oct 2, 2018 - It is with GREAT pleasure we announce the adoption of our Boxer mix Lindy! Lindy showed up at the airport and would not leave, and through a series of events wound up at AGB which likely saved her life. But who goes to a Golden rescue looking for a Boxer? She tried her best to be an honorary Golden and many people were interested in her but she can scale an 8 foot fence so needed a safe home. Lindy has turned into a delightful dog and her new owners are crazy about her. Lindy is keeping her name (after the pilot Charles Lindberg) and will be seen around town proudly sporting her AGB bandana. We love you Lindy! ******************************************* Hello, Lindy here. I'm a gorgeous and happy little girl, mostly Boxer. I'm about 2 years old, weigh 55 pounds, and I’m spayed, microchipped, and up to date on shots and monthly preventatives. I showed up at an airport hangar, and even though they kept putting me outside of the security fence, I kept getting back under it. I really enjoyed hanging around with the pilots; they said I was sweet and gentle and super loving. AGB is calling me a "very special case" and a "honorary Golden" because of my scary future without rescue. I LOVE people, and love to snuggle on the couch and hug, and my foster dad says I’m well behaved. My foster doggie brothers put me in my place when I first arrived and now we play all day, but I’d be good as an only dog as well. Cats, now they're a fine thing to chase! I can climb an 8 foot chain link fence so need a wooden privacy for my own safety and I'm house trained and crate trained. AGB said "Welcome" to me and I'm so wishing some nice adopter will welcome me too. Did I mention that AGB named me Lindy after that famous pilot, Charles Lindberg? Maybe somebody is looking for a canine co-pilot?

Pebbles/Penny - ADOPTED
Oct 1, 2018 - Pretty little Pebbles is now pretty little Penny, and she is one happy girl! After coming to AGB from a shelter and receiving treatment for heart worms and extensive dental issues, Penny went to a foster home where she learned that life was really looking up. Her new mom met her and we all knew they were perfect for each other. She says that Penny is so sweet and gentle. She wants to be with her new furry siblings and mom all the time. She even got to visit her grandparents in the country and loved every minute. What a wonderful life, sweet Penny! ********************************************* "Wouldn't anybody care to meet a sweet, old-fashioned girl?" Hi there, I'm Pebbles and I'm 6 years old and I weigh just 40 pounds. I am a sweet Southern belle who oozes charm from the tip of my nose to the end of my sweeping tail. I was found right after the 4th of July and taken to a northern Alabama shelter. I think all the booms and firecrackers scared me and I lost my way home. In the shelter, I was surrounded by some big, scary, noisy dogs in the cages next to me so they called AGB to the rescue. I was so happy to jump into the car headed to Birmingham and I got cuddled and petted the whole way. That's what I love! I'm a perfect little Goldilocks with a white streak on my forehead and feet. I have a little wiggle to my walk that will make you smile. I get along just wonderful with people and others dogs. I have gone through the treatment for heart worms and I've gone to see the doggie dentist so I would love it if you'd contribute to my medical fund, thank you kindly. I've been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. If you're looking for a lovely lady who will be a loving and loyal companion, look no further. I'm right here waiting for you. Love, Pebbles

Boomer/George Henry - ADOPTED
Sep 24, 2018 - Boomer, the dog everybody fell in love with, caused his new mom to be a "foster failure" and adopt him instead of a puppy. He was doing some great guard dog tactics which impressed her along with his charming, laid back personality. We hope Boomer and his doggie sibling will continue to be fosters as their Mom has been a wonderful foster for AGB. Boomer is now called George Henry (because he looks like a George Henry) and will be able to attend AGB functions in the future. See you then, George Henry! ********************************************** Let's welcome a big bundle of love! Hi there, my name is Boomer, a snow white teddy bear of a boy. I'm just a year and a half old and I weigh 62 pounds. The name Boomer means "large, loud and notable" - fair enough, although I'm not really loud. But I hope I am notable because I sure would like to be somebody's boy and not be an orphan anymore. I'm too young for that. I've got adventures to go on and people to love and walks to take and toys to play with and maybe even some swimming. Wouldn't you like me to be your companion doing all those fun things? I just got neutered and I'm up to date on vaccinations, I'm microchipped, and heart worm negative. I got transferred to AGB from another rescue that was closing down. I like car rides a lot. I do freeze on a leash because I'm not quite sure what to do. Maybe you could help me with that and teach me? So let's not waste any more time before I get to be somebody's handsome and happy boy. Please contact AGB and let them know you want to meet Boomer!

Sep 21, 2018 - Five year old Kam, now Cam, has never met a person or animal he doesn’t like. He now has the perfect home with a family of wonderful people and animals who adore him. He has three sisters, a brother, two cats and two dogs to call his own. His new mom reports that he is doing great and loves his sister, AGB alum Sugar, and that he follows his brother everywhere. Enjoy your new life, Cam! ********************************************* Hello, everybody. My name is Kam and I'm a beautiful Golden boy weighing 89 pounds. I'm a little confused. I last saw my owners a couple of weeks ago and I heard the word "surrender". Not sure what that means but I also heard the words "allergy" and "moving". So I guess I'm looking for a new home and a new family, huh? Not what I expected to happen at 5 years old! But AGB is gonna help me and they've been real, real nice to me. They say it's not hard to be nice to a sweet and very friendly pup like me. I'm vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and heart worm negative. I'm housebroken; I'll go sit by the door and give you a simple bark to let you know I want to go outside. I love everybody; so far I've never met a person or another dog I didn't like. I have some training and will obey commands like "sit", "stay", "come", "off" and "down" so I'm quite likable because I'm very nice and well behaved - I love attention and I will always try to please you. My absolute favorite thing in the world is for someone to throw a ball and let me chase it and bring it back to be thrown. I could chase the ball for hours because it's that much fun. I am crate trained but I hate to go in there if somebody is home (whimper). I have a bit of a sensitive tummy so no rawhide and some flavors of treats. I can get a little carsick but if I stick my head out the window - no problem. I'm a really nice, handsome Golden and AGB tells me that any family would be very lucky to have me as their own boy. This hasn't been a good end of summer; perhaps you could make Fall a wonderful time. Come meet me; I don't want to be an orphan!

Harley V - ADOPTED
Sep 19, 2018 - Lucky for Harley, a family was waiting for a Golden his age and temperament so this 8 year old was checked at the vet then checked into his new home! He has a doggy buddy to keep him company the few hours he is alone, and they have really enjoyed getting to tussle together. Plus Mom, Dad, and two daughters are crazy about him. He goes jogging in the morning and walking in the evening with his mom so Harley will be a lean machine for his age. Hope to see you on the trails, happy Harley! ********************************************** Hey there, I'm Harley (the fifth at AGB). It's a very cool name and I am an extremely lucky boy. There was somebody waiting to adopt me as soon as I was surrendered to AGB. I'm an 8 year old golden boy weighing 60 pounds. I am vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and heart worm negative. My owner was a busy college student with very little time - I've only lived with her for a year - and she lived with her parents who didn't really want to have a dog. So I was spending a lot of time on my own and, quite frankly, I'm not fond of that at all. I am crate trained but I have separation anxiety when I'm alone. Knowing that I got anxious, my owner decided the best thing to do was re-home me and she called AGB. They knew of some folks that wanted a older pup like me. I like other dogs and I know basic commands like "sit, stay, come, off and down". And look at me, I'm quite handsome. Thanks for reading about me. I hope you'll take a look at some of the other pups that AGB has for adoption. I hope they'll be as lucky as me.

Buddy VIV/Ollie - ADOPTED
Sep 14, 2018 - Buddy was previously a Hand n Paw dog that, unfortunately, the owner had to surrender so it was AGB's good fortune to re-home this sweet, special dog. He came to a meet/greet where one of our volunteers was immediately attracted to him and knew he would fit in great with her Golden Sam. So off to foster he went and days later the adoption was final. It was so easy to fall in love with him! Buddy is now called Ollie, short for Oliver, and loves swimming and playing. We will see you at some events Ollie! ********************************************* Ready for another Buddy? Well, I'm Buddy VIV (the 9th; I know it's a weird Roman Numeral, isn't it?). Buddy is a great name for a Golden Retriever and I'm a great dog. I'm 6 years old and I weigh 54 pounds. I am light gold with white on my face and white socks. I've got a great smile. I'm neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and heart worm negative. I had a little incident with an aggressive neighbor when I escaped my fence and to avoid hassle, my owners surrendered me to AGB. And that's too bad because I'm very good with strangers and very sweet. I've been trained and know all the commands like "sit", "stay", "come", "off" and "down". I've been used as a therapy dog for Hand in Paw. It's been suggested that I might do very well as an only dog but I get along with other dogs. I must admit I would like all the attention, wouldn't you? I am crate trained and I'm certainly house trained. I'm used to sleeping in the basement but I'd sure appreciate a bed of my own preferably sleeping in your bedroom. What do you say? Are you ready for a handsome, healthy Buddy that's good to go and be your new boy? I'm ready too!

Sep 10, 2018 - Solid white five month old Maci came to AGB anemic and feeling pretty poorly. The vets got her on a good diet and rid of worms and now she is a happy, healthy, adorable puppy enjoying her toys and toys and more toys! She's thriving in the hills of North Carolina with her parents who drove for two days to meet her. They have relatives in Birmingham so we might get to see her all grown up someday. Keep following Mom around and being a star, Maci! See ya soon! ********************************************** It's Maci the Marvel dog! Hello, my name is Maci; I'm 5 months old and I weigh 26 pounds. Besides being a whole lot of adorable, I've lived quite the life in my 5 months here! I've been living out in the woods at night scaring away all the critters that were lurking around near my home. There were other dogs, cats, ducks and chickens to protect! But my owner put me up on social media "free to a good home" which can be a scary proposition some times for a little girl like me. But luck was with me, and a wonderful lady came and took me away. She spent hours giving me a bath and picking off fleas. And look how pretty I am now - a tiny and mighty little snowball of a pup! She called AGB and asked for help finding me a new home. The vet said I was anemic and had some hookworms and an ear infection so they've waited a little bit before I get spayed and microchipped. I am up to date on vaccinations though. Adorable could be my middle name. I like other dogs, I'm fine with cats and I have a very, very good temperament. A marvel is "a wonderful or astonishing thing". So I'm looking forward to being wonderful and astonishing for my new family. I can't wait because my adoption is pending!

Sunflower/Coco - ADOPTED
Sep 7, 2018 - Sunflower is now Coco and she is living a dog’s dream life with her new family in Georgia. Her new mom reports that she is ready for the cone to come off because the back of her legs are sore from Coco crashing into her! She doesn’t let her new mom out of her sight. She is doing well going out to potty but wants her mom outside with her just to be sure she is never left outside again. Coco certainly doesn’t have to worry about that! Enjoy your new life, sweet Coco. All of our volunteers who met you will miss you but we are thankful you found such a wonderful home! ******************************************** What's more bright and cheerful than a sunflower? I am! Hiya, my name is Sunflower, a happy and bouncy little girl of 8 months. I weigh 29 pounds but, like a sunflower, I'll probably grow some more. The nice lady that took my photo had to work hard to get me to sit still long enough to take a photo or two; I have places to go and people to see and things to do. She said I was cute, cute, cute. AGB rescued me from a East Alabama shelter and promised me that the good life is coming. I am vaccinated and heart worm negative and I'll be spayed and microchipped soon. So I'm crazy about people, very friendly, great with other pups, ride well in the car and I still have lots of puppy energy. I'm a pretty girl with beautiful dark gold fur with a white neck and chest and a tiny streak of black on my tail. Is a sunflower your favorite flower? Maybe I could be your favorite puppy. Let's see, okay?

Aug 27, 2018 - Sophia came to AGB last spring from a situation of absolute squalor. Her eyes looked drugged, probably because of being grossly ignored. She slowly, slowly came out of her shell and responded to dogs and humans when she went into foster. Sophia is the type of dog that shuts down and will not move when she is not happy, not even to go potty. When her adopter came along with another small dog this was explained to her, so the interaction with the dog was crucial. Well sure enough, when she got to Florida, while Sophia wagged her tail and would play with a ball when someone was sitting with her, she would not move out of the corner and had to be picked up to go outside. After about a week of this, the adopter called and said "I just didn't believe you I guess, but everything you told me about her is true! So I found another Golden to adopt as well; in she bounded, and up from the corner came Sophia, jumping around, jumping on the furniture, literally jumping for joy!!! She is a happy, happy dog now!" We've had great adopters before, but can't think of many who have gone to this extent to make sure their dog was content in the forever home. In the picture you see Daisy the Golden (with the roses in her hair) and Sophia Rose (with the daisy's in her hair) like they have been together forever. Have fun Sophia Rose, and keep smiling! ********************************************** There once was a little golden girl named Sophia. She lived outside with her other dog friends; then one day she found herself without her friends and without a home. That's my story - I'm Sophia. I'm just over two years old and I weigh 46 pounds. I'm kind of scared and feeling shy because my life has turned upside-down. Our owner could no longer take care of us or the place we lived so we all got separated and the home I always knew is gone. AGB came and got me. They've told me what a pretty girl I am. I have a beautiful auburn coat with golden tones and brunette hues. In the sun, my fur looks like reddish gold. My eyes are light and greenish. I'm already spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and heart worm negative. I'm quite small and timid. I am hoping there is a nice family who I could learn to love and trust who would show me how wonderful it is to live inside the house. Who would teach me to walk on a leash and how to play with toys. I'll be a real good girl and love you so much. It would be nice to have some other pups around too. Once I fell in love with you and you with me, I bet I wouldn't be timid or shy at all. I'm ready to start my new life.

Moon Pie/Jessie - ADOPTED
Aug 23, 2018 - Another cutie pie, Moon Pie, is now in Mississippi with another Golden named Woody. In keeping with the Toy Story theme, they have renamed her Jessie. Mom says: "She is already a huge part of the family. She is learning her name and she is so good with Woody! Keeping him young! I have trained her not to keep trying to get out of any door that is opened! Next I may get a trainer to come over so we can walk on the leash in a more controlled way. I would also like to learn how to get her to stay. She is so sweet and good with people and dogs we meet on our walks!" In the adoption photo, Woody looks a little out of sorts but he's been the instigator to play from the beginning so he was just having a bad camera moment. ********************************************* Hi y'all, it's Moon Pie! You can guess why they gave me that name; I am a sweet southern confection of marshmallow fur. As Sheldon's Memaw (Big Bang Theory) would say "nummy-nummy and she could just eat me up". Well, as adorable as I am, I think somebody abandoned me and didn't come pick me up from the shelter. Heaven knows why. I'm about 4 or maybe 5 years old and I don't weigh all that much (64 pounds). I'm vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and heart worm negative although I am being treated for an ear infection. I have a great personality and I am an excellent car rider. I would be an excellent and quite delightful family member. Don't you just love moon pies? Don't you want one of your very own that you could keep always? A southern treat. Please come meet me and see if I could be your girl.

Paloma/Molly -ADOPTED
Aug 15, 2018 - Pretty Paloma has found her forever home with a work-from-home Mom and two cats that don't bother her in the least! She is now Molly and claimed her spot on the sofa right away. The cats didn't like that too much at first but now they have jumped up on the back of the couch and keep their eyes on the new addition. Paloma's foster helped her blossom and she is now a sweet, demure, soft beauty who is a joy as a companion. Enjoy your new home Molly! ********************************************** Hello, I am Paloma and I am very bewildered. A month ago, I was home. And because my owner didn't have a fence to keep me in, I was sent to a shelter. Goodness, that was scary and noisy and lonely. I'm a 4 year old super sweet little girl weighing 59 pounds. The shelter called AGB and some nice man came and picked me up and took me to the vet. The vet was nice too but AGB got told I was heart worm positive and I had a little ear infection. So I'm was treated for that and I feel much better now. I've been posing for some pretty photographs of me with my beautiful creamy white fur and that show off my sweet face. I'm now vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. I can't wait to go home with some new humans that would never give me up. AGB calls it adopted. Do you have a place for me in your heart and in your home? Please call AGB and arrange to meet me. It would also be so nice if some nice folks would contribute to my heart worm fund.

Leelee/Bailey - ADOPTED
Aug 15, 2018 - Little 30-pound Leelee came to AGB from a shelter and fit right in like a glove with this family. She and the German Shepherd hit it off and Leelee immediately gave everyone hugs, especially her Mom. Leelee is now Bailey and goes on a good morning run everyday, then snuggles up on the couch for a snooze while everyone is at work and school. The family reports it's like she was meant to be and they love her dearly. Happy Gotcha Day, bright and happy Bailey! ********************************************** They've named me Leelee - it seems to suit a tiny little girl like me. I'm 2 years old and I weigh 30 pounds. The urban dictionary describes someone named Leelee as some one amazing who is beautiful and kind; a gorgeous girl. Do you think I fit that description? Someone guys are obsessed with. I sure could use somebody who would be obsessed with me - so much so that they'd want to take me home with them and adopt me! I was rescued from a shelter and brought to Birmingham to be an AGB pup. I'm vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and heart worm negative. I'm also described as super sweet and a girl who loves to be in your lap. I like car rides. But most of all, I am always so happy to see people. I sure would be very, very happy to get in your car and go home with you! Please come over to meet me. Ask for Leelee.

Hayden/Kelso - ADOPTED
Aug 12, 2018 - Hayden was found in a ditch covered in briars so thick they were painful to remove. Once cleaned up, his beauty glowed and his megawatt smile made him a very attractive young boy. Hayden met a very capable young man and the two bonded instantly with Hayden practically squeezing into his arms. They are now best buds, going on walks, and enjoying watching TV together nights and days off. He is called Kelso and attracts attention everywhere he goes! Be a good boy Kelso, and make us proud! *********************************************** Make way for a beautiful boy. Hi there, I'm Hayden. No false modesty here; I'm two years old; I weigh 70 pounds and I'm flat out gorgeous. I have a beautiful amber coat, sparkly light brown eyes and a big grin. I'm now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Very fortunately, I'm also heart worm negative. I don't know how it happened but I got lost. When I was found by a Good Samaritan, I was covered in briars so I guess I was wandering around for a while. My new found friend tried very hard to find where my former home was but no luck at all. When AGB was contacted, my new friend told them I was a great car rider, easy on a leash and I slept just fine at night in a crate. Of course, I do have some quirks - I don't like my feet touched very much and I get nervous in storms. I'm looking for a new home where they will appreciate a handsome boy like me and make sure I never get lost again. If you could spare a few dollars for my medical and training fund, I'd sure appreciate it. Do you think I could be your beautiful boy?

Rosalie/Lady - ADOPTED
Aug 8, 2018 - Rosalie stole our hearts when we saw a security camera photo of her being unceremoniously dropped over a shelter fence at 4:30 am. Fortunately, she was in a safe place and the shelter called AGB the next day. Rosalie had some obvious places that needed to be biopsied and a surgery date was scheduled. Meanwhile, very wonderful former adopters met her and agreed to foster her and take her to the initial vet appointment. Their AGB alum Beau had passed from cancer and they have been waiting for another dog, hopefully cancer free, to adopt. As fate would have it, they all fell in love and decided they wanted to adopt this sweet, spunky girl and cover costs of her medical care regardless of her diagnosis. Her surgery today revealed cancer in the spleen and ovaries which were removed. She lost a lot of blood and they could not biopsy the tumor on her mammary gland but are hoping the spay will allow the tumor to resolve on it's own. Otherwise, she faces another surgery in three months. AGB has so many generous adopters and supporters, but it takes a special pair of Angels to take a dog with cancer, having just gone through that terrible heartbreak. We hope Lady, as she is now called, can get back to her two-hour long daily walks soon, and that her follow-up appointment will bring better news. Thank you, Louise and Jess. ********************************************** Have you ever heard the expression "put out to pasture"? Well, very sadly, I got to experience it after years and years of being a good and loyal companion. Hello, nice people, my name is Rosalie That's a brand new name because I was unceremoniously dumped over a fence in the middle of the night as my owner left me upset and confused; the ultimate betrayal. The kind people who rescued me don't know my real name but I know it and I can't tell them. He carried me in his arms right before he left me and until the moment he walked away, I had been quite comfortable and happy there. I'm around 9 years old and I weigh 60 pounds. I've now been vaccinated and I have to be spayed - imagine that for a lady of my age - and have a few growths removed. My ears are infected but I am heart worm negative. I'm going to be just fine health wise very soon. My rescuers have described me as spunky, happy, very sweet and an excellent car rider. I'm an absolute sweetheart with a sugar face and I've got beautiful golden curls. I don't want to live out my life in a kennel so I'm so hoping that someone will let me come live with them and be their sweetheart. I hope it's you!

Dreyfus - ADOPTED
Aug 8, 2018 - Whoopee!! Dreyfus came in a while ago and went to foster with Val, Jeff, and the AGB alums Truffles/Beallo, Truman Capote, and their other Golden Marley. He required a LOT of patience and needed tons of emotional help, but Val and Jeff, being the phenomenal fosters they are, put up with torn carpets, eaten doors, and other things most people would have thrown up their hands and said "no way! take him back to boarding!" Instead, Dreyfus continued to learn, settle, and worm his way into their hearts with his adorable teddy bear looks and smile. He had lots of interest over the months, but none was the perfect fit - he KNEW where he was supposed to be all along! Finally Jeff and Val gave in to their hearts and agreed he was part of the group, and he filled out the color spectrum perfectly - red, white, black and blend of all! We know we will see pictures of him enjoying the Quad this fall, and hopefully at some AGB events. Attached are Dreyfus at his Teddy Bear best (left), Dreyfus sending vibes that he knew this was his mom-to-be, and the clan. Thank you Jeff and Val for all you do for AGB, and Dreyfus, GOOD JOB BUDDY! ********************************************* Look at my face and profile. With my dashing good looks, I could be one of those action movie stars like Rin Tin Tin or Lassie. Let me introduce myself; I'm three year old Dreyfus, 60 pounds of rugged handsomeness. Here's my resume. I'm a very friendly guy who is house trained, vaccinated, microchipped and heart worm negative. I get along terrifically with other pups and love to play. I don't like to be alone so I sure hope my new family has another playful big pup or two like me. It's good to play in the yard and chase squirrels and chipmunks with a buddy. I like cats too. You could say I'm charming. And distinctive too - I have black sable fur sweeping through my tail feathers although the rest of me is golden. I can play the lover as well; I'm always ready to give you kisses. All you have to do is pet me. I had a short stint at a northern Alabama shelter now I'm ready for a starring role in your home. What do you say? Let's meet; let's talk. I will work for treats. Contact my agent at AGB.

Aug 7, 2018 - At AGB, we love repeat adopters so one can imagine how happy we were to adopt a 4th dog to this beautiful family! Nikki, our sweet and gorgeous flat coat, came to AGB after she was found by a Good Samaritan and it didn’t take long for her new family to realize that she would complete their pack. Once again, they drove from Tennessee to Birmingham and Nikki was an angel on the drive home. Her new parents report that the dogs are getting along well and adjusting nicely. Nickki is on the left with Mom. ************************************************ Hi, I'm a black haired version of a Golden Retriever. My name is Nikki; I'm around 2 years old and I weigh 62 pounds. My crowning glory is my beautiful shiny black fur coat. I am spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and heart worm negative. I was found wandering on July 3rd by a Good Samaritan who did their best to find who I belonged to before contacting AGB. She says I'm super sweet, play well with other dogs and I'm good on leash. She thinks I'm a little shy around men at first but I warm up quickly. The Urban Dictionary says that someone named Nikki is the "most beautiful girl in the world" - with a "dark past. Once you find a Nikki, never let her go. She is a one in a lifetime chance that you should never pass up". I'm kind of hoping that there is a family out there who is wanting a beautiful girl like me for their very own and would never let go of me. If that's you, please come for me and let's start our life together.

Aug 6, 2018 - Maggie and Sadie came to AGB at age ten after their elderly owners felt they could no longer care for them. As very loving and sweet, well behaved dogs, they went quickly to a nice couple who have been waiting since January for the perfect match. Sadie and Maggie adore car rides and could not wait to jump into the back seat and start on their next adventure! Everybody is now happily settled and content in their new digs. Hoping for many great times for you, Maggie and Sadie! ********************************************** Well, here we are, Sadie and Maggie - two of the Golden Girls enjoying life together. Can't live without each other. I'm named Sadie. I'm 10 years old and I weigh 79 pounds. We've been living the good life but our owners reached an age where they just couldn't take care of us any more. They didn't want to let us go but they felt it was in our best interests to find a family that we could spend our senior years with and still have the best of care. We're both vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and heart worm negative. We're both pretty sweet and we do very well in the car. As long as we Golden Girls spend our golden years together, we're happy old girls even if we have a few aches and pains. AGB took us in and, happily, immediately found us a home together. And to this, Maggie and I say "Thank you for being a friend."

Aug 6, 2018 - Maggie and Sadie came to AGB at age ten after their elderly owners felt they could no longer care for them. As very loving and sweet, well behaved dogs, they went quickly to a nice couple who have been waiting since January for the perfect match. Sadie and Maggie adore car rides and could not wait to jump into the back seat and start on their next adventure! Everybody is now happily settled and content in their new digs. Hoping for many great times for you, Maggie and Sadie! ************************************************ Well, here we are, Maggie and Sadie - two of the Golden Girls enjoying life together. Can't live without each other. Hello, I'm Maggie; I'm 10 years old and I weigh 85 pounds. We've been living the good life but our owners reached an age where they just couldn't take care of us any more. They didn't want to let us go but they felt it was in our best interests to find a family that we could spend our senior years with and still have the best of care. We're both vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and heart worm negative. We're both pretty sweet and we do very well in the car. As long as we Golden Girls spend our golden years together, we're happy old girls even if we have a few aches and pains. AGB took us in and, happily, immediately found us a home together. And to this, Sadie and I say "Thank you for being a friend."

Kissy - Rainbow Bridge
Aug 9, 2018 - A very sad day for AGB volunteers. Precious little orphan Kissy was suffering and she passed to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She was not alone. ********************************************** Hello, folks. My name is Kissy and I'm admitting to being 10 years old. I weigh a petite 32 pounds. I am also the luckiest lady around. I think I got dumped because I was found wandering around and some nice person took me to a vet clinic. They called AGB who came and rescued me. Goodness, I don't know what would have happened to me if AGB hadn't taken me in. It wouldn't have been good; that's for sure. I'm not exactly a Golden Retriever; I'm more of a small Flat Coated Retriever. As a senior girl, I have aches and pains and bad arthritis, a few bumps and bulges and my eyesight's not what it used to be. Because nobody's been taking care of me, like I surely deserved, I'm heart worm positive, have some skin issues and a hurtful ear infection. So nobody gave me heart worm prevention or even fed me well. Well, I guess I could cry about it but instead I'd rather be the very sweet little girl that I've always been. AGB's vet is taking some comfort measures so I don't keep hurting like I was. I'm hoping there are some more nice folks that would maybe give me a chance to live with them, sleep in a comfortable bed, and feed me regularly. I'd repay them with love and cuddles and kisses because I'd be so grateful. Maybe they'd love me too? Girls like me have to rely on the kindness of strangers. Perhaps you could lend a hand to a pretty, good ole girl like me.

Tinkerbelle - ADOPTED
Jul 31, 2018 - Tinkerbelle came to AGB because her owners could no longer care for her. This petite girl won the hearts of our volunteers, her fosters, and her new parents who drove 10 hours to Birmingham from south Florida to meet their new girl. They had a hole in their hearts after losing their golden and knew they had the love and a home to give sweet Tinkerbelle. They were smitten the minute they saw her! Her new dad reports that she did great on the 10 hour drive home and that she loves her new home. She follows her parents everywhere and is doing well with the cats. ************************************************ As Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan would say "All you need is faith and trust. And a little bit of pixie dust". When you look at how cute and small I am you'll understand why they named me Tinkerbelle. I'm a pretty puppy, 8 months old and 31 pounds. A growing puppy needs regular vet care plus I have a little skin issue and my owner just couldn't afford it. So AGB said they'd find me a new home where I'd get everything I need to be the best Golden girl possible. I'm heart worm negative, about to be spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. I lived with another dog and a cat so I'd sure be okay if there were four legged siblings around. I have been trained to use a doggy door to go outside. I have great faith and trust that I'll have a wonderful new home soon. I'll supply the pixie dust. xoxo, Tinkerbelle

Malcolm - ADOPTED
Jul 30, 2018 - Young Malcolm came to AGB from a shelter in north Alabama but was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Thanks to many generous donations, Malcolm was able to have the surgery he needed and is doing very well. Because of his orthopedic issues, Malcolm’s daily exercise is critical, and his parents and brother see to it that he is in the best possible shape. As you can see in the picture, beautiful Malcom is loving life with his new family. ********************************************* Bring on the joy! Here comes Malcolm! Hello, I'm a one year old boy, weighing 42 pounds, who for some strange reason, was left in a shelter pen in Northern Alabama with another pup. Who would want to leave an absolute love like me? I don't understand it but I'm not going to let that get me down. No sir! Once I find my forever home and family, I've got my whole life to love on you. I do know the command "sit", how to walk on a leash and ride in the car. I'm heart worm negative and I'm well-behaved. The folks at AGB have said some nice things about me - that I'm a snow white, beautiful boy that makes everybody around me smile and that I believe I'm the star of a dog show. I love to be in the middle of everything! I'd really love to be in the middle of your life. What do you say? Am I the boy for you?

Porter/Doofus - ADOPTED
Jul 25, 2018 - Hetti and Porter were picked up as strays and came to AGB as a sweet bonded pair. Both are very much in love and always touching. They've been adopted to Louisiana and their at-home parents are having fun teaching them the ways of the household - and have found demure Hetti to be the instigator! She is now Daisy and since he is such a clown he is now Doofus. They are getting a custom made bed so they can snuggle up in comfort, and get to go outside every hour. This duo deserves the best and waited a while to find their forever home. Be good Daisy and Doofus! ************************************************ You know how some folks consider having both a boy and a girl as the perfect family - well, here we are, a gorgeous Golden brother and sister act. I'm Porter, very handsome at 3 years old and weighing 58 pounds. I'm very attached to my sister, Hetti, so we sure would like to be adopted together. We're a good looking pair and very happy to be together. We're both sweet and gentle but I'm more outgoing with some distinguished black whiskers against my golden coat. We got lost and were picked up by Animal Control and taken to a clinic. So happily now we're with AGB and they're going to find us a new home together. I'm neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and heart worm negative! We're double the fun and ready to be part of your perfect family. Come meet us both.

Hetti/Daisy - ADOPTED
Jul 25, 2018 - Hetti and Porter were picked up as strays and came to AGB as a sweet bonded pair. Both are very much in love and always touching. They've been adopted to Louisiana and their at-home parents are having fun teaching them the ways of the household - and have found demure Hetti to be the instigator! She is now Daisy and since he is such a clown he is now Doofus. They are getting a custom made bed so they can snuggle up in comfort, and get to go outside every hour. This duo deserves the best and waited a while to find their forever home. Be good Daisy and Doofus! ********************************************* You know how some folks consider having both a boy and a girl as the perfect family - well, here we are, a gorgeous Golden brother and sister act. My name is Hetti and I'm Porter's little sister. I'm 2 years old and I weigh just 45 pounds. I don't want to be without Porter; he's my big brother and he looks out for me. I'm very pretty with light eyes and some darker streaks in my golden coat. I'm sweet and gentle and will be so happy to be your girl. Porter and I got lost and were picked up by Animal Control who took us to a clinic and then someone from AGB came and picked us up. I'm already spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and heart worm negative. Porter says we're double the fun and ready to be part of your perfect family. Please come meet us.

Sam Tucker - ADOPTED
July 24, 2018 - Another one in the door, out the door! Beautiful Sam Tucker was surrendered due to a grandchild being allergic to his dander. Fortunately that is not the case with this family; former adopters of AGB alum Stitch. When Stitch became ill this spring, they contacted AGB to keep them in mind for another great dog. Tucker fit that description and Mom says "Right now the only problem I have is keeping him in toys. He loves his toys and most of his favorites only last a few days. He is very gentle in his playing. My granddaughter has been here since I got him and doesn't want to go home and leave him. He is sweetly spoiled rotten. We are really loving his little personality and the funny things he does." We like all of our dogs to be "sweetly spoiled rotten!" Way to go Tucker, enjoy your new life of pleasures! ********************************************* Hello, my name is Sam Tucker, a fine young gentleman from northern Alabama. I'm a young man of 2 and a half years and I weigh in at 106 pounds; a big boy. I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and heart worm negative. I was living a good life with my owners but then one of their grandkids was diagnosed with allergies to dog dander, and then it became the outside life for me. Now you may know that Goldens need to be inside with their people; not living outside on their own. We get lonely. The hot weather played havoc with my coat and I got a hot spot. So this family decided that surrendering me to AGB might be the best course of action. So here I am; good looking, happy go lucky, and more than ready to live inside with my new family. AGB told me that they think they've found me a new home already. With a interesting name like Sam Tucker and a golden personality, who wouldn't want me for their very own? So when the cold weather rolls around this year, I expect to be lounging in my dog bed surrounded by people I love - who love me. What could be better?

Irelyn/Ellie - ADOPTED
Jul 22, 2018 - Two year old Irelyn spent her first two years chained in a yard but her life changed when she came to AGB. One of our volunteers saw Irelyn's picture and drove to Birmingham to meet her sweet new girl. Irelyn is now Ellie, and her new mom reports that she is coming out of her shell every day and has the sweetest and most gentle temperament. She said Ellie LOVES belly rubs, daily long walks through the park and nearby neighborhoods, and especially running at their family farm. Ellie has her mom's entire heart and it’s pretty obvious that their affection is mutual! ********************************************** Am I flirting with you? Why, yes, I believe I am! I'm a flirty little 2 year old golden girl named Irelyn. I weigh a petite 35 pounds. I love being around people and I'd just as soon climb up into your lap and give you kisses in happiness. You see, it's very exciting to be free and able to go up and get some hugs and petting from a human. My short life has been at the end of a chain tied up in a yard. My poor neck is rubbed raw from the chain with a hot spot and hair loss. A good Samaritan convinced my previous owner to give me up and she contacted AGB. Since then, people pet me and tell me I am adorable and so pretty. They say they'll find me a new home pretty soon where I'll have my own bed and food bowl and live inside the house with my people. I can't wait to see what that's like. I try to pay everyone back in kisses. Right now, I'm recovering while while my neck heals and I've gotten spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. I'm really lucky I didn't have heart worms. I'll give you my heart if you smile at me. Or flirt back at me. Kisses, Irelyn

Princess II/Gracie Belle - ADOPTED
Jul 20, 2018 - Princess II has been adopted to a lovely couple in South Alabama. New mom was so overjoyed to get her, she cried before even meeting her. Both parents were thrilled when she graced them with her royal presence. She is now called "Princess" Gracie Belle and is living in a castle-like home where she is doted on as she should be. They are working on trimming her rather robust figure and promise to send pictures when she has gotten closer to the Princess-expected waistline of 13 inches! Well, maybe closer to 30.......Good luck Gracie Belle! *********************************************** There's royalty in the house. Actually, I don't want to be a princess; I want to be the queen of someone's heart. Hello, my name is Princess II and I'm a 7 year old lovely lady Golden. I weigh 83 pounds but I promise I really am sticking to my diet. I'm heart worm negative, vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. I'm a very sweet girl who loves people and other dogs. My previous family found they just did not have time for me any more. So, sadly, I was a girl looking for a new family. AGB took me in and they recently told me I'm going to a beautiful new southern castle where I'll be treated like a princess for the rest of my life. So I'm packing up my royal doo-dads and my tiara. I can't wait - wish me luck!

Sawyer/Morgan - ADOPTED
July 17, 2018 - Sawyer is now Morgan and he is loving his new life in Florida. His dad tells us that he is quite the puppy and has a lot to learn, but they are very patient and are setting him up to succeed. They are making progress in the chewing and potty department by giving him two big bones and a big rope chew toy to chew on and keeping him in their dog-proofed mud room when they have to go out or can't be in his immediate vicinity. We are very thankful for these wonderful people who made the 7 hour drive to Birmingham and home in one day…all to give this loving dog the home he so desperately needed. *********************************************** Sawyer's my name; being an adorable, super sweet Golden boy is my game! Hiya, I'm pleased to meet you, I'm Sawyer. I weigh 65 pounds and I'm 3 years old. I'm heart worm negative and now vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Take a look at me! I'm good-looking now but I wasn't quite this dashing when AGB picked me up and took me to Birmingham from the shelter. I guess I was lost because when I got picked up, I was covered in fleas and ticks and badly in need of a major grooming. I had an ear infection and a few skin issues. But the vets at AGB fixed me right up and alerted one of their waiting adoptive families that a new boy was in town. They chose me to go live with them and live happily ever after. Sounds good to me. I'm ready for the happy ever after in my new home. If you'd like to help me with my medical costs or one of my AGB orphan friends, please contribute here:

July 12, 2018 - Big cuddly Bear came to AGB when his owner passed away. This beautiful boy caught the eyes of some wonderful people who had adopted from AGB in the past. They knew that Big Bear needed a home and thankfully they have patience to help him learn that he can’t chase their cats. After a visit with his new vet to get acquainted, he heard the voices of his new parents and pulled away from his handlers to get to them. He surely was telling them that they are his people and to take him home! ******************************************** Hello, friends. I'm Bear; a big cuddly 10 year old teddy bear of a guy who weighs 102 pounds. There's a lot to love about me and my sugar face! I'm very energetic and I'm always looking for something fun to do. I'm heart worm negative, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. I've loved and been loved all my life and then my owner passed away. I'm a little anxious and confused because everything has changed so much in my life. But I still have lots of love to give. I'm friendly, I have a great disposition and I'm hoping to find a family to love me that will want to take me for walks and stuff so I can lose a few fluffy pounds. I've gotten very little exercise in the past two years because of my owner's illness. I like other dogs so a friendly brother or sister would be great. But mostly I'd like to cuddle and give you my great big puppy grin. How about it? I will be a very faithful companion. Would you please consider contributing to my welfare or one of the other Goldens orphans? Just click above where it says "Help out - Donate" Thank you!

Princess/Pepper - ADOPTED
July 5, 2018 - When Princess, who is now called Pepper or baby girl came to AGB, she caught the eyes and won the hearts of this dear couple who had recently lost their golden. Their vet said that any dog who got to live with this couple would be the luckiest dog on earth! As Princess recovered from her jaw surgery with her wonderful foster, her new parents checked on her repeatedly and couldn’t wait to get her. She is now home with them and they report that she is doing very well and is the sweetest dog on earth. ********************************************* UPDATE June 14th: This sweet dog's needs just keep growing and now we need to ask again for donations for her surgery. Princess had a couple of heart issues that were checked out but then her vet discovered a mass in her mouth. This turned out to be extra bone that keeps growing without surgery and can be very painful. Part of her jawbone and some of her teeth had to be removed by Auburn vets to fix this. She will need about a month of recovery. Princess will need to wear a cone for at least 3 weeks and goes back in 2 weeks to get stitches removed. She's expected to make a full recovery although she will always have to eat on one side of her mouth. Poor little Princess. ********************************************* Oh no, I've lost my royal robe! And I fear my diamond tiara is gone as well. I am Princess, a very special little 6 year old girl weighing 54 pounds. I've been wandering around the kingdom because my owner gave me away but apparently somebody didn't keep track of me afterwards. Being lost, I made royal visits to several people's yards and one of them called AGB and said a little princess needed a new home. Well, about my royal robe - wandering around got my fur all matted and dirty so I was shaved but it will grow back into my usual beautiful fluffy golden velvet coat. I feel naked at the moment - a princess always needs to look her best for her subjects. But even though my royal robe and tiara are missing, I am smiling sweetly waiting to be taken to my new castle. The folks at AGB said I am loving and gentle and sweet. I like to play with other dogs. I'm microchipped, vaccinated, spayed and heart worm negative. I had been feeling a bit under the weather with a UTI but that will be fixed right away with medicine and care. I also have a cardiologist appointment to check things out. Won't you consider having a right royal good time with a sweet golden Princess like me?

Giselle - ADOPTED
July 2, 2018 - Sweet Giselle is at home in Birmingham and is the constant companion of Mom everywhere she goes. This lucky girl also gets to go for visits to walk with her former foster sibling AGB alum Zeeva when she can work it into her busy social calendar! They love her too. Giselle started out as a very shy little girl but she is coming out of her shell more and more each day. Maybe we will see you on one of your outings Giselle so be sure to give us a wag! ********************************************* I've been named after a famous, romantic ballet - Giselle. Such a pretty name for such a pretty girl like me. I'm 18 months old and, on my toes, I weigh 42 pounds. I'm spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. The first part of my life is a bit of a tragedy because I've always lived outside and since I didn't get the preventative medicine I need (like all pups need), I have heart worms. So I've got to go through heart worm treatment and that makes me sad. But the AGB folks have promised that my future looks very bright. I'll get to live inside and be somebody's special girl and get spoiled with love and treats and toys. That sounds really nice. I'm going to work hard because I know I need to learn a few new skills; like sleeping in my very own bed in the house and walking on a leash. I've already got the loving dog skills down pat because I'm a very sweet, demure girl. Do you think you'd like me to dance right into your life? Be your special tiny dancer? That would make me so happy! Kisses, Giselle

Marley III/Flynn - ADOPTED
July 5, 2018 - Marley who is now Flynn came to AGB desperate for attention and in need of medical care. Thanks to lots of TLC, Flynn is doing much better and is now in a home with a mom who gives him all the attention he could want. He goes on numerous walks, visits dog parks, and is enjoying being a puppy. He especially enjoys playing in the mud on park visits! His mom reports that he is so sweet and has such a good temperament. ************************************************ I'm Marley, a beautiful creme colored boy, who for some inane reason got shaved down to the bare skin. Golden Retrievers are double-coated and should stay that way, summer and winter. Besides taking away my sun protection, I now have to deal with irritated skin from being shaved a mite too close. I'm embarrassed for you all to see me without my beautiful fur coat. Maybe you could look past that because I'm just a puppy, about a year old, and I weigh 61 pounds. I'm a sweet boy but I've got tons of puppy energy and could use some training. My training should have started earlier but I spent most of my first year in a breeder cage. Now that I'm free, I want to have fun and play and learn new things. I'm heart worm negative, microchipped and neutered. I promise to be a real good boy who will love you forever and ever. I'm awful cute, won't you come see me?

Luna/Dixie - ADOPTED
Luna is now Dixie and is loving her new life! Her new dad waited until his house was finished and he got settled before he adopted this sweet girl. He reports that she is doing so well and that she is very well behaved. He says that he couldn’t be happier and we know she could not be happier! She has four legged cousins that she visits in Georgia, and one is another AGB orphan. Enjoy your new life, Dixie! ********************************************* They say "everyone loves a country girl" and you can't be much more country than my sister, Lark, and me. My name is Luna because my fur is the color of the pale moon. I lived on a farm for two and a half years because that's how old I am. Then something bad must have happened because my sister and I wound up at a shelter. I was scared to death in there; I didn't know what was happening. I was glad to be with my sister because she's bit braver than me. But AGB helped us escape that noisy shelter and told me they're going to find me a new home. It doesn't have to be on a farm though - I could be quite happy living in a home somewhere. I'm great with kids and other dogs too. I'm sweet natured and a little shy at first. I'm spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and heart worm negative. I'd love to be around a human I could call my own. They could teach me some commands and how leash walking is done. So perhaps a lovely girl named Luna could be your very own girl? I hope so; I've got my whole life ahead of me.

July 5, 2018 - Belle came to AGB when her family’s work schedule changed and they could no longer care for her. She also had some health issues that included a detached retina. Thanks to all the kind hearted people out there, AGB raised the money for the surgery to remove Belle’s eye . Thankfully, this didn’t deter Belle’s new mom. She absolutely adores Belle and the feeling is clearly mutual! Belle is getting a few walks each day to help her lose a few pounds and she is getting healthier each week! ********************************************* Hello, my friends. I used to be the "belle of the ball". But I've had some misfortunate lately. My name is Belle, I'm 5 years old and I weigh 78 pounds. I'm not only pretty but I'm a good girl too. Now the name Belle means a popular or attractive girl (which I am!) - whose charm and beauty make her a favorite (which I will be again). I just need a new family and, unfortunately, some medical stuff to be sorted out. My owner, who I loved dearly, had their work schedule changed and could no longer take care of me. AGB was called in to find me a new home. But when their vets checked me out, they discovered a detached retina causing blindness in one eye and they think the eye will need to be removed. I'm surely not looking forward to surgery and it will cost a lot too. They also discovered that I'm carrying a few extra pounds because of my thyroid but all I need to fix that is some daily pills. So while I'm not happy-go-lucky this very second, I will be again and I'll be as beautiful as ever because someone will love me and take care of me. Thanks for listening to my story. Kisses, Belle

Tux - Rainbow Bridge
July 5, 2018 - Our precious Tux, who was just recently adopted by a wonderful gentleman, was unexpectedly diagnosed with a mass on his artery and was sent peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge today. His owner and all of us at AGB are devastated with sadness over the loss. Tux was a fine, beautiful senior boy who captured the hearts of any who met him. Tux was found wandering in early June and was taken to a shelter. We are profoundly grateful that his last weeks were spent living in a happy, loving home with great care and affection. At least for a short while, Tux had a happy end to his story. ********************************************* I've been told I'm a "heartbreaker"; not that I really understand what that means. They either think I'm really adorable and cute, or my situation is sad. Maybe both. My name is Tux and I'm a handsome, senior gentleman of 10 years and I weight 69 pounds. I guess my life has been a bit traumatizing lately. I was either dumped or got lost in northern Alabama. I was wandering in a really nice neighborhood and I got picked up and taken to a shelter. I waited 7 days and nobody came and got me and took me back home. So I was a bit scared when a couple took me out of the shelter and drove me to Birmingham. They said I was an AGB pup now and that I'd get a really great home very soon after the vet checked me out. They gave me treats and I gave them kisses. I got neutered, treated for an ear infection, vaccinated and microchipped. And then something amazing happened. Somebody wants me to be their very own and have a happy "rest of my life" with them. They'd been waiting for a sugar faced, friendly, sweet fellow just like me! I'm pretty happy now and thinking good things are coming my way - living the life of Riley.

Sue/Wremy - ADOPTED
A girl named Sue was adopted to a nice young couple and their Goldendoodle. She is now named Wremy to go with his name Wrigley. Mom is on work 6 days and off work 8 days and Dad gets to come home an hour and a half every day for lunch. So with all of that attention (plus a nanny camera) she is settling nicely and they are having great fun with her. Sue had been adopted from another shelter by an older couple who just couldn't keep up with her energy, so she came to AGB with their wishes of us finding her an appropriate home. New parents report she and Wrigley are the best of friends and it's like they've been together their whole lives. ********************************************** Hello, world! I'm a girl named Sue. I'm a 2 year old (not quite grown up yet) energetic puppy and I weigh 50 pounds. I'm spayed, microchipped, heart worm negative, vaccinated and raring to go go go. I sure would like to find an an active family that wants to play with me and take me along on their adventures. I was adopted out of shelter to a lovely elderly couple who just didn't realize the extent of puppy energy. They called AGB sadly because they realized I needed more fun in my life growing up. I love it all: playing, car rides, other dogs, kids, and sleeping with my humans. I know commands such as sit and down and I walk okay on a leash. I fear nothing and love to go swimming. My only dislikes are bread and squirrels but who could like those rascally squirrels, I ask you? I've been called a cutie, a sweet girl, and that I listen well and am very smart. I'm so ready to find my family and play with them this summer and the rest of my life. Are you ready for me? I'm so ready for you. Love from a girl named Sue.

Sonny Boy/Buddy - ADOPTED
Sonny Boy is now with his sister, Cena, and all is right in his world. He also has two adoring parents and a cat who is learning to tolerate the new dogs. Their new names are Buddy and Annie, and their mom reports that they are a joy! We at AGB are very thankful for our adopters who make long drives to adopt these special dogs. ******************************************** In search of a quiet, loving home with, hopefully, a large fenced in backyard and some canine companionship. Hello, folks. My name is Sonny Boy and I'm two years old weighing 53 pounds. Maybe you want to know something about me. I'm kind of shy and quiet at first. I really do well when I know the routine. When I was a puppy, I was surrounded by lots and lots of dogs and an owner who hoarded but couldn't take care of us. Made me a little shy in new situations with strangers so I'd love some consistency in my life. With the help and tender loving care of my rescuers, I've been through obedience training, know commands, I'm house trained, sweet, easy, and well behaved. I prance on leash walks. You know what else I'd really like - a basket of toys. I'll entertain myself for hours with them. I love other dogs. Once I get to know you, I'm affectionate and love to cuddle. I'll be your very devoted best friend. To paraphrase Al Jolson, I'll "make the grey skies blue" (Sonny Boy). So I'll just wait right here for you to come get me and see if a beautiful blonde boy with cute speckled legs might have a beautiful life together with you.

Rex/Casey - ADOPTED
Jun 14, 2018 - Two year old Rex, now Casey, came to us from a shelter heart worm positive and need of medical care. Everyone fell in love with his sweet and happy go lucky personality. A family from North Carolina saw him on our website and waited patiently for him while he underwent his heart worm treatment. They made the long 8 hour drive down and could not have been happier to meet the new addition to their family. His mom reports that he did great on the drive home and has settled in nicely. ********************************************** I am one handsome fellow; a regal looking Golden. That's probably why they call me Rex. I'm 2 years old and I weigh 62 pounds with a coat of pure gold. I'm in search of a new kingdom - in the old one I had to rough it outside with the other dogs. I'm thinking I'd like a nice big monogrammed dog bed inside the house. That would be just fine. Maybe even a food bowl of my own so I didn't have to share it with other pups. But that's okay anyway cause I really like other dogs. I like to be around kids a lot too. Cats not so much. I'm at the perfect age, not a little puppy, but still very young and happy and energetic. The lady that drove me to AGB said I was a sweetheart. Since I was outdoors all the time and I didn't get the preventative medication that I needed, I underwent heart worm treatment. Now that I'm finished with that, I'm raring to go! Why don't you come meet me because I'm probably the perfect boy to come live with you. We could rule the world together!!

Yoko/Atticus - ADOPTED
Jun 14, 2018 - Nine year old Yoko found herself in a shelter which is no place for a pretty old girl like her. Thankfully, a kind man was looking for a dog about her age and met her at an AGB Meet and Greet. They connected instantly and Yoko is now Atticus. Her new dad reports that she is so sweet and friendly and that she loves everyone. She even met a neighborhood cat and liked her! Enjoy your wonderful new life Atticus, and please send us pictures. ****************************************** Oh, Yoko! Did you know 'Yoko' is a Japanese name meaning 'sun' (Yo) and 'child' (Ko)? I think being named Yoko means I'd like to be your furry child sitting in the sun with you. I'm 9 years old and a very pretty lady weighing 64 pounds. I wound up in a shelter somehow and thankfully, AGB rescued me. I had to have a little surgery and I was on bed rest for about a week. There were some nice folks at the vets taking care of me. I'm sweet and loving and fine with other dogs. I like riding in the car. I'm also house trained, vaccinated, microchipped and heart worm negative. I sure am hoping for a new family that would like to share the best years of my life with me. I could be your one and 'ono', ha ha. I have a sense of humor too! See you soon, Yoko

Buttercup II/Abby - ADOPTED
Jun 9, 2018 - Buttercup is a beautiful two year old dog that was turned into a shelter by family after her owner passed away. She was very sad and began to stress in the kennel so a volunteer came to her rescue. Her new family had lost their Golden recently and were ready for another sweet girl to go on daily walks and visit the second home on Mobile Bay with them. They fell in love with her pictures and arranged a meeting as soon as possible! Buttercup is now Abby and is relaxing more every day, smiling and wagging her tail. We're so glad she has full time attention and lots of hugs and kisses again. Stay sweet and as happy as you look in your pictures, Abby!

Keenan/Charlie - ADOPTED
May 30, 2018 - Keenan was found outside a groomer’s shop. The local shelter was very busy so the groomer gave this sweetheart of a boy a bath and called AGB. We knew it would be no time before this beautiful and happy boy found a home. Keenan’s new family loved him when they met him and thought he would be a great fit for their family. His new dad reports that he is getting the hang of house training, loves being with his family and loves swimming. Enjoy your happy new life, Keenan, and be sure to send us pictures! ******************************************* Hello, my name is Keenan. I was named by a very special friend of AGB who chose my name by winning the 'Name the Orphan' raffle. You may have seen my photo before. Keenan is a beautiful Irish name for a beautiful young boy like me with dark, soulful eyes. I weigh 44 pounds and I'm only one year old. I'm neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and heart worm negative. I was found outside a Groomer's Shop. That lady was so nice to me - she kept me for a week because the Animal Shelter in her small town was too busy to pick me up. She even groomed me so I would look handsome when I arrived at AGB. Everybody says I am a sweetheart. I say I'll be the best friend you could ever have. So will you take a chance on a sweet young pup named Keenan? C'mon and meet me and let's find out.

Arlo/Buddy - ADOPTED
May 28, 2018 - Announcing the adoption of Arlo, now known as Buddy. Buddy is not a fan of other dogs which made placing him to most families difficult but he finally met a patient and kind family, willing to work with his quirks. They keep him busy and exercised playing ball in their large backyard. He is a very attractive dog and we hope with time and careful handling, he will be a cherished member of their family. Good luck Buddy! ***************************************** Hello! I love my tennis ball. No, actually, I LOVE my tennis ball. My name is Arlo - show dog material in the looks department with a few divo (male diva) qualities - I'm just not fond of other dogs; cats either. I'm 3 1/2 years old and I weigh 56 pounds. I'm a gorgeous boy, who sets hearts aflutter, but I would prefer to be your one and only. Teenage kids might be good to be around but little ones probably not. In the past at the shelter, I felt the need to protect myself from other dogs. I adore people and I would love you so much. I promise to be a great companion to you; I'm very sweet. Maybe you'd even like to throw my ball for me. You can see from my photo my tennis ball is never far away from me. I never stop smiling either. I am microchipped, heart worm negative, house trained, easy to handle and easy on the eyes. You might be the perfect person for a special pup like me; please contact AGB and let's get together!

May 22, 2018 - Kaden came to AGB from a shelter in east Alabama. His name means “companion” and this boy wanted nothing more than to be someone’s full time companion. Kaden went to foster and quickly bonded with his foster mom and four legged sister and let them know that he didn’t want to go anywhere! As you can see by the smile on his face, he could not be happier! (Kaden is on the left) ********************************************* Hiya, folks, I'm Kaden - a 2 year old beautiful boy weighing 53 pounds. My coat is amber colored with clean white socks and a patch of white on my chest. Did you know the name Kaden means 'companion'? That's what I want - a companion for life. I'll be yours and you can be mine, okay? AGB got a call from an East Alabama shelter to come pick me up and they came and got me. And here I am, ready to start a new life. I like other dogs and I'm okay with cats. I'm still pretty young so I really like to play; I'd love to have some attention paid to me. I'm vaccinated, heart worm negative, neutered and ready to go! I can hardly wait to start my new life with you.

Kipp/Kypp - ADOPTED
May 15, 2018 - This very beautiful, unusual looking young dog came to AGB from a shelter. His fosters immediately fell in love with him but knew they had a commitment to bring him to bring him to an AGB Meet & Greet. Kipp drew people like a magnet but held a little something back so that no one else could claim him but his fosters. His fosters said something just immediately told them he was the one even though they thought they wanted a "true" Golden, But he is the center of the world in their home now. They promised to continue fostering so Kipp, now Kypp, should have fun showing another dog the ropes. We hope to see him at some of our events in the future! ********************************************* "Don't it make your brown eyes blue?" Well, no, it doesn't - I definitely have beautiful brown eyes. Hi, I'm Kipp and I was pretty blue until I was rescued from a shelter. I'm a two year old boy and I weigh 49 pounds. The folks at AGB told me I'm lovable, fluffy and super sweet - that anyone would be very lucky to have a fellow like me living with their family. I'm all cured from heart worms and now I get a monthly pill to prevent them! I'm so excited to get a new home where I can be all fluffy and sweet with with a new family for the rest of my life. Hugs, Kipp

May 9, 2018 - Drum Roll!!!! Irresistible Rocky is a foster failure. His foster, but now permanent, parents' love for him was so obvious in many photos and emails. Rocky is the perfect poster boy. "Rocket Man" is one of his many nicknames and this little fella has a personality as big as the names. He loves his big Golden brother Sawyer. He's been a wonderful AGB Ambassador at many of the local events. And we hope he will continue to do that! *********************************************** Cue the 'Rocky' theme song. My name is Rocky and I'm three years old. I'm a tiny boy at 22.5 pounds but I am working hard to find a forever home and a family - with the help of AGB. They're like my training manager. They picked me up at an East Alabama shelter. Even though I have the heart of a champion, I'm very gentle. I love to cuddle my head in your neck - just in case you like doggy hugs. I like other dogs just fine. I am microchipped and vaccinated. I fought off heart worms and now I'm cured. So I am ready for you - are you ready for me? "Won't be long now - gonna fly now". Please come pick me then I'll be a winner!

Link/Buster - ADOPTED
May 8, 2018 - When this good looking stray came in, there was no doubt he was gonna fly out. Young, handsome, sweet as they come and healthy, Link met his family and Dad had tears spring to his eyes. They had looked a long time and needed that "it" factor, and Link gave it in spades. The grandkids voted on his new name Buster which fits him to a T! Buster has been sending AGB letters telling how happy he is and how many new friends he has down in Florida: "Dear AGB, A week ago right now you made me a happy boy-I had no idea that I could be this happy. Thank you for my new Mom and Dad. They are swell and I'm being a really great new family member. I'm making lots of new Friends. They all think that I'm sooooooo sweet and beautiful. Love,Buster." Keep being a good ambassador for AGB, Buster Boy! ********************************************** I must have been a beautiful baby - cause, baby, look at me now! I'm Link. I'm a 2 year old boy, weighing 61 pounds, who got lost and wound up a stray. The Good Samaritan who found me called AGB so I could find a new home and family. I'm the total package, folks - very handsome, sweet, gentle and loving. I'm house trained, crate trained, microchipped, neutered, vaccinated and heart worm negative. I'm still a fairly young puppy guy so I'm very playful and energetic. I like kids, even the small ones, and other dogs, and I'm very interested in cats - they're fascinating. Maybe too fascinating for me unless they're very dog savvy. I'm probably the perfect dog for your family so what are you waiting for? I'm going to wait right here, tail wagging, for you to meet me and fall in love. Woof, Link

May 4, 2018 - Miles came into AGB belly-crawling but quickly figured out everyone was there to help him. He won the hearts of all at the vet and found plenty of laps to cuddle on during his stay there. Miles had a few medical issues that AGB addressed, and he soon went to foster. He is now living on the Panhandle and when he doesn't feel like climbing the stairs, he opts for the elevator. He also sneaks out through the dog door after bedtime for a midnight swim and lets Mom know he's safely back by coming into the bedroom and shaking off all the water - silly boy! Who doesn't love Miles and who doesn't Miles love? Enjoy your new home and all it's amenities. ******************************************* Has anybody got some cuddles to give? I need some very badly and cuddles are my very favorite thing. My name is Miles and I'm a lovely 8 year old gentleman. I was left at an East Alabama shelter and a nice fellow from AGB came and picked me up. The AGB folks described me as the "sweetest thing you'll ever meet". I'm pretty handsome and adorable too. I don't always feel so good; my hips bother me some and I have arthritis but AGB is having me completely medically evaluated and giving me medicine. You know what would make me feel fine - to feel safe and secure and loved. I'd always be available for cuddles and I very much would love to lay my head in your lap. That's how I show my love. Do you think you could take a chance on a sweet senior boy like me? I could be the Cuddle King of your house - wouldn't that be nice?

Pilot/Truman - ADOPTED
May 1, 2018 - Big boy Pilot, age three, turned over by an owner who wanted him euthanized due to skin irritations, has been adopted to a young man who wanted a tall dog - and that's what he got! Pilot is now Truman, his skin problems are under control, and his beautiful coat is coming out. Truman needed someone who could match his energy and enthusiasm and that's what he got! Dad says "he loves giving kisses and letting everyone in the neighborhood know he's a Mizzou fan." What a great looking pair! ******************************************* There's a song I've heard "I Believe I Can Fly" - I'm making it my theme song. Hello, my name is Pilot. I'm a 3 year old handsome boy. I've gotta believe because I had a really close call. The persons who owned me took me to a vet clinic and said to euthanize me due to my skin allergies. Thank goodness the clinic people said no and had them sign me over. The clinic folk started me on medications for my skin allergy and took care of me. Those owner people never even bothered to give me any allergy medication so what did they expect? AGB came and got me from that nice clinic. Now I'm hoping for a new family to adopt me and love me enough to take care of me and give me medicine if I need it. I feel so much better now. I'm ready to go - I'm up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped and heart worm negative. I LOVE treats and I like to be around other dogs. Let's fly away and navigate a new life together. I'm a great dog!

Apr 30, 2018 - Stella and Saban came to AGB because their owner could no longer care for them. Their health wasn’t the best so they were treated for heart worms and updated vaccinations. After receiving lots of love and attention from their foster, these two hit the jackpot with their new family! They now have the huge backyard that their foster said they needed and they love running and playing and chasing chipmunks. Their mom says that they are so sweet and well behaved and calls Saban their gentle giant ******************************************** Wouldn't two beautiful white pups be twice as nice? I'm Saban, and Stella is my sister, and we're both four years old. We're Golden with a dash of Great Pyrenees mixed in. I weigh 74 pounds and just can't do without my sister. I worry when she's not around. We've been outside dogs and AGB says they're going to make sure we get to live inside from now on. We're both sweet and friendly and we like other dogs. Our previous owner couldn't take care of us any longer and didn't give us our heart worm preventative. We're both being treated for heart worms now. I like treats and will really warm up to you when you give them to me. Stella says we could be in a nice warm house with somebody to love both of us. I think that would be very nice. Won't you come meet us? We promise to love you as much as we love each other.

Apr 30, 2018 - Stella and Saban came to AGB because their owner could no longer care for them. Their health wasn’t the best so they were treated for heart worms and updated vaccinations. After receiving lots of love and attention from their foster, these two hit the jackpot with their new family! They now have the huge backyard that their foster said they needed and they love running and playing and chasing chipmunks. Their mom says that they are so sweet and well behaved and calls Saban their gentle giant ********************************************** Wouldn't two beautiful white pups be twice as nice? I'm Stella, and Saban is my brother, and we're both four years old. We're Golden with a dash of Great Pyrenees mixed in. I weigh 47 pounds. We've been outside dogs and we're both ready to be somebody's live in fur babies. We're sweet and friendly and good looking too! We like other dogs just fine. Our previous owner couldn't take care of us any longer and forgot to give us our heart worm preventative so we've both got to go through heart worm treatment. I wish we didn't but it will be okay as long as Saban and I are together. I could use a few more pounds so treats would be very welcome. Can you picture us two laying around the fireplace together with you? Doesn't that sound nice? It does to us. Please come meet us. We'd love to be home with you.

Napoleon/TJ - ADOPTED
Apr 29, 2018 - Little babyfaced nugget Napoleon is also AGB's 800th rescue. He was found wandering in Northern Alabama. His skin condition is clearing up and is not dampening his cute personality. He "claimed" his people at the last AGB Meet and Greet. He loves the family cat. Since there were no sons in the household, he is called TJ after his new dad (Tony Junior) and is the hit at soccer games. We want to see pictures when your coat is fully in, TJ! You look very happy! ******************************************** Bonjour, I'm Napoleon - a very special AGB orphan. I'm the 800TH pup rescued by AGB. I'm a sweet and dark eyed 18 month old boy. I was found wandering in Northern Alabama and was taken to a shelter. I'm really thin and maybe because I was on my own with no one to care for me, I have a skin condition that caused my fur to be very thin too. The AGB vets, and now my foster mom, are working to clear that up with medicine, good food and TLC. I'll be a good-looking guy in no time at all with a glossy white coat and shining eyes. They call me "babyface" and say I am sensitive and gentle. I'm heart worm negative, vaccinated, and neutered. Thank you for any donation help you can give me. I can't wait for somebody wonderful to adopt me. There have been 800 reasons to support AGB over the years and we 800 rescued pups are so grateful. "Merci beaucoup, mes amis." (Thank you, my friends)

Apr 27, 2018 - At long last, our big, goofy Champ is officially adopted. We found he had a soft tissue injury in his right shoulder which necessitated more than two months of minimal activity - very difficult for a young energetic dog. Champ is only two and at 90 pounds thinks he's a lap dog so it broke our hearts to see him limping. He had lots of AGB volunteers helping him with foster, transport to Auburn, fundraising, and otherwise just loving and caring for him. He is with a double family now and has another dog and nephew to keep him company while he rests in his crate. We are anticipating that his follow-up appointment in May at AU will release him to walks at least and hopefully to full activity soon. Good luck, Champ, and keep on being the champion you are. ****************************************** They say "into each life some rain must fall" but I just can't understand the deluge of rain that's falling on me. Hello, friends, I'm Champ, a wonderful Golden boy weighing 83 pounds who's fallen on some hard luck. I'm only two years old; I should be having the time of my life. Things started out well for me as a puppy until my owner could no longer provide a home or care for me. I got taken to a shelter. I was devastated! Then AGB came and picked me up - what a blessing. The AGB volunteers have spent time with me and found out I like people and other dogs and I'm okay with cats. I'm a loving pup, heart worm negative and neutered and I like car rides. Altogether a perfect, beautiful boy for a loving family. But then the AGB vet discovered I have a soft tissue injury to my right shoulder. The vet has me on strict crate rest for the next six to eight weeks. Depending on my next MRI results, I might have to have arthroscopic surgery. I am so miserable doing nothing in a crate! I heard it's going to be very expensive for medicines and vet visits even before possible surgery. Would you please help a boy like me by donating to AGB? They want to make me well and happy so I can go to a new home, all cured, with my head held high and my tail awagging. Puppy hugs, Champ

Marty/Murphy - ADOPTED
Apr 24, 2018 - This cute little bug came in with brother Malcolm but they decided they would rather part ways than be adopted together. It didn't take long for Marty, now Murphy, to find his forever family; about 5 seconds actually! Who wouldn't fall in love with a smiling, adorable, wiggly young boy. Mom is an etiquette coach so she is busy teaching him some manners and we expect to hear he has his blue ribbon soon. Make your momma proud Murphy, and don't gobble your food! *********************************************** Oh my goodness, it's my turn. My name is Marty; I'm almost one year old maybe and I weigh 43 pounds. I was left in a shelter pen with Malcolm who I think is my brother. I was really glad I was with him because it's terrifying to be abandoned. Who's going to feed me? Who's going to love me? I'm not quite as brave as Malcolm. I was so relieved when the AGB folks came and picked us up from the shelter, I slept in the passenger lady's lap all the way. When they took my pictures, I was so happy, I couldn't stop wriggling with delight. I think I'm handsomer than Malcolm, ha ha. They're calling me a velcro boy because I want to be all over you with a wagging tail and dog kisses. I'm getting over a little upper respiratory infection but I will be raring to meet you, love on you and kiss you. Please come see me. I'm ready to go home!! xox, Marty

Rose II/Remy - ADOPTED
Apr 19, 2018 - A young newlywed couple came along and wanted two dogs that would be great with other dogs. They met Rose II and Jojo and fell in love. Now Jojo is called Jackson and Rose II is Remy. Mom says it best: "We have been training them and they both learn so well. They can sit, shake hands, stay, and come immediately to their names! They love going on walks and hikes in Moss Rock. Remy LOVES the water!! We have to drag her out of it! Jack just loves meeting new people and is so friendly all the time. That's his favorite part of hikes!" We absolutely love a double happy ending! ****************************************** I love the camera and the camera loves me. Who's a pretty girl? I'm a pretty girl - from the tip of my nose to the tops of my polka dot feet! I'm Rose and I'm 3 years old. I weigh 70 pounds. I wound up at a shelter with my brother Jojo and we were so happy AGB came and picked us up. They've promised I'm going to get a new home with folks that like pretty girls like me. I'm very calm with soft eyes and sweet as pie. I'm fine with other dogs too. Luckily, I'm heart worm negative; that's a relief. I cannot wait until I get a new home and a special somebody to love me. We can take lots of photographs of us together. xox, Rose

Jojo/Jackson - ADOPTED
Apr 19, 2018 - A young newlywed couple came along and wanted two dogs that would be great with other dogs. They met Rose II and Jojo and fell in love. Now Jojo is called Jackson and Rose II is Remy. Mom says it best: "We have been training them and they both learn so well. They can sit, shake hands, stay, and come immediately to their names! They love going on walks and hikes in Moss Rock. Remy LOVES the water!! We have to drag her out of it! Jack just loves meeting new people and is so friendly all the time. That's his favorite part of hikes!" We absolutely love a double happy ending! ****************************************** Jojo here - nice to meet you! I'm a three year old fellow, weighing 60 pounds, looking for a brand new loving home. I was picked up at an East Alabama shelter with my sister dog Rose II. AGB discovered I had a few fixable medical problems that they asked the vet to take care of - particularly heart worms. I'm all cured now; thank you! The people around here have mentioned that I'm very calm and sweet. But I'm also very good looking, don't you think? So after a bad couple of months and a wonderful rescue by AGB, could I look forward to being in your loving home? I hope so; please come meet me. Hugs, Jojo

Gabriel/Gabe - ADOPTED
Apr 16, 2018 - Gabriel came to AGB with terrible hips and blind in one eye, but he never seems to mind and just goes on with life as happy as can be. Now known as Gabe, he gets morning and evening walks on the golf course and around the neighborhood and has become the hit of his new community. Keep grinning and acquiring more adoring fans at the daily Bridge games, Gabe! ****************************************** "Heaven must be missing an angel" Cause here I am - a beautiful 64 pound golden one! Greetings, I'm Gabriel. Good name for such a handsome, angelic boy as me, huh? I'm around eight or nine years old and I find myself without a home - an orphan. Imagine that at my age; just when I'd very much like to cuddle up with someone and be a sweet lap dog. Although I'm pretty energetic and friendly, so it's not all naps and couch time with me. My hips sometimes bother me and I can't see so good out of one eye but that just increases the sparkle in the other one. I went through some heart worm treatment and that wasn't any fun at all. I'm heart worm negative now and ready to make a fresh start. I'm smart; I know some commands like high five and sit. It would be heaven on earth to be adopted and be someone's very own angel. Contact AGB and tell them you want to meet me. Bless ya, Gabriel

Cena/Annie - ADOPTED
Jun 14, 2018 - Cena is now reunited with her brother, Sonny Boy, and all is right in their world. They also have two adoring parents and a cat who is learning to tolerate the new dogs. Their new names are Buddy and Annie, and their mom reports that they are a joy! We at AGB are very thankful for our adopters who make long drives to adopt these special dogs ********************************************* My name is Cena. I'm a 3 year old girl who weighs a slight 43 pounds. But now I'm getting good food and a warm bed and love and attention in my foster home. I was rescued from a hoarding situation and I had cuts and lacerations on my head. Now I've blossomed into a delightful, playful girl. I'm sweet and pretty! My foster says I'm a dream walking on the leash. I'd rather you didn't leave me in a crate because I'm very good in the house especially when I have another pup to keep me company. I'm so glad I got rescued. I'm a happy girl now and my happiness would be complete when I find my forever family to love me for the rest of my life. I'm waiting for you.

Eleana - ADOPTED
Apr 2, 2018 - Beautiful solid white Eleana is off to the cold weather in Iowa where she will spend half the year; then back to the beaches of Florida for the worst of the winter weather. At two years old, she is the perfect age and who knows what caused her to wind up at a shelter. She will be the center of attention of her new parents and has acres of land to play on. Good luck Eleana! ********************************************** Remember that old song "Brown Eyed Girl"? That sounds like me! I'm 2 year old Eleana with the beautiful, trusting brown eyes. I weigh 55 pounds. My story is one you've heard before. I wound up at a shelter - in East Alabama. Somebody nice from AGB came and rescued me. They've whispered they're going to find a wonderful home for me. They've said I'm a pretty, pretty girl. I have fuzzy white and blonde fur to go with my brown eyes. I'm sweet but a little shy. I warm right up when I'm offered head rubs and belly rubs though. Please come meet me. I could be your "brown eyed girl".

Mar 30, 2018 - This little Golden nugget went like lightning. One year old Daisy lives up to her name - dainty, delicate, beautiful, and young. Her family had no time for her but we knew a perfect family ready to take her. Daisy gets a nice walk three times a day and afterwards cools off in the family pool (which she jumped into as soon as she arrived at her new home, AGB bandana and all!). She also has a beach, four-legged extended family friends, and parents that absolutely adore her. "This was meant to be" were the first words Mom said to her. Daisy, stay sweet and pretty, and send us lots of pictures! ********************************************** Hello, I'm Daisy girl. I'm still a puppy at just one year old and I weigh 55 pounds. My family of nine months just had a busy, busy life and they decided to call AGB in the hopes that someone else might have the time to give the attention a young girl like me wants and needs. The AGB folks asked a lot of questions like "Is Daisy house trained?", "Does Daisy know basic commands and is she easy to walk on a leash?" and "Does she like her people and kids and other dogs?" When the answers to all these questions and more were "yes", they whispered to me "Pretty girl, we're gonna find you a new home in an Alabama minute". So I've got a puppy grin on my face cause somebody already wants to adopt me. I'll get to go live with them and be their inside girl. I'm ready to love them and adore them and learn all kinds of stuff so I can be the best dog ever! I think that deserves a tail wag, don't you?

Mar 26, 2018 - This big ole hunk of love Colt was left in a bullpen at a shelter but came to us smiling and horsing around like the big kid he is. Colt needed some help with being on leash and meeting other dogs so with some training, he was refocused and has turned into the well-behaved dog he is now. His new family drove down from Tennessee and Colt immediately took to the young son who wanted a buddy to play with. The ball throwing has not ceased except for school and bedtime and Colt - now known as Bo - is a happy, happy pup. Many thanks to all who helped him along the way. We hope to receive lots of fun updates. ****************************************** Colt! That's my new name and it's a good one for me. An Urban Dictionary description of the name "Colt" is "a great personality, very attractive, usually gets along well with everyone", and is - ha ha - "commonly desired by the opposite sex". Well now, I just want a family to call my own no matter who it is! I'm a two year big old boy and I weigh 77 pounds which is a bit underweight for me. Somebody put me in the bullpen of a northern Alabama shelter, and AGB came and got me right away so they could find me a new safe, loving home. They've been spending time with me and said I have a great smile, I'm fun, I'm cute with good energy, sweet, and well-mannered with lots of personality. That sounds like "Colt" fits me to a tee. And you know what I hope - that I'll suit you to a tee - and you'll want me to be a part of your family.

Jacob/Beckett - ADOPTED
Mar 25, 2018 - Jacob is now Beckett and he has found the good life! The sweet boy who was dumped on the side of a road now has a family and, most importantly, his very own person who adores him like no other. His family reports that Beckett is super chill and loves to play but also loves to hang out and just be with his people. He has added extra joy to their home and has even helped their other rescue dog by teaching him that people aren’t so scary. His new mom says that their little Cavalier doesn’t bark at people on walks anymore. Enjoy your happy home, Beckett, and please send us lots of pictures. ******************************************* I'm Jacob and I'm one years old and a fine looking fellow. I weigh 55 pounds. A few months ago, I was dumped on the side of the road. That's a mean thing to do to a puppy, isn't it? I was pretty scared. Well, this nice lady found me and took me to her home. She took care of me while she tried to find me a forever home. She finally asked AGB to help in the search. I'm neutered, vaccinated, house trained and crate trained. I know how to "sit". I'm playful with other dogs and I love kids - in fact, I love them so much I sometimes forget myself and jump up on them. I am still a puppy after all so I guess I've still got a couple of things to learn. I do have one little quirk - I don't like dog beds. But maybe it's because I haven't found the right dog bed yet. Maybe the dog bed I'll really love is in your house. Hope so, Jacob

Charlie Jack/Neville - ADOPTED
Mar 24, 2018 - Three year old stray Charlie Jack has been adopted to a family that fell head over heels for him on first sight at an AGB Meet and Greet. He is a wonderful boy and is coming out with his fun, goofy personality more and more every day. They say he is just super calm, the most chill dog ever, gets along with their cat, and loves everyone he meets. What a beauty he is! ******************************************** In the Deep South tradition of double names, I am called Charlie Jack. I'm a 3 year old handsome gentleman weighing 64 pounds. I guess I got lost because who in the world would abandon me? I wandered down this one street and a kind lady welcomed me and started checking around to find my owners with no luck at all. She had some dogs and a cat and a kid and I sure liked them all fine. I'm a friendly guy! She asked AGB to find me a new home. As you can see from my photo, my silky, shiny coat is not your typical Golden color. But I've got the heart of a Golden. In case you want to know more about me, I'm neutered (shucks!), vaccinated, microchipped, easy going and I like car rides. Another southern tradition is hospitality - and I'd like to enjoy yours. How about it? Wouldn't you like to adopt a good ole southern boy like me?

P18 Murphy /Jarhead - ADOPTED
Mar 1, 2018 - Adopted before he hit our website as an orphan, puppy Murphy is now a Virginian. His parents drove 10 hours each way in the pouring rain to get him the day after they saw his pictures. Murphy is now Jarhead, named because their son is in the U.S. Marines and he has the type of personality that will keep them on their toes! Jarhead has a double dose of cuteness, and has been a hit on his trips to Home Depot, the pet store, grocery store, and with everyone he meets. He is already settling in with his little brother Ewok and digging holes in the backyard like crazy! Hopefully he won't dig all the way to China. Send us pictures when you are all grown Jarhead!

Bettybear/Emma - ADOPTED
Mar 1, 2018 - Petite Bettybear is now little Emma, and she is loving her new home with her parents and sister, Sophie. She came to AGB from a shelter and was sick, shy, and afraid, but thanks to good vet care, her wonderful foster, and now her new family, she is thriving and happy. Her mom says she is an angel and we agree! ******************************************** Hello, my name is Bettybear, a young (between one and two years old) girl who just got rescued from a shelter. I don't remember how I wound up there but I certainly would like never to go back to one. I'm petite; I only weigh 35 pounds. It was scary there for a shy and quiet little girl like me. The AGB folks told me I'm sweet and awful pretty; I'm a wheat colored blonde with white spots on my nose and forehead. It would be so wonderful to maybe have a home and somebody I could love who would love me back. Maybe then I wouldn't feel alone and nervous about what's going to happen to me in the future. Please ask about me - Bettybear. I could be your sweet girl.

Sadie VI - ADOPTED- Bonded to Chloe IV
Feb 25, 2018 - We are so excited and thrilled to have this bonded pair adopted to a wonderful couple with lots of Golden experience. Now they are learning about Labs as well, and new dad says Sadie the Lab is a hoot - she howls and sings to him every night and thumps that big tail knocking things around like crazy! Chloe is the more demure of the two and is learning that she can come out of Sadie's shadow little by little. Obtained as puppies and surrendered to AGB because of a re-marriage (apparently they weren't welcome in the home anymore), and also taken away from the kids, they both had a bit of an emotional setback as could be expected. They will now be safe and comfy and well loved for the rest of their lives, and we wish them all the best. ******************************************** My sister and I find ourselves in a predicament. We've both been surrendered to AGB after living our lives together. I'm Sadie and my sister is Chloe; she's a Golden and I'm a chocolate Labrador Retriever. I'm seven years old and Chloe is six. We each weigh about 79 pounds - spayed and heart worm negative. I have a some lameness in my back legs but I can take medicine to help. Our owner got married and his new wife didn't think she wanted us around. So here we are, in the prime of our lives, looking for a new home together. Please? We're good girls, house-trained, we love people big and small, and we're sweet as the dickens. Our story is the same and we are fervently hoping that someone kind will want to adopt us both so we can all live happily ever after. Please contact AGB and ask to meet Sadie and Chloe. Thank you.

Chloe IV - ADOPTED- Bonded to Sadie VI
Feb 25, 2018 - We are so excited and thrilled to have this bonded pair adopted to a wonderful couple with lots of Golden experience. Now they are learning about Labs as well and new dad says Sadie the Lab is a hoot - she howls and sings to him every night and thumps that big tail knocking things around like crazy! Chloe is the more demure of the two and is learning that she can come out of Sadie's shadow little by little. Obtained as puppies and surrendered to AGB because of a re-marriage (apparently they weren't welcome in the home anymore) and also taken away from the kids, they both had a bit of an emotional setback as could be expected. They will now be safe and comfy and well loved for the rest of their lives, and we wish them all the best. **************************************** What happens to two girls who have happily been together all our lives and, all of a sudden, find out we're now orphaned? Hello, I'm Chloe and my sister is Sadie; I'm a Golden and Sadie is a chocolate Labrador Retriever. I'm six years old and Sadie is seven. We each weigh about 79 pounds - spayed and heart worm negative. Our owner got married and his new wife didn't think she wanted us around. So here we are, in the prime of our lives, looking for a new home together. Please? We're good girls, house-trained, we love people big and small, and we're sweet as the dickens. Our story is the same and we are fervently hoping that someone kind will want to adopt us both so we can all live happily ever after. Please contact AGB and ask to meet Chloe and Sadie. Thank you.

Ed/Rocky - ADOPTED
Feb 24, 2018 - Pretty Ed came in smiling and never stopped! He has moved to Tennessee with two female Goldens, and is a "Daddy's dog" taking walks two and three times a day. Ed didn't even know what a leash was when he arrived but he is now walking like the champion Rocky, which by the way, is his name now. Knock 'em dead, Rocky! ********************************************* Hello, friends. I'm Ed. I'm 2 years old. I'm told I'm a wonderful guy. I'm big and beautiful (65 pounds) and I love everybody and everything - which is surprising since I spent my puppy years in a hoarding situation and not being cared for very well. My friends and I got taken to a shelter where we needed to get out quick to save our lives. I need to learn a few dog lessons - like walking on a leash and not jumping up on you to greet you. I think I'd be lonely without another pup sibling to keep me company and it would be great to have my human around most of the time too. The folks here at AGB tell me that I'm always smiling but my grin would be so big when I find my forever home! xox, Ed

Gunter/Gunner - ADOPTED
Feb 20, 2018 - Gunter was hit by a car which broke his neck, was taken to the vet where they got him healed, then abandoned by his owner. He came in heart worm positive. He is a tiny little boy at 34 pounds, and just the right package for his new Mom and Grandmom who lives with them. Still recovering from his last week of heart worm restrictions, he is quite the lover and day-brightener. Gunter is now Gunner and we know he will live the good life fully healthy very soon. See you on the walking trails, Gunner! ******************************************** I have a tale of woe to tell. My name is Gunter; I'm a 4 year old boy and I weigh just 34 pounds. You know, there are lots of things that can be broken - I have personal experience of some - my neck, my heart and my trust. When AGB came and took me out of an East Alabama shelter, they were told my sad story. I got hit by a car and was taken to a vet who did immediate surgery on my broken neck. With cage rest, my neck healed. Then the really bad news came - my owner no longer wanted me. The AGB folks are helping me find a home where my family will never abandon me again. I do walk with a bit of an irregular gait because of my injury; I just kind of prance a little. I'm being treated for heart worms which is also very hard. I'm very friendly, on the tiny side, good with other dogs, I ignore cats and I'm "cute as pie". I'm trying to get totally healthy so I can go to my new forever home when somebody adopts me. My neck has healed; maybe my heart can be healed too. I have lots of love to give!

Feb 19, 2018 - When Heath’s new family came to meet him, he told them that they were now his people and to sign the papers so they could go home! We've never seen a dog choose his people like Heath. His new dad says that he is a calm and loving boy and that he is the BEST. He also said that they are so lucky and so is Heath! We all agree. Enjoy your happy new life, sweet boy, and send us lots of pictures! ******************************************* Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I've been on an adventure! Hiya, I'm Heath and I'm a puppy - just ten months old. I weigh 54 pounds. So I got lost and wandered up to some houses in a neighborhood and figured I'd stick around. Guess that wasn't going to happen because, the next thing I knew, an Animal Control truck picked me up and took me to a shelter. They must have recognized my show dog qualities because AGB came and got me out of there right away. They said "kid, you got potential!" So here I am; ready for a home and a family. Obviously, I'm a good looking boy, adorable and healthy. The folks around here call me "Sweetheart". I'm gonna be a great dog for someone special. Let's make our next adventure together, okay? Okay! See you soon, Heath

Ike/Cooper - ADOPTED
Feb 13, 2018 - Ike’s life as a stray took a toll on his health but luckily AGB found him and treated all of his health issues including heart worms. He spent several weeks in foster and the whole time he was convalescing, his new parents called, emailed, and sent blankets and toys. When the time came for him to be released, his new parents drove down from Ohio with their dog Riley. Riley and Ike ( now Cooper) have become friends and Cooper has continued learning what his foster taught him…that most people are kind and loving and can be trusted. Enjoy your new life, Cooper! ******************************************* Hello, I'm Ike and I'm two years old and weigh 76 pounds. For such a young boy like me, I'm having a blue, blue Christmas. I was at a shelter in east Alabama and I've also been a stray - and I was picked up heart worm positive, with several small wounds and an ear infection. Luckily for me, AGB is taking care of all that and I'll be good as new soon. While I'm waiting, I'm dreaming of laying safe and warm and calm - maybe in front of a fireplace or a Christmas tree - with someone special stroking my soft fur. Some folks at AGB told me I am gorgeous and have fur "as soft as a baby's". I'm not quite used to getting attention and being cared for but I think I might like it just fine. Perhaps you could be the one to show me what it's like to be a beloved family Golden so my next Christmas will be anything but blue. Hopefully, Ike

Junior/Cooper - ADOPTED
Feb 10, 2018 - Junior was a fitting name for Lady III's pup but he now has the more adult name of Cooper AKA "Snowflake" according to his new little sister. She is thrilled, as is the adult Golden who wasn't so sure at the meet, but now is loving and play-bowing with her new little brother. Hopefully, he won't chew on her too much and will be well-behaved with all his walking and training on the horizon. Cooper is likely to grow into a large boy so we are looking forward to updates and more cute pictures. ******************************************** Hi! I'm a puppy - 18 weeks old! Momma (AGB orphan Lady III) calls me Junior. She says I'm the spit of my Daddy because, though I've got my Momma's sweet face, other than that I look just like him. I may still be little now - 27 pounds - but I'm gonna be a big, beautiful boy. Momma and everyone else I meet says I'm adorable and sweet! And cute too. I don't care about all that mushy stuff; I'm too busy running around exploring and sniffing new and wonderful things in my world. I've got things to do and places to go. You know, if you had toys and treats, and a backyard to play in, and a warm bed to sleep in near you, I'd like to come live with you. I'd stay with you forever and love you bunches. We could do all those things and go all those places together!

Feb 8, 2018 - Appropriately named Lady was dumped while pregnant and taken by a kind person to a north Alabama shelter. The shelter called and she and her baby were taken in by AGB. Everyone who met and saw Lady on-line fell in love with her and AGB had many kind hearted people reach out to adopt her. Her new mom fell in love with Lady the moment they met. As you can see, Lady is loving her new home. Enjoy your safe home with all the love, food and comfort a dog could want! ******************************************** Hello, I'm Lady. I'm three years old and I weigh 57 pounds. I am pretty and sweet and refined. Some mean scoundrel dumped me while I was expecting babies. That is no way to treat a lady - especially one in a delicate condition! When I was found, they took me to a northern Alabama shelter with my baby boy. Chivalrously, AGB welcomed us and are looking for nice, loving homes for both of us. They have been taking good care of me - I've been spayed and vaccinated and and microchipped - all in anticipation of becoming a beloved girl in a family. As you can see, I am a cuddle bug and love petting and hugs. Do you have a way with beautiful ladies? Maybe I should be yours.

DeeDee/Sadie - ADOPTED
Feb 7, 2018 - This little girl was about to be put down at the shelter due to her accelerated condition of mange as she was so uncomfortable and seemingly unadoptable. AGB got her instead and the vets started her on medications. A very kind hearted applicant with two dogs and a cat wanted to meet her, and upon first sight tears sprang to her eyes. She said she had to help her. Now at home with her new family, Mom says its best: "She has adjusted SO WELL!!!! We can't believe how good she has done! No accidents in the house, she LOVES going for walks with the other dogs, she and the cat even take naps together! It is almost too good to be true!! Drew has said he wants her to sleep on his bed.....I think he and Sam are going to fight over who gets to have her on their bed...haha! She seems pretty partial to the couch right now! She is a great helper during the day! I call her my supervisor beause she lays in her bed right beside me at my desk and makes sure I get all my work done..haha!! We all love her and are so appreciative that Adopt a Golden Birmingham saved her life and let us adopt her!! Thanks so much! " ******************************************** I'm a sad little girl named DeeDee which is such a happy, hopeful name. I'm about eight years old and tiny; I weigh only 40 pounds. AGB rescued me from a shelter. I feel pitiful because I have mange and I feel miserable. They tell me that once my treatment is finished, my hair will grow back and I'll be beautiful once again. I'm afraid no one will want me and I so want someone to love me. I'm a very sweet girl and won't be any trouble at all if you give me some petting and some loving care. I will need to have daily eye drops for my dry eyes. I think once I know that a forever home and a family awaits me, I could be quite cheerful as I finish up my medical stuff and get ready for the best years of my life as your loving companion. And beautiful too, so please see me with loving eyes for the future. Hopefully, DeeDee

Mollie - ADOPTED
Feb 6, 2018 - Heart worm positive Mollie was surrendered to AGB because one of her family members was allergic to her. After AGB treated her heart worms and took care of other medical needs, Mollie was ready to be adopted. Her new mom saw her on Facebook, knew Mollie was the girl for her, and made the drive to Birmingham. After a few days in her new home, Mollie’s mom said, “Mollie is doing great! She is so sweet and loves the dog park. She has gotten along with every dog and human she has met, and we could not be happier!” Enjoy your new life little princess! ***************************************** Gorgeous Golden girl looking for a new home with no other dogs. Hello, everybody, I'm Mollie. I'm 3 years old and weigh a petite 45 pounds. One of the little people I lived with was allergic to me. I sure hope I won't be an orphan for long because I like to think I'm quite a catch: I'm young (but house trained). I'm pretty and friendly and active and playful. I LOVE belly rubs. Love kids too. I'm also crate trained, spayed and microchipped. Unfortunately, I do need to be treated for heart worms but AGB will make sure I get medicine for that. I'm also the jealous type so I'd rather be your one and only girl - it takes me a while to warm up to other dogs until I get to know them very well. And no cats please. So if anybody is looking for a gorgeous golden girl, please contact AGB and let them know you specially want to meet me, Mollie!

Sasha/Tilly - ADOPTED
Feb 1, 2018 -What a great family picture! Sasha is now Tilly (what a cute name) and fits in fine with her new family. She had to overcome some issues with strangers but is now comfortable and trusting her new humans. So happy for you, Tilly. ****************************************** Hello, friends! My name is Sasha and I'm a sweet girl that's only six months old. My owner recently found out she is pregnant and she decided she couldn't take care of me because of that. So, all of a sudden, I'm an "orphan". That makes me sad. I'm a very good puppy too and AGB tells me I won't be an orphan for very long. Here's why - I'm already house-trained, I like other dogs, I ignore cats and I'm in awe of kids. I'm already spayed, microchipped, and so ready for my forever family. I weigh 50 pounds. Did I mention that I'm a redhead? There must be a nice family out there that's waiting for a precious girl like me to come live with them forever. So please contact AGB and ask about Sasha. I think it would be so nice to have a forever home.

Fields/Sonny Boy - ADOPTED
Feb 1, 2018 - Fields came in with Cena, Ed, and puppies from a hoarding situation. Luckily, he was very social and had no issues with other dogs or food. If fact, his disposition is so sweet they have named him Sonny Boy! Now living in Georgia, Sonny Boy is meeting lots of new people and loving every minute of his new life. His lacerated face is clearing nicely and he is looking more show-dog ready every day. Have fun in the Peach State, Sonny Boy! ********************************************* My name is Fields. I weigh 46 pounds and I just turned 2 years old. Becoming two is turning out to be a good thing after some scary incidents. My friends and I (AGB orphans Cena, Ed and the puppies) were owned by someone who kept lots of dogs and got to the point where he couldn't take care of us. Animal Control took us all to a shelter where our chances for survival didn't look good. And Cena and I had some lacerations that needed to be treated. AGB heard about us and rushed to rescue us. And they've already found a family that wants me to become theirs. I have a lot of learn. I love everybody and everything now that my life has changed so wonderfully. I'm a very friendly but also a quiet, sweet boy. I especially like treats! I think everything is going to be okay - my future looks bright! Please help my friends have a bright future too.

Jan 26, 2018 - Delightful Dandy is off to Salt Lake City, Utah, area and after a long, three day trip is settled and very happy in his home. His new family adopted George from AGB when they lived in North Alabama and when asked why they didn't adopt closer to home this time, they replied "We had such a good experience with AGB we didn't want to go anywhere else!" They have been so busy having fun with Dandy, George, and their two cute daughters they have not had time to stop for a picture but promise to send updates soon. ****************************************** Hiya, friends! I'm Dandy! I'm about 1 year old and I weigh 49 pounds. I'm heart worm negative and now I'm neutered, vaccinated and microchipped thanks to AGB. I was found when I wandered up to a local business. I can't remember whether I was lost or somebody just dropped me off. I've been rescued now and that's just dandy! Or, as they say, "all fine and dandy" which is probably why they named me that. "Dandy" means "an excellent thing of its kind". And I'm an excellent pup - cute as button, loving, and playful with other dogs and quite handsome. Come meet me - you'd probably like (actually love) a boy like me a lot!!

Puffin/Max puppy - ADOPTED
Jan 29, 2018 - Our fifth 2018 puppy announcement is for Puffin who is now Max. His new family fell in love with his energetic and loving personality and his beautiful eyes. Who could resist his face? His new mom reports that they LOVE him and that he is growing so quickly! We know Max is loving being spoiled by his new family and we can’t wait to see pictures of him as he grows. ****************************************** 2018 brought some bundles of joy to AGB and to some very happy adopters! I'm a 9 week old puppy who got rescued from a shelter just in the nick of time and taken, with my siblings, to a nice AGB foster home. They took really good care of us. My name is Puffin; I'm an adorable boy and I have one brown eye and one blue eye. The really good news is that AGB worked really fast and I'm already with my new family in my new home. I'll be officially adopted real soon. I'm somebody's Darling! And everybody that meets me says "Awww!"

Piper/Abel puppy - ADOPTED
Jan 29, 2018 - Our fourth puppy adopted in 2018, Piper, is now Abel and living the good life in Mississippi. He had a great time playing in the snow and is trying to get the hang of potty training, but his doctor says he is very smart and very healthy. Another blue-eyed beauty, this boy will stop traffic when he is full grown. ******************************************* 2018 brought some bundles of joy to AGB and to some very happy adopters! I'm a 9 week old puppy who got rescued from a shelter just in the nick of time and taken, with my siblings, to a nice AGB foster home. They took really good care of us. My name is Piper; I'm an adorable boy and I have blue eyes. The really good news is that AGB worked really fast and I'm already with my new family in my new home. I'll be officially adopted real soon. I'm somebody's Darling! And everybody that meets me says "Awww!"

Pansie/Sadie puppy - ADOPTED
Jan 29, 2018 - Our third little puppy adopted in 2018 is this beauty, a blonde with blue eyes. Her new dad couldn't resist a dog with eyes and hair the color of his wife's so it was a quick choice for them. Pansie is now Sadie and is already getting the hang of potty training. We can't wait to see what this sweet pup looks like fully grown! What a beautiful little family. ***************************************** 2018 brought some bundles of joy to AGB and to some very happy adopters! I'm a 9 week old puppy who got rescued from a shelter just in the nick of time and taken, with my siblings, to a nice AGB foster home. They took really good care of us. My name is Pansie; I'm an adorable girl and I have blue eyes. The really good news is that AGB worked really fast and I'm already with my new family in my new home. I'll be officially adopted real soon. I'm somebody's Darling! And everybody that meets me says "Awww!"

Peanut/Blaze puppy - ADOPTED
Jan 29, 2018 - Our second 2018 puppy announcement is for Peanut who is now Blaze, named for the blaze of creme that runs between his eyes. The two children are adorable with their new dog. New mom says "We're enjoying him very much and he seems to be doing fine healthwise. Our daughter loves to read to her "goggy." How does it get more precious than that? ****************************************** 2018 brought some bundles of joy to AGB and to some very happy adopters! I'm a 9 week old puppy who got rescued from a shelter just in the nick of time and taken, with my siblings, to a nice AGB foster home. They took really good care of us. My name is Peanut; I'm an adorable boy and I have brown eyes. The really good news is that AGB worked really fast and I'm already with my new family in my new home. I'll be officially adopted real soon. I'm somebody's Darling! And everybody that meets me says "Awww!"

PJ/Athena puppy - ADOPTED
Jan 28, 2018 - Our first puppy announcement of 2018 goes to PJ! She is now appropriately named Athena to mix well with her brothers, AGB alums Argos and Apollo. She is a happy, healthy puppy and no doubt will be the chief Goddess among them. She also has the distinction of being the fifth AGB dog adopted to this family - who wins the prize for Most Adopted AGB dogs! Apollo is not in the family picture as he was taking a break from little sister. Rule the roost Athena, and keep mom and dad in line too! ******************************************** 2018 brought some bundles of joy to AGB and to some very happy adopters! I'm a 9 week old puppy who got rescued from a shelter just in the nick of time and taken, with my siblings, to a nice AGB foster home. They took really good care of us. My name is PJ; I'm an adorable girl and I have brown eyes. The really good news is that AGB worked really fast and I'm already with my new family in my new home. I'll be officially adopted real soon. I'm somebody's Darling! And everybody that meets me says "Awww!"

Miss Molly - ADOPTED
Jan 25, 2018 - Coming to AGB all the way from Arizona, "Good Golly Miss Molly" has been placed locally to a couple who adopted from AGB in the past. Their sweet female Golden passed away and they wanted another AGB girl to fill the void. Miss Molly was perfect in that role, having attended many "finishing" classes and winning awards in the process. She has met neighbors, friends, and relatives, and is singing her way into everybody's hearts. Be good Miss Molly! ********************************************** "Good Golly, Miss Molly!" Bet you're singing that song now, aren't you? Yes, my name is Miss Molly. I'm a sweet little girl of 3 that weighs 52 pounds. I used to live in Arizona and another rescue organization brought me to Alabama. They thought AGB would find a wonderful home for me. And they have! They said it wasn't hard for a little princess like me. I have certificates and awards from obedience training classes. I ride well in the car. My new family and I are going to be very happy together!

Archie/Apollo - ADOPTED
Jan 17, 2018 - AGB had four very special dogs in 2017 that needed extra help and Archie was definitely a very rare case. He was brought to AGB from a shelter on the coast after a hurricane last fall and the experience of being caged in somewhat open conditions during the storm left him terrified. His foster family opened their hearts and home to him after seeing his condition as a completely feral dog. They have helped him along for four months now with guidance from a dog behaviorist, and though he still will not come up to people or allow petting, he will sit in the same room with the family and AGB alum Argos. Archie now has the name of Greek God Apollo and is at least warm, safe, and enjoying Argos. We are in hopes that with many more months of patience and love, he will trust enough to maybe allow an ear rub. Handsome Apollo, we're pulling for you! ******************************************* I'm white as a ghost and have big dark eyes like a ghost but instead of trying to scare you, I've wanted to be an invisible presence like a ghost. Actually, I'm a cute puppy named Archie. I'm one years old and I weigh 52 pounds. AGB came and rescued me out of a noisy, scary shelter where I was terrified. And when they took me to the vet's for my medical check-up, I decided staying in my crate, being mostly invisible like a ghost, was my safest choice. Thanks to a lot of patience from my fosters and training from a dog expert, I'm finding out that people are nice. My foster family is showing me lots of love and care and attention so maybe my life can be better from now on! I'm learning to trust and be brave.

Poppie/Harper - ADOPTED
Jan 17, 2018 - Poppie is now Harper and she is loving her life with two sisters and a mom who all adore her! They report that she is the sweetest, calmest, and smartest dog ever! One of her sisters said that she is the patch for the hole they had in their hearts after losing their other dog. We don’t know if we've ever seen a dog “adopt” a family so quickly. The smile on Harper's face shows just how happy she is! ******************************************** Hello, I'm a golden eyed girl named Poppie. I weigh a petite 40 pounds and I'm one years old. You can see from my photo, I have the most beautiful cinnamon gold coat with blonde highlights. My friends at AGB told me I'm very, very cute and sweet. I'm heart worm negative, spayed and microchipped. I like other dogs and I've been playing with another AGB orphan friend, Dandy, so I won't mind at all if I'm lucky enough to get a four legged sibling or two. I LOVE belly rubs. Since I was rescued from a shelter, I am so ready to find my forever family. Don't you think you'd like a little girl like me in your life?

Strider/Kai - ADOPTED
Jan 17, 2018 - Strider is one of our most special dogs but he had some issues that made finding his home a challenge. Before Thanksgiving, one of our volunteers received a phone call from a man in Tennessee who seemed like he was perfect for Strider. After extensive conversation with Strider’s foster, his new dad drove down to meet and the two instantly connected. This loving boy, who is now called Kai, is in his forever home with his dad who has years of experience working with dogs. He knows that Strider has some resource guarding and anxiety issues but he has the time and the training to help him through. His dad reports that they are very bonded and that Kai is a keeper. Thank you to those who devoted so much love and time to Strider. And thank you to the generous benefactors who donated to Strider's special needs fund. ******************************************* I'm Strider. I'm very handsome and I'm almost 3 years old. I want to be a very good boy but I don't always know how to be. If I'm in pain or threatened, I might growl or seem to be mean. I need help learning to settle down because I can react in fear to new situations. But AGB, along with a wonderful trainer, is going to show me the way. I have a loving soul and I love my dog buddies and my adult family members but I need an experienced adopter to help me gain confidence and trust. AGB wants to do everything possible to find me a perfect fit in a new home. Would you help me? Maybe you could see that I could be your special fellow. Hopefully, Strider.

Bliss/Jane O'Hannon - ADOPTED
Jan 14, 2018 - Bliss was a scared little girl when she came to AGB from a Birmingham shelter but love from one of AGB’s vet clinics and her fosters brought her out of her shell. Her sweet little face caught the eye of her new parents and they couldn’t wait to drive to Birmingham to meet her. Here are the words of her new mom, “we are in love and she is officially Jane O'Hannon. She has been to the vet and is perfect! She weighs 37 pounds and her hair is already better. She loves the yard and will chase and fetch a ball over and over. She has her bed in our room and one in her aunt's room. Her dad has walked her and she walks like a dream! How could we have been so blessed!!” Enjoy your new life beautiful girl! ****************************************** Have you ever wondered what bliss is? It means "perfect happiness" and "utter joy". That's what they've called me - Bliss. I'm a 3 year old adorable girl weighing 31 pounds. You might have noticed I'm not exactly a Golden Retriever. I'm a Doodle; somebody even called me a "Whoodle" (who?). My life so far has not been utter joy. AGB collected me from a Birmingham shelter where I came in with my puppies. I was scared at the shelter and nervous at first when AGB came and got me. But I'm coming out of my shell. I love being petted; I like getting attention. Things are looking up for me. I've been promised a new home and a new family who will love a sweetheart like me. Brush the hair out of my eyes and you'll see a look of love in my eyes. Please come meet me and maybe we can find bliss together. Okay?

Aria/Honey - ADOPTED
Jan 10, 2018 - Our teeny little girl who modeled the Santa cap like she was the perfect little elf last month is, happily, a foster failure. When Aria, now called Honey, came along her new Mom called almost immediately and said "I don't want this one to get away!" She is a darling dog and a great companion. Aria was originally fostered by someone else who went away for Christmas so she was moved and as fate would have it, she will never move again. Good job Honey! Make lots of new friends with Momma! ********************************************** Sometimes "it's a hard knock life". But my name is Aria, not Orphan Annie. I'm a little girl that's only 18 months old and I weigh 39 pounds - too thin. I'm not much more than a baby myself and I've already had puppies and they didn't survive. The shelter was scary noisy for me. But somebody from AGB came and drove me to Birmingham. Even though I'm a little timid about what's happened in my life so far - it's 100% better now. I liked my freedom ride in the car. I'm getting good food so I can gain some weight and I get nice medicated baths and mousse for my skin and fur. I also get lots of TLC from my foster. This is the start of a brand new life for me; I'm even getting into the holiday spirit with my Santa hat. Do you think you might be the person who could give a little honey colored girl like me a home and a family to love....and be loved? I'm thinking it's possible now. xox, Aria

Cooper V - ADOPTED
Jan 9, 2018 - Another beauty, Cooper V found a family in South Alabama and mom says it best: "Cooper has settled in very well. He's gained 10 pounds and is a healthy 68 pounds now. He is very smart and extremely affectionate. He and my husband have made a very tight bond. He has adapted to living inside perfectly." Happy life, gorgeous Cooper! *********************************************** Hey there, I'm Cooper with a heart of gold. I'm six years old and weigh only 53 pounds. I've been an outside dog all my life and I was heart worm positive. And more sad news - my former parents parted ways and, because of that, they parted ways with me. I was a little anxious at first but there is good news. While I was receiving my heart worm treatment, AGB rushed to find me a new family so I wouldn't be alone for very long. They call me a "love bug" and tell me I think I'm a lap dog. I'm a very loyal and loving fellow. I liked the other dogs I lived with so I wouldn't mind having siblings. I hope my new family sees my sweet golden heart when they look at my big grin and shiny golden fur. ps. I'll get to live inside the house too! Yay!

Murphy - ADOPTED
Jan 8, 2018 - Two year old Murphy was dropped at a shelter when his family moved away. He was terrified of everyone but loved quickly when he learned that a person was safe. He had skin issues. Two of our dog whisperers worked with him tirelessly and nursed sweet Murphy back to health. Two angels in Missouri saw his picture and knew he was the boy for him. After much conversation with Meg about his special issues, they made the long drive to Birmingham, and they instantly fell in love. Murphy now has the best family a dog could imagine. His mom said “We have seen a change in his face to a much happier doggie. Love him! I still can’t believe he is ours!” ****************************************** I'm Murphy, a 2 year old boy who weighs 50 pounds. I'm neutered, up to date on vaccinations and ready for my new home. I'd love to live in a calm home with a special somebody who would be by my side a lot. Before coming to AGB, I was dropped off at a shelter when my family moved away. You can imagine how scared I was. If you look into my big brown eyes, you'd see how a youngster like me would like some reassurance that I won't be abandoned again. Small children might overwhelm me. I'm very sweet and smart and looking for my forever home and companion. Please let it be you. I'm waiting.

Brummey/Buddy - ADOPTED
12/26/17 - Brummey has found his spot under the Christmas tree. He was an owner turn in due to escaping the fence and was stressing at the kennel so he needed a foster ASAP. One of our best fosters stepped forward. Brummey became fast friends with his foster sibling, AGB alum Rascal, and looked to his foster Dad for guidance and love. At his first Meet and Greet, Brummey would not take his eyes (or his body!) off his foster Dad and wouldn't give anybody else the time of day - it was pretty obvious Brummey wanted to stay with his new support system. His foster Dad happily gave in to Brummey's pleas to let him stay there. He is now Buddy and his new Dad said that "he picked Rascal because he was, well, a rascal, but Buddy picked him." ********************************************* Hello there, I'm a five year old boy named Brummey. The name "Brummey" sounds like one of Santa Claus' elves, doesn't it? Well, with my velvet soft ears, big smile and golden glow, I could mistaken for one of Santa's elves this time of year. A 69 pound bundle of joy that, besides being house trained, is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Like Santa, I do like to get around. In fact, my previous owners said I would escape their yard so I guess I need a secure fence. I was just looking around for some kids or other dogs or even a cat because I like them all. Somebody told me I was "a big love bug". I'd like to go to my new home before Santa Claus arrives; maybe there's a spot for me under your Christmas tree. Love, Brummey

Butter - ADOPTED
12/22/17 - Sweet little Butter got his Christmas wish! He has a new home with an adoring mom who understands that he prefers no furry friends…just people! She felt a vibe with Butter immediately and you can see from the expression on his face, he is delighted with his new mom - giving her his signature paw shake. It was a teary and very happy afternoon when he rode off to Georgia beaming out the window. His new mom reports that he is super calm and loving and just wants to be with his people. He has even been on walks and behaved like a gentleman. She said, “he's gotten really comfortable with me and being at home and he's so smart. I couldn't imagine finding a better dog than him". ********************************************** Hello! Here I am - show dog material in the looks department with a few divo (male diva) qualities - I'm just not fond of other dogs; cats either. I weigh 56 pounds and I'm 3 years old. I'm a gorgeous boy, who sets hearts aflutter, but I would prefer to be your one and only. At the shelter where I was found, I felt the need to protect myself from other dogs. I adore people and I would love you so much. I promise to be a good and faithful companion. AGB is sending me off to finishing school (for dogs). They sure could use a little help with the cost of my boarding and my past medical treatment for heart worms if you would be kind enough to donate by clicking on the "Donate" button on the next page after you click "More" below. Thankfully, I'm cured of heart worms now but still need to finish paying for the treatment. You might be the perfect person for a very special pup like me; please contact AGB and let's get together!

12/20/17 - Layla is at home in Mississippi and is doing great! Her new mom says that she is a dream dog and is adjusting well. She said, “she sleeps on her bed all night until someone gets up, she walks beautifully with a leash, she is friendly, and we love her! She is so affectionate and seems to have fit right in. So, I’d say we got our Christmas Miracle Dog. :)” We are all so happy for beautiful and sweet Layla and look forward to seeing more pictures of her in her new home. ********************************************** Hello, my name is Layla! I'm six and 1/2 years old and I weigh 65 pounds. If I were a boy, I would probably be called "Linus" because I really like to carry around a security blanket in my mouth (a hand towel will do in a pinch). My former family had to move into a really tiny space so they contacted AGB because they wanted me to have a yard and some space to run around in; they want the best for me. So here I am. I'm playful and easy going; I really like kids and I'm easy to walk on a leash. I know basic commands too and I'm house trained. I'm sure glad AGB is busy finding me another family because I'm told I truly am "the best dog". So wish me luck - I'm Adoption Pending".

Zion/Rudy - ADOPTED
12/11/17 - AGB's 700th adoption is seven year old Zion who came to us from a shelter and we sure do wish he could tell us his story. He is so well behaved and sweet, it is hard to imagine anyone giving him up or him running away. We are so glad he found his way to AGB in his "Wide Retriever" shirt, and he quickly found a home where he will be loved for the rest of his life. He is now called Rudy, short for Rudolph, in honor of the holiday season. He has four dog siblings he loves and two parents who are over the moon with him, and a big pile of grandkids who keep him smiling. His new mom says it best: "Rudy is training us well. After a peaceful night in his crate with one of his various crate mates, the routine is outside with his friends to water or fertilize the area then inside for breakfast. Rudy and 2 others are fed in their own crates and 2 fed in kitchen. Rudy is the 1st to finish his and he gives us 1 bark. Which we have been trained to know he has completed his breakfast and ready to resume being with us while we eat our breakfast. With his powerful bark we have become quick learners😍. Thank you and your volunteers for your love and work to love these precious creations that God has given us." ************************************************ Look at what a good boy I am! My name is Zion; I weigh only 56 pounds and I'm somewhere around 7 years old. I am so happy to be in AGB's hands! AGB picked me up from a shelter and already my life is so much better - and I haven't had the easiest life. I've been neglected or on my own for a while. I need some TLC and good food to put on some weight, get some supplements for my muscle tone and get my skin and fur back into beautiful Golden locks. I am so looking forward to being someone's Golden Boy. I love people and I love other dogs. We could have such a great life together, don't you agree? Maybe for Christmas, I'll have a new family. That would be the very best present! With me, you'll find out how loyal and loving a sugar-faced Golden can be.

12/9/17 - Hello from Abby! Guess what! I got adopted. I'm what they're calling a "foster failure". I heard that happens from time to time. I'm a sweet little 2 year old girl and I weigh 69 pounds. A couple of months ago, I was lost and so I wandered up to a good Samaritan's home. I recently had puppies and was very thin. Those folks tried very hard to locate my former family with no luck. So they contacted AGB and, after my medical check-up, luckily I got placed in a foster home. Jackpot! I love them and they love me. They said I'm a "great fit" for their family. I'm so happy to be home!

12/5/17 - Sweet little Buzz came to AGB after his owners moved and didn’t take him. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he had heart worms and needed treatment. After he was healthy, the perfect adopters came along and couldn’t wait to meet him. His new mom reports that he is “absolutely the most amazing dog ever!” Buzz now follows his adoring new mom and brother around everywhere and spends lots of time on the couch in his safe and warm home. Enjoy your happy life, sweet Buzz. ********************************************** Hello, my name is Buzz. I'm about 3 or 4 years old, handsome as can be, and I weigh 41 pounds - not too big. Somebody moved and didn't take me along. They didn't give me heart worm preventative either. I can't figure out why - because I'm very sweet and loving and I already know basic commands. I really like riding in the car but I especially like belly rubs! If you think you'd like a boy that will give you kisses in exchange for belly rubs, get in touch with AGB right away. Okay?

Winnie - ADOPTED
12/4/17 - Little mini golden Winnie (in the middle under Mom's arm) came to AGB from a shelter in Selma. She waited and waited until the perfect family came along and THAT they did! Winnie is now a Georgia peach and has two four legged sisters and and a wonderful mom and dad who were looking for a snuggle bug to add to their family. Her new mom reports that Winnie is doing great and that they are in love! Winnie made herself right at home and used the doggie door shortly after she got home! We couldn’t be happier for this little girl. ********************************************** Hello! I'm winsome Winnie and I'm only 1 year old. I weigh 29 pounds. I'm definitely a pretty little southern girl - I was discovered in a shelter in Selma. Somebody from AGB picked me up and said I rode really well in the car. I even slept most of the trip so I guess I really like road trips! Wouldn't you like to take a sweet little girl like me on road trips with you permanently? If so, please contact AGB and ask for Winnie. p.s. I do not think I like cats.

Twinkle/Mabel - ADOPTED
11/30/17 - Our little star, Twinkle, is now Mabel, and as you can see from the pictures, she has a wonderful new life. Before coming to AGB, she lived at a flea market where she was fed but was otherwise on her own. AGB treated her for heart worms and gave her the vaccinations and vet care she needed. She now has a two legged brother and a four legged brother who love to play and a family to give her all the love she could want. Mabel’s new mom took her to meet her new vet and he is smitten with her too. *********************************************** My name is Twinkle and I should be a "star"! I'm 3 years old and weigh a petite 48 pounds. I had been living at a Flea Market with my babies (they've all been rescued too) before AGB rescued me. Somebody very nice fed us regularly but I've been on my own for a long time. I don't like being put in crates or cages very much; I'm used to being able to move around. My rescuers said I was sweet, submissive and lovable. And I sure would like for my person to be around to spend time with me. I'd just love them to the moon and back. I'm pretty sure I would sparkle like a "diamond in the sky" if someone special would give me a home and be my family. Please ask AGB about me. Love, Twinkle

Hudson II/Chester - ADOPTED
11/28/17 - Hudson, now Chester, is loving his new life in Georgia with his mom and sister, Sparky. His mom says he is doing beautifully and that he has decided he is a lap dog. She says it’s like he has always been part of the family and that he and Sparky play all day! Enjoy your new life, sweet boy! ******************************************** Look deeply into my eyes...... How could anybody not be mesmerized by them? Hiya, I'm Hudson and I'm a one and a half year old boy. I weigh just under 50 pounds. I can't imagine why I wound up as an orphan. That's just not right. These AGB folks say that I'm a perfect boy - extremely sweet, smart and loving. I walk well on a leash and I ride well in a car. And I'm a pretty handsome fellow to boot! So is that enough information to hypnotize you into falling in love with me? I don't want to be an orphan; I want to be your boy!

Miss Bama/Millie - ADOPTED
11/27/17 - Miss Bama came to us heart worm positive and with very sad eyes but now that she 's been treated and in her new home, she is glistening with happiness. Her family had been on AGB's wait list for a while but the perfect match finally came in. Miss Bama is now Millie and gets to go to work with mom occasionally since she works for one of AGB's veterinarian practices! We know she will always have the very best of care. ************************************************ Hello there, please let me introduce myself - I am Miss Bama. I think they named me Miss Bama because I have the good looks and poise of a beauty pageant winner. I'm a sweet and beautiful girl of eight years and I weigh a trim 44 pounds; a southern girl who hails from Montgomery. Unfortunately, I was discovered at a shelter so I think I've lost my pageant sash and crown somewhere along the line. I also found out I have heart worms and might need some dental work. It's hard for a beauty queen like me to be neglected without a family to care for me. I so enjoyed my freedom ride to Birmingham. AGB is going to find me a new forever family as soon as I'm cured. I am hoping that some wonderful family might want to adopt a Golden girl like me and let me be their Miss Congeniality.

11/8/17 - This little cutie pie, soft as cotton and so very sweet, has been adopted to a family with another dog that was very lonely after his Golden mate died. Ginger is on the right. The two hit it off immediately and Ginger ran circles around and around the yard expressing her happiness at having such a big area to play! ********************************************** Remember the old Alphabet Song? "A - You're Adorable, B - You're so Beautiful, C - You're so Cute and full of Charm". Well, that's what the AGB folks are singing to me! Hi there, I'm Ginger III and I'm a 7 month old puppy weighing 38 pounds. They found me in a Northern Alabama vet clinic and brought me to Birmingham. They've promised I'm going to get adopted with a family to call my own and I'm so excited. Puppy kisses all around! I'll be the best puppy I can be; I'm ready to learn all kinds of new things that puppies need to know. So, ready to welcome a sweet and loving girl to your home? I hope you'll be singing the Alphabet Song to me! More puppy kisses all around! Love, Ginger

Bianca Jane/Bridgette - ADOPTED
11/5/17 - Beautiful Bianca, now Bridgette, was on her own wandering before she came to AGB. In fact, some very nice AGB volunteers and some local neighbors spent time catching her and bringing her to safety. After a while, Bianca learned to trust in her foster home. A couple who had previously adopted from AGB saw Bianca’s picture on our website and fell in love with her. She is the princess in their home with her new brothers, AGB alums Bentley and Rex. Her new dad reports that his new daughter even gave him a sloppy wet kiss! *********************************************** Hello, my name is Bianca Jane. I'm 4 years old and I weigh 74 pounds. Did you know that Bianca means "fair" and "white"? That does describe me - with all my pretty white fur and my sweet face. I was on my own wandering before I came to AGB. In fact, some very nice AGB volunteers and some local neighbors spent some time catching me and bringing me to safety. I'm so glad they did. I've been living with a foster family and their pups. I like to play with other dogs. I'm ready to take the step to go to my forever home. I sure wish some nice retired couple or working from home folks would want a beautiful, submissive girl like me so we'd get to spend most of our time together. Please ask about me. I'd like to be your sweetheart. Love, Bianca Jane

Yasmin/Parker- ADOPTED
11/7/17 - Yasmin came to AGB from a shelter. Although her age is listed at 7, she is a spry dog that acts more like 3 or 4! She got adopted very quickly to a kind couple in Mississippi as soon as she was medically released. Yasmin is now Parker and has settled in perfectly. She looks adorable in her AGB blue scarf! ************************************************ Hello from a waggy tail girl. I am Yasmin and I'm 7 years young. I weigh a petite 57 pounds. AGB found me in a shelter so goodness knows how I got there. I'm very sweet and have a calm nature. I am a friend to all. I like to ride in the car and have adventures. I can't wait for my new home and family. Look at my charming puppy smile; I'd like to be your new best friend. What do you think? Wouldn't you like to have me smile and wag my tail for you for always?

11/6/17 - Scout (left side), the most unusually beautiful dog AGB has taken in, has been adopted to Daisy IV's family. The requirement for Daisy's "mate" was that she had to show engagement and from the first meet, the two dogs were kissing each other all over their faces, and the tails never stopped wagging at full throttle! Mom says "He's a keeper!" What a handsome boy and pretty girl! ********************************************** Folks, my name is Scout. Maybe that's because I'm 'scouting' for a new forever home with a loving family. I'd sure like that fine! A good Samaritan took care of me after I wandered up to their home six months ago; they couldn't find my owner. I'm a two year old boy weighing 50 pounds. I have heart worms but I'm getting treated for that. As you can see, I'm kind of a 'brunette' Golden which makes me very distinctive. Come see me, come meet me! I'm a sweet boy and I ride well in the car. Let's spend the rest of our lives together!

10/20/17 - Another beautiful Golden that came into AGB and was adopted very quickly. Simba has found a comfy spot and will never live outdoors again. He was an owner turn-in because they didn't have time for him. This is an incredible dog, so sweet and playful, and we are delighted he can now be with a long time Golden family where he gets walks every morning and kisses from Mom while Dad is at work. He is enjoying his own doggy bed and is best buddy to all. Looks like a lucky boy! ********************************************** Hey, my name is Simba. Yep, just like the character in The Lion King - Roar! Ha! Ha! No, actually I'm not a lion although I am golden. My Daddy was a Great Pyrenees and my Momma was a Golden Retriever so I'm quite a good looking fellow. I'm a big old sweetheart weighing 79 pounds and I'm 5 years old. I've been an outdoor dog all my life but if you teach me a few social graces, I definitely would like the comforts of being an indoor beloved pet. I love to play and run and love on people. I like other dogs and I like to chew on toys (hide your cushions). There's a family that has promised to let me come live with them and I think they'll give me lots of chew toys! I'm ready to go. Would you consider adopting some of my other orphan friends? They need a home too!

Vienna - ADOPTED
10/16/17 - Nine month Vienna, now Gracie, is living in Georgia with her new family. Her new parents have grandchildren so they wanted a pup that was child-friendly and sweet. They have been pleasantly surprised how easily Gracie filled that requirement! Here's what they say: "No accidents in the house, and she was gentle with the babies today. Easiest puppy we’ve ever had and we love her. My son’s dog came over today and they loved each other. Playing and wagging their tails the whole time. We are in love with Gracie, thank you so much for connecting us!" *********************************************** Hello! I must be a well traveled girl with a name like Vienna. And I have traveled a bit but it's been on my own; lost. A Good Samaritan found me in the road and contacted all the nearby shelters but had no luck finding my owner. I'm a sweet and loving girl and I get along well with other pups. I was real glad when AGB came and rescued me. I'm only 9 months old - I need a family to take care of me. And AGB has found one that wants me to be their girl. So even if my traveling days aren't behind me, it will be me and my new family on the road together. I've got my toys and chew bones packed. Happy trails!

Wind - Adopted
10/9/17 - Sweet but terribly shy Wind, now called Walter, came to us with heart worms and a tremendous need for love. Meg at Valleydale worked with Wind to help him to learn to trust. She quickly realized he felt more secure with other animals around and needed to be in a home with another pets. One day, clients of Valleydale Vet Clinic saw Wind while they were there with their small dog. They applied to adopt! Wind quickly realized he hit the jackpot with his new family. Walter, formerly Wind, is loving his new life with retired parents and four legged siblings. ********************************************* Don’t you just love my name? I’m a 5 year old handsome guy weighing about 33 pounds. I was found abandoned at a sewer treatment plant by the relative of an AGB volunteer. How lucky was I to be found by someone who loves Goldens? Some of the workers there helped to catch me. Once I was in the car, I knew something good was happening so I just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. When I got to the vet, they found out I had heart worms but ABG paid for my treatment so now they're gone! Yay! So glad I'm not on my own anymore! There's a family out there that thinks I should be their boy. I'm so happy to be finally going to my new home.

10/5/17 - Little red Rover has been adopted to a local family with two adorable children who love playing in their large backyard with him. The parents say he is a "great dog" and given his age, they were a little surprised how easy he is! Rover is gentle yet fun for an 8 month old dog, and apparently got the hang of house training and not chewing down pretty fast. Keep up the good work Rover! ********************************************* Welcome new orphan Rover! Hi everyone, my name is Rover and I'm an energetic young guy who weighs about 40 pounds. Still a puppy at 8 months old. My family could not keep me due to the little person's allergies so AGB is going to find me a new home. I'm crate trained and good with kids. I must admit that I'm not a big fan of cats though. If you have an active lifestyle and are looking for a new pal, look no further. Just contact AGB and tell them you'd like to meet me!

10/3/17 - Young and energetic Tommy found the perfect family. They plan to teach him manners and give him the training he needed. He is a sweet, smart and loving boy but he had a few bad habits that needed attention. His new parents have found a trainer for him and are socializing him with other dogs so he can be the best companion possible! Enjoy your new life, sweet Tommy! *********************************************** Hi! I'm Tommy, a 7 month old, 31 lbs. boy. I somehow wound up in a shelter and no one ever came to claim me. AGB agreed to take me in and I am so happy about that! I'm a fun and energetic pup just looking for a forever family to give me the love, attention and adventure that I need. Could that be you? If you think so, I can't wait to meet you! Tell AGB you want to meet Tommy Boy today! See you soon!

10/1/17 - Our pretty senior girl, Zia, came to AGB in rough shape from a shelter. AGB saw that she got the medical care she needed and tried to find the perfect home for her. Thanks to Susie’s Senior Dogs, a wonderful couple in Florida found her and knew they could give her the perfect home. Zia is now Zoey and she has two four legged siblings. Her new mom reports that they are amazed by her progress. She loves her new pack, goes on walks, and even made a short chase of a squirrel. Zoey has the good life now. ********************************************** My name is Zia. I am a senior girl at 11 years old. I weigh 74 lbs and came from a rural shelter. I was not in good shape but AGB had me checked out by a specialist and they ran lots of tests on me. They say I must have had an issue in the past that's left me with a head tilt and an unsteady gait. They put me on medication for arthritis and I will soon start treatment for heart worms. AGB must really think I'm special because they have met my every need. Now all I need is a forever home where I can spend the rest of my golden years. I am spayed, updated on vaccinations and microchipped. If you have room in your heart for a beautiful girl like me please contact AGB and ask for Zia. Ask about our Senior to Senior program too.

9/29/17 - Ten year old Rosie, an owner turn-in due to a move, came to us with her very own Dr Seuss book that had been read to her nightly by the children. Rosie lights up when she sees kids and she will have lots of opportunities for that now. She is with a sweet young lady who lives with her twin sister, and between long walks at the various parks in her neighborhood and visits to the family lake house to swim, Rosie is living a very full and entertaining life. ********************************************* Welcome new orphan Rosie! I'm a senior girl at 10 years old and a dainty 51 pounds. My ​family was very sad when they couldn't keep me but the nice lady who drove me to Birmingham assured them that ​AGB will ​take good care of me. I love to snuggle and my tail wags nonstop when kids are around.​ You see, my former family included three sweet girls who doted on me and I will never forget that. If I could find a home with kids or grandkids to love, that would be really nice. I'll even bring my own bed, toys and the Dr. Seuss book my sweet girl tucked into my bag so my new family can read to me. My needs are simple. I'm a laid back girl who just wants love and attention. The only thing that really bothers me is cats and I'll admit that I don't like them. If you have room in your heart for a sweet girl like me, please fill out an application and let's get to know each other. AGB tells me that I qualify for something called a Senior Program, so be sure to ask about that if you are in your golden years too.

9/28/17 - Pretty little Jody was so excited to meet her new parents because she knew she was going to be an "only child" and spoiled rotten! She is off to Kentucky and her mom and dad have all day to spend with her and train her into a genteel young lady. Jody, now known as Sadie, had some food aggression issues but without other competition in the house she is doing great. Good luck Miss Sadie, and enjoy those daily walks! ********************************************** Hello, my name is Jody. I'm a four year old beautiful girl and I weigh 63 pounds. I came to AGB because my owners have health problems and can't take care of me anymore. Everyone says I'm incredibly sweet and I love everyone. I'm house trained and I turn in circles and bark if I need to go outside just to let you know. I know sit and down; I'm such a good girl. I do have heart worms though and AGB is making sure I get the medicine I need. Can I be your girl? If you think so, please contact AGB and fill out an application. I want a family to call my own.

9/24/17 - Lucy arrived at our AGB vet crawling on her belly, afraid to stand lest someone or something might hurt her. She had been passed around amongst several family members and no one wanted her, despite her loving, gentle, and calm disposition. A former adopter had contacted us when one of her dogs passed on, and we knew Lucy would fit the bill with this sweet couple and their AGB alum Maggie VII. Lucy was undergoing heart worm treatment at the time the adoption picture was taken so Maggie and Dad aren't in the photo but they met and liked each other prior to the initial HW shots. Lucy is now up and wagging her tail, loving life and feeling great, and accompanies Mom to work as the office ambassador. ********************************************** Hi I'm Lucy, a red haired and sugar faced girl at 8 years old. I weigh 52 pounds. I'm feeling pretty good despite having an eye infection and yucky heartworms. I found myself at a shelter which isn't a good place for a girl like me. Sadly, the last few years of my life I have been passed around with no one really wanting to care for me. That's about to change now that I'm with AGB. The nice lady who picked me up and drove me to Birmingham can tell you what a good girl I am. I'm a little shy at first but promise I will warm up quickly. If you would like to meet me please contact AGB and let's get together.

9/24/17 - This handsome boy was found down by the river, hence the name Moses. He came to us with a slight limp which X-rays revealed as hip dysplasia, but at his young age he is not painfully symptomatic. He has found a wonderful home with a swimming pool and parents who walk him daily which will help keep those hip muscles in shape and pain-free. He also stays in shape by following Mom all over the spacious house during the day and snoozes on his Tempur-pedic bed when he gets tired! Moses and his new family make a beautiful postcard picture, don't you think? ********************************************** Hello, it's Moses. I was found wandering near a river, thin and covered with fleas and ticks. I only weigh about 56 pounds which isn't enough for a 2 year old pup like me. My owner couldn't be found. So AGB is giving me the opportunity to find a new loving home. I'm a good boy, submissive and sweet, with a handsome face and beautiful colored light coat. Besides getting me all cleaned up from being on my own, AGB is giving me medicine for my hips so I can walk better without pain. Do you think maybe I could come live with you? Please contact AGB and fill out an application.

9/17/17 - It's not so easy to match a family with two but an amazing couple saw Candy and Carmel's pictures, put in their application, and soon a meet was planned (mom and dad described an empty nest syndrome after the loss of their two goldens). Carmel and Candy, and all eight feet, have settled into a fabulous life! Mom, who recently underwent a hip replacement, told her surgeon to release her quickly as she had TWO new golden kids that needed her!! Mom and Candy (she had a wound on her leg when she arrived at AGB) have healed together under Carmel and the entire family's watchful eye. The duo enjoys rolling in the grass of their huge backyard, sharing the master bedroom and playtime with visiting grandchildren. *********************************************** My name is Candy because I'm so sweet. I'm 5 years old and weigh 70 pounds. Until a few days ago, my brother Carmel and I were stuck in a northern Alabama shelter. I don't how we ended up there but someone kind drove us down to Birmingham and to AGB. They said we were very sweet and rode well in the car. I have a wound on my left leg but the nice vets are treating that as well as my infected ears. You can see I'm a very pretty girl. I couldn't bear to be without my brother Carmel and we are hoping someone special would love to adopt both us of together. We would be so happy together. Please contact AGB and ask to meet us, Carmel and Candy.

Carmel - ADOPTED
9/17/17 - It's not so easy to match a family with two but an amazing couple saw Candy and Carmel's pictures, put in their application, and soon a meet was planned (mom and dad described an empty nest syndrome after the loss of their two goldens). Carmel and Candy, and all eight feet, have settled into a fabulous life! Mom, who recently underwent a hip replacement, told her surgeon to release her quickly as she had TWO new golden kids that needed her!! Mom and Candy (she had a wound on her leg when she arrived at AGB) have healed together under Carmel and the entire family's watchful eye. The duo enjoys rolling in the grass of their huge backyard, sharing the master bedroom and playtime with visiting grandchildren. *********************************************** Hello, friends, I'm Carmel, 7 years old and weighing 79 pounds. Until a few days ago, I was stuck in a northern Alabama shelter with my sister, Candy. Goodness knows how we got there but someone kind drove us down to Birmingham and to AGB. They said we were very sweet and rode well in the car. My poor ears were infected and my coat very matted but that's being taken care of, thankfully, so I should be my handsome self very soon. I love my sister Candy and we are hoping someone special would love to adopt both us of together. We would be so happy together. Please contact AGB and ask to meet us, Carmel and Candy.

9/14/17 - This wonderful couple from West Virginia applied to adopt several months ago and waited patiently for a dog. When sweet Shadow who longed for love and affection came to AGB, we thought he might be the perfect boy for this family who had so much love to give. When they met, everyone got along beautifully and we knew it was a match. Shadow’s new parents have a 100 acre Christmas tree farm in the Alleghany mountains of eastern West Virginia that borders a national forest. They also have two fenced-in fields and three ponds! What a life for a golden! We are beyond happy that Shadow will never be without the love, attention and affection he needs and wants. Shadow's on the right. *********************************************** Hiya! I'm a Golden puppy named Shadow (the Third, actually). I'm just 11 months old and I weigh 65 pounds. I have the perfect puppy credentials - neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, ADORABLE! I was helping this nice girl as her therapy puppy and, guess what, I grew up into a big boy and her parents thought I might be too much for her to handle right now. I like other dogs and I like to play with cats - but I have a confession to make, I'm afraid of those scary vacuum cleaners. Otherwise, I'm perfect, aren't I? And AGB has told me there's a family that can't wait to adopt me. Yay!

Watson - ADOPTED
9/10/17 - A couple of our AGB volunteers almost got on this plane and went to Michigan with two of the nicest people. When Watson, now Willie, was lifted onto his bed in the plane, he knew he was going home. He was totally content and relaxed and slept during the entire flight home. He now has a home on Lake Michigan. His new mom adores him and reports that he has been for walks and car rides and had his first experience with water. He even went for a little swim in Lake Michigan. She said he loves every person and dog he has met and that he is a perfect gentleman. His new vet said that Willie must think he died and went to Heaven! ********************************************** Hallo, Watson here! I need Sherlock Holmes to investigate why I was shoved under a fence after hours at a shelter with a husky friend of mine. I can't figure it out cause I'm gorgeous. I'm sweet and calm. I like other dogs and am okay with cats. I love hugs and kisses. I'm a mature gentleman of 8 years of age. AGB is making sure I get some good meals under my belt because, at 55 pounds, I'm slightly malnourished and underweight. Some wonderful new family wants to adopt me and have their own "Watson" sidekick for good. No more mysteries for me!

9/9/17 - Fancy Yancy is a travelin' man this weekend, going almost 1500 miles to Cape Cod, Massachusetts! His dear new owner has had many Goldens over the years, and she said she saw his picture and story on our website and just knew she had to come get him. Yancy arrived in Birmingham with a large mast-cell tumor which AGB doctors removed, but Mom has had experience with this in previous dogs and was ready, willing, and able to help him in any and all ways possible if he should need it. After the three day trip home, he will go directly to the vet for a check over, then next stop - THE BEACH! We can't wait to hear what he thinks about the sand and surf, and soon - THE SNOW! Yancy will likely be called Rascal, and we hope he will have many adventures that allow him to live up to his new name. AGB is always grateful to our adopters who travel such long distances to rescue our special dogs. *********************************************** Hello, my name is Yancy. I'm five years old and weigh 65 pounds. A couple picked me up from a northern Alabama shelter and took me to AGB. I was happy to go although a little nervous about what was happening. I have a few medical issues that are being taken care of. You can see I'm a good looking boy but I do need some TLC for my coat and my ears. Somebody said I was "darling" Could I be your darling boy? Please contact AGB and ask for Yancy.

9/7/17 - Cam was surrendered to AGB by a loving family who adored him and wanted the best possible life for him. Because Cam is terrified of storms and panics when he is home alone in a storm, he needed to be in a home where someone was home most of the time. He could not have found a home more perfect than with this retired couple! He now lives on a farm with plenty of land, two ponds, and someone home with him. His new mom says that they are so blessed to have Cam as their dog.

8/31/17 - Three year old Rylan came to AGB from a shelter in north Alabama where he was so depressed he curled up in a corner. His new mom had been waiting patiently for a dog and was thrilled when Rylan came along. Unfortunately he had heart worms so she had to wait a little longer but now he is with her. Rylan is enjoying all the love a dog could want! We are so thankful that this tender hearted boy now has the family he so deserves. ********************************************** Welcome new orphan Rylan! I'm a 3 year old boy weighing 57 pounds who found myself in a north Alabama shelter. I felt so depressed that I just curled up in a corner. The nice people there contacted AGB and an angel named Miss Tammy came to get me. The vet said I have nasty heart worms but we can get rid of them with medicine. I know AGB will take good care of me. I did my best to show my gratitude by wagging my tail, taking a treat very gently, and rolling over for a belly rub. If you're looking good boy like me, search no further. Just fill out an application and tell AGB you'd like to meet me.

Bellah - ADOPTED
Sweet Bellah is now the Belle of Nashville with her two young owners and their cats. She's coming out of her shell more and more each day. Her new parents say "Sure enough, we fell in love with Bellah and are so thrilled to have her join the family. She's got her quirks but so do we and she fits right in! She's settled in well and already brought so much joy and laughter to our home. She's gotten more smiley and silly as she's gotten more comfortable, and we love to see her looking so happy!" We know Bellah is going to have many years of fun in the Music City! ************************************************** A sweet Southern charmer like me should have a unique name: I'm Bellah! I'm 3 years old and I weigh 66 pounds. My former owners relocated and couldn't take me with them. I'm house trained and love children; I love other dogs too once I get to know them. A Southern belle like me shouldn't be an orphan. Please tell AGB I should be your girl. Can't wait to meet you.

Buddy Boy - ADOPTED
8/25/17 - Buddy Boy, now just Buddy, had an adopter waiting for him as soon as he was medically cleared to go. This beautiful one and a half year old hunk of love had temporarily been with three other owners before coming to AGB. He's now found the personalities that match his own. His new family is a very active couple (and an extended family of Navy pilots) to give him plenty of exercise and the attention he craves. We are so happy for Buddy and wish him lots of adventures with his young companions! ********************************************** Hiya, it's Buddy Boy! I'm 1 and a half years old and I weigh almost 55 pounds. I still have a lot of puppy in me and I'm raring to go have fun. I'm also very sweet and I like other dogs too. I'm so lucky; there's a family out there that's wanting to adopt me. I can't wait! There's lots of other pups, good looking like me, that could be yours. Fill out an application with AGB and go meet your new buddy boy (or girl). Hugs, Buddy Boy

8/21/17 - Venus is on her way to Michigan to a beautiful home on a bay. She will be the pampered girl of a dog loving and dog savvy family that includes a veterinarian. Her adopters said it was perfect for them to adopt a girl with a celestial name on the day of the eclipse! She is riding home now in a beautiful and comfy RV. We are so thankful for people willing to drive 900 miles to give a loving home to a dog. If only all dogs were so lucky. Thank you, Mike, for giving your heart to your 25th foster! *********************************************** Hello friends! My name is Venus and I’m a 3-year old girl. Some nice people found me and took me to a shelter. I've been staying with a very nice foster family and they say I am a sweetheart. I've even been to some training classes. I'm house and crate trained and I know basic commands. I'm always on my best behavior in the house. I love people and I really like small dogs. I am fun and I enjoy car rides and walks. If you think I might be the perfect girl for you, contact my friends at AGB and ask to meet me, Venus.

Charlie V - ADOPTED
8/17/17 - Beautiful old Charlie was surrendered to AGB heart worm positive and with cancer. Thankfully, the cancer has not spread and he is expected to recover with surgery and chemo. We are thankful for the wonderful couple who were willing to give their hearts to this old boy. When they took Charlie into their home, his new mom was told that we didn't know how much longer he had to live and she replied, "Well, I hope someone will love me in my last days.” We hope those last days will be years! You can see that Charlie is one happy and well loved boy.

8/8/17 - Sweet Blue stole all of our hearts when he came to AGB. His owners loved him and knew a different environment would help his separation anxiety, so they surrendered him to AGB. He went into foster with AGB’s president and never had a destructive moment and he came out of his shell more each day. A previous adopter called us about Blue after falling in love with his picture and story. Blue and their rescue, Sadie, hit it off instantly and Blue made himself right at home as the pictures show. His new mom said "We are so excited about adding Blue to our family. I knew he was perfect for us the minute I saw him on the Facebook post!!” Enjoy your new family, Blue, and please ask your mom and dad to send us lots of pictures.

8/8/17 - Sweet Molly was afraid of her own shadow when she came to AGB. After lots of tender loving care from her AGB vet staff and her wonderful foster, she came out of her shell, little by little. Her new parents recently lost their dog and fell in love with Molly when they saw her picture on our website. Molly certainly hit the jackpot with her new family. Their vet told us that they were the best dog parents ever and Molly thinks so too! Enjoy your new life in Mississippi, sweet girl.

8/7/17 - After love and attention from an amazing foster, Beau III is with his forever family! Beau bonds quickly and when his foster first left, he kept peering out the windows. This brought tears to the eyes of his new family so diversion tactics went into place! The family and Beau climbed into their SUV and headed out for an adventure but first stopped the pet store for toys and treats, then a hike. Beau’s been enjoying nights in the family bed and getting cuddled 24/7. His favorite toy is a slightly deflated soccer ball (yes, his human brother loves soccer so scores are being counted!). He seems to enjoy water since he walked into the shower with his dad ha ha! The family will be taking him to the lake soon and his adventures will continue. Enjoy boating, swimming and soccer Big Beau!

Cricket - ADOPTED
7/27/17 - Who doesn't love a puppy especially when they are creme, fluffy, and irresistible? Cricket, now Shandy, is making the lives of this cute family and their female Golden entertaining to say the least! You can tell by the tilt of her head that she has many puppy antics up her sleeve and they are enjoying every minute of it - well, the older Golden not as much, but she is being patient! Stay cute Shandy, and lots of love!

Sylvan - ADOPTED
7/24/17 - Adoption announcement! Sylvan (now Shy Ann) was found abandoned outside a shelter with nothing but a blanket. She had glaucoma and was blind in one eye. AGB took her to a specialist, had the painful eye removed, and got her settled into a loving foster home. Her forever mom had recently adopted blind and deaf Gideon (now Jazz) from AGB and wanted to give Shy Ann a permanent home. Jazz and Shy Ann loved each other on their first sniff, and their mom reports they are all doing well! Thank you, Rosie, for loving these special needs dogs and thank you, Susie, for being a wonderful foster mom.

7/20/17 - Gorgeous crème colored Kyra, now Maggie, came to AGB after her owner passed away. She was shy, nervous and unsure of her future. Meeting people was scary and jumping into a stranger’s lap with kisses was not her gig! She would have said hiding underneath a chair to size up new humans was much, much safer! Then, like all princess stories, her knight in shining armor walked into AGB’s Meet and Greet. They locked eyes, met briefly and he continued to complete the Golden tour. It was a quick “round the room” and the Prince returned. Getting on the floor and sharing his gentle patience made it obvious this was a potential match. The Prince already had a senior dog, that he described as “a bit crotchety” and the final decision would be in her court. Arrangements were made for a meet. As soon as Maggie entered the house, her shyness/protection cloak disappeared. Senior Bailey (queen beagle) and Maggie have become fast friends, acting like long lost sisters! Maggie, Bailey and the Prince, spend days together as though they were never apart. Welcome to your castle Maggie, the best is yet to come!!

7/16/17 - Young Duchess, now named Jill, was a new mom with six nursing puppies. She found herself turned in to a North Alabama shelter and AGB’s “village” jumped into action arranging transport, foster and medical assistance. Once her puppies were weaned and rescued, it was Jill’s turn. Little did she know that a wonderful family was anxiously waiting to take her home. Now, affectionately called Jilly Bean, her mom reports they can’t imagine life without her. Vacuuming is a more frequent experience and teaching her to fetch makes mom look like a goober as she runs back and forth with the ball (best done when the neighbors aren’t watching). She demands her morning belly rubs, loves racing around the backyard with the kids and looks forward to evening walks. Jilly’s made friends with the neighborhood cat, an enormous German Shepherd and a tiny Shih Tzu. Happy life Jilly Bean, the Village sends you much love!!"

Vincent - ADOPTED
7/13/17 - Cute, young Vincent, now called Vinny, has been adopted as a brother to T2 Courtney Cox/Bella and they are wearing each other out playing! Vinny has been learning commands and house training and catching on like the bright boy he is. Vinny loves to give kisses and this helped the parents to be patient with a few puppy behaviors! The two dogs look like twins. Here are Vinny and Bella exhausted after a round of tug-of-war. Have fun you two!

7/12/17 - Rania's owners moved away and left her behind. A neighbor contacted AGB and soon this beautiful 3 year old was safe and sound. Rania loves to give hugs and when her new family arrived to take her home to Florida, she jumped right up into Mom's arms! After flirting a bit with big sister, she got all her jewelry on and hopped in the car like it was just where she knew she should be. They felt a delicate little girl like her needed a more delicate name, so she is now Laney. Keep on hugging, Laney, and spread the love!

7/10/17 - Pretty Willow, 8 years old, Heart Worm positive, and blind in one eye due to suspected trauma, was surrendered to a shelter because the owner was moving. Willow has the gentle spirit of a little lamb and we are thankful to her foster for caring her through her recovery. The new parents have had Goldens for years and years, and were very lonely when their last one passed on. Upon meeting Willow they knew their hearts would be full again and Mom told me yesterday "She is just the best girl in the world. My husband and I looked at each other this morning and said "It's about time we had a dog in the house again!" We are so happy she will be loved and well taken care of for the rest of her life. Willow is now called Gabbie and goes everywhere they go and is delighted to ride along! Enjoy Cajun Country, Gabbie!

7/10/17 - Handsome Rusty, 12 years old and deaf from chronically infected and untreated ears, was surrendered to his vet clinic because the owner wanted to travel. He soon made his way to AGB and now, after a long treatment period for Heart Worms, ear problems, and allergies, Rusty, The Celebrity Dog, is finally in his forever home. We call him that thanks to the posting on Susie's Senior Dogs which garnered him worldwide attention and donations (thank you so much!). Applications for Rusty flooded in and we were fortunate enough to be able to choose a loving home in Alabama for our wonderful senior boy. His new parents were smitten immediately and are absolutely thrilled with his calm, loving nature which helps balance their young, energetic Golden. Yesterday was new Mom's birthday, and she said Rusty was the best present ever! We can't thank his foster parents enough for caring for him through Heart Worm treatment and going the extra mile to take care of his other medical needs and comfort. Rusty is a prime example of why AGB does what it does because it is such a joy to see him smiling and happy again. We'll take 'nothing but the best' for our Celebrity Dog!

Prissy - ADOPTED
7/8/17 - Little Miss Priss has been adopted to Kentucky by a Veterinarian and an Ophthalmologist. They wanted a smaller dog that could go to the vet office with Mom and 20 pound Prissy was the perfect fit. She is quite the lover, always wanting to be held and cuddled like a baby, and new parents are happy to oblige! This absolute doll was posted on social media as left by a family member who moved off so AGB rescued her from an uncertain fate. No more worries about being abandoned Prissy! Stay your adorable self!

7/8/17 - We are so proud to announce that Sunni finally found her permanent home after being lovingly fostered for several months. From the moment she arrived she had that happy, bright, "come on, give me a command!" expression on her face. Sunnie is just a wonderful girl, and is now the lucky "only child" of AGB volunteers Michelle and Rick who adopted Freddy/Bear in the winter, only to have him unexpectedly pass away a few months later. Sunnie (now with the added "e") is living in a high rise downtown, and will be the Belle of Birmingham on her daily walks and play time at the great parks in the area. We are always thrilled with returning adopters and we know Sunnie will have nothing but the best for many years to come. We will see you at events, Sunnie!

6/29/17 - Grey, one of AGB’s Turkey Dog rescues, found his forever home! His intelligence level and his need to be stimulated required a very active family. Grey’s new dad is active military and very familiar with his homeland. Mom is the ultimate handler and matches his activity level in every way. Including great parents, Grey has black lab sister, of equal age and energy, named Kimber. These two hit it off immediately. His new family states “Grey has adjusted really well. He wakes us up every morning by "high fiving" us and is ready to play. He’s absolutely a morning dog :)! He's met several other dogs and has done really well with them. We're excited to take him on his first hike this weekend!” Enjoy your hikes Grey! We’re sending you high fives!!

6/26/17 - Nigel came to AGB from a shelter and within a few days was a very sick boy. His foster and AGB’s vets cared for him and nursed him back to health, and his adopters waited patiently for him during his illness. They came to Birmingham the first day he was medically cleared and he and his brother, Junior, who had been lonely after losing his buddy, adore each other. His new mom reports that he is smart, sweet, patient with his brother, wants to please and even barks when he wants to go out. He recently put his new dad to work building a fire pit and he is supervising the progress. Enjoy your new life in Mississippi, sweet boy!

Bubbles - ADOPTED
6/24/17 - We are delighted to announce our 650th adoption! This cute puppy, found dumped with her brother Boots on the side of the road, deserves the honor. Bubbles, now Jules, is at home in Tennessee with the sweetest family! They drove down to meet her, spent time with her, and she won all of their hearts. Her new mom reports that they are all in love and that Jules loves to sleep at her feet. What a lucky girl to grow up with such love! Enjoy your life, sweet Jules!

6/21/17- Solid white and stunning Juna came to us with a long letter from her family explaining how loved she was, but she and the other family dog couldn't get along.  She is now with a very mild mannered Golden Doodle named Carl and two calm and dog savvy parents who let her relax and find her comfort zone with them.  She has an enormous yard to run the perimeter of every day, and mom says "You will be happy to know every morning is a love fest,  both dogs hit the bed, roll around kissing both of us and each other.  A lot of loving, kissing, upside down and licking us.  We are very happy with Juna."  The second picture shows how happy Juna is too!   Thank you JT for the foster.

6/19/17 - Boots and sister Bubbles were found at the same dumpster site as our other recent puppies.   Before we even got Boots posted on the website, his vet fell in love with his cute and funny personality.  Boots is now Boogey and living with AGB alum Midas ("the best dog ever") and their Pug, who is the same size as Boogey presently, but not for long!  We can't wait to see how big he will get, and he is already showing how smart he is at 8 weeks old.  Boogey waved bye-bye in his "onesie" and said "Thank you AGB, I got the best home ever!" 

6/17/17 - All puppy Oralie came to us from the parking lot of a church after being found there with a bullet wound through her neck.  She is now our first adoption the the state of Pennsylvania, and as a nod to her roots, she has the new name Alabama, "Allie" for short!  Her wonderful young new Dad caught a plane to Atlanta arriving at 7:30 am and rented an SUV to drive to Birmingham.  There were several people in the lobby when Allie's trainer walked her in and dropped the leash, and Allie ran straight to her Dad with no hesitation - she knew this was the guy she had been waiting for!  After proper introductions and a bit of time in the play yard, they both hopped in the car for the long 14 hour drive home, arriving at 3:30 am on Father's Day.  Allie rode like a trouper and has begun the daily life of "spoiled rotten dog" in her new digs.  She knew to be good because her Dad sure must love her to spend almost 24 hours just to come get her on a Saturday!  Make us a proud representative of the South, Allie, and send lots of updates! Our thanks to VCA Becker and Just Happy Hounds for their loving care of this sweet girl. 

6/15/17 - A Good Samaritan found Caddy running in the road and brought him to AGB. He was very timid but after lots of love and TLC from his foster family, Caddy learned what the good life is all about. His new family saw him online and fell in love instantly. They made the very long drive from south Florida to adopt this sweet boy and they report that he is doing great!  Caddy will know nothing but love for the rest of his life which is exactly what he deserves. 

6/14/17 -Cutie Pie Kuzy with the bobbed off tail that never stops wagging, has found his home with another smaller dog and two siblings who are mad about him!  Now called Sam, he goes on long walks several times every day in his cute blue bandana and Mom says "He hasn't met a stranger yet!! He loves on everyone he's met.  I'm so proud to say this beautiful baby needed a home in hopes more people will look to adopt those in need.  He loves to lay in soft, green grass and on our walks he will pick the best, most lush lawn and just rolls on his back for a belly rub!  Pure joy!!What a blessing to our family.  Thank you Adopt A Golden!"   Keep wagging Sam!   

6/13/17 - Senior Aubie came to us from a home of 11 siblings (7 dogs and 4 cats). He wasn’t very happy when one of the dogs jumped on him and his owner decided it was best to surrender him to AGB.  After neutering, treating his skin condition and getting him into foster, his personality blossomed. Aubie gave everyone kisses, love, and immediately found his place on the couch. His adoptive mom says she fell in love with his senior face and put in an adoption application. Her comment was “I’m over the moon for Aubie.” After completing the application process, a meeting was scheduled. His new mom has two small senior dogs and two very friendly cats. They all greeted and welcomed him into their family. He’s now living at Smith Lake, enjoying daily walks, sitting on the porch and watching beautiful sunsets. We’ve also heard he’s made great friends with another golden pup next door! Aubie’s had many AGB angels that helped him along the path to his forever. He asked to give the Intake, Fosters, Medical/Vets, and Adoption Team a high “five paw.”

Peppie - ADOPTED
6/12/17 - Our sweet little Peppie, who is now called Oliver, was adopted by the sweetest, most loving couple ever.  We really think they would have adopted 5 dogs if they could have! Little abandoned Oliver will never be afraid and lonely again. He now has two four legged sisters and an adoring mom and dad who could not love him more.  They report that he is very smart and that his house training is going great. Enjoy your new life little Oliver!

6/9/17 - Bishop is loving his new life at the gulf coast where he is busy learning about the ocean waves and sand. He recently visited mom's office and behaved like a perfect gentleman. We see lots of happy and bright days in this beautiful boy's future. Thanks to our volunteer Abby for fostering Bishop. Happy life buddy!

Parker - ADOPTED
5/30/17 - Parker, now Charley, is in South Carolina with her new mom and dad!  She was turned in because her owner had to travel with work and couldn't give her the time she needed.  Kendall was asked to foster her, and when she saw her pictures Kendall said Parker was just what her parents were waiting for. So photos were sent, a meet was set, and the rest is history.  Kendall says "My dad told me they are like they have lived together forever. Charley is either by his side or mom's at all times. I'm SO happy it is the perfect match. We are going to visit them in July and I can't wait to see her again!" This sweet Schnoodle girl has lots of love to give and will enjoy a life full of attention and splashing in the lake.

5/31/17 - Adorable, timid and loving Chuck came to AGB with his brother and both went to foster where they were coaxed out of their shells with the love, affection, and kindness that they had not known. Chuck’s new family waited patiently for the right dog to come along, and when they met him at our last Meet and Greet, they knew he was the one!  His new mom reports that he is doing GREAT and that he is so sweet with the kids. We are so happy for this sweet boy and his new life.  Thank you, Caitlyn, for fostering him and bringing him out of his shell. 

5/30/17 - Who wouldn't fall in love with that big gummy smile Hank has?  Former adopters Sarah and Donald, parents of AGB dog Sophia, knew he was the one within minutes.  Hank and Sophia look like they could be brother and sister, and have warmed up very quickly.  The two pictures are so sweet, especially the second one with Hank cuddling with Sarah.  Mike and Cheryl fostered Hank, and when I sent them the picture Cheryl had this to say:  "This picture, for me, represents why we do what we do for these precious dogs. This is what every dog wants and I am so glad that we are able to participate and contribute to their ongoing happiness. I am also always amazed how these dogs know when they are home sweet home. " We couldn't do without our wonderful fosters!!!  Thanks all of you!!!!

5/30/17 - Eno, now Hank, is a 12 yr. old gentleman that leaves many open questions concerning his past life. He was found by a good samaritan who gave him a safe haven for a couple of months before moving to a home with no fence. Hank demonstrated traits similar to an escape artist. He would dig under fences, bolt out of doors, and simply wouldn't settle, making some ask "where does his doggie soul want to go?".  Angels answered that question when a young couple, with hearts for seniors, saw his mug on AGB's website and asked to meet him. Shortly after, Hank was on his way home. He's now in love with life and his new parents, who say a big "ditto" on loving him right back.  He's already bonded with Willie, a senior golden girl, who is teaching him about toys, playing in the yard and lake life. Hank's a happy boy…no digging, no bolting, no pacing, no uneasiness and no more sad eyes! He loves giving wet kisses to mom and dad and sharing his large orthopedic bed with his sister. Welcome home big boy. We share your smiles!!!

5/30/17 - Bella came to AGB as an 8 year old from a family that no longer had time for her.  No worries about that now!  New mom says "She makes loving her so easy.  She is the easiest dog to live with. Loves to be loved and very loving herself.  It's as if she has been in our family for ever and ever."  Her two new big brother Goldens are letting her rule the roost and showing her plenty of respect too!  Thank you to the staff at Nall Daniel who gave her such special care during her time with them.  

Poppie - ADOPTED
5/30/17 - Poppy the puppy is now Stella the Magnificent and is having a blast with her new family. She will be going on daily runs as soon as she is old enough, and will be learning new tricks and training in the near future.  Her big sister just finished the school year, and Stella will be her constant companion.  See you in pictures, Stella!

5/30/17 - Sweet to the core River who stole all of our hearts is at home in Illinois and is loving his new family.  His new mom reports that they are in awe of his behavior and sweet temperament.  He loves all people and animals and even crawled on his belly to gently say “hello” to his 12 year old spaniel cousin.  River thoroughly enjoyed his first holiday with his new family and they certainly enjoyed him. Enjoy your new life and all the love that comes with it, sweet boy. Thank you to everyone at Valleydale for taking care of this boy.

5/26/17 - Eko came to AGB needing another playmate and a nice big yard, and she has now found the perfect combination of the two!  This beauty is now called Morgan, and is living with TD2 Willie Mays who is delighted to have a new little sister. Mom has this to say:  "She is doing great! Slept in her crate overnight but bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. Answering to her name, coming when called, walking well on the lead with no pulling, Willie in tow. They are playing very well, sharing me and the beds and attention with people coming and going( I have a fair amount of that)  Her manners at feeding are coming along very quickly....learning from watching Willie. Not one bark. We have worked in the yard, walked down the street with other dogs, ignored a rabbit, spotted a fox and watched it watch us, not one frenzied action or bark. She is just great. Smart, sweet, playful and a great companion for Willie. He is a happy little camper.  They share that bench with each other and a plethora of toys!" 

Duchess II - ADOPTED
5/17/17 - Duchess came to AGB with a severe turned under right eye lid. Prior to her scheduled eye surgery, Duchess met a family who traveled to Birmingham hoping to find a calm companion for two cats, Rascal their Sheltie, and of course mom and dad. Dad had lost his golden of 16 years and was searching for another best friend. Duchess walked into the room in perfect regalia! She proceeded with introductions, meeting Rascal, mom, daughter, and in not so royal tradition, plopped into dad’s lap. They proceeded to play a mild form of tug-a-war and quickly claimed each other! Thank you to Meg who fostered Duchess and attended to her medical needs before and after surgery. Thanks to the Copham’s who helped Meg while she was out of town, and of course our intake director, medical team and doctors. Happy life sweet girl! We can’t wait for more updates! 

Checkers- ADOPTED
5/12/17 - Checkers, seen in his webpage picture bounding through the yard at his foster home (Thanks Ashley!) came out of his shell in a hurry. He and his brother Chuck came to us from a shelter, and it was full blown ears back scared to death for both of them.  After a little love and lucky encounter with the next door neighbor, Checkers became Cooper and now visits through the fence with his former foster.  He and sister rescue dog Ella have had the best time, and he's all smiles now!  Send us pictures when you're all grown up Cooper!

5/11/17 - Eban has been adopted & renamed Rufus. He's now happily living in Tennessee with his new Golden sister, Ava. We love his big smile in this picture and this update from Rufus' Mom: "My husband, who takes his job of naming all our dogs VERY seriously, finally chose "Rufus" as an appropriate moniker for our new guy, in part b/c it rhymes with Doofus, which he certainly is.  We've also been calling him "the big galoot" and a "bumpus hound."  He's big, goofy, lovable, a bit of a scardy-cat, and those names just fit.  There is no way I can convey to all of you how grateful we felt to be approved for adoption, especially long-distance. Life doesn't feel complete for us without a couple, at least, Goldens to worry about and love.  So, thank you.  WHATEVER comes with him, healthy or not, puppy to old age, we adore him and will take the best care of him.  I can honestly say we feel we've hit the jackpot with Rufus.  He's one of those once-in-a-lifetime dogs that I've been blessed to have before and we will enjoy each moment of his life."

5/10/17 - Scared and skittish but sweet Pippi came to AGB from a shelter. She came out of her shell a lot at the vet clinic thanks to the love and care she received, but when her new mom and dad came to meet her, she claimed them immediately and couldn’t get enough of them. Her new mom reports that she is coming around more each day and is learning to be a puppy and play with toys and balls. Pippi is now Nika and she is getting more love and attention than she ever imagined possible. Enjoy your new safe, well fed, and happy life in Georgia, sweet Nika!

5/12/17 - Ellie, now Ellie Jane, was snatched up as soon as her new family met her. Her mom was specifically looking for a female golden that would be the perfect addition to their family. The family had been on the search for months and was patiently waiting for the golden girl that would be their 7th!  And then there was Ellie! Words can’t explain how this beautiful black dog won the heart of mom, son, and Biscuit, her brother to be. Her mom reports that Ellie Jane is a wonderful girl with a calming personality. She’s bonded with her younger brother Biscuit who is a young golden going through his teenager years. Biscuit stays busy teaching her new games, and when stormy weather arrives, her calm soul settles his fears. Mom thought Ellie Jane would join Biscuit in her bed at night, but that was not to be. Ellie has claimed mom’s son as her best buddy and she’s taken up residence in his bed, which he loves! Ellie Jane is what we call a black diamond with a golden heart and love that has no boundaries!

Gideon - ADOPTED
5/7/17 - About a month ago, our founder received a voicemail from a lady she thought was a very special person. She was exactly right about this angel of a lady who wanted to give a home to an old dog who needed her most. Our sweet Gideon came to us in terrible shape. After great vet care and lots of TLC from his loving fosters, Gideon was healthy enough for the eye surgery he has needed for 10 years. His new mom and sister, Sundance, came to meet him, and by lying right beside his new mom and sister, he let them know they were his new family. He is now called Jazz which perfectly fits his upbeat personality. We are so thankful that this sweet boy will spend his last years surrounded by love.

5/4/17 - Turkey dog Amour had some medical issues which needed to be resolved but after a long wait it's official -- she has found her forever home. She is right at home new sis Lady (formerly Peaches, also rescued from Turkey!) and it seems as if these girls have been friends forever. Their family says both dogs have brought a tremendous amount of joy to their lives. And what other family has two dogs that both own passports! We love this super cute picture, and thank you to our volunteer Karen for the foster! Happy life Amour!

5/2/17 - Pretty Natasha came to us after she was advertised on a social media site. She's been adopted by an amazing family! Thank you Abby for the short foster. Her new mom says it best, see her story below.  "We call her "Scout"! It really seems to fit her personality.  From the moment we got home she promptly went on a self-guided tour, checked out everything twice and made herself at home. She quickly learned about dog toys, sleeping on the foot of the bed, and if you 'sit' on command you get a treat. She is a very smart, sweet, and  loving dog.  It's amazing how quickly she adapted to our household habits and schedule. It's like she grew up here and we are amazed at how quickly she has fit in. She and Zena play and get along great, there has not been a cross word between them. All three of us walk 2 miles each morning so the leash training is coming along well, although the walk is more 'active' than it was pre-Scout! Did I mention that she's inquisitive and alert? She doesn't miss a thing!"

5/1/17 -  Sweet, 8 year old Sugar has been adopted and we couldn't be happier. Her new Mom has this to say about her. "Sugar is the 'Marilyn Monroe' of Golden Retrievers - blonde, beautiful and voluptuous.  She's got her youngster brothers, Remy and Luc, wrapped around her little paw, as well as her new Mom and Dad (AGB Volunteers).  Sugar loves laying right by Mom.  She enjoys her new backyard and the patio.  She has a basketful of tennis balls to carry around (which Luc likes to steal) and lots of toys.  She loves attention and enjoys Mom and Dad being around all the time to make sure she feels adored, as she should be. Sugar is on the left with blue scarf, Remy is in the middle and Luc is on the right."

Cinabear - ADOPTED
4/28/17 - Two year old Cinnamon-colored Cinabear is now Sadie, and is ruling the roost of her new home which includes another rescue dog and a rescue cat. This couple had been waiting on the perfect dog for a while and knew that Sadie was the one. They have been taking her on daily walks and working with her extreme shyness, and she is really coming out of her shell and enjoying the perks of living in a loving home with a nice back yard for her to explore. Thank you Mike and Cheryl for fostering this precious girl. Best of life to you Sadie!

Clifford - ADOPTED
4/27/17- Clifford came to us from a shelter and the poor guy was suffering from heart worms. This special lady was ready for another fur baby to love along with her current dog and this match was meant to be. We just had to wait for Clifford to be medically released after his treatment. She reports Clifford is feeling great and dying to chase a ball (he just has to wait a little longer to fully recover and then he can go full speed!) And needless to say this boy is now thoroughly loved. We are over the moon with happiness for Clifford and his new mom!!

4/24/17 - This adorable couple lost their golden recently and have been looking for a golden to fill the hole in their hearts. They drove to Birmingham to meet Sully and they fell in love. Sully, now called Jackson, goes on long walks each day, enjoys the couple's teenage grandchildren and has even visited the nursing home where everyone loved him. He is a beautiful boy who has made his new parents very happy. Way to go Sully!

4/24/17 - Sugar-face Cooper IV came to us at age 9.5 because his former owners moved and didn't have a fence.  He went immediately to foster with Leanne and Jack and it took about two minutes for them to become Foster Failures (again).  They adopted Vishnu, now Sherlock, a year ago this month, and  they are one happy gang of dogs and people.  Pictured are four of their dogs, from left to right Digby, Chloe Grace, Bristol, and Cooper. Foster dog Sunni was off playing with Sherlock and Divot, so those three missed the photo op.  Leanne says  "It is like Cooper has been here his entire life.  He is just one of the gang and so precious." Yes, that sweet face sure is hard to resist! 

Jul 27, 2018 - AGB is so terribly sad. Earlier this year, Walker was diagnosed with a severe kidney malfunction and he lost the battle on this date. Sorrow for his family and for his bonded sister, Iris. *********************************************** 4/21/17 - We are SO HAPPY to announce the adoption of bonded pair Walker & Iris! They have been with our rescue since November and since they are a bonded pair and needed to be adopted together, we were having a time finding the right fit for them, a family who could give double the dogs, double the love. On April 1 an application came in all the way from New York from a couple who knew they wanted to adopt Walker & Iris. It was no April Fool's Day joke! Soon, they made the long trek to Alabama to meet the pair and it was love at first site. Walker, who had often been sad and sullen at meet and greets, perked up immediately as if he knew this was his new family. Walker & Iris made the long trip home with no issues, they were a perfect lady & gentleman in the car & in hotels. They are loving life with their new Mom & Dad and so happy to be together forever! Congratulations to this family. Happy endings like this are why we rescue!

Iris-ADOPTED!!!-Bonded with Walker
4/21/17 - We are SO HAPPY to announce the adoption of bonded pair Walker & Iris! They have been with our rescue since November and since they are a bonded pair and needed to be adopted together, we were having a time finding the right fit for them, a family who could give double the dogs, double the love. On April 1 an application came in all the way from New York from a couple who knew they wanted to adopt Walker & Iris. It was no April Fool's Day joke! Soon, they made the long trek to Alabama to meet the pair and it was love at first site. Walker, who had often been sad and sullen at meet and greets, perked up immediately as if he knew this was his new family. Walker & Iris made the long trip home with no issues, they were a perfect lady & gentleman in the car & in hotels. They are loving life with their new Mom & Dad and so happy to be together forever! Congratulations to this family. Happy endings like this are why we rescue!

4/21/17 - Pretty-girl Nora, who came to us from Chilton County, has been snatched up to Mississippi where she is enjoying being queen-bee of the home.  We don't know anything about her background, but she is the perfect lady and her new name Daisy fits her well.  She will soon be taking trips to the beach for her walks, and maybe she will enjoy the water as well!  Thank you J.T. for the foster, and stay sweet, Daisy!

4/21/17 - Flash was aptly named due to her ability to elude capture after her siblings Dash and Splash were caught under a dumpster a week earlier. But thanks to the persistence of a devoted rescue volunteer little Flash was eventually captured and brought to safety with AGB. As her siblings had a home waiting already, our adoption team went to work finding Flash a great home as well. The application from a young lady starting Veterinarian school came in, and the rest is history. Flash is now Maggie and will be heading home to Kansas soon, then to California for the next four years while mom is in school. Not bad for a kid from the dumpster. Wishing you a happy life pretty ladies!

4/20/17 - This lovely couple adopted Maggie III from AGB in 2013 and gave her a wonderful life before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. After their hearts healed enough, they contacted AGB for another orphan and indicated a wish for a puppy -- or even two. Well guess what? Splash and Dash had just arrived at AGB after being found abandoned near a dumpster. A meeting was arranged and of course hearts were stolen. They report the two are double the fun, doing great with potty training, and will soon be introduced to the family's chickens. Dash is now Shelby and Splash is now Fargo. Have a wonderful life sweet babies!

Splash - ADOPTED
4/20/17 - This lovely couple adopted Maggie III from AGB in 2013 and gave her a wonderful life before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. After their hearts healed enough, they contacted AGB for another orphan and indicated a wish for a puppy -- or even two. Well guess what? Splash and Dash had just arrived at AGB after being found abandoned near a dumpster. A meeting was arranged and of course hearts were stolen. They report the two are double the fun, doing great with potty training, and will soon be introduced to the family's chickens. Dash is now Shelby and Splash is now Fargo. Have a wonderful life sweet babies!

4/17/17 - Adoption announcement! Our beautiful, black gentle giant Truffles has been adopted by two of our wonderful volunteers, Val and Jeff. He joins AGB alum Truman, also rescued from Turkey, and sister Marley, and is now named Beallo - a combination of the two dogs they lost last year, Beau and Apollo. His quiet nature and sweet disposition won them over and Val says "We found a great dog and a perfect match. I feel like I have salt and pepper shakers following me all around. Beallo takes his lead on everything from Truman. Except swimming. Truman does not know how to swim. Maybe Marley and Beallo can teach him." We can't think of a better match and family for Beallo. We look forward to seeing you at many events, Beallo! Marley is on the left, Beallo center, and Truman on the right.

4/10/17 - Sweet sweet eleven year old Lucy, surrendered by the family when her primary owner passed away, has been adopted by AGB volunteers and her fosters Susie and Lee.  Lucy came to the meet/greet this past weekend, and whenever Susie moved out of her sight she barked and barked, wanting to know where her "mommie" went.  The love between the two was very evident, and Susie and Lee knew they just couldn't allow her to leave their home which includes AGB alum Haley, now Hollie.  We laugh at our "foster failures" but this was truly a blessing all the way around. Lucy on the left and Hollie on the right in the photo.    

4/5/17 - Turkey Dog, Thumper, is now living a very special life with his very special Dad. After hearing about the Turkey rescues, AGB received a unique application. This retired Air Force Veteran spent several deployments in Turkey, knew the culture and villages, and hoped to find a special "TD" buddy.  After seeing Thumper's picture and story, the two met, and the connection was immediate. His Dad even spoke a couple words to him in Turkish! Thumper and Dad are constant companions. They are looking forward to RV travels during football season and spending time with his granddaughter. As you can see, they already adore each other! Thank you Jack and Leanne for Thumper's foster. 

4/5/17 - Looking for the most beautiful dog in the world?  Look no further than Angel, now called Annie, but no longer an orphan from Turkey.  Her very kind and compassionate adopters drove all the way from New Orleans with a bag full of all pink toys, collars, leashes, and blankets for their soon to be spoiled darling.  Annie will also be enjoying long runs and walks at the beach house in Gulf Shores, so she will still be an "Alabama" girl.  Needless to say, she has attracted a lot of attention and is working on making friends with the family cat. Thanks to Susie and Lee for the foster.  Enjoy your toys and new life pretty girl!  

Griffin - ADOPTED
3/31/17 - This sweet couple, married last summer, met 1.5 year old Griffin and it was "click" from the get-go.  He is now Shep, short for Shepherd and is loving life with his new family. His parents have fallen in love with him & the feeling is very mutual. Shep is adjusting well to his new routine, which includes a lot of cuddling, petting, walks and toys. Congratulations to this family, which was clearly a match made in Heaven.

3/27/17 - This sweet couple came to Birmingham to adopt one of our little girls from Turkey. They met two and loved them both but asked to meet a boy, just to be sure. When Valentino came into the room, he pranced from Mom to Dad and back and forth again and claimed them as his own!  He is now Charlie, and his parents adore him. His new dad says that Charlie is a quart or two low on love from his days in Turkey but they are quickly changing that! Enjoy your new life sweet boy!

3/27/17 - Sassy's new parents came to a Meet and Greet and fell in love with her. They applied online that afternoon as they couldn't wait to go through the adoption process and make her part of the family. She loves her people and loves lying at and on their feet. She is now named Molly and her new mom reports that she settled in immediately and that she is doing great! Congratulations to this family!

3/24/17 - AGB is celebrating our 600th adoption and it couldn’t have happened to a better family or dog! Adorable Adora is now Bella and living the life of a true Southern Belle, chasing balls the neighborhood kids throw in the yard, running around the back yard, learning lots of new tricks, and basking in the attention she deserves. Bella was already a seasoned traveler, and now she will become a world traveler. She has wonderful days ahead soaking up the sun-rays in the Bahamas, arriving in an airplane sitting right next to her mom and dad. We bet she will love the water! She was lucky enough to be adopted by the parents of AGB Alum Olive, re-named Lilly, who passed away recently. Losing a beloved family member is never easy and neither is healing a broken heart. But somehow this family knew they just had to rescue another dog and in doing so, she rescued them as well. Adora was part of our fourth group of dogs rescued from Turkey. We agreed to take them in on Valentine’s Day so they were all given “love” names. How fitting that was for this family because it was truly love at first sight when they met Adora and they knew she was the one. They didn't even meet any of the other dogs. Who can resist a Princess? As our 600th Adoptee she represents all the beauty, sweetness, and intelligence of the Golden breed, and the fact that she came all the way from Turkey is just the icing on the cake. Two pictures are attached of this special girl. Congratulations Bella! We love you!

3/24/17 - What a beautiful, beautiful dog.  When Eros came strutting into what he was about to claim as his new home, the roomful of people could only exclaim "OHHHHHH!"  He did the courtesy hello to everyone as they gushed over him, then promptly went room to room and out to the pool to make sure everything was worthy of his approval.  Finally settling in with a ball in his mouth, he consented to be their new spoiled dog.  He is now called Tucker,  goes running with his mom every morning, and soon will be strolling the beaches of South Florida on vacation. Bet he's having a lot more fun in America than he ever had in Turkey!  Thank you Mike and Cheryl for your foster and help with him.  Keep your subjects in line Tucker, and send postcards!  

Finegan - ADOPTED
3/24/17 - One year old Champ was diagnosed after coming to AGB with a disease that causes dwarfism and blindness which he has in his right eye.  He went into foster where he had such a blast playing with the Bain's dog Sherlock that they nicknamed him "Bubbles" for his happy-go-lucky attitude, and his never suspecting he had an inconvenience. When a couple from St. Louis, Missouri put in their application, they originally wanted one year old Finegan (the black beauty), who at the time was not available.  They later wrote they would like to adopt Champ and another dog to help him along, and as fate would have it, Finegan just at that moment became available. It was a match made in Heaven as the dogs met and immediately hit it off, with Finegan standing as Champ ran under his legs! Now back in St. Louis, they report the long ride was seamless, the dogs act like litter mates, and say "We love them and they are each returning our love. Champ and Finnegan are asleep beside my desk as I type this."  Thank you Jack and Leeann, and Caitlin and Jamey for your fostering. We love stories like this with tail wagging happy endings!  

3/24/17 - One year old Champ was diagnosed after coming to AGB with a disease that causes dwarfism and blindness which he has in his right eye.  He went into foster where he had such a blast playing with the Bain's dog Sherlock that they nicknamed him "Bubbles" for his happy-go-lucky attitude, and his never suspecting he had an inconvenience. When a couple from St. Louis, Missouri put in their application, they originally wanted one year old Finegan (the black beauty), who at the time was not available.  They later wrote they would like to adopt Champ and another dog to help him along, and as fate would have it, Finegan just at that moment became available. It was a match made in Heaven as the dogs met and immediately hit it off, with Finegan standing as Champ ran under his legs! Now back in St. Louis, they report the long ride was seamless, the dogs act like litter mates, and say "We love them and they are each returning our love. Champ and Finnegan are asleep beside my desk as I type this."  Thank you Jack and Leeann, and Caitlin and Jamey for your fostering. We love stories like this with tail wagging happy endings!  

3/23/17 - Cupid must have had something from his name rub off on him, because he sure is sweet!  He had a bit of a time with house training while at Baird and Tami's (thank you for the foster!), so the potential adopters were warned that he may mark.  She did her homework and stated that they were confident they could handle it and started out on the long 9 hour drive from the East coast of Florida.  When he walked in for his meet with a big smile on his face, he worked the room, asked politely for a fanny rub, and all were in love.  New mom immediately re-named him Murphy which seems to fit him well!  They report that he had no accidents overnight in the hotel or since he has gotten into his home a block from the beach.  Swim lessons are next as well as meeting the dogs in his very dog-friendly neighborhood.  In her words he is a "perfect Golden Retriever."  So far so good Murph!  Use your sunscreen!

3/23/17 - Aiko's new dad waited patiently for our fourth group of Turkey dogs to arrive. Once he saw pictures of the new dogs, he knew Aiko, now Jackson, was the one for him. After a few house training lessons, Jackson is doing great. He and his dad are having a great time together, and he even got to watch his dad coach a lacrosse game where he behaved like a perfect gentlemen!

3/22/17 - Sweet Lulu, now Yogi, came to AGB after being taken to a shelter. Her eyes were so very sad and you could tell her heart was broken. After a short time in foster, she visited a family that was to be her forever home. Her eyes met theirs and she fell into their arms. Seriously, she climbed into her new mommies lap!! Peggy and Chris lost their beloved dog a year ago and decided it was time to think about another. Peggy’s friend and co-worker, Carrie D (long time foster of AGB), suggested she turn in an adoption application. The rest is history. Yogi enjoys Frisbee, hiking, visiting family, going everywhere with the family, and just loving being loved. She’s totally attached, bonded and living the Cinderella story! We can’t wait for more updates. Congrats sweet girl! Thanks to Dianne and Dan for their foster, and to Carrie for guiding this family to AGB! 

Lillie Mae - ADOPTED
3/22/17 - Lillie Mae came to us at 5 years of age after her busy family realized she deserved someone who could spend more time with her.  She was quickly snatched up and became the hit of the large extended family.  Lillie is pictured with new mom - who is glad to have some company that sticks to her like velcro in her big house - and her granddaughter.  We wish many happy years for all!  

3/22/17 - Beautiful Turkey Dog Blossom is now Gracie and is making long time AGB Volunteer Pat very happy.  From the time Gracie walked into her house and promptly took possession of the couch, Pat has bragged that she is the "perfect dog, couldn't get any better."  Blossom and the cats get along just fine, and after the many fosters Pat has taken on, we are glad she has a new baby in her house to love forever. She is such a pretty dog so her orphan picture is attached as well as the adoption picture.  Keep enjoying your American T.V. Gracie!  

3/14/17 - After eight months of waiting, we finally announce the adoption of Daisy IV.  Daisy came to us last summer as 4 year old with a luxating patella and possible cruciate ligament rupture.  After several surgeries and rehabilitations, she is finally able to live a normal life and is medically released to her adopters who have had her all this time.  They report her to be a real sweetheart and a brave little girl. Good luck Miss Daisy!  

2/23/17 - Camo, now Tucker, was found by a kind lady who adored him but couldn't keep him because she already had three dogs, so she reached out to AGB to help find him a home. He was adopted by a newly married couple who have been eagerly awaiting a new addition to their family. They adore Tucker as does everyone who has met this sweet boy! He has starting obedience classes and the trainer called him an All Star student and even suggested he skip the beginners class and go straight to the intermediate class. His new mom says that they are loving every minute with their sweet, smart boy and that they love his cuddling and sweet kisses!

2/22/17 - Beautiful Nox was surrendered to AGB by someone who worked long hours and knew he wasn’t giving Nox the attention he deserved and needed and wanted him to be with someone who had more time. Nox is now called Rex is at home in Tennessee with a couple who adopted Cadbury, now Bentley, from AGB several months ago.  They have been waiting and waiting for another Golden to complete their family and were thrilled when Nox came along. They report that Rex is right at home with his new brother and that they get along very well and love playing together.  These boys have a stay at home mom and a dad who spends lots of time with them.  Thank you Jack for fostering this sweet boy. (Nox, now Rex, is on the left in this family photo.)

2/22/17 - One year old Bailey found her wonderful forever home in Georgia. She was surrendered to AGB by her family because she didn’t do well with the children in their extended family, and they knew she would be happier in a home without children. Her new family adores her and reports that she is exactly what they needed and that she brings lots of laughter to their house. We couldn’t be happier for this sweet girl! Thank you, Mike, for fostering her.

Bumper & Mallie - ADOPTED
2/10/17 - Bumper and Mallie were found on an interstate covered in ticks and fleas, exhausted, and in rough shape from their time on their own. They were taken to a rescue who searched for their owners with no luck. They and are now Angus and Agnes and are living the lives of a king and queen. Their new mom and dad were without dogs for the first time in their lives and wanted to open their home to a pair. They fell in love with these two the moment they laid eyes on them and report that they are in LOVE with their precious pups. We know Angus and Agnes are grateful for their warm beds, full tummies and loving care.

2/6/17 - Our one year old Golden "Whoodle" Kiki, who came to AGB with her mom Lizzy, has been adopted to Connecticut!  Her new family flew in to meet her then rented a car to make the long drive back.  They fell in true love at first sight (after first falling in love with her pictures and videos) and report she rode like a champ and is settling in nicely.  We told them to buy a bright red collar so she wouldn't get lost in the snow! Enjoy her adoption picture, the "countdown" picture with her new name Gracie, and the beautiful snow they are enjoying.  Many, many thanks to Dianne and Dan who once again opened their hearts and home to foster one of our orphans. 

Strider - ADOPTED
1/30/17 - Beautiful Strider came to AGB with a loving heart and strong need for affection but with some resource guarding issues that needed attention. AGB is very fortunate to have wonderful fosters and one our best took Strider into his home and patiently taught him that he would always have plenty to eat and someone who loved him. After weeks in his foster home, Strider was ready to go to the right home. His new parents were looking for a young and energetic brother for their dog and after talking with Strider’s foster, they made the almost 7 hour drive to Birmingham. People and dogs hit it off, and his new parents report that they all bonded on the long drive home. Strider and his brother, Murphy, are best buds and love playing together. We are very thankful for adopters willing to drive hours and hours to adopt a dog and then give him their unconditional love while working through his issues. Enjoy your loving home Strider!

1/30/17 - Seven year old Lizzy and her puppy, Kiki, came to AGB after they were posted on a trading site. Lizzy had hook and whip worms, a urinary tract infection and itchy skin, and understandably wasn’t feeling very well. AGB had her spayed and had her medical issues treated, and soon she was feeling like a different girl. A family from North Carolina was looking for a new family member and instantly fell in love with Lizzy. Their daughter can’t say her L’s and called Lizzy, “Izzy,” and the name just stuck. Izzy will love her life hiking and enjoying the outdoors but mostly enjoying her warm and soft bed and all the love and attention she could ever want. Thank you Meg for fostering and loving Lizzy.

Carter - ADOPTED
1/24/17 - Carter’s family was moving and couldn’t take him with them, so they asked AGB to find him a loving home.  We are happy to report that he is now in that loving home! His new parents lost their beloved dog in the fall and needed an addition to their family. They saw Carter, now called Otis, on our website and fell in love with him.  They told us they needed someone to spoil and we knew they would be perfect for this sweet boy.  Otis now splits his time between Montgomery and Lake Martin and is loving his new life!  Thanks to Caitlin & Reid for fostering this sweet fella until he met his perfect match.

1/19/17 - Midas was surrendered by his family who loved him very much but could no longer afford to treat his severe allergies. Soon after coming to AGB, he stole the heart of his new mom who happens to be a Veterinarian and can treat his allergies and chronic ear infections. She reports that he is the perfect dog and that he is doing great and is loving his new family. What a lucky boy!

1/13/17 - Six month old Jenna, who is now called Sadie, is happy in her new home in North Carolina. When she came to AGB, she was starved for attention and as you can see, she was so excited to be with her new parents, she couldn’t be still! After doing well on the long drive home, she settled in very quickly and is enjoying her numerous daily walks, an abundance of attention and plenty of toys.  Her new parents even provided a nice snowfall for her pleasure! They adore sweet little Sadie and it shows.

12/29/16 - Marley came to us at 110 pounds of pure love. Earlier in the fall her new parents adopted our sweet Senior Albert and little Sadie Lady who has since passed from cancer. They decided they liked having 3 dogs and wanted another Golden to join Albert and their other rescue, Miles. It was love at first sight and Marley has already lost 10 pounds trying to keep up with her brothers. Keep trying Marley...once that weight is off you too will be a speeding bullet! Albert is in the back and Marley on the right of the picture.

1/3/17 - Kyla came to us in mid-December due to a divorce, and the adopters of our May puppy Gus saw her and immediately contacted us.  Gus is half Golden (mom was AGB orphan as well) but he is solid black, so Flat Coated Retriever Kyla's beautiful black coat made them quite a striking pair.  They met while Gus was boarding at the same vet as Kyla upon intake, and had a blast playing with each other so it was a shoo-in for the family.  Everyone is completely in love with this sweet, gentle girl, and we love when our adopters come back for a second and even third dog!

Adele - ADOPTED!
1/4/17 - Our first adoption of 2017 is a dog who has a special place in our hearts. No one is more deserving of a loving home than our sweet, senior girl, Adele. Her new mom saw her on our website and knew she wanted to open her home and heart to her. She reports that Adele follows her from room to room and that she loves everyone she has met, including a friend's dog. Enjoy your golden years with your new mom and aunt, Adele!

1/4/17 - Beautiful Ziggy was snatched up as soon as he came in by this family who have been waiting for a dog from AGB for several months. They have a cat that supposedly hates dogs, but the cat and Ziggy hit it off immediately and are now fast friends! Ziggy is a super friendly boy who loves to give snuggles, and is settled in and glad to be in his new home for 2017!

Cupid/Finley Grace - ADOPTED
12/27/16 - Adorable Cupid has been adopted and her new name is Cupid is now Finley Grace, an Irish name that means “Fair Hair Hero.”  Her big sister has already taught her to fetch in one day! As adorable as her brother Comet and just as laid back, this little girl was ready to have some fun with her new adult sisters as well as mom and dad today.  We're very happy these two puppies found their homes quickly amongst hundreds of applications and inquires for them.  Have a great new year in your new home fair Finley Grace!  

Comet/Kipper - ADOPTED
12/23/16 - Who doesn't love a puppy?  Especially one that is laid back and as chill as Comet, now Kipper.  This family thought they wanted an older, sedate dog, but after reflecting on the need for the children to have a playmate, they re-considered and the meet with Kipper sealed the deal.  Mom wrote on Christmas Day "Our little guy is doing well, melting hearts and keeping us busy!"  With the family photo is one where he is being bathed at Becker, just hanging out!  Learn your lessons and be good Kipper!  

12/22/16 - This big, sweet girl has a lot of love to give, and she went to the home of AGB adopter's of Cleo who sadly passed away last summer.  Shelby will no doubt help to heal their hearts and she is already in love with her new family. They are working on helping Shelby lose a few pounds so she can get her girlish figure back and be healthy and even happier. What a wonderful Christmas gift they all gave each other!  Happy and safe Holidays everybody!  

Charley IV - ADOPTED
12/19/16 - Charley IV has finally found his home! The couple who adopted him saw his picture on line and just couldn't get his face out of their minds.  Their dog passed this summer, and they have just recently gotten emotionally ready for a new dog.  When they met him it was an instant bond, and new mom says "I think he was waiting all these months just for us to come get him."  Charlie has barked a friendly greeting to all the ducks he meets on his twice daily walks around the lake, and has made himself at home in his new comfy bed.  

Veesey/Chipper - ADOPTED
12/16/16 - Beautiful Veesey has been adopted to a cute young couple with dog to keep him company. They reported from the first day it was as if he had always been a part of their family, and he found his spot on the couch next to Trooper immediately. We can't imagine the circumstances that ever lead this dog to a shelter, but this family certainly is glad he is theirs now. Merry Christmas Veesey!

12/14/16 - Creel was surrendered to a shelter and a local rescue asked AGB to find this sweet boy a home, and sweet he is! Everyone who met Creel fell in love with him. He had to have orthopedic surgery to remove a pin from a previous surgery that was restricting his mobility, and even the vet at the specialty clinic fell in love with Creel’s loving disposition. His new mom reports that Creel is the most wonderful, sweetest dog she has ever known and that he follows her all around the house. He has even been to work with her! Enjoy your wonderful new life sweet boy!

Haley/Holly - ADOPTED
12/12/16 - Scared and sad, Haley was found by a Good Samaritan running for her life at a busy intersection earlier this fall. That person happened to work with someone who has adopted from AGB, and her coworker gave her the number to call and see if AGB could help with Haley.  Not surprisingly, she was heart worm positive so she began her treatment immediately and was to be released to a calm foster home after two weeks. Our own volunteer Susie Q and husband Lee were ready for the pitter patter of little paws again after having adopted both Abby and Lexie II and losing them to the Rainbow Bridge this year.  Susie met Haley at the vet and called immediately saying she was in love, love, love, and wanted to foster through the heart worm treatment and then adopt. This little girl has not stopped smiling since, and her adorable picture in her Christmas outfit brings sunshine to all of our hearts. Haley is now named Holly, a very appropriate name for this Merry Gift.  Have a great time with Santa, Holly!  (PS her Good Samaritans have been following her story on Facebook and wish her well also.) 

Gigi/Olive - ADOPTED
12/12/16 - Gigi, now Olive, is happy and healthy in her new home. She came to AGB in pretty bad shape from a shelter after having a litter of puppies. She was heart worm positive, and she also had an infection and some broken teeth. She now has a loving mom who adores her and reports that she is a great snuggle buddy and that although she is still timid, she is becoming more and more comfortable. We are so happy for this sweet little girl!

12/9/16 - We always love it when volunteers and former adopters contact us about adopting another dog, and in this case another senior dog. Summer, pictured on the left, was adopted in 2013 by Amy and Matt, and now they have added Max to their home. Max was left at the groomer's and never picked up. None of us could imagine someone abandoning such a sweet, beautiful boy except that he had Heartworms which AGB of course treated him for. When Summer and Max met it was love at first sight, and new parents were smitten as well. Amy tells us that Summer and Max are rarely ever more than a few feet apart. What a wonderful ending to a sad story! Thank you Shannon and Jay for fostering him. Happy life beautiful Max!

Freddie/Bear - ADOPTED
12/6/16 - Freddie is now adopted and re-named Bear! This spunky nine year old was found by a Good Samaritan and taken to a vet where they discovered he had a microchip. The owners were called but no longer wanted him. That's not the case anymore since he is now living in a downtown condo, enjoying the view, and being the center of attention from his new parents! Good luck little Bear.

Fairy/Callie - ADOPTED
11/30/16- Fairy, now called Callie, couldn't be happier in her new home. Her cautious and hesitant personality completely blossomed when she met her new fur-sister and parents. Callie is learning to play and and is also learning good manners from her sister who could be her twin. Some matches are just meant to be and this is one of them. The look in Callie's eyes when she saw her dad melted all of our hearts! Family pics to follow on Facebook.

Hollis - ADOPTED
11/25/16 - Everybody was amazed at the rescue story of Hollis by two young ladies who found him tied to a porch rail with no food or water, and who over a period of a few days were able to feed and water him and eventually convince the owner to sell him to them. This one-year old dog had the happiest smile his face while in the car with the girls on their way to an AGB vet, and in a short time with good food and love, he regained his weight and had the most beautiful sparkle in his eyes.  He will never be in that terrible situation again since he is now with a new dad who will be taking him to work with him and enjoying nights on a warm bed and full tummy.  Many thanks to the Good Samaritans who no doubt saved his life.  

Skippy - ADOPTED
11/18/16 - Eight year old Skippy is happy as can be in her new home. Her new mom saw her on our website and came to our Meet and Greet to meet her. She fell in love with Skippy and knew she wanted to be her mom! We couldn't be happier for Skippy and her new mom. If only all dogs could have an adoring mom, a nice bed and a wonderful yard to call their own. Thank you Susie for fostering this sweet girl.

Crystal/Maggie Rose - ADOPTED
11/18/16 - Pretty, 7 month old Crystal has been adopted to a sweet couple with two other dogs that love to play in their generous backyard together. The couple met a few other dogs first, but when they met Crystal she first kissed new dad all over his face, then climbed into new mom's lap to stake her claim on them! Crystal, now Maggie Rose, will be going to work with mom everyday, and is also beginning certification for therapy work. They report that she is spoiled rotten already, and is enjoying her first trip to the beach this weekend. Happy first Turkey Day, Maggie Rose!

Sabrina/Brie - ADOPTED
11/15/16 - Pint sized but big on smiles, Sabrina is headed to the east coast of Florida where she will live on a golf course with a swimming pool in her back yard, a river in front of her house, and views of the space launches from her patio!  Nothing but the best for her! The family contacted AGB after searching for a Golden in their home state unsuccessfully, saw video and pictures of her, and promptly decided to drive the 16 hour round trip with their granddaughter who lives next door.  Sabrina will live in the lap of luxury and be the complete center of attention from this wonderful couple.  We are so proud for this special eight year old.

Buddy VIII/Bennett - ADOPTED
11/12/16 - Buddy has been adopted to North Carolina by a young lady who was looking for a "buddy." His cute little short legs and affectionate personality won several people over at a recent meet & greet, but his new mom wasn't letting him go to anyone else! He is now named Bennett and his Mom says: "Bennett has adjusted very well to his new home. He's such a sweetheart. Loves his belly rubs. He has a cute playful side and loves squeaky toys. He's great in the car too." Buddy was accompanied home to North Carolina by another friend, the adopter of Rusty III, so we got to get updates of his life for the last two years as well. We love the smiles in this picture. Have a great life Bennett! Thanks to Mary Lee for fostering this sweet fella.

Uzo/Hank - ADOPTED
11/14/16 - Uzo had applications immediately upon hitting the web site, but his new adopters had been on the radar since their AGB alum and fellow Flat Coated Retriever Jake III passed from cancer in August. Uzo, now Hank, is just a year old and has plenty of training to come, but has the makings of a championship pet. Here is what they say about him: "Hank is an adorable little fellow. He rides well in the car. He is apparently house broken as he shakes his head and stands by the door when he needs to go out. He walks well on a lead in the back yard, except when he sees a squirrel. He clearly wants to please. He knows "down" and "no". He sits on command occasionally but needs work. "Stay" is out of the question, but he is a young, smart boy who will have good manners in time. He is gentle and affectionate, a joy! He sleeps on his bed in our room, no whining or fretfulness. He has been for a walk at the park and has a lot of curiosity. Thank you for all of your time and help. He is a good boy, and we are committed to giving him a good home and a good life. We will keep you posted!" We are so happy for Hank & his forever family. Be sure to practice your manners, handsome boy!

Morgan/Eko - ADOPTED
11/4/16 - Our last Turkey dog from the T3 rescue, Morgan, has been adopted locally and is now called Eko. Many people were drawn to her beauty and feminine look in her pictures, but when she barks she sounds very ferocious, which turned some adopters away. This couple however, thought her big, ferocious bark was really neat, and say "She is definitely loved, and we want to keep her in our family." She's a very precious dog and thanks to Jack and Leanne for the foster.

Autumn/Sage - ADOPTED
11/1/16 - Our last puppy out of the identical trio, Autumn, is adopted to a young family who fell in love at first "Awwwww." They couldn't believe she was the last to be picked. Her puppy energy is now coming out with her two human siblings, and they have re-named her Sage. We can't wait to see her grow and look forward to lots of updates. Lots of hugs and cuddles in her future! Thanks Jonica for fostering her.

Clay - Turkey Dog-ADOPTED
10/31/16 - As you can see from this happy picture, Turkey dog Clay has been adopted to a very cute family with a four legged sister.  Clay is so laid back he spends a lot of time on the porch swing trying to catch some ZZZ's.  Congratulations to Clay and his forever family. Thanks Mike for your fostering of this wonderful dog!  

Pumpkin - ADOPTED
10/31/16 - Sweet little Pumpkin, now Rosie, is loving life in her new home with parents and a brother and sister.  Her new family drove from Montgomery to meet her and they all fell in love with this little girl who only wanted to be in their laps. She now has a warm bed, plenty of food, and all the love a little puppy could want!

10/29/16 - This little lap dog, Ghost, who will one day be too big to be a lap dog, has hit the jackpot! He now has parents, a sister and a cat who all love him. This little guy who came to us starving, covered in fleas, and full of worms, will never have to worry about a thing.  His new name is Prince and it suits him perfectly!  He will certainly be treated like a prince for the rest of his life.

Chelsea - Turkey Dog- ADOPTED
10/29/16 - Turkey dog Chelsea, now known as Trixie, has settled in nicely at her new home in Florida. Mom said Trixie is gaining some much needed weight, has great manners and is totally smitten with her new dad. We love the big smile on her face here. Thanks to Meg for fostering this sweet girl who came over from Istanbul and found out that dreams really do come true. 

10/27/16 - Evie, now Lucy, found her new dad at our last Meet and Greet and it was love at first sight. Lucy's new mom was working and couldn't be there that day, but met her a few days later. Their connection was instant too, so Lucy went to her new home to meet Felix and Peanut, the cats. Her family reports everyone is getting along well and that they are in love with Lucy. She has already had a session with a trainer and is loving her new life. What dog wouldn't love a soft new bed and an abundance of treats, toys and love?

10/27/16 - Shadow, who was found on the roadside protecting his sick friend Chance, won our hearts with his kind, loving, and easy going personality. We knew he would be perfect for this equally kind and loving family who had been waiting for a dog like him. He's now named Mo and his new family adores him, including his four legged sister, Mabel. His new mom reports that Mo loves helping with carpool. We are so happy for you Mo!  Thank you Caitlin and Reed for fostering and loving this boy!

Sadie Mae - ADOPTED
10/27/16 - Sadie Mae was surrendered to AGB because she had developed some fears which caused her to nip and become somewhat aggressive. Part of our commitment to our orphans includes not only giving them medical care, but also providing them whatever training is necessary to help them to become happy, well adjusted, adoptable pets. In Sadie Mae's case, this was a long and costly process, but one that AGB was committed to. Sadie Mae was boarded at Just Happy Hounds as AGB and her trainers and handlers there worked patiently to help her trust people and identify her triggers. One of her handlers, Sarah, the manager at Just Happy Hounds, formed a very special bond with Sadie Mae. Sadie Mae trusted her and fell in love with her as well. After two potential adoptions did not work out, Sarah stepped up and said she wanted to adopt her and the rest is history. The picture says it all - two very happy, pretty ladies. AGB is grateful to Sarah, Ladale, and all the staff at Just Happy Hounds for their patient and loving persistence with Sadie Mae and every orphan we entrust to them. Their time, patience and expertise is invaluable to our rescue and to our sweet orphans and your support and donations make this work possible.

Tucker - ADOPTED
10/20/16 - Big, red, Tucker has been adopted now that his heart worm treatment is complete, and new Dad couldn't be more proud of his boy. They have been on a nice family trip to the mountains already, and he is loving his two new human sisters as well as his weekend Golden visitor. Enjoy your new life Tuck!

10/20/16 - This family fell madly in love with sweet little Lola while fostering her, and the thought of her being adopted by someone else brought tears to their eyes. They bravely honored their commitment as fosters and watched while Lola met potential adopters. But as fate had it those families chose other orphans. What was meant to be was meant to be, and Lola is happily romping in the mud and playing hide and go seek with her new family. Way to steal those hearts Lola!  

1/11/17 - Chance went to the Rainbow Bridge much loved. 10/9/16 - AGB volunteers Val and Jeff have fostered countless orphans, many of whom have had special needs. After adopting Turkey dog Truman earlier this year, their home was full with four beautiful Goldens. However, after meeting Chance at a Meet & Greet, they didn't hesitate to take this terminally ill boy home and welcome him to their pack as a permanent foster. We don't know how much time Chance has left, but we do know that he will live out that time surrounded by love. Thank you, Val and Jeff, from the bottom of our hearts for giving Chance the gift of love. As a permanent foster, AGB will continue to pay for the veterinary care necessary to ensure Chance has the best possible quality of life for whatever time he has left.

Minnie - ADOPTED
10/16/16 - Minnie has gone to a family that came to Birmingham numerous times to find a friend for their sweet pitbull rescue. Their Golden had passed away of a heart attack, and finding the perfect dog to fill her footsteps took a while. The persistence paid off though when they all met Minnie. She is now called Okami after a character who is "beautiful, graceful, with the power of the sun." Mom's quote sums it up "We are really happy! She's sweet and super smart and we already love her!"

Butterscotch - ADOPTED
10/13/16 - Butterscotch is now Ally and is living with another Golden who has been showing her the ropes.  Ally had to have eyelid surgery thus the squinting of her eyes, but she is 100% fine now.  Her mother Susie was her foster and just could not let her go because she fit so well with her human sister as well.  Susie will continue to foster, so we will get to see her and Ally often we hope!    

Theodore - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
10/13/16 - Would you look at the grin on that dog's face?  Turkey dog Theodore was escorted off the grounds of his owner's property and gates were shut in his face when he grew up and was no longer the cute little puppy.  Having to forage for food caused him to develop some issues towards other dogs, but those have been worked on by this kind and patient couple.  He is now called Scout, and is completely adored by his owners.  That smile says it all - he has hit the jackpot in America!  His cousin is T3 Lawrence and they will be able to enjoy frequent trips to the beach together.  Enjoy the warm sand between your toes, sweet boys!

Geneva (Mina) - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
9/24/16 - Turkey dog Geneva has been re-named Mina which sometimes is referred to as "how beautiful" in China and Taiwan, but mostly it is just a pretty name for a female. This couple lost their dog in the spring and have been waiting since July to find another dog they can treat as their child. Geneva is now truly an international dog, having come from Turkey, living in the United States, and now experiencing life with a family from Taiwan. Thank you Susie and family for your loving foster, and looking forward to many updates on beautiful Mina.

Marion - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
9/21/16 - Our beautiful and sweet Marion was in bad shape when she was found in Turkey. She had been hit by a car and had surgery on her foot, and she still walks with a little limp. As you can see from the picture, she found the safe and loving home she had always wanted. She instantly bonded with her new dad and looks to him for protection and security. Marion will never again have to worry about being hungry, scared or alone. *** Marion was sponsored by Dr. William & Mrs. Leeanne Andrews. Thanks to their generosity, Marion's travel & medical expenses with AGB were covered. Thank you Dr. & Mrs. Andrews!

9/28/16 - Sweet little Nikko who loves all people big and small was adopted by this adorable and active family. He has already been to Ruffner Mountain hiking and walks or jogs regularly with his new family.  His dad reports that he is a perfect match for them and that Nikko loves his new bother and sister.  We all fell in love with this little guy and we couldn’t be happier for him and his new family!

Dora - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
9/21/16 - Dora "the Explorer" has joined the home of two of our AGB volunteers and has happily claimed her spot on the couch.  Her new dad was very specific about what he wanted in a dog, and when he saw Dora he said "that's the one."  He also researched Turkish words for dog commands, and Dora responds to sit, stay, down, wait, no, etc... in her native language.  She is learning to tolerate the cat but basically is enjoying being the center of attention as you can see from her pretty smile in this picture.  Enjoy life Dora, and practice your English!

Mags (Maggie) - ADOPTED
9/21/16 - Mags, also called Maggie, has been adopted and is very happy with her new parents and her digs! You can tell she's beaming with pride in this family portrait. (The first of many, we're sure.) Maggie came to AGB from a family that loved her very much, but she was jealous of the new baby in the household. Her new family loves her already just as much and report that she has a big personality to match that smile. Thank you Wayne for fostering her as she was stressing out at the kennel.  Keep having fun pretty girl!  

9/24/16 - Garth will never lack for care since he has met his match with a young Veterinary school student.  Their personalities seemed to mesh even with pictures before the meet happened, and sure enough it was a good fit immediately.  Garth is learning to go on a daily jog, and when new dad was asked if he was going to keep the name he replied "Of course I call him Garth!  I also call him goober because he is one!"  We look forward to many fun reports from these two.  Thank you Kathy for the foster and getting him out of his shell.

Troy (Bodie) - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
9/19/16 - Troy, now Bodie, was found in a forest in Turkey and was taken to a shelter. The shelter workers knew that his sweet and loving personality made him an easy candidate for adoption in our country. His foster, THANK YOU Caitlin, fell in love with him and said he was a sweet boy who only wanted to be loved. This couple from Florida lost their golden and have been wanting to rescue again. They drove up to Birmingham and knew Troy was the one for them the minute they laid eyes on him. They report that he is a perfect fit for them and that he is loving life in the Sunshine State. We are so happy for this sweet boy whose life is forever changed by his journey to America.

Daphne (CeCe) - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
9/19/16 - Our adorable little Daphne, now CeCe, will soon be living in the Boston area. This couple have been looking for a smaller golden, and CeCe is the perfect size. They report that she responds well to their voices and that she is very sensitive and wants to please. She wants to be in the room with them at all times and they are happy to have her with them. This little girl from Turkey was found looking for food in garbage cans. Now that she is in our country with her new family, she will never be hungry again and she will have all the love and attention a girl could ever want. Thanks to Brittany for fostering this sweet girl.

Addison - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
9/20/16 - Addison came to America after living in a crowded shelter for a long time. She adapted very quickly to life with her foster family and loved the attention and affection they gave her. Addison’s new dad applied to adopt, came to our Meet and Greet, and met Addison. They bonded instantly and the rest is history. Her new dad reports that she has made herself at home and that she is a keeper! We are thankful this little girl is out of the shelter and in a loving home. Enjoy your new home and your time at the lake, Addison! Thank you, Suzanne, for opening your heart and home to her! *** Addison was sponsored by Gerrin McGowan. Thanks to her generosity, Addison's travel & medical expenses were covered! Thank you Gerrin!

9/22/16 - Aspen has found a home with another young male Golden and two energetic young boys who are all enjoying playing ball in the afternoons together. She is acting as a cheerleader at swim and soccer practice as well, and of course soaking up all the petting she can get. Good luck sweet girl, and thanks Susie B for the foster!

Sadie Lady - Rainbow Bridge
Sweet Sadie Lady passed away from complications from liver cancer on October 4th, 2016. She was so blessed that she was able to spend her few last days being loved and in a wonderful home. *********************************************** 9/17/16 - AGB truly does have Angels here on earth, and two of them adopted a couple of special dogs this week. This family wanted a dog that needed them, so Sadie Lady immediately came to mind. Sadie Lady is unfortunately terminally ill, though you would never know it from her fun disposition and beautiful smile. New parents talked it over and called back saying yes, they would adopt her, AND they wanted to adopt Senior dog Albert as well! Now they are at home with a tripod adoptee from AGA (Adopt A Golden Atlanta), and Sadie is loving playing ball all day while Albert does what they call "Alberting," which is doing his own thing. That's Albert getting all the hugs on the left, and Sadie Lady in the middle. Thanks to the Bains family for their foster of Albert for many weeks, and thanks to this kind couple for loving these dogs selflessly.

Albert - Rainbow Bridge
Very sadly, Albert went to the Rainbow Bridge due to heart failure on March 6, 2017. He will be greatly missed. ************************************************* 9/17/16 - AGB truly does have Angels here on earth, and two of them adopted a couple of special dogs this week. This family wanted a dog that needed them, so Sadie Lady immediately came to mind. Sadie Lady is unfortunately terminally ill, though you would never know it from her fun disposition and beautiful smile. New parents talked it over and called back saying yes, they would adopt her, AND they wanted to adopt Senior dog Albert as well! Now they are at home with a tripod adoptee from AGA (Adopt A Golden Atlanta), and Sadie is loving playing ball all day while Albert does what they call "Alberting," which is doing his own thing. That's Albert getting all the hugs on the left, and Sadie Lady in the middle. Thanks to the Bains family for their foster of Albert for many weeks, and thanks to this kind couple for loving these dogs selflessly.

Lawrence (Brady) - Turkey Dog-ADOPTED
9/16/16 - Lawrence, the charming & good looking Turkey Dog, won the hearts of a family & he is now enjoying two other dogs, four cats, three kids, a pool in the backyard, & beaches nearby. We think he is not one bit homesick for Turkey with all of that! Lawrence is now called Brady and has made himself quite at home on the couch. Thanks Mike for the foster. Good luck in America Brady!

Mary Kate & Ashley - ADOPTED
9/15/16 - Mary Kate and Ashley, now Mia and Lolly, are living the good life in Mississippi. Their new Dad applied to adopt a pair from AGB and the moment his wife saw them she sobbed, because they were so beautiful. Everyone knew these attention starved girls were meant for their family with three boys. When they got to Mississippi, they were greeted by a grandmother, a great grandmother, 2 babysitters and 4 friends! They are loving their new family and are getting all the attention a dog could want! In this picture, they are helping their Dad work. We couldn’t be happier for these girls!

Madison - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
9/14/16 - Madison has found her forever USA home. Lynn and Stephanie had recently lost their Golden love, AJ (previously AGB alum Ruby), to cancer. After time and being ready to fill the hole in their hearts, they were ready to adopt again. They met several special dogs at AGB’s Meet and Greet, and were trying to make a decision when in walks late arrival, Madison. Their eyes met. This timid gal looked at Lynn and Stephanie, cautiously climbed into Lynn’s lap, lay down, and the rest is history. It’s incredible how they pick you and you pick them. The match was made. Madison is now living the life of a princess and making great friends with Callie, the cat. She’s got a stay at home mom and is learning she’s safe from strange things like overhead ceiling fans and ice that occasionally makes a load noise in that huge thing called a refrigerator. Madi has claimed her own special chair and is loving life! Welcome to America and welcome home pretty girl!

Coby - Rainbow Bridge
May 2018 - Beloved Coby has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He was best the best dog every and so very loved. 9/13/16 - With big smiles in our hearts we announce Coby's adoption to a special couple willing to take on his severe thunder phobia. After learning of Coby's special needs and how destructive he can be when storms come through, his new dad said, "Life isn't pretty all the time. I'll deal with it." And when he put Coby's new collar on him to take him home, the expression on Coby's face was priceless. He knew he was going home! Our adoption team had tears in their eyes. Coby is doing well and even went through a recent storm and weathered it fine with his Dad by his side. Let's hope his new-found confidence, love, and trust will help him through many more. Way to go sweet boy!

Lady II (Gabby) - ADOPTED
9/10/16 - Pint sized Lady II with the giant sized personality is now Gabby! She has a new lease on life since her surgery this summer. Her new family has a 110 pound Great Pyrenees named Angus. Gabby immediately let him know who was boss and she has been the true Princess of the house ever since. Just look at the smile on her face. Thank you to the Pickett family for her foster care. Enjoy your new life Gabby girl!

Ross (Russ) - ADOPTED
9/6/16 - Young and blonde, Ross is the typical cute, sweet, boy. He was found as a stray by the "grandfather" of AGB alum Milo. Milo's mom told us "When I first saw him close to my parents home on Memorial Day he was in garbage cans and every rib was showing. My father started feeding him twice a day, but could never get his hands on him. They named him Rosie because he thought he was a girl!" Ross is now Russ and enjoying the attentions of three siblings and a whole neighborhood of kids and dogs. I doubt his ribs will ever show again, thanks to a warm home and plenty of food. Thanks so much Colette and Frank for getting him to AGB.

Riker (Cash) - ADOPTED
9/5/16 - Gorgeous boy Riker, who had difficulty knowing how to even come into a home, has settled in nicely with former AGB alum Dancer, now Josie. She looks to him for guidance on how to be a calm, laid back dog. Riker is now Cash, and his parents are just thrilled with him. That's him on the right in the bandana. Thanks to Caitlin and Reid for the foster!

9/2/16 - Bella V has been adopted locally and is busy learning how to act like a proper lady. She is a young dog and with guidance will soon be walking nicely on leash. Meanwhile she is enjoying the couch and her two human siblings. Work hard on those manners Miss Bella, and we hope to see you out walking some day!

Oliver - ADOPTED
8/18/16 - Happy little Oliver came to AGB from a shelter. His new family met him and although they loved him, they were really looking for a larger Golden. They decided to think about the decision and that decision took about two minutes. They saw their daughter walking him on a leash and that’s all it took for them to see what a great fit Oliver would be for their family. Oliver now has an adorable sister who thinks he’s the greatest, a four legged brother, and a mom and dad. Enjoy your wonderful life, Oliver!

8/15/16 - Two year old Willa came to AGB from a shelter. She is a super sweet girl who only wanted someone to love and to love her. Willa's new mom met her at a Meet and Greet, fell in love with her, and knew they were meant for each other. AGB took care of a few medical issues and now Willa is living a happy life with all the love and care a dog could want!

8/15/16 - Zara has been adopted by the family that adopted Lola last fall. The couple felt Lola needed a companion after her brother Tanner sadly passed from illness before he could be adopted. Zara, now Lily, proved to be a good friend to Lola, and promptly took control of the couch. The family nursed her through heart worm treatment and now she is good as new and looking beautiful! Lily is on the right and Lola on the left. Both have the sweetest sugar faces!

8/15/16 - Mitch, now Milo, came to AGB after wandering up to the home of a nice and caring family. He was heart worm positive and had painfully infected ears, but AGB treated him for both. He was nursed back to health by his new dad and is loving his comfortable new life in air conditioning with all the love and care a dog could ask for. We couldn’t be happier for this big, sweet boy!

8/12/16 - Bama III, owner turn in due to a divorce, has been adopted to one of our favorite families. The Pepper's have been long time friends of AGB and their first adoptee, Coosa Ruth, was the 2013 Orphan of the Year - you may remember that it was witnessed she was thrown into the Coosa River with a broken leg and rescued by a good Samaritan. The Pepper's are big Mississippi State fans so of course wanted her to have her own unique name, so they settled on Bell (after the cowbells MSU uses at ballgames. So now she's Bell Pepper Here is the adoption story in their own words: "Miss Bell joined her new family last week and was welcomed by a distinguished member of the AGB Hall of Fame, Coosa Ruth. The girls formed an immediate bond and nudged other family members out of the way so they could be together in the back seat of the SUV before departing the driveway of the adoption meeting. These two girls represent the epitome of Golden Retriever positive character traits. While they have different personalities, both have such warm, loving, friendly, affectionate, playful, protective and quick learning skills and characteristics. These two Golden Girls have settled into a forever home with a big fenced-in back yard, a niece who came from AGB named Lola ( AGB's first "puppy adoption") and a new network of friends in her new neighborhood. In fact she entertained a group of 5 teenage girls last night who stopped by to meet her and stayed for over an hour. Miss Bell has settled in nicely!" Bell is on left and Coosa on right in the adoption photo. They look like two beauties from the same litter! Thanks Lori for the quick-look foster, and thanks to the Pepper family for their continued support of AGB.

8/12/16 - Kit, who originally was named "Soft Kitty" (after a song on The Big Bang Theory TV show) by the person who found him and cared for him before contacting AGB, has won over a family of eight, ages ten and up. They had talked about adopting a smallish dog but really wanted a Golden, and with Kit they got a small Golden! Thanks to Kendall and then Karen who got him out of boarding where he was shaking like a leaf. Kit is just about as sweet as they come, and we are delighted that he has so many hands to pet him now.

Jackson - ADOPTED
8/5/16 - One of our dearest and longest running volunteers has adopted 12 year old Jackson after he was surrendered by his owner. Here's what she said, "Jackson is just wonderful. Sleeps, loves to roll in the grass, strolls around the yard, and loves treats. He has been a gentleman from the start. Honey Bear has accepted him immediately and he can care less about the cats. He seems very relaxed and certainly not stressed. Thank you again for all you do." We think Jackson couldn't have found a better family and we're so happy for them!

Stevie - ADOPTED
8/5/16 - Runt of the litter Stevie was adopted to a family with a 110 pound Golden named Sully. Stevie weighs about 10 pounds and looks to Sully as his big daddy already! His family reports this little guy has settled in just fine. He has even learned to run to Sully for protection after discovering cats don't play like puppies. Happy life little Stevie! We hope your family will send us updated pictures as you grow.

8/4/16 - Chi Chi is now living the good life in the Big Easy with mom, sister, and four cats. You can see from the picture that one of her eyes has "eyeliner" while the other doesn't. Her family could not think of a new name for a couple of days, but finally came up with a unique name that suits her perfectly -- Wabi-Sabi. As they explained it's a Japanese concept of the beauty of things unconventional. "Wabi" is the kind of perfect beauty that is seemingly-paradoxically caused by just the right kind of imperfection, such as an asymmetry in a ceramic bowl which reflects the handmade craftsmanship, as opposed to another bowl which is perfect, but soul-less and machine-made."Sabi" is the kind of beauty that can come only with age, such as the patina on a very old bronze statue. We say that's a special name for a special girl!

8/1/16 - Leiya was surrendered to AGB by her loving owner who was getting older and felt she couldn’t give her the care and attention she deserved. Well this sweet and loving girl caught the eye of a retired couple who have plenty of time to devote to Leiya, and she is thriving. They report that she is very affectionate, loves to be petted and that they are happy to oblige! Leiya is now living the life of a princess.

7/28/16 - Puddy has been adopted by a sweet Veterinary student and lives with two other Goldens and a cat, along with two roommates also in Vet school. His new mom said this upon arrival home: "He is a love! I decided to rename him after spending some time with him and his sassy little personality! I named him Lincoln and am calling him Linc. The whole household loves him and the cat is even tolerating his licks!" Enjoy yourself little Linc!

7/12/16- We are so excited to announce our 500th adoption and think it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving orphan than our darling Cindy. In a true to life “Cindy-rella” story, this sweet, 2 year old girl came to us from a shelter shaken, scared, with the saddest eyes we had seen in quite some time. During her wellness check it was discovered that Cindy would need surgery for a dislocated elbow that had never been treated. Her leg had severely atrophied and she was no doubt in pain. She would need surgery in order to live a happy, normal and pain free life. Though she had every reason to distrust humans, she did not. She displayed her love for humans with a constant wagging tail and doggy kisses. We were all quickly smitten with this little lovebug! Shortly after Cindy was posted on our website, we received an application for adoption from a family in Colorado who fell in love with her and her story. The adoption team immediately went to work going through the approval process. We knew this angel would need a very special adopter who would understand and provide for her medical needs. Needless to say they passed with flying colors, but they still had to pass the final step: a meeting of Cindy and the prospective new parents and their two dogs. However, before anything else could happen Cindy had to undergo the very expensive orthopedic surgeries. She would need surgery to pin the joint and several castings and re-castings, and then a final surgery to remove the pins and she had to convalesce before she could travel anywhere. AGB needed donations to help pay for the very costly procedures. Again the response was instant and within no time, thanks to very generous supporters, her medical expenses were covered. After surgery, Cindy went to a loving foster home to convalesce. For several weeks, she was doted on, loved on and cared for as if she was their own dog. Her foster family said she was the sweetest, most loving dog they ever had the pleasure of fostering. During the course of the convalescing period the foster family and the forever family were in constant communication. Towels were mailed to wrap around Cindy in order to pick up her scent for familiarity on the eventual trek back to Colorado. Meanwhile, Cindy’s most patient forever family, waited on the go ahead to travel in their RV for the meet and greet. Finally the day came for the new family to start the long four day trek to Alabama. In true fairytale fashion, it was love at first sight and they were ecstatic to meet their new baby, who they re-named Molly. Their 11 year old Golden, Tater, fell in love with her and immediately gave her kisses, and little Emma, the 11 pound micro Goldendoodle, was also in love! The following pictures speak volumes. Molly still has physical therapy ahead of her, and there is still a small chance that the surgery was not successful, but her new family does not care. They were in love from the get go. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Molly’s new forever family, to her fosters and doctors, our generous donors, and to all who helped with her stay at AGB. We can’t wait to get updates on Molly’s progress. Enjoy your new fairytale life, Molly. We know you will all live happily ever after. Happy tears from all of us at AGB.

7/6/16 - Beautiful Lilly came to AGB heart worm positive. This family drove four hours to meet her and they fell in love with her sweet and loving nature. They patiently worked with her on house training and they cared for her as she recovered from her heart worm treatment. Lilly's new mom reports that she is the sweetest girl ever and that they adore her. Her new four legged brother thinks she is pretty special too. A big thank you to the Cophams for fostering Lilly.

7/1/16 - Look at Maggie's big smile! Described as "the best dog ever" by the owner at turn-in, she came bouncing out of the kennel and made sure she also won over the attentions of senior Golden Buster. This couple adopted Reba from AGB a year ago. Sadly, she passed away suddenly, so they wanted to try and fill that empty hole with another older dog. Maggie has settled right in and won't have to worry about being left behind due to a move again. We love you sweet girl!

Winston - ADOPTED
6/29/16 - Winston came to AGB sad and depressed after his owner surrendered him. All of the volunteers who met him recognized that he needed help quickly, and one of our treasured foster families stepped up to foster him. Within a day his tail was up and wagging, and a week later he met his future family. New mom takes him to work at her local Boutique everyday, and she reports he smiles all the time now. They are a testament as to what love, attention, and a calm environment can do for these tender hearted souls. He will get to go to the beach soon, and surely will be the center of attention on their nightly walks! Thanks to everyone who helped sweet Winston.

6/27/16 - Sweet-faced Bear II, surrendered by a man who was no longer able to care for him, has gone to live with a kind couple and daughter who now call him Brodie. This gentle boy was just what they needed for their growing family, and with mom's training as a Veterinarian he will never lack for any care again. Send lots of pictures and have fun in your new home Brodie!

6/27/16 - Lake and Viola came in together after having been picked up as strays. They thoroughly enjoyed each other but were to be adopted separately. Soon Viola (now named Sandy)left for New Orleans, and her neighbors across the street fell in love with her. When they found out she had a brother who was virtually identical, they immediately put in their application and planned a trip to Birmingham. It was an immediate bond with all at the meet, and now both dogs are together once again! What a happy reunion and we wish both families many fun play dates.

6/27/16 - Viola, now Sandy, must be the happiest girl in New Orleans! This adorable family waited patiently for the perfect dog for their family and Sandy definitely is the one. The children did not know that their stop in Birmingham meant meeting a dog and when Sandy saw them, she could not get enough of them, and the girls were thrilled. After meeting sweet Sandy, their neighbors decided to adopt her brother, Lake. Now the litter mates are neighbors. Could their story be any sweeter?

6/27/16 - Taffy was adopted to Florida by a wonderful couple and their rescued dog. Love was instant for the new mom and dad and the new brother, Lido, adjusted fairly quickly although he sometimes has to teach her manners. Taffy’s new parents saw her on AGB’s website and drove nine hours to Birmingham to adopt her. We know she is enjoying her new life with her wonderful new family! We at AGB are very thankful for people who are willing to spend 18 hours in a car to give a dog a happy life!

6/22/16 - Beautiful and playful 8 year old Jake with the biggest paws ever hit the jackpot with this adorable young couple. They report that he loves riding in the car and going for walks, and snuggling on the couch. This sweet boy stole the hearts of everyone who met him and we could not be happier for him. Thank you, Caitlin, for fostering him and loving him and thank you Cheryl and Mike for the overnight foster. Enjoy your happy new life Jake!

6/15/16 - We are all thrilled when seniors find a forever home, especially when it's a bonded pair! Blondie and Dagwood came to AGB as heartworm positive strays and had to undergo treatment before their adoption could be finalized. Their new mom originally came to Birmingham to meet one of the younger puppies but agreed to meet this duo as well. They immediate stole her heart with their sweet personalities and the rest is history. Now "Beau and Bella" are enjoying their backyard and the grandkids who visit often. These photos show just how happy everyone is together. Way to go Beau and Bella!

6/15/16 - We are all thrilled when seniors find a forever home, especially when it's a bonded pair! Blondie and Dagwood came to AGB as heartworm positive strays and had to undergo treatment before their adoption could be finalized. Their new mom originally came to Birmingham to meet one of the younger puppies but agreed to meet this duo as well. They immediate stole her heart with their sweet personalities and the rest is history. Now "Beau and Bella" are enjoying their backyard and the grandkids who visit often. These photos show just how happy everyone is together. Way to go Beau and Bella!

Ruggles - ADOPTED
6/9/16 - Ruggles and his sweet and gentle personality won the hearts of everyone who met him, including his new mom. She met him right after he came to AGB, and she patiently waited for him to have his hips checked by a specialist. Now that they are at home in South Alabama, she reports that he is a well behaved sweetheart who is a snuggly bed buddy. A huge thank you to Mike and Cheryl for being such wonderful fosters!

6/9/16 - Jagger and his sister Taffy were brought to AGB by a Good Samaritan. Jagger has hit the family jackpot and is now Tanner (affectionately called Tanner-Bug). He has shown such stellar progress in his obedience classes that he will soon be training as a therapy dog. He goes everywhere with his new family and is the center of attraction at every sports practice and event they attend. His new mom reports she just can't resist telling him early in the mornings to leave his crate and come be her snuggle bunny. Enjoy your happy new life Tanner!

Maisie II/Sugar- ADOPTED
6/6/16 - Maisie was lost, alone and scared when she was found by a kind lady who cared for her, tried to find her owner and them called AGB. This young couple and their little Boston terrier had been looking for a new family member and knew Maisie, now Sugar, would be perfect for them. Sugar is loving life with her new family and it seems as if they have been together forever. Way to go Sugar!

5/20/16 - Sassy came to AGB thanks to a Good Samaritan who saved her from a life of neglect and very little kindness. This sweet and loving little girl was fostered by a kind soul who gave her all the food, love, and affection a dog could want and brought her out of her shell. The two fell in love and could not stand the thought of being separated. Sassy will never again have to worry about her safety or her next meal. As you can see from their smiles, these two are a happy pair!

Deuce & Sam V - ADOPTED
5/20/16 - Eight year olds Deuce and Sam lived a happy life on a farm but were surrendered to AGB when their mom moved to town after their dad's death. This kind gentleman saw their picture on AGB's website and was moved by their smiles and their resemblance to his golden he had for many years. He drove to Birmingham and the connection was instant. He reports that they've been to the dog park every day and are all doing great!

Roxie/Grace - ADOPTED
5/17/16 - Roxie, now Grace, came to AGB after spending a couple years as a stray in a neighborhood depending on the kindness of people for meals and occasional shelter. When a new neighbor moved in and threatened to shoot her, a rescue was called and she ended up with AGB. Her life as a stray took its toll and Roxie had heart worms as well as some other medical conditions. One of AGB’s favorite people came to the rescue and cared for Roxie who he renamed Grace through her heart worm treatment. Her coat is now full and soft and her tail never stops wagging. Her golden years will certainly be her best years.

Cadbury/Bentley - ADOPTED
5/17/16 - Beautiful Cadbury came to AGB after being picked up as a stray. This loving couple drove from Tennessee to meet him and fell in love. They had been looking for a dog to love after losing their beloved shelties and collie over the past few years, and Cadbury clearly let them know that he was the one. They spent lots of time together and loaded up the RV for the drive back. They have renamed him Bentley and report that they are loving life together.

Ursa/Nikki- ADOPTED
5/10/16 - Ursa and her pup Gus were found by a Good Samaritan wandering in the woods, scared to death, and covered with fleas and ticks. Once with AGB Ursa was able to finish nursing baby Gus in comfort and without fear for their safety. Now that Gus has been weaned we are happy to announce that both he and mom have found loving homes. Ursa, now Nikki, will spend her days traveling in an RV with her new dad. On adoption day she hopped right onto the front seat wiggling as hard as she could, as if this mode of transport was nothing new to her! Enjoy your adventures Nikki!

5/10/16 -Baby Gus and mom Ursa were found by a Good Samaritan wandering in the woods, scared to death, and covered with fleas and ticks. We knew both would be adopted quickly, once mom had finished nursing Gus. After being weaned and then spending a few days with our puppy foster Gerrin, Gus is now at home with his forever family which includes three human brothers and an older doggie sibling. The picture says it all and Gus will never be scared again. Way to go little guy!

4/28/16 - ADOPTED! Big, beautiful Beau, turned in because he wouldn't stay in the fence, is living in the lap of luxury with two people that absolutely adore him now. They have waited since August for the perfect fit and we think the picture says it all. Thanks to the Copham's who nursed Beau through heart worm care, helped him to start losing weight, and made sure he knew he was loved. Enjoy your new indoor life Beau!

Brooke/Brooklyn - ADOPTED
4/25/16 - ADOPTED! Irresistible Brooke has been adopted to not one, but two Veterinarians who work at a vet school. Now called Brooklyn, she fit in perfectly at the first moment and has been spoiled rotten by everybody at the school as well as at home where she plays with her new four legged sibling. Thanks to our volunteer Kendall for getting Brooke out of boarding and letting her hang with AGB alum Louie! Go Brooklyn!

2/24/16 - Brittany came to AGB in December of 2015 after her owners passed away and a family member turned her in to a shelter. Brittany was 10 years old and had medical issues so the shelter contacted AGB because they knew AGB would give her the best care and find a wonderful forever family for her. Before long a family read Brittany's story and wanted to adopt her. However, it was discovered that Brittany had a mass on her spleen along with arthritis and some other issues that needed to be addressed before her adoption could be completed. Unfortunately, Brittany's health did not improve and sadly, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 24. Brittany was loved and cared for until the end, especially by her permanent foster Dad Joe, and is now reunited with the family who loved her for many years. Our condolences go out everyone who loved Brittany and we offer our thanks to all the volunteers and veterinary staff who were devoted to caring for her. If you would like to make a donation in honor of Brittany, visit our website

Justice - ADOPTED
4/21/16 - ADOPTED! Justice came to AGB after his owner could no longer care for him. His beautiful smile caught the attention of this nice man and he made the drive to Birmingham to meet his new buddy. Justice’s calm demeanor and loving disposition won his heart and they are enjoying their new life together. And Justice is the perfect name for a lawyer’s dog! Thanks Mike and Cheryl for fostering.

Sparkle/Lily - ADOPTED
4/14/16 - ADOPTED! What's not to love about a puppy, especially a sparkly one? AGB alum (adopted in March) Quida's sister Sparkle went to grown-up foster last week, and foster mom Elise and her older Flat Coated Retriever fell in love with Sparkle immediately. She now has the sweet name of Lily and is working hard on her house training and chewing on her sister Sadie's ears (and Sadie patiently lets her do it). Thank you Gerrin as always for preparing our puppies so well in your puppy foster care. Be good Lily, and give your new sister some peace!

Braelyn/Bella- ADOPTED
4/14/16 - ADOPTED! Our black haired beauty Braelyn went to second-time AGB adopters who lost alum Honey to the Rainbow Bridge last year. What a lovely girl she is, and went from trembling and scared to having fun with doggie bro Harley in the family pool. Braelyn, who was an owner turn in due to going off to college, is now Bella, a fitting name for such a pretty girl. Sweet gentle soul, we will see you again!

Vishnu/Sherlock - ADOPTED
4/13/16 - ADOPTED! Almost two months ago AGB was contacted by a shelter about a big "golden" they had who needed a forever home. It turned out he was not a Golden but a Great Pyrenees and sadly the rescue was full so AGB agreed to take him. While at the vet being treated for some intestinal issues Vishnu, as he was then known, didn't do well. He was fearful and aggressive and needed a foster home. Jack & Leanne were about to send their Turkey Dog foster off to his forever home and agreed to take on this boy who just needed a chance. Vishnu (second from the left in this picture) saw the opening and rushed into their home and then into their hearts. After a month with them it became clear he wasn't leaving and that he'd accomplished what the dozen of foster dogs before him had not: He'd created foster failures. His fears were replaced with two Golden sisters, Bristol & Chloe, a Golden brother Buddy, a Brittany Spaniel rescue brother named Divot and Pyrenees/Border Collie mix named Digby. His aggression towards other dogs has been replaced with aggression towards Nylabones, innocent couch cushions and the occasional wall. His new favorite past time is taking up most of Jack and Leanne's bed and sleeping with all four feet in the air. He's looking forward to going to the beach at the end of the month with his new family and going to the lake this summer. (He has no idea what a "lake" is but it sounds interesting!) We're all looking forward to future updates about this big smiling boy, who has been re-named Sherlock. Congratulations all of you!

Seven/Rosie- ADOPTED
4/13/16 - ADOPTED! Adorable imp Seven, named by the vet that she was taken to as a stray because she was lucky, has been adopted to Mississippi. She now calls two cats and her sweet Mama her family and they have all become best friends. Seven was in such bad shape when found that she had no hair, but now she is a fluffy, happy, funny little girl. Thank you Megan, Karen, and Suzanne for fostering Seven while she was with AGB. This picture shows the joy of adoption day! Good luck Seven, who has been renamed Rosie because she has such a rosy future!

4/11/16 - ADOPTED! Rebel was surrendered when his owner lost his wife and then he had a stroke and could no longer care for him. He loved this sweet dog and wanted him to have a better life so a family member helped him contact AGB to find a good home for him. Rebel’s new dad suffered a stroke a few years ago and made a full recovery, so his heart was especially touched by the story of how Rebel came to AGB. It was love at first sight for both of them and Rebel is loving his life with his new family.

Orchid/Millie - ADOPTED
4/9/16 - ADOPTED! Affectionate and loving Orchid, now named Millie, came to AGB in an emergency situation after her mother was shot and she and her litter mates were in danger of being shot too. We all fell in love with her sweet personality and were very thankful when a wonderful and loving family wanted to adopt her. Millie will never be hungry for food or affection again as she now has a sister and a canine brother and parents who adore her. Special thanks to Jamie and Lee for fostering her after her siblings Puddin and Huck were adopted.

Alexie/Lexie - ADOPTED
2/22/16 - ADOPTED! Alexie, now Lexie,came to AGB with what was diagnosed as terminal bone cancer and four to six months to live, so she went into Permanent Foster status with volunteer Susie. Lexie beat the odds and was found to be cancer free at her follow-up doctor visit, so Susie and family decided to adopt her since she was so comfortable with them, Golden AGB alum Abby, and their lifestyle. Lexie's Mom says: "The two girls sit and knit and watch Days of our Lives. Abby was AGB #5 rescue and Lexie was an elderly owner turn in. Abby is a long time camping pup and Lexie has begun her camping adventures with a trip to DeSoto State Park last Labor Day. " Thank you for loving this old gal Susie, Lee, and Caden! Great picture too!

Truman Capote - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
3/28/16 - ADOPTED! Turkey dog Truman Capote managed to do what many before him could not, which is completely steal the hearts of our fosters Jeff and Val. Many of you will recognize these faces. Jeff and Val have fostered many dogs, several of them long term and some with special needs, but always resisted the temptation to adopt because they had a full house already with 3 Goldens. But then along came Truman, the gentle giant who got along so well with the others, didn't disturb the cats, and immediately bonded with Val. Marley, Apollo and Beau welcomed Truman (front right) with open paws, and he is now part of their pack. Congratulations to Jeff and Val on your new addition and thanks for your tireless dedication to AGB!

Quida/Macy - ADOPTED
3/28/16 - ADOPTED! Sweet little Quida puppy, who is now called Macy, was adopted by a family with an adoring dad, a stay at home mom, three home schooled daughters and two Golden brothers. They are all in love with Macy and we know she is loving her life with her new family and we are so happy for them all. Thanks to Gerrin for fostering this sweet girl and her sister, who came to AGB after being listed on an internet site.

3/24/16 - ADOPTED! Huck, brother of AGB orphans Puddin & Orchid went into foster with Kathy & Bill at the last meet and greet. Their daughter had her application in with AGB & was looking for a 3 - 5 year old as a companion to her other two dogs. As fate would have it, due to a house remodel, she moved in with her parents for a few weeks. Huck, being the smart guy he is, seized the opportunity & decided sleeping with them on the bed & getting along with the two dogs famously was the way to go! She fought it for about a week since he is only 6 months old & finally decided he was the one. She says he is a perfect gentleman & so smart that being a puppy is no problem. Way to go Huckster! We will see you soon!

Cyrus/Saban - ADOPTED
3/24/16 - ADOPTED! Cyrus, now Saban, hit the jackpot with his adoring new family. This kind couple have been grieving the loss of their golden since the fall and wanted to rescue another dog. When they came to our Meet and Greet and laid eyes on this sweet but nervous boy, their hearts were touched and they were in love. Saban is now spoiled rotten and loves it! He goes to work some days, goes fishing, and spends time with his college age brother. We could not be happier for this loving dog and his loving new family. Thank you Jamie and Lee for the foster of this little boy!

Jake IV & Nessie ADOPTED
3/24/16 - ADOPTED! This very bonded pair got adopted as soon as they were medically released. Jake and Nessie were owner turn-in's and had been kept inside with little exercise for a long time. They now have an enormous fenced yard and a stay at home mom to tend to their every belly scratch. The new parents thought the two would want to sleep in the den the first night, but they cried all night long. New mom asked for advice about that and when the beds were moved into the master the next night, they slept like logs! Typical Goldens! We are so delighted they are together and were quickly re-homed. Thank you Jim for the transport.

3/24/16 - ADOPTED! Two year old Sadie has been adopted to a home where someone is always there, so she doesn't have to worry about separation anxiety anymore. As a matter of fact, since she has become more and more secure and relaxed, she is exhibiting almost no anxiety at all! This sweet and friendly girl is also living with an elderly grandparent and she sits nicely and keeps her company. Take care gentle Sadie, and thank you Karen for fostering.

Joanie/Zoe - ADOPTED
3/24/16 - ADOPTED! Our big beauty Joanie was adopted quickly by this very nice couple from Ft. Walton Beach. At 114 pounds she has a lot to love on, and they are enjoying every bit of her! Joanie, now called Zoe, is also very gentle with her grandmother who lives with them. Good luck Zoe and stick your paws in the sand for us!

3/21/16 - ADOPTED! Six month old Lady caused an application explosion when her bio hit the web and Facebook. She had been turned in because her owner was allergic to her and she had very little manners training. We had the family who had previously adopted Rose from us waiting for another dog. Lady fit in perfectly with them so their wait was finally over. After a week of obedience and potty training, she is now on her way to Savannah and can't wait for walks on the beach everyday! Good thing she loves her baths! Thanks to Kendall and James for fostering her. Rose is on the left and Lady on the right in this photo.

3/21/16 - ADOPTED! The family for Chase drove five hours from the coast of Mississippi and of course were smitten with him and he with them and their 8 year old Golden rescue Kelsey. Chase is starting training in two weeks, and then, when ready, will train to become a therapy dog. He is on the left in the picture. He & Kelsey are just precious together and we know this is going to be one happy family! Thanks to Vicki and John for fostering Chase while he waited for his forever family to find him.

Fuzzy/Oliver - ADOPTED
3/18/16 - ADOPTED! Fuzzy is now Oliver and living in Georgia with his small canine friend and three kids that are crazy about him. Fuzzy came to AGB at one year old from a shelter in North Alabama and everyone who met him fell in love. He was able to take some obedience classes while in boarding which made him even more adorable. Keep working on those manners Oliver!

Jimmy Buffett/Hunter - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
3/18/16 - ADOPTED! LaBella & Jimmy had the good fortune of being fostered together & they really fell in love with each other while waiting for their new homes. Luckily, we had a previous adopter who has AGB Nuggett (now Cabby) & she was looking for a companion for him. She met Jimmy & LaBella & decided that two companions would be even better! They all got along great at the meet, & first night home they played in the yard until they fell asleep exhausted. Cabby has cancer & these two have given him a new lease on life. LaBella is now Bella, & Jimmy is Hunter. Please read new mom's story: "The vets at Auburn where Cabby goes for treatments were happy that he had 2 new fur siblings & was playing with them! Jimmy is now Hunter, he is such a lover. Figured he was a hunter/scavenger in Istanbul & Hunter has a very special meaning for us! Bella is a 'hot mess' but adorable! We love them both so much already." Our thanks to Cheryl & Mike for being brave enough to foster TWO dogs at the same time, & for fixing them up with each other! We're looking forward to many updates on Cabby's health as well as the dynamic duo of Bella & Hunter. Cabby is on the left in the picture with his Mama's granddaughter.

Labella/Bella - ADOPTED
3/18/16 - ADOPTED! LaBella & Jimmy had the good fortune of being fostered together & they really fell in love with each other while waiting for their new homes. Luckily, we had a previous adopter who has AGB Nuggett (now Cabby) & she was looking for a companion for him. She met Jimmy & LaBella & decided that two companions would be even better! They all got along great at the meet, & first night home they played in the yard until they fell asleep exhausted. Cabby has cancer & these two have given him a new lease on life. LaBella is now Bella, & Jimmy is Hunter. Please read new mom's story: "The vets at Auburn where Cabby goes for treatments were happy that he had 2 new fur siblings & was playing with them! Jimmy is now Hunter, he is such a lover. Figured he was a hunter/scavenger in Istanbul & Hunter has a very special meaning for us! Bella is a 'hot mess' but adorable! We love them both so much already." Our thanks to Cheryl & Mike for being brave enough to foster TWO dogs at the same time, & for fixing them up with each other! We're looking forward to many updates on Cabby's health as well as the dynamic duo of Bella & Hunter. Cabby is on the left in the picture with his Mama's granddaughter.

Taylor Hicks/Charlie - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
3/16/16 -ADOPTED! Another foster has failed to resist the charms of the Turkey dogs! Taylor Hicks, now known as Charlie, was just so cuddly and sweet that Megan and Andrew fell impossibly in love. Our youngest Turkey dog will hopefully still have some foster guests in the future at his new home. What a cute family they make!

Helen Keller/Maizie - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
3/16/16 - ADOPTED! Graceful, beautiful, shy, sweet, 3 year old Turkey Dog Helen Keller has been adopted by a retired couple and loves all the attention they give her and being the queen bee in the neighborhood. She is now called Maizie because, according to her new mom, "Maizie means pearl and it's very fitting. She's the color of a pearl and precious like a pearl." That sums her up to a T! She will never again have to live on the streets, forage for food or fight off aggressive dogs. Be prepared to be a pampered princess Maizie & send us some pictures when you get settled. Thanks to volunteer Karen for fostering this darling girl.

3/11/16 - ADOPTED! Connor's foster mom finally succumbed to foster failure after three years of fostering AGB dogs! She has resisted adopting a lot of fine dogs and has walked away from the adopting families with tears in her eyes many times, but she couldn't do it this time. Connor just fit in so well in her home with his foster siblings, a dog, Bouy, and cat, Itty Bitty, so the rest is history. The best part of all is that Connor's mom promises to still foster for AGB as needed. We love those kind of foster failures! Enjoy your loving family and being spoiled now, Connor!

Courteney Cox/Bella - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
3/11/16 - ADOPTED! Pretty little Courteney has been adopted and is enjoying going to the upstairs office to work with dad everyday, and being spoiled when mom comes home from work. Now called Bella, she has a very strong prey drive so they have been working with her on that as well as teaching her hand signals to communicate. She has picked up on the hand signals like a pro and is working hard on not staring down the cat. Be a good girl Bella, and play with your toys and sibling dog instead of the cat! Thank you Lisa for the foster.

3/10/16 - ADOPTED! Little orphan Annie was adopted locally and has already been to training class to help her adjust to walking issues with other dogs on a leash. Annie is five and was turned in by her owners because of a move and two little children, so they did not have enough time to spend with Annie. Now an only child, Annie gets all the love and attention she needs. Hope to see you soon Annie!

Nala/Cayla - ADOPTED
3/10/16 - ADOPTED! Two year old Nala has been adopted by a nice couple from north Alabama and is ruling the roost with her Golden sister. Nala (on left) is now named Cayla and spends all day playing in the backyard with her sister before coming inside for a good nap. Enjoy your new life Cayla! Our thanks to Kristin for fostering and to Jim for the home visit.

Darby/Buddy - ADOPTED
3/8/16 - ADOPTED! Darby has been adopted to Tuscaloosa and is going to work and running the business with his new dad everyday. He makes sure the couch in the office is nice and warm, and occasionally dashes all over the warehouse looking for the boogie-man to keep everyone safe. Darby is now called Buddy and is getting used to the cats in the home. He is a smart boy and they are working hard on training him and teaching him to "leave it." Be a good boy Buddy and enjoy your new forever family.

3/8/16 - ADOPTED! Timid Mack,surrendered by an elderly couple who could no longer care for him, needed just the right ingredients for his perfect home. He finally found it with a lovely lady and his beautiful and confident Golden brother Luka. Now called Max, here's what his new mom had to say "He loves Luka, loves retrieving balls forever, and loves to sleep in my bed with me and Luka. Next stop—the POOL! He is the first dog I’ve ever had who could care LESS about training treats and food in general. Hello Max! Welcome!"

Rosa Parks/Fiona - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
3/4/16 - ADOPTED! Rosa hit the jackpot with this family in so many ways, and to boot gets to be a sibling of AGB alum Cooper III and another Golden Beau, as well as a cat who can't figure out how two dogs morphed into three! She has her own personal dog walker everyday, or gets to go to doggie daycare that looks like doggie Heaven, or gets to hang out at home with the two kids at the pool. The beach is close by as well, so she will not lack in entertainment from a new mom who fell in love immediately with her picture. Her new name is Fiona because she had to hang out with the ogres in the forest (like the movie character) and it is fitting for such a lovely girl. Cooper is on the left and Beau on the right of Fiona in the picture. Thank you Caitlin and Reed for the foster!

Nat King Cole/Banjo - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
3/4/16 - ADOPTED! Nat King Cole, now Banjo, is living the good life in the Big Easy. He has an adoring dad, sister and brother as well as a sweet, furry little sister who is his loving a playmate. His new dad says that Banjo loves to jump up into bed with him during the night to give him kisses. I think he is saying "thank you for giving me a home." A warm bed is much better than the streets of Istanbul for sure. Congratulations to this family!

Octavia Spencer/Millie - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
3/3/16 - ADOPTED! Octavia Spencer who is now Millie Sparkle, Millie after Octavia's award winning character, and Sparkle at the suggestion of this couple's 5 year old niece, is happily living with the kindest and most loving parents and an adorable Westie brother. They have been grieving the loss of their Golden and when they saw Octavia's kind eyes, they knew she was the one for their family. They want to get her certified to visit hospitals which we believe will be a perfect job for Millie. What a perfect home for this once homeless dog from Turkey!

Carl Lewis - Turkey Dog- ADOPTED
3/1/16 - ADOPTED! Number two of our most recent Turkey Dog group adoptions is Carl Lewis. He came out to meet his family like a bucking bronco, and they say they can't imagine life without him. Big, beautiful, young, and happy, Carl is certainly a great example of the personalities of these dogs from overseas. And it's amazing how quickly they have made themselves at home sleeping on the beds with their humans! Congratulations to this family.

Willie Mays - Turkey Dog - ADOPTED
2/29/16 - ADOPTED! Our first adoption of our current group of Turkey Dogs is Willie Mays! Willie loves to play and take walks, and has adjusted to his American lifestyle beautifully. With full-time at home parents all to himself who wouldn't be happy and he may get a sibling to play with as soon as he gets settled. We think he looks like quite the stately gentleman in his "official" adoption picture. Congrats for being the first, Willie! Enjoy your life in America.

2/24/16 - Brittany came to AGB in December of 2015 after her owners passed away and a family member turned her in to a shelter. Brittany was 10 years old and had medical issues so the shelter contacted AGB because they knew AGB would give her the best care and find a wonderful forever family for her. Before long a family read Brittany's story and wanted to adopt her. However, it was discovered that Brittany had a mass on her spleen along with arthritis and some other issues that needed to be addressed before her adoption could be completed. Unfortunately, Brittany's health did not improve and sadly, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 24. Brittany was loved and cared for until the end, especially by her permanent foster Dad Joe, and is now reunited with the family who loved her for many years. Our condolences go out everyone who loved Brittany and we offer our thanks to all the volunteers and veterinary staff who were devoted to caring for her. If you would like to make a donation in honor of Brittany, visit our website

2/22/16 - ADOPTED! Brokenhearted Ginger came to AGB after her family passed away. This sweet senior with three legs and very limited mobility caught the eye and stole the hearts of a kind and compassionate couple in Wisconsin who have devoted their retirement to caring for dogs in need. They use the life saving skills they learned as firefighters to care for dogs and tend to their every need. They converted a 1000 gallon livestock watering tank to a water therapy pool and heat it with a spa heater and monitor the pH daily. They have loved and rehabilitated a dog that had been hit by a car and received no treatment and a dog that suffered back injuries after slipping on ice and falling down an embankment. They have a special stroller made for dogs and they will have Ginger fitted for a custom wheelchair if needed. Ginger has already been for a ride in her stroller and her adopter said, “she thought she was Cleopatra going down the Nile." The adopter wants her legacy to be remembered "as the helper of the abandoned and unwanted four legged critters." She said, "Fire Fighters have a motto to not leave anyone behind. Due to my health, my career as a fire fighter ended. I find my passion using the skills I learned to help the sick, injured, and dying on dogs rather than people.” We are very thankful for these dog angels who are giving Ginger the best life any dog could dream of!

Puddin - ORPHAN # 500! - ADOPTED
2/21/16 - ADOPTED! A lucky family from Kentucky drove down from their lake house in Guntersville to the February meet & greet hoping to find a puppy. Precious Puddin was in the middle of stealing the show and when they saw her they were immediately smitten. Not knowing if she was available or not, they drove back to Kentucky. As soon as they found out she was indeed available, they made plans to drive back again to pick her up. Mom says they laughed all the way here and back about her cute name - as in "how can you be mad at a dog named Puddin?" "Now Puddin, don't you chew that table leg anymore!" They are spelling the name PuDdin with the capital D since it represents the Roman numeral for 500, her intake number. Pretty clever! With her eyelined eyes and sweet disposition, she is likely to make everyone pudding in her paws. Thanks to the Dooley's for her weeklong foster. Enjoy your new family PuDdin!

Red II/Fiona - ADOPTED
2/14/16 - ADOPTED! On a sweetheart of a day, an 8 year old sweetheart named Red II was adopted. She now has the elegant name of Fiona, much more suited to her lovely disposition. Fiona has the full attention of her new mom and sister doggie, and a cat who totally ignores her! This is a wonderful family for her, and she will have many years of love to give. Happy Valentine's Day!

Trixie II/Taffy - ADOPTED
2/10/16 - ADOPTED! Little pixie Trixie, sister of former orphan Dixie, is now living in a beautiful condo overlooking the beaches of Destin. She and little brother Pickles have had so much fun romping around and ringing the bells on the door when they need to go out (thanks foster mom Carrie!). Her new parents have re-named her Taffy and report that "they will never let her go - her brown eyes look right at you and listen to everything you say." Maybe we can come visit you soon!

2/1/16 - ADOPTED! Josie, mother of the "Halloween pups," has been adopted now that she is medically released. Her new mom says we couldn't pry her away from her if we tried, as they are so in love with her. From the picture you can see the mutual affection. Good luck sweet Josie!

Zippy/Champion - ADOPTED
1/31/16 - ADOPTED! Our three-legged (who doesn't know he only has three legs) beauty with the steel-blue eyes was adopted to North Carolina this weekend. Zippy, renamed Champion because he IS one, is now a regular attendee at the Yoga classes mom teaches. I can't say it any better than she does below, first about the trip home: "Champion slept and looked out the window and cuddled with Nelson on the way back. Really easy trip. He did sit in my lap (all of him) for last hour or so. He has explored the house and done lots of wind sprints in the back yard while Nelson and I marveled at his energy. Sleeping now at my feet. Thank you all for taking him in, fostering him, and loving him. I have been around a LOT of dogs and he is one of the most special I have ever known." Can't get much more rewarding than that. Thank you Jack and Leanne for the extra loving foster care you gave to this special boy.

Casanova - ADOPTED
1/30/16 - ADOPTED! Good lookin' Casanova has been adopted to Georgia. This couple fell in love with him at the last meet/greet and he now has a stay at home mom, a dad who is retiring in May, and a sweet cat to play with him. Cass, as they call him, was a 1.5 year old stray who was dropped off at a 200 acre property where he made fast friends with the five other female dogs there - guess the name fit him! Many thanks for the fosters who kept him from having to stay in boarding: Caitlin, Kendall, Megan, and their husbands. Enjoy the attention, Cass!

Rudy/Sam - ADOPTED
1/28/16 - ADOPTED! Year and a half old Rudy, an owner turn in, is now named Sam and living in Georgia with his mom, dad, and sister dog, along with two cats. The new parents have been working hard with him on his habits of mouthing and jumping on people as well as chasing the cats, but report he has come a long way and they are very proud of him. He is a happy dog who loves everybody and is willing to please. Thanks to Mike and Cheryl for their foster help and patience! Be good Rudy, and work on that "place" command!

Dixie IV/Hannah - ADOPTED
1/25/16 - ADOPTED! After being fostered for nearly 2 months, Dixie, now Hannah, has decided to adopt her fosters forever! She fell in love with her new family right from the start, and the feeling is totally mutual! She loves to snuggle with her human brother and with her new Golden sister, AGB alumni Dori (formerly Sami). She has made a great recovery from her hip surgery and is playing chase like a pro!

1/21/16 - ADOPTED! Ten month old Sadie hit the jackpot with five kids, a mom who stays at home, a dad, and a cat to boot! She is loving the kids and probably has learned a bit of ABC's during the homeschool sessions she sits in on. They report she is smart as a whip, and she and the cat are making strides towards being buddies. Thanks Megan and Andrew for fostering this sweet girl.

Einstein/Jack -ADOPTED
1/19/16 - ADOPTED! Loving, happy, and energetic Einstein was adopted by this equally loving, happy, and energetic young family who drove several hours to meet him. The children could not get enough of his hugs and kisses. We don’t know who will have more fun, Einstein, now named Jack, or his new brother and sister, but they will certainly love growing up together!

1/19/16 - ADOPTED! Rose found her home very quickly. This couple at first wanted a large male golden but were quickly won over by Rose's sweet demeanor and the way she "claimed" her new dad by sitting in his lap and kissing his face. After visiting and taking a short walk together, he said "she's just about my speed." Here's what they have to say after a few days at home with their sweet girl. "It's like she has lived her entire life with us. She is an absolute delight...she loves everyone and is just plain wonderful. We could not be happier." And we at AGB couldn't be happier either. Way to go Rose!

Teddy/Louie - ADOPTED
1/18/16 - ADOPTED! Teddy, now Louie, wasn't an orphan for long. Here's what his new family has to say. "Louie is a constant source of laughter and happiness! From the first bear hug he gave us and a good lick right in the face, we knew we couldn't resist his playful self. Louie loves to play fetch for as long as possible and then plop down on his bed for a good snooze, snoring included. He kisses the kitty every morning when he wakes up and on cold mornings he would rather snuggle than go out for a walk. We cannot help but smile at his sweet face when he cocks his head, then lays down and rolls over for a belly rub! I guess we get welcomed to the foster failure club and we wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you Adopt A Golden Birmingham for adding this sweet pup to our family, it's like he's been ours all along!"

1/14/16 - ADOPTED! Buddy (VI) came to AGB last fall. His four-legged soul mate had just died, which severely escalated his problems with separation anxiety and thunder phobia. If anyone could describe this boy it would be "gorgeous, loving, friendly, velcro dog …until thunder!” It wasn’t long until the perfect AGB foster took him home. With much patience and persistence, Buddy found his confidence AND another soul mate! So his perfect foster became his perfect mom, and Rally, his new four-legged sister, never leaves his side. Happy life Buddy!

Buddy VII/Chief - ADOPTED
1/13/16 - ADOPTED! Buddy VII, now Chief, has found his forever home with his foster family who fell in love and couldn't let him go. New mom says "He has been very busy hanging out with my boys over the holidays, getting to know Shelly (our GBHS rescue beagle) and taking long walks in the neighborhood. His favorite thing to do is to love on you by sitting in your lap (which my boys love). Chief is so precious, gentle, athletic, sweet, smart and most of all loving! We adore him and are so excited that he's a part of our family.

1/11/16 - ADOPTED! Little Miss Happy definitely lives up to her name! She is one of those cute dogs that just makes you smile when you see her. New mom says "She is such a great dog. From the first night she has slept in her crate in our room without a peep until she hears us stirring at 6:30 or 7:00. She is very affectionate and wants a lot of attention. Whenever I sit down, she tries to climb into my lap, so I end up sitting on the floor a lot." Happy gets to stroll on the beaches of the Panhandle everyday and spreads her joy to the whole neighborhood. Lucky girl!

Kizzy/Penny - ADOPTED
1/10/16 - ADOPTED! Kizzy, now called Penny, is feeling great and gaining her full potential back after heart worm treatment. Her new mom couldn't wait to get her home and start loving on her. We look forward to seeing more pictures of this three year old, and we have no doubt she will never be left tied to a shelter gate again. Kisses to you Penny!

1/7/16 - ADOPTED! First adoption of 2016! Adorable little Dude has been adopted by a golden-loving former AGB volunteer and her husband. They report that Dude is an absolute genius, and they are totally in love. Who wouldn't be? What a wonderful way to start adoptions in 2016. We can't wait to see you grow little Dude!

Esther/Sugar- ADOPTED
12/31/15 - ADOPTED! Our gentle giant Esther, now known as Sugar, was adopted by a wonderful family who fell in love with this beautiful and sweet girl. As you can tell from this picture she is soaking up all the love & belly rubs. Her new mom’s words say it all! "LOVE! That's the only word we can use to express how we feel about Shug. Gentle, kind, timid, funny, playful, loving! It makes me teary to think that we will be lucky enough to love her for the rest of her life.”

12/31/15 - ADOPTED! Sugar faced Bella is enjoying the holiday season in north Alabama and has been the Belle of the Ball at all the festivities with new mom and dad. Everyone loves her to pieces, and this six year old will never be listed on an internet trading site again! No doubt 2016 will be the best year ever for this sweetheart.

12/31/15 - ADOPTED! Blaze met his forever family at the last meet & greet and has blended in beautifully. New mom says "He seems to be happy, and we love him." Blaze loves his new parents and human brothers and all the attention and affection he has been getting. Happy New Year Blaze!

Sam IV (Sammie)/Molly - ADOPTED
12/24/15 - ADOPTED! Sammie is now Molly and waiting for Santa to visit tonight! Sammie was so sick on intake she couldn't even eat, but soon regained her puppy spirit through foster with Kristin and Carrie - thank you! She has multiple daily walks now and constant attention from her stay at home mom. Merry Christmas Molly!

Spirit - ADOPTED
12/28/15 - ADOPTED! Spirit's new family adopted sweet senior Sandy IV last January, but sadly she recently passed to the Rainbow Bridge. When they saw Spirit they immediately knew he would help heal their broken hearts. They are all in love now, working on leash training and commands. Spirit is a bundle of energy and after playing hard with his doggie bro, he just collapses. Spirit will have homes on the beach as well as north Alabama, and lots of extended dog and human family. Thanks to Gerrin for the excellent preparation of Josie's pups and to Beth for the short puppy foster. Have fun, you bouncy boy!

Olaf/Duke - ADOPTED
12/28/15 - ADOPTED! Four month old Olaf was rescued by an AGB volunteer's daughter when he ran out in front of her car. His new family came to our last Meet and Greet and fell in love with this affectionate and playful guy. Olaf, now Duke, has a brother to play with in his new big back yard. We are so happy for this sweet puppy. A big thank you to Dan and Julie for fostering this adorable puppy.

12/22/15 - ADOPTED! After what seemed like a long wait compared to the other Turkey Dogs, Steel went to the perfect family who could give him everything he needed - a 6 foot fence, big yard, stay at home parents, and lots of walking, playing, running, and loving with the extended family and cat. New mom said he is even better than they hoped for and has settled in nicely, tussling with the new grand puppy and sleeping right next to their bed at night. Steel, you finally did it! Welcome to your first Christmas in the U.S.!

Murdock - ADOPTED
12/22/15 - ADOPTED! Murdock came to AGB after his owners moved and couldn’t keep him. His new adoptive Dad had recently lost his best friend, another Golden, and life wasn’t the same. He came to AGB to find another friend. Everyone knew it could take a while to find the perfect match, but all were willing to wait. And then came Murdock. They immediately became inseparable, walking 3-5 times a day, visiting friends with other dogs and having fun with his step brother, a Goldendoodle and a cat. Thank you Val who gave Murdock amazing foster care and taught him many things! Merry Christmas Murdock and Happy Birthday Dad (whose birthday is on Christmas)!

Layla/Sullivan - ADOPTED
12/21/15 - ADOPTED! Precious little Layla has been adopted to a local family. This puppy was so sick with Parvo, but fought it like a warrior with the help of VCA Becker and their caring staff who personally nursed her back to health (special thanks to Kelly!). Her doting new parents fell in love at first hug as you can see in the picture, and she has a work at home dad and lots of vacations with them to look forward to. Layla is now called Sullivan, and will be a cutie pie when she's all grown up! Merry Christmas lucky girl! Send us updates!

Cody II/Brody - Rainbow Bridge
May 25, 2018 - Brody is at the Rainbow Bridge. He was greatly loved and cherished and his family will miss him so. 12/14/15 - ADOPTED! Christmas came early for Cody who is now called Brody. This sweet and laid back boy was adopted by a wonderful family who recently lost their beloved golden. They drove five hours to Birmingham to meet him and fell in love with his gentle and sweet disposition. His new mom reports that they love him so much and he is the perfect fit for their family.

Wolfie/Wilco - ADOPTED
12/15/15 - ADOPTED! Darling pup Wolfie, now known as Wilco, has been adopted. He now has a new mom, dad and sister who are sure to spoil him for many, many years. Way to go Wilco! We are so happy for this family.

12/15/15 - ADOPTED! This lucky family welcomed our sweet Treat into their home just in time for the holidays! We foresee many days full of fun, play, kisses and smiles ahead. Congratulations to Treat and his forever family.

Binx/Jake - ADOPTED
12/15/15 - ADOPTED! Sweet little Binx has found his forever home and this family couldn't be happier! They have named him Jake and report that he is loving his new life and they are loving having him in the family. This is what happy looks like!

Jerry II/Luc - ADOPTED
12/10/15 - ADOPTED! After a long recuperation from cleft palate surgery, Jerry II is now Luc and will never be homeless again. This sweetie won the hearts of our North Alabama Coordinator and his wife, also an AGB volunteer, when they picked him up after he was listed on an online trading site. They fostered and nurtured Luc through his recovery and realized he belonged with them forever. And the rest is history. Luc joins AGB alum Beau and another brother Remy and as you can see this is one happy family!

Ripley - ADOPTED
12/10/15 - ADOPTED! Another of our pups has found his forever home! Darling little Ripley loves his new parents and we think this picture proves the feeling is mutual. No doubt their days will be filled with fun, snuggles and kisses from here on out. Enjoy your happily, ever after sweet Ripley!

Eve/Bailey - ADOPTED
12/10/15 - ADOPTED! The only girl pup in our latest litter, Eve, has been adopted! She's a Georgia girl now named Bailey and will have tons of fun with her new family, which includes two kids for her to run and play with. This looks like one happy family to us! Congratulations to them all.

Snickers/Dutch - ADOPTED
12/9/15 - ADOPTED! Our sweet Snickers is the first of his litter to get adopted! Now known as Dutch, he will enjoy not only playing with his human family, but his fur-brother Colby (formerly Chablis) who was adopted from AGB back in 2012. We know many happy days are ahead for this pup and his family. Have a great life Dutch!

Xilo/Clyde - ADOPTED
12/4/15 - ADOPTED! Xilo came to Adopt A Golden Birmingham as a stray, severely under nourished, with worms and infections in both eyes. Our veterinarians performed eye lid surgery and nursed him back to health. Meanwhile, his adoptive family had been watching AGB’s web site for months. Their Golden mix died last winter, leaving that “golden hole”, and their other senior beagle died this Spring. After seeing Xilo’s picture and reading his story, they fell in love. The feeling was mutual for Xilo and he immediately claimed them as his family. When he lay on the floor, pretending to sleep and be a good boy, his tail would not stop wagging (he gave himself away). He now has two great feline friends, a large back yard and plenty of human arms to protect him and love him forever. Way to go Xilo, now known as Clyde Kilwillie!

12/4/15- ADOPTED! Some adoptions are just meant to be. This couple and their two labs recently lost their golden girl, Mandy, who they called Mandy Pandy. When they saw Pandy on AGB’s website, they knew she was meant for them. They drove all the way from Tampa to meet her and had no doubt she was the one for them. Look at the smile on Pandy’s face! She deserves her wonderful new home. Thanks to Pandy's foster family for being so patient with her and giving her the training and socializing she needed.

Barley/Bailey - ADOPTED
12/2/15 - ADOPTED! Beautiful Barley, who came to us at age two with seizures, has found her forever home in Indiana. It took a while to find that special family as she had problems connected to the seizures that had to be pinpointed and solved. Her next challenge will be figuring out how to potty in the snow, but with the help of sister Golden Carly she will be in good hands! Barley is now Bailey because of the similarity in the names of the two dogs, and we have received good reports on her progress after a few days of seizures, which are thought to be triggered by change of environment. Many thanks to the Steenwyk family who figured out some key issues during their foster time with her. Much luck in Hoosier country Bailey!

Cinnamon II/Louis - RAINBOW BRIDGE
7/1/17 - The Bridge has gained another Golden angel. Louis (AGB Cinnamon) was 10 years old when he was adopted nearly two years ago. Louis was there for the birth of his family's first child and was so sweet with him. He was best friends with the family's Calico and loved getting his regular spa day at the groomer. His family says Louis was the sweetest dog and it was a blessing to have him as part of the family for almost two years. Run free sweet boy. _______________________________________________________ 11/23/15 - ADOPTED! Senior guy Cinnamon, now Louis, has found his forever home. This couple and their dog Murphy all fell in love with him at the last meet/greet. Cinnamon had been surrendered because his owner moved into a nursing home and could not take him. Murphy was so excited to have a buddy he lathered him with kisses and literally jumped up and down all night! Thank you Lisa for the foster for several months. Looks like a very happy family.

11/20/15 - ADOPTED! Oscar is the third AGB dog this year who has found his forever home in New England! Heart worm positive Oscar was surrendered to AGB by his owners who were moving and couldn't take him. He waited patiently through his heart worm treatment knowing there was a perfect adopter for him. A kind family from New England saw him and knew he was the perfect boy for them. He will now have all the attention a dog could ever want. Have you ever seen a bigger smile on a dog's face? He knew he was going home! A big thank you to our fosters and volunteers who helped make this long distance adoption possible. Hooray for Oscar!!

Isadora/Winnie - ADOPTED
11/19/15 - ADOPTED! Little Isadora, now called Winnie, has found her forever home. Her family reports that she is so lovable, snuggly, spunky, and perfect for them. She hangs out at work with her new mom nearly every day and is already so popular at the office. Her new mom says she is just precious and brings a smile and an "aww" to everyone she meets - she will just crawl right up in their laps. Way to go Winnie!

Yogi/Argos - ADOPTED
11/19/15 - ADOPTED! Beautiful, white puppy Yogi, described as a Golden/Husky mix (look at those ears!), has been adopted to a local family who are great supporters and also volunteer sometimes for AGB. They adopted Bruno and Zoe , also in the picture, in 2012. Yogi is now Argos and is reported to be the smartest dog ever! Zoe took to him immediately, but Bruno at first was not happy about another man in the family. It didn't take long to get everybody on the same wagon, so Yogi is prancing with the big dogs now. We will see you around Argos!

Jessie - ADOPTED
11/13/15 - ADOPTED! Jessie, who was surrendered to AGB by her owners because they felt they couldn't give her the time and attention she deserved, has found her forever home with a sweet family from Mississippi. What a gem this dog is now that she is getting the attention she needed! Mom and Dad both stay at home with her and the grandkids adore her. Jessie is the center of their world and will soon be used as a comfort dog at nursing homes and children's hospitals. Thanks to John and Elaine for fostering her!

Astro/Cayman - ADOPTED
11/10/15 - ADOPTED! We don’t think we've ever seen more excited adopters than Astro’s new parents! Astro, now called Cayman, was welcomed to Florida by friends & family & instantly stole the hearts of everyone. His new mom is in medical school & says he's the best study buddy ever. He has a wonderful back yard with space to run & squirrels to chase. We couldn’t be happier for this sweet boy!

Squirt/Jack - ADOPTED
11/9/15 - ADOPTED! Our famous chicken chaser, Squirt, has been adopted to Montgomery. Now called Jack, he has stay at home parents, a granddaughter and her dog who visit often, and twice daily walks in addition to playing in the large back yard. Squirt appears to be a beautiful Flat Coated Retriever and his golden eyes are just stunning. His new parents say he is loving their area as it is a squirrel haven! Keep running Jack, and have fun in your new life!

11/7/15 - ADOPTED! Vic, the handsome three year old stray, has found his forever home! His family sent a picture with him sitting up on new dad's lap that said "we love him, and we think he likes us!" Vic was skittish and a little shy when he came to AGB, so it's great to see the difference that a little time and attention makes. Come to some events Vic, we'd love to see you again!

11/3/15 - ADOPTED! Three year old Belle, who came to AGB after being found at a construction site, has found her forever home! Belle instantly loved her new human sister, and Mom reports she is being just wonderful with her. Belle gets to accompany Mom to work each day, where she plays with AGB alum Buster (who belongs to our Adoption Team member Jenny). What a great life for the sweet girl now named Belle BeautY! Thanks to Vicki and John for fostering.

Cotton TD/Dave - ADOPTED
10/31/15 - ADOPTED! Our sweet and laid back Cotton, now called Dave, now has the most wonderful life. He goes to work every day with his mom and dad and sleeps by his mom’s chair and even follows her to meetings within their office. His new mom said that everyone in the office is happier now that Dave works with them! After living on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, Dave deserves nothing less!

10/28/15 - ADOPTED! Ten year old Sally found her forever home through our Senior to Senior program. This couple met Sally at the last meet and greet and decided she would be a great addition to their family. Sure enough, she fit right in and has met lots of friends and family, all of whom adore her. We love these senior dog adoptions, and thanks to everybody who helped Sally get to her new home. Enjoy your new life Sally!

10/27/15 - ADOPTED! Two year old Cooper has hit the jackpot on the Panhandle. He has his own pool, two other Goldens that play with him, two children and a Mom who love him to death. They baked a "Gotcha Day" peanut butter and carrot cake for him and you can see the mouths watering for a bite! What a great life Cooper! Enjoy!

Dancer/Josie - ADOPTED
10/23/15 ADOPTED! Cute little Dancer, who was starved for love and willing to give lots of it back, has found a new family and they have been getting lots of attention on their daily walks! Now called Josie, this little beauty appears to be a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, which is not often seen around these parts. We are very happy for this year old stray who danced and pranced into the hearts of this young couple. Have a happy life Josie!

Gabi/Prissy - ADOPTED
10/23/15 - ADOPTED! One year old Gabi came to AGB from a shelter and had a very bad wound on her neck, as if someone had left a collar that was too small on her for too long. After getting that all healed up, she was introduced to this couple from East Alabama at the last meet/greet, and all instantly fell for each other. They already had her new name tag with "Prissy" engraved because they were so sure she was the one! She is a beautiful little girl and new parents are just thrilled with her, saying "this just feels so right." Many hugs to you Miss Prissy!

3/19/16 - We are saddened to learn of the passing of one of our beautiful alumni, Abbey (formerly AGB Fawn). Eight year old Abbey came to us from a shelter last summer. She was heartworm positive and her adoptive family waited ever so patiently for her to finish her treatment and the adoption became official last October. They also adopted AGB Elise, now Layla, last year and gave both girls a loving, caring family. While Abbey was not with her family nearly long enough, we know the last 6 months of her life were the happiest. No matter what she experienced earlier in life, she left this world knowing love, compassion and joy. Run free at The Bridge sweet Abbey. You take a piece of our hearts with you. ________________________________________ 10/22/15 - ADOPTED! Fawn, now Abbey, was surrendered to a shelter by her owners and the shelter called AGB to help this scared, sweet girl. Abbey's new family met her right after she came to AGB and patiently waited for her to finish her heart worm treatment. Fawn's new sister is AGB alum Elise who now goes by Layla. Abbey is loving her new life with her sweet family.

Camelia/Mollie TD - ADOPTED
10/22/15 - ADOPTED! This family fell in love with Turkey dog Camelia on AGB's website. Their young dog had lost his companion and playmate and was in desperate need of a new friend. Camelia, now Mollie, arrived at her new home in Florida, and she and new brother Buddy started playing and haven't stopped except to eat or sleep. What a lucky girl this little Turkey dog is! Way to go Mollie!

Bentley IV - ADOPTED
10/16/15 - ADOPTED! Bentley has found his forever home in the Georgia mountains. Bentley was an owner turn in, and at a year old he needed an energy outlet his previous family could not provide. He now has a stay at home mom and dad, grandkids who visit often, and a four legged sibling that he is thoroughly enjoying. He made A+ at his obedience training and is becoming quite the gentleman. New mom says "he's mine; he's not going anywhere!" Special thanks to Jeff and Val for fostering Bentley and loving him as your own.

Peaches/Lady TD - ADOPTED
10/14/15 - ADOPTED! This adorable family from north Alabama fell in love with our sweet little Turkey dog Peaches, now called Lady, and knew she would be perfect for their family. Lady agreed and settled in to her new life immediately. She gets all the love and attention any dog could want and is truly the Lady of the house.

Saxby/Baxby - ADOPTED
10/14/15 - ADOPTED! Saxby, now called Baxby, who was found wandering the streets, thin, matted, dirty, and injured, never has to worry about anything again. His foster dad nursed him back to health, gradually getting him to go from walking only a few minutes to running with a stiff gait, and also getting his other health issues resolved. He was glad to give Saxby a good home while we searched for a permanent family. Well, the little white face finally won foster dad over and he decided to make it permanent. That's Baxby on the left and brother Toby (also adopted from AGB) on the right. Way to go Baxby!

10/13/15 - ADOPTED! Bobo was taken to a shelter after his beloved owner passed away. Someone at the shelter fell in love with this sweet and special boy and after seeing how scared he was, she called us. This nice couple recently lost their golden and knew he was the one for them. They waited patiently as Bobo recovered from surgery and were thrilled when they got the call saying he was ready to go home. Bobo, who is now called Bo, has two doting parents and a cat who all think he is very special. Enjoy your life in Tennessee sweet Bo!

Cappy/Casper - ADOPTED
10/9/15 - ADOPTED! Young Cappy, who came to AGB after his owners could no longer keep him, has found his forever home. Cappy, now known as Casper, has already created an inseparable bond with is new Mom & Dad. We couldn't be happier for this family. Enjoy your new life Casper!

Samson/Remy -ADOPTED
10/8/15 - ADOPTION # 400! Samson was adopted by the same family who recently lost their precious AGB alum Molly to cancer. This family believes they have hit the jackpot with their three year old bundle and as you can see in the photo there's plenty of Golden love there! Samson, now called Remy, goes everywhere with mom and can't wait until two legged sister and dad get home every day to give him even more attention. Way to go Remy!

10/7/15 ADOPTED! Nine year old Lola has found her forever home in south Alabama. This very kind young couple have the heart to adopt seniors and report Lola has made their life complete. You can tell from the big smile on Lola's face that she picked the right home! Wishing many happy years ahead for this sweet girl and her new family!

10/7/15 ADOPTED! Sweet, smart and loving Bo has found his forever home! The staff at AGB's vet clinic fell in love with his sweet and affectionate disposition and knew he would be a wonderful addition to someone’s home. Bo’s new mom recently retired and came to AGB looking for a sweet dog to add to her home. She and Bo met and bonded right away. Bo now has a big yard and a new mom he adores. Way to go Bo!

9/14/15 - ADOPTED! Riley was surrendered by a family who loved her but couldn’t take her when they moved to a new city. A couple who had been waiting for a girl about her age loved Riley the minute they saw her. Obviously, it was mutual...Riley was so excited to go with them, we had to take a picture in the van! She slept soundly the entire 2 hour drive to her new town but woke up full of energy and happy to be home!

Millie Doodle - ADOPTED
9/28/15 - ADOPTED! Four year old Millie has found her forever family! She gained a black Doodle and a silver Doodle as new sisters. Her new family waited for the right new girl for years, and had ironically planed on naming the new dog Millie after new Mom's mother. Within minutes of meeting her they knew she was the one, so Silly Millie moved right in. She is enjoying her buddies and especially her weekend freedom at the lake, and the three dogs get quite the attention on their daily walks! New dad says "that dog makes me smile just looking at her!"

Elise/Layla - ADOPTED
9/15/15 ADOPTED! Scared, skinny and hungry Elise was found in the woods by a kind man who contacted AGB. After being bathed to get rid of fleas and ticks and treated by a vet, Elise now Layla, met this wonderful couple and couldn’t get close enough to them! She seemed to be telling them, “please take me home with you.” They heard her and she is loving her new life with a warm bed and plenty of food and love!

7/31/18 - Precious Duke developed a kidney problem and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He was one of a kind. 9/13/18 - ADOPTED - Shortly after he came to AGB, beautiful, young Duke met this nice couple who had recently lost their beloved golden. They brought their daughter and grand daughter along to meet Duke, and he loved all four! You can tell by the smiles that the feeling is mutual. He now lives in Montgomery but spends lots of time at the beach. What a happy life Duke will have with this couple!

Murphy (puppy) - ADOPTED
9/21/15 - ADOPTED! Little 13 pounder Murphy, found on the side of the road near Cheaha, was adopted and moved to Georgia. New Mom, Dad and two daughters fell in love with his puppy personality and after thinking it over for a few hours decided he was the one. Who couldn't fall for that fuzzy face?

9/26/15 - ADOPTED! Baron, the handsome Turkey dog who stole everyone's hearts with his sweet personality, found his forever home with a retired couple who will dote on him and take him to visit local children's homes. Baron will enjoy his new life on a farm with lots of room to run and play with his new brother who was recently adopted from a rescue in Georgia. Thanks to Baron's fosters and all the AGB volunteers helped him along the way!

9/24/15 - ADOPTED! Turkey dog Magic has been adopted to a returning AGB adoptive family. They adopted Logan back in 2012. Magic is surrounded by love and enjoying having a big four legged brother to show her the ropes. She also can't get enough petting from the three children! Send pictures Magic. Thanks to Amy and family for fostering her and helping her adjust to life in America.

9/24/15 - ADOPTED! This is an adoption announcement everyone has been waiting to see for quite some time. Trixie came to AGB back in March. She was very sweet but was extremely shy at every meet and greet. Trixie attended a meet with former AGB orphan Nate (now Neo) and both dogs got along great. Like Oreo's and milk. At the time though new mom and dad having 2 cats, thought 2 dogs would be to much. After a couple of months passed they could not get Trixie out of their minds. They contacted AGB and now they are one big happy family. Two dogs, two cats and mom and dad. Big thanks to Kendall and James for fostering Trixie and helping her get over her fear of the TV and for loving her the whole time she was with them. A great ending for 2 AGB orphans.

Ava/Molly - ADOPTED
9/27/15 ADOPTED! Two year old Ava, now known as Molly, has gone to Auburn and has finally found her permanent doggy bed. With two great kids and a stay at home mom, she is getting all the attention she could ever want. New Mom says: "She is so sweet with the boys and they adore her! She sleeps well, eats well, loves going for walks and loves her play time in the back yard! We are lucky to have her and I think she is pretty happy here too."

11/2/15 Today, we received this sad news from Tanner's foster Mom. Tanner,9, was with them just a little over a month and stole their hearts in no time at all. Our sincerest thanks go out to Tanner's foster family for taking him into their home and hearts and for making sure his last days were wonderful and filled with love. "It is through my tears of despair that I write to tell you about our beloved Tanner. He decided cold, damp winter was not going to be his thing. He's been doing really good up until last week. He gradually ate less and less, still loved being outside each day with the others and would still go into the pool each morning. Last night I slept on the couch beside his bed so I could reach over and rub him and let him know we were all there with him. All his "brothers " were beside him as well. It was our last night together and we loved him through it. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge early this morning and is free and happy now. We thank you again for allowing us to share the last days with beautiful, gentle soul and we in turn gave him a loving home and a spot in our hearts. He just didn't stay long enough."

Luke III/Moose - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Sep 21st!!! Sweet and lovable Luke, now Moose, met his new family and won their hearts with his smile and personality. Even shy Daisy who was rescued too, loves him and is actually learning to play. Moose is loving life with 4 children and a four legged sister!

Hello friends, Ally here, remember me? I came to AGB this summer with my brother AJ & I was sick with heartworms. I could have died & I was very scared. Well, thanks to you awesome folks, I’m not sick anymore! You donated the money & AGB’s doctors gave me the medicine I needed & now I’m all well & ready to go with AJ to our forever family. We are both 2 years old & AJ weighs 57 lbs. & I am just 47 lbs. I’m a girl & AJ is a boy. We have been together our whole lives & are looking for a family to adopt both of us since we are bonded & love each other so much. We love kids, car rides, walks, swimming & we get along well with all the other AGB dogs we have met. We are both playful, but gentle too. We know some basic commands already, but we are very smart so if you want to teach us more things, we would love to learn. We know we are not Goldens, but we have golden hearts! We have so much love to give & promise to be your best friends for life. If you have enough love in your heart for the two of us, we hope you will contact AGB & ask to meet us, Ally & AJ.

Hello friends, AJ here, just giving you an update. You might recall I came to AGB with my sister Ally. We are both 2 years old & I weigh 57 lbs. & Ally is just 47 lbs. I’m a boy & Ally is a girl. We have been with AGB all summer & they have had time to get to know us & to help Ally get rid of the nasty old heartworms she had when we got here. By the way, Ally & I want to thank all the AGB Angels who donated money to pay for her treatment. You guys rock & we are so grateful! Now we are ready to be adopted & start our new, happy lives with our forever family. We have always been together & are looking for a family to adopt both of us since we are bonded & love each other so much. AGB says we are both very sweet & smart. We know some basic commands, but they feel we would be easy to train if you want us to learn more. We are both gentle when we take our treats & we have gotten along very well with the other dogs here. We love kids, car rides, walks & swimming. We know we are not Goldens, but we have so much love to give & promise to be your best friends for life. If you have enough love in your heart for the two of us, we hope you will contact AGB & ask to meet us, AJ & Ally.

Wally/Miles - ADOPTED
9/6/15 - ADOPTED! Four year old Wally (on the right, the super white fluffy boy full of love and kisses, was adopted to north Alabama after completing his heart worm treatment. What a love bug he is. His name is now Miles which might translate into Smiles which this dog is full of. It’s amazing how many super dogs we get at AGB, and Wally is certainly one of the memorable. Wally now has not only a new mom and dad but a sister and fur buddy also.

Violet - ADOPTED
9/6/15 - ADOPTED! Two year old Violet was found tied to a shelter gate - thank goodness she wasn’t turned out on the streets. No telling why she was left, but she has hit the jackpot with two loving children, parents and a cat. They take her on long daily walks and runs and have started working with a trainer. Violet acknowledges that life in air conditioning is definitely the way to go.

ADOPTED Sep 4th!! Dazzling Taz, the dog raised next to a real live Tiger in a cage, was adopted to south Alabama. The adoption shot makes him look scared, but Taz just gets really attached to his humans and was looking for the vet techs that cared for him so much. New mom reports he is giving kisses and is just super loving and wonderful - even more than they anticipated. I hope they send pictures as he relaxes more and more in his home environment with fellow adopted Golden. This nine year old was a very,very special boy.

Faith II/Sophie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Aug 24th!! Our sweet little angel, Faith, came to us from a breeder who couldn't keep her because she had health issues. Her timid and sweet personality stole the hearts of our volunteers. Her new mom lost her dog one night and saw Faith on our website the next morning, and she knew they were meant to be together. Faith, now Sophie, has a sister, Bella, and an adoring new mom who both love her.

Buttercup/Sadie - ADOPTED
8/23/15 - ADOPTED! Another special, sweet two year old former stray was adopted today to the Florida panhandle. Buttercup now has a sister doggie and a cat, a pool, and the beach right outside her door. Buttercup is now named Sadie and is checking out her new stay-at-home mom in the photo. Her new human brother (also pictured) lives in Birmingham and met Buttercup for mom and dad prior to the official meet with the whole family. Mom reports she is super smart, and is learning to swim. We love you Sadie. Send us lots of updates!

Flash/Murphy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Aug 18th!! Nine month old Flash, now Murphy, was given away by his owners. A kind family took him in but couldn't keep him because their house was full. His new mom had recently lost one of her dogs, and she and her golden, Mia, knew they needed another dog. They fell in love with this golden/corgi mix and the feeling is mutual. This sweet and affectionate boy will know nothing but love now!

Savannah II - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Aug 17th!! Sweet, silly, 10 year old Savannah, once the belle of her mom's Facebook page, hit a bit of a glitch in her happy life when her owner passed away and she found herself in a shelter. Although matted and dirty, she was recognized in the shelter and miraculously found her way to AGB. Now she has a tiny little dog friend and a cat to keep her company while the family is away, and as you can see from the pictures she has never stopped that ever present smile and great attitude about life. What a role model Savannah is! We hope to have pictures when her hair grows out from the necessary shaving. She's a beauty, inside and out. Way to go Savannah!

Jodi/Molly - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Aug 13th!! Cute faced little Jodi has been adopted now that she is fully recovered from her heart worm treatment. She was found in Alabaster the beginning of May and was chipped, but when the owners were called they said they had given her away and did not want her back. This is hard to believe because Jodi, now known as Molly, is one of the most loving dogs ever. She enjoys a stay at home mostly mom and two cats - one is her best bud, the other still coming around - and at four years old is having fun with the Costco packaging! Be good Molly!

Lettie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Aug 10th!! Little Love Bug Lettie, 10 month old stray with the sweetest brown eyes ever, was adopted over the weekend to a north Alabama family (thanks for the HC Jim!). Dianne and Dan fostered her and helped get some of her issues under control, and when poodle Ceillie and Lettie met it was instant BBF. Lettie gets to visit the horse barn and has loved all the animals, and when the barn goat Shreck wouldn't get up and play with her as usual, she barked and barked at him to get up! Come play! New mom has this to add: "In true retriever style, Lettie takes toys out of the two dog toy baskets and spreads them all over the three dog beds, floor, and takes them outside with her. We just have to get used to retrieving them all at the end of the night. Dogs never seem to get the hang of putting the toys back!" We never get tired of updates Lettie, so keep on sending!

Tanner III/Murphy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Aug 6th!!! Baby Tanner, seven months of furry, was adopted today to the most thrilled family I have seen in a while. Now known as Murphy, he was in a shelter and brought to AGB. Tanner will be a regular at the beach and his little feet have barely touched the ground since they got him. He has a new brother Louis and a host of family who delight in him too, as you can see from the second photo. They say everybody smiles when they see him! Love the luv bugs!

Ulee/Cyrus - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Aug 6TH!! Beautiful little Ulee, now Cyrus, came to AGB from a shelter who told us, “He is very affectionate and loves people”. This was evident when he met his new family! He immediately loved each one of them and couldn’t get enough of the children. His new family said they feel like they have had him forever and have even taken him to visit his grandparents who have an Adopt A Golden Atlanta alum.

Rascal - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jul 30th!! Rascal lived in Baton Rouge with a young man's family since he was a puppy, and when the man went to college, the father inherited sole care of him. He then was kept in a cage under the deck, and when the father decided to give him up, he was led into the vet on a rope. The kind lady who adopted Jane was planning on driving to Birmingham to meet her in a couple of days, so she took Rascal after paying for his shots and neuter, and after arrangements with AGB, brought him here for us. When 2 year old Rascal showed up in Bham, he knew he was being turned in again. He had this big bright smile on his face which dropped to complete sadness when he saw the kennel tech at the car. I was there and it just broke my heart. But, he soon perked up with the friends he met at the vet and went almost immediately into foster with Mike for his heart worm treatment. Mike had wanted to adopt, and we knew this was going to be a definite foster failure! Rascal is now the happy, bouncy, big, beautiful boy he was meant to be, and he is sure to give Mike plenty of entertainment and joy.

Hoss/Chief Buddy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jul 29th!!! So.....foster volunteer Jeff is in Tennessee with his AGB shirt on drinking a cup of coffee somewhere, when a person comes up to him and says basically "hey I have a Golden in foster - can you take him?" The wheels turned quickly for this 4 year old who was found on a rural road dragging a board and a heavy chain. This is one of the sweetest dogs we have had and it is hard to imagine why anyone would tie him out like that. Thankfully he had the Hoss power behind his 101 pounds to escape! His new parents fell in love with him at last month's meet/greet so as soon as he was medically cleared they took him home. Hoss is now Chief Buddy and supervises the Pupcakes at the Bakery they own. He has started his diet and will have to resist licking any icing or other goodies! Thanks Jeff for being spot-on and bringing this love to Bham. See you at the Bakery, Chief (or should that be Chef?)!

ADOPTED Jul 28th!!! Sweet and beautiful Sadie was heartbroken when her owner moved and she was surrendered to a shelter. Her new owner had just lost his dog to cancer and fell in love with Sadie when he saw her. When he is not working from home, he is working on his farm, so Sadie will be with him every minute. His neighbor even wrote to us to tell us what a wonderful home Sadie would have. We agree! Thank you Beth for fostering her!!

Marshall - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jul 27th!! Our fence jumper, big Marshall, was adopted Saturday by AGB foster failure volunteers Richard and Cheryl, who also adopted Harry/Buddy in January. This two year old was unclaimed by his former owner after being picked up by animal control twice. Everybody loved handsome Marshall, but he had to have a six foot or taller fence since he is so attracted to the critters of the world. He was also fostered by Jack and Leann, and thanks to them and to Jim for driving him down to Birmingham back in April. He is very sweet and gentle, and is proving to be a good influence on Buddy! That's Buddy on left, Marshall on right, two happy boys on the ranch. Good luck Marshall, and stay in the fence!

Lincoln - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jul 22nd!! Big boy Lincoln, the gentle giant, was adopted out to Huntsville this week. Lincoln was a 1 year old stray who came to AGB from a shelter. He has two doggie siblings now and a cute young couple for parents. Thanks to Suzanne and family for the foster, and to Jim for the home visit. Happy cuddles, Lincoln!

Nate/Neo - ADOPTED
ADOPTED JUL 14TH!! Beautiful, photogenic Nate, the three year old who came to us in February, is adopted out to north Alabama. Nate was with us a while because he required a 6 foot fence as he kept leaving his foster homes to visit other places! He now known as Neo, and has cats and parents who love him dearly. They report he has already taken over the bed at night. Thanks to all who fostered him so that he did not have to stay in the kennel, and to Jim for the Home Check. We love you pretty boy!

Maggie Mae - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jul 15th!!! Not only was yesterday Lorraine's birthday, it was also the day they adopted their first "daughter" Maggie Mae! Turned in at age two because she sheds, this stunning cream girl went immediately from the shelter to foster at the Donald's due to severe kennel stress. L&L have already adopted Bentley and Cooper and really didn't need another dog, but Maggie Mae just brought something into their home and hearts that they could not give up. What a very happy birthday present you are Maggie Mae! See you soon!

ADOPTED Jul 7th!!! Zelda, with the movie star sized personality, was adopted today. She was found on the church steps at 6 months, and weighing only 12 pounds was a "mini Golden" if there is such a thing. This little priss ruled the roost everywhere she went, and was fostered by Kendall and husband with help from AGB orphan Trixie. Mom wrote to me: "We are all so in love with our little Zelda. We took her on her first official family walk last night. When our 12 yo decided to run the last 1/3 of a mile home, Zelda pulled me to run so she could catch up with her new buddy. She loves the boys. 7-7 Gotcha Day!!! What a lucky day for us!!!! " Dad fell in love with her cute flip ear and was the one to buy her pink food and water bowls. Way to go Zelda - wrap them up around your little furry fingers!

Delta Dawn - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jul 13th!!! Miss Delta Dawn was adopted Friday to a couple who drove 14 hours round trip from Arkansas! They had been searching for months in their area for a Golden, but when they saw her picture it was an immediate attraction. DD, age seven, was an owner turn in and kept mostly outside so she is thunder phobic, and wouldn't you know a massive storm swept through B'ham as we were signing papers - lots of huffing and puffing and trying to escape so there are no surprises now! They report she is an absolute doll and they both love her to pieces, and she goes everywhere with them. Take care Delta!

Mimi/Shelby Ann - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jul 2nd!! Three year old Mimi, owner turn in because she had too many dogs, was adopted early this week to a sweet young couple who met her at the last Meet/Greet. Mimi is now an "only child" so she will never have to worry about being one of too many again. Mom works at home so they are enjoying walks and fun times with extended family as well. Many thanks to Susie and family for fostering her through her Heartworm treatment. Happy Fourth Mimi, now Shelby Ann, and AGB!!!

Noodles/Macy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jun 29th!!! Noodles, now Macy, was picked up by animal control at age 18 months. Although she was microchipped, the owner could not be found. This gorgeous dog received a deposit immediately from an AGB volunteer who had been waiting for a while for just such a dog. The family fostered her through her heart worm treatment, and now she is officially adopted! We know we will get to see her again at events since her new Mom is very active with AGB. Macy has a cat and granddog to keep her company as well as her two sister humans. Thanks to Dianne for transport to the cat/dog meet!

ADOPTED Jun 29th!!! Ten year old Sweet Baby Jane, owner turn in due to a new baby, has been adopted out to Baton Rouge. Jane was terribly thin and had been crated much of the time, so she was fostered by Janet, Lisa, and the Dooley's in order to spend as little time as possible in the kennels. Jane has trained her new Mom to give her plenty of treats and how to walk her properly on the leash with new brother Marley. She is just what this adopter needed, is much loved now, and as you can see in the photo, has her very own Vera Bradley bag for all her doggie business! Nothing but the best for this girl for the rest of her life.

ADOPTED Jun 25th!! Puppy Yaya had a deposit on her the moment she walked in the door at 8 weeks after being found on a road in rural Alabama. This little dynamo quickly took over the vet clinic and refused to be ignored, so they finally built her a little corral up front so she could meet and greet everybody. New parents and Grandmother drove 20 hours round trip from Sarasota, FL and Yaya wasted no time wrapping them around her little white tipped paws! This impish baby has the biggest personality I've ever seen in a puppy, and I can't wait to see pictures of her as she grows up. Many kisses Yaya, and enjoy the beach!

Dixie III/Piper - ADOPTED
ADOPTED June 24th!! Dixie came in at age three and heart worm positive after being abandoned by her owner and consequently tied to a tree at the house she was left at. The roommate/owner of the house was afraid she would jump the fence and had other dogs, so she turned her into AGB. This stunning dog was met by her new mom in April and fostered by her through her heart worm treatment. She now lives in Atlanta with brother Manny. Dixie is renamed Piper, and is beginning to pick up a little on the exercise routine after a long recovery period. You two cuties have fun this summer!

Darwin - ADOPTED
ADOPTED June 24th!! Who can resist that face? 1 year old Darwin came to us with a broken leg, and was from the same family as AGB alum Ruby IV. They were raised on a farm with pigs, chickens, and goats, so he learned early in life to get along with everybody. Darwin found his new people at the last Meet/Greet, and will be assessed to be a service dog. We expect him to pass those credentials, but even if he doesn't, they want him as a great family dog! They are very in love with each other as you see from the big smiles on all three. Thanks Dan and Julie, then Mike and Cheryl, for fostering Darwin and getting him back to health as his broken leg was mended. Hugs to you Darwin!

Xandra/Josie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jun 23rd! Solid white 6 month old Xandra, found the first of May, was adopted to Sarasota, Florida. As you can see, she adores big brother, and learned some respect for the older Golden when he taught her some manners at the first meeting! They are all now playing happily together and sleeping end to end. Renamed Josie, she has started obedience training and is proving to be a very smart gal. Good luck little one!

ADOPTED Jun 22nd!! Two year old Ritz met his new mom and they immediately shared kisses on the mouth - she is a dental hygienist so I'm sure she is not worried about germs! It truly was love at first sight - she got on the floor immediately and he was in her lap, looking at her adoringly as you can see. This sweet lady has had a lot of loss of loved ones, humans and pets, lately, but Ritz is now the light of her life. Thanks to Jennifer for transporting him to AGB from animal control in East AL and to the Dooley's who fostered him lovingly through Heartworm recuperation. Dan kept telling me if I didn't get him adopted soon, they were going to adopt him as he is such a great dog. Send pictures Ritz, and keep smiling!

10/27/15 - RAINBOW BRIDGE - LUKE II Friends, we are saddened to tell you that our dear, sweet, 15 year old Luke has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Luke came to us in an emergency situation this summer due to his owner passing away unexpectedly. Luke needed a loving, permanent foster who had no stairs and could dote on this sweet fella for the rest of his days and make sure his medical needs were met. AGB volunteers wasted no time finding that perfect family in Huntsville, in the same neighborhood he was already living in, and Luke was welcomed into his new home in mid-June. Luke enjoyed the love and affection of his new parents, playing with his new fur-sister Lily, and having his college bound human sister to spoil him rotten all summer. Our sincere thanks go out to Carrie, Greg & Shannon for taking in this senior boy when his world turned upside down and making sure his last few months were filled with all the love, joy and belly rubs he had become accustomed to for so long with his former family. Run free at the bridge with friends and family sweet Luke. You'll have a place in our hearts forever.

ADOPTED June 16th!! Reba, our six year old stray, was sweetly fostered by the Steenwyk family and AGB adoptee Dori - thanks all! Reba looks so sweet and feminine next to Buster's all-male look! This sweet couple and their golden, Buster, needed another golden in the family after losing their 11 year old golden girl. They met our beautiful Reba and fell in love with her but had to wait for her to finish her heart worm treatment, so Buster could give his approval. Reba and Buster hit it off instantly and now they are a happy family of four.

Willow - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jun 16th!! Little 10 month old Willow, found running down a road by a good Samaritan, has been adopted to Baton Rouge, LA. This shy girl had no idea what it was like to be inside until she was fostered by Lisa and Mary Lee - thank you! She is now happily wagging her tail as hard as she can over everyone who comes to meet her, and has started with a Personal Trainer to get her in manners shape! They are keeping her name as they say it suits her. Sweet dog, sweet family. Bye Bye wee little Willow!

Star/Lula - ADOPTED
ADOPTED June 12th!!! Cutie pie Star, our 11 month old Lab mix, was adopted to Montgomery this week. She now has two cat siblings; one is a fast friend but the other is still debating things. Now known as Lula, this smiling girl is bringing a lot of joy to a very kind lady. She intended to adopt a Senior dog, but I told her there was something about Star that I thought would make her happy. Sure enough, when she reluctantly met her and thought about it over night, she said "this isn't at all what I THOUGHT I wanted, but she is EXACTLY what I need!" Lula is enjoying walks, ball-throwing, and visits with the neighborhood dogs. Thanks to Kathy and family for your loving foster of this true Star. Keep smiling Lula!

ADOPTED June 10th!! We are so happy to announce the adoption of Pete, a 3-4 year old stray. Pete came in snuggly and happy from Tuscaloosa, and with his Goldendoodle or Terrier look received lots of attention but we needed the perfect environment for him. He now has these two great parents and three other dogs that he won over immediately. Val and Jeff were the patient fosters of Pete, nursing him through treatment of his skin condition - thank you so much! Expect to see some Facebook football fun from these two families. Adorable Pete, you hit the jackpot!!!

Saban/Samford - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jun 4th!! Saban, now Samford, was one of those special owner turn in dogs at age 1.5 due to health and downsizing issues of the owners. We had this lady waiting for months for a dog like Saban, so when she walked into the vet sobbing I was afraid she had buyer’s remorse! Instead, she said she was just overcome with emotion after waiting so long for the perfect dog for her. She was able to dry her tears long enough for the picture, but this was one happy adoption for mom and her new best friend. "Samford's new mom had been waiting for the right dog to come along after losing her beloved Maggie to cancer. She met Samford and it was love at first sight for both of them. He now has a mom who will be home with him all summer and a neighborhood full of children and dogs. “ Happiness all around!

ADOPTED Jun 3rd! Nine month old owner turn in Ruby IV has been adopted to Atlanta. That’s her on the left. Ruby now has a new doggie sibling that she loves so much they are frequently seen holding paws as they sleep. John and Elaine had been fostering her and thank you so much for that! Ruby is sure to have her happily ever after now. Take care sweet girl!

Ty/Riley - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jun 8th!! Three year old shelter dog Ty, now Riley, has been adopted to North Alabama. He has a new best dog buddy and tons of attention all day. This is a darling dog, and thanks to Mike for fostering.

Scotty/Ollie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jun 1st!! I don’t know who is cuter in this picture, man or dog! Three year old Scotty came to us Heart Worm positive AND with a broken leg in February. We had the somewhat difficult task of finding a foster that would keep him calm through the heart worm treatments as well as rehabilitate the leg. One of our volunteers had been telling me about this young man who put his application in during January, and he turned out to be just the perfect fit for Scotty, now known as Ollie. Since then, Lane has become a volunteer for the Golden Opportunities event, so we are twofold happy for this adoption! Thanks Lane for all of your hard work and dedication, and we look forward to seeing both of you again soon!

Queen/Goldie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jun 1st!! Our eight year old reigning beauty Queen has been adopted to a local family with two children who adore her. They have been working with Aaron on abdicating the throne and things are going really well. Now called simply “Goldie,” she looks forward to daily walks and afternoon playtime. The family has been on the go and has not been able to get a group shot, but I hope to send one to Facebook soon. We’re so happy this pretty girl finally has loving arms around her.

ADOPTED Jun 1st!! Sweet puppies Buffy and Bounce got to stay together and inherited a seven year old sister and twelve year old dog, who is expressing joy at this adoption too! These spunky little imps came to us through a connection from another AGB adoption, and won the prize of Most Adorable pups in a while. They also have the distinction of being AGB Adoptions numbers 349 and 350! So far they have kept the names and mom is busily house breaking and training. Can’t wait to see pictures of these cuties in a year!

Bounce - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jun 1st!! Sweet puppies Buffy and Bounce got to stay together and inherited a seven year old sister and twelve year old dog, who is expressing joy at this adoption too! These spunky little imps came to us through a connection from another AGB adoption, and won the prize of Most Adorable pups in a while. They also have the distinction of being AGB Adoptions numbers 349 and 350! So far they have kept the names and mom is busily house breaking and training. Can’t wait to see pictures of these cuties in a year!

Lhotse/Lottie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED May 18th!! Lhotse, now Lottie, was brought to AGB because her owners worked long hours and she had to spend a lot of time outside alone which led to a lot of chewing and digging. Lottie took one look at her new mom and chose her immediately. She and her new mom are inseparable and a perfect match. Instead of spending her time alone outside, this little girl now goes to work every day with her mom and sleeps quietly beside her chair.

Sami/Dori - ADOPTED
ADOPTED May 9th!!n Sami was adopted by her foster’s this week who say “she is the perfect dog for us.” Now called Dori, she is four years old and came to us Heart Worm positive. They lovingly nursed her back to health as she stole their hearts. This is one of our wonderful foster families, and they say they will foster again as soon as everybody is settled in and Dori has no restrictions on activities. Pictures say it all and this one speaks volumes. Thanks for taking such great care of her!

Dusty/Remy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED May 10th!! Two year old Dusty (now Remy) was adopted today. He now has a kitty brother and two parents to dote on him. When he first met his new mom, he put his little paw on her leg as if to say I pick you, please be my new mommy. So, off they went. She says he has a great personality and just loves his walks and making doggie friends. Remy, make sure you spoil her for mother’s day with extra doggie kisses! And a few for dad too!

Toby V/Leo - ADOPTED
ADOPTED May 8th!! Sweet, shy nine month old Toby V (now Leo) was adopted by an amazing family today! He came to AGB with no socialization, left to roam the property and with his new family has completely blossomed. He’s learned all kinds of new tricks, including sit, down, and come. He has an older furry brother Duke who is teaching him all of the ropes. They are so excited! Leo also has a human brother and sister and a loving mom and dad who are all spoiling him rotten. This sweet boy is going to have a life full of love and adventures! Have fun Leo! May the fun and adventures never stop!

Quint/Quinn - ADOPTED
ADOPTED May 6th!! Quint, who is now Quinn, has been adopted and is loving the spoiled life of an only child. Everyone he meets falls in love with this big four year old! Thanks Mike for fostering.

Homer & Molly VI - ADOPTED
ADOPTED May 6th!! Molly VI and Homer are now living on the Panhandle with a cat and new mom, and the beach right across the street. They were turned in at the ages of two and three due to allergies of former owner’s child. The two jumped up into the back of the SUV and said “let’s go, and don’t look back!” Good luck sweet babies.....

Jenga/Sadie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Apr 21st!! Seven year old stray Jenga, now Sadie, has been adopted to a very nice lady who has been waiting for months for a dog just like her. She was so excited when I called and told her that her dog was here, she almost drove over that day. Sadie now goes everywhere with her and has quite the fan club - other ladies in the neighborhood bring her doggie treats as an excuse to come visit her! Mom writes she is perfect in every way and says "the only BAD thing she has done is try to steal everyone's heart!" This cute girl walked into AGB smiling and as you can see still is. Be sweet Sadie Lady!

ADOPTED Apr 26th!! Jack, seven years old, turned in because he started killing chickens (or “retrieving them to death” according to the sweet letter the owners sent with him), was adopted last week to this adorable family. They kept telling me they would send a picture with mom included, but a week later I gave up! Guess they are having too much fun with him as the picture shows. Jack is the center of attention as you can see, and from the first day they said it was as if he had been there forever. Keep laughing Jack!

Olive/Lilly - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Apr 22nd!! Darling 9 year old Olive, who was found walking along I-85 and picked up by a good Samaritan, was adopted this week. Olive, now Lilly, follows her mom everywhere, and as you can see she adores dad too. She will be going to the beach and probably the Bahamas on a private plane this summer so she is the envy of the neighborhood! This couple nursed her through the remainder of her HW treatment after Lisa got her through the hardest part - thanks Lisa. Many years of love ahead for you Lilly - wish we could go to the beach with you!

ADOPTED Apr 20th!! Wow! What a transformation! Five year old Daisy came to us from a family that fed her exclusively chicken and cornbread, and you can see from her initial picture to now, she has a very girly figure and waistline! Susie started the diet while her family fostered her during heartworm treatment (thank you Susie!), and her new mom has continued her weight loss as she has been recovering in Mobile area. Mom is totally smitten with her as you can tell from her report: "She LOVES a tennis ball! I throw it the first time and then she plays all by herself with it. She will throw it up in the air and catch it, roll it with her nose and then hit it with her feet (like soccer), roll on her back and take her front paws and play with the ball like a cat! She will sometimes bring it back to me but if I go to pick it up, she snatches it back! She is really so funny! She also brings her "babies" to bed at night (those are her soft squeaky toys). OK, I'll stop now" (We love these fun stories!)

Tahloulah/Lula - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Apr 3rd!! Our girl with the movie star looks went all the way to North Carolina yesterday after a six-hour dog meet. She is to be a Hand-In-Paw dog, so we wanted to make sure the temperament was just right. She will take long walks with doggie sib Gabriel who was very particular about whom he was going to accept! Thanks Mike for the foster, with assistance of Cheryl - they took this shy little baby out of her shell and let her open up to be the sweet, mild beauty she is. Enjoy the mountain air "Lula!"

ADOPTED April 13th!! Big Brucie, "Brutus", Bruce was adopted to a family from Auburn. Bruce was an owner turn-in to a shelter back in February, and Jack and Leanne were almost foster failures several times. Many thanks to them for the weeks of foster. Bruce is just a great, great dog and the family was sure he was theirs before they ever laid eyes on him. We know this family will adore this gentle giant and spoil him rotten and he will have tons of fun playing with his new brothers and cat siblings. Have fun Bruce!

ADOPTED Apr 13th!! This great dog was adopted to the nicest couple last week. Harley came to AGB after the other family dog kept attacking him, and he was kept in a cage outside. When Harley met this couple he did the "leg wrap around the waist" and looked adoringly into his new mother's eyes, imploring her to take him home! Who could resist that? New mom said to be sure and tell everyone that they hit the AGB Adoption Jackpot! Harley goes to work with the couple every day and enjoys being king of the office. You'll never be left alone outside again Harley! See you soon!

ADOPTED Apr 13th!! Puppy Pearl was adopted last week. This family has five children under the age of 8 (there are two year old twins strapped into the baby seats behind them in the picture) and wanted a puppy to grow up with the children. Mom's rationale was "might as well potty train a puppy at the same time as the kids!" The very sweetest part of the adoption was when seven year old Ava, in the second picture, came up to me with a ten dollar bill she had saved from her allowance. She asked me to make sure it went toward the medical care of our doggies. How wonderful is that? Pearl is now in Florida enjoying the back yard and the sand pit, and taking long puppy naps!

Reesie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Apr 13th!! Reesie was adopted Saturday to the Peach state. As you can see, the kids adore her and so does her 4 month old new brother Charley, also a rescue dog. Reesie and Charley became best wrestling buddies after a short walk, and we could hardly separate them long enough to take a picture! Nothing but fun, fun, fun ahead for this family.

ADOPTED Apr 7th!! Ten year old Buddy was surrendered by his family because they have a 14 month old child and another on the way. Lisa kindly fostered him until his new mom came over and met him. She was won over immediately and he jumped in the car for the short ride home. His adopter has had much sorrow in her life the last year, and needed something to lift her spirits. Buddy fit a long list of what she wanted in a dog, and they are happily taking walks four times a day and playing in the huge fenced backyard. Happy trails and long life to you Buddy!

Grace/Maya - ADOPTED
ADOPTED April 3RD!! The girl with the beautiful eyes was adopted. Mother of Val, Lyn, Tyne, and Pearl, she was tenderly fostered by our puppy expert while the pups were weaned and after. She is now Maya and has two doggie sibs Mazie and Maggie as well as a big brother and sister (who just adopted Okie with husband and children). New mom says "She is a very busy little girl and very intelligent, a joy in our life." Thanks Jim for the transport to Birmingham as well as the home check so that this lucky girl can live with this wonderful family.

ADOPTED Apr 3rd!! Mom of the “Facebook Name the Puppies" contest puppies (Elvis, Canyon, Florence, etc.) was finally adopted yesterday after going through the slow kill Heartworm treatment. Her adopters had looked all over the Southeast for just the perfect dog to work as a therapy greeter at their Funeral Home. The dog had to have a pretty smile, soft face, gentle demeanor, and be approachable as well as have good manners. When they drove up to meet her in January, they found that Sandy fit that bill to a "T." Dad has years of experience as a trainer of field trial dogs so no doubt Sandy will know exactly how to respond to those in need. Keep smiling Sandy!

ADOPTED Apr 2nd!! Luke, four year old stray, is stray no longer. He is living with new Dad in North Alabama and is spoiled rotten after having undergone heartworm treatment. Thanks to Jim who did the home check and to the Dooley's for their loving foster of this gentle soul. Love those happy faces!

Dexter II/Toby - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 31st!! Dexter, our two year old stray, was adopted yesterday to the family of alum Jack Heinz and a Pomeranian named Lily! The two AGB dogs were a bit restrained with each other at the first meet, but as soon as Dexter relaxed and realized he was in a safe, loving home, the dogs all began to play and enjoy their happy life. Dexter, now Toby, has his own regular bedroom instead of a crate where he loves to sleep and have his "down time." New Dad says he doesn't know where he will put the house guests when they come - guess they will have to sleep with Toby! The adopters are supporters of many AGB events so we will see Toby and Jack again soon we hope.

Harley III & Sandy V - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 30th!! Everyone is happy when a duo gets adopted, and when this pair of 5 year old sisters left for Georgia it was double fun for all. One looks like a Golden, the other like a Lab, and they are so bonded they even have to bring the Frisbee back together (see attached video)! With a community lake behind their house, three big brothers, a work from home mom, and a dad who walks them every night, this pair hit the jackpot. The parents report they are "a blessing in every way, and grateful to AGB for bringing them into their lives." A big thank you to Richard and Cheryl for fostering them after just adopting Harry/Buddy from AGB! Keep smiling pretty girls!

Maisie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 30th!!! Seven year old Maisie came in with Nellie, who passed to the Rainbow Bridge shortly after. She was always so very sad when visited at the kennels, and wanted someone to love her desperately. Caitlin fostered her for a short time as did Mike, and this lifted her spirits quite a bit. When she met her new mom and dad she was so very sweet and gentle, they fell head over heels for her. You can see the differences in her face from the sad, scared girl who has lost her only friend in the world, to the happy, confident, secure beauty she is. She is doing very well and enjoying the hours Mom and Dad are at work because she gets to watch TV all day! This girl is a heart-tugger and it's wonderful that she is now loved and cared for. Many hugs to you Maisie!

Okie/Archie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 28th!! Beautiful brown, one year old Okie was adopted this week to a family who has adopted from AGB before. They were brokenhearted when Max/Knox passed away from bloat and thought they would never be able to fall in love again. Okie, now Archie, solved that problem in a moment. When introduced to their very tiny dog Gretchen, she told him who was boss right away and that sealed the deal. Archie now has two human brothers to throw the ball to his heart's content. They promise a photo of the whole family soon, but it has been too hard to get everybody still long enough so far! Enjoy being a pillow sweet boy! You'll never be a stray again.

ADOPTED Mar 17th!! Hi, I’m Puff, an 8-9 week old boy weighing in at 11 pounds. I came in with my friend Panda. AGB found us in a shelter in Etowah County. The shelter didn’t have much information on us, but one thing is for sure, I am a sweet, playful pup who needs a forever family. If you have room in your heart and your home for a fluffy forever friend contact AGB and ask for me, Puff.

Sharlie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 12th!! Sharlie, the 1.5 year old beauty from a shelter who was so scared she could not even lift her head, was adopted this week by one of our newly recruited volunteers! Sharlie is one of the quick movers that came in and went out before most of you met her. She blossomed out of her shell in a hurry with the help of new dad's other darling dog CocoBelle, and became velcro to dad as well. Now they live happily in a loft downtown and get several walks a day at Railroad Park. Dad's picture of her on the website created quite a stir of applications. Thank you Chuck, and thank you for falling in love with Sharlie.

Dixie II/Foxy Lady - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 9th!! Eight year old Dixie II was adopted over the weekend to the Memphis area. She was kept outside due to a child being allergic, which in turn made her allergic to outside allergens. All cleared of her ailments, Dixie is now Foxy Lady, and she is one big lovebug. She has adjusted well to her new yard and knows new mom won't leave her out there alone anymore! Be sweet Foxy!

Harley II/Marco Polo - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 3rd!! Little Munchkin Harley II was adopted Saturday. He was our 5 month old stray who lived with a lady for 5 months then was posted on Facebook due to a move. Harley was picked up by Susie and Lacie, and another little dog was with him that Lacie just could not leave alone, so she took him too and soon got him adopted as well! Harley is now named Marco Polo, lives near the beach, and has cat companions to keep him occupied and happy. Who wouldn't fall in love with that sweet face and 30 pound bundle of joy? Have fun in the sun Marco Polo!

Ernie/Tucker - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 2nd!!! Beautiful 4 yr old Ernie was adopted Saturday to a family from North Alabama. Ernie was brought to AGB from a shelter last fall, was subsequently quickly adopted, but was not able to get over his severe separation anxiety. After trying everything in their power, the owners suspected that another dog as company would be the cure, but were not able to adopt an additional dog for him due to requirements of their home space. They very sadly returned him to AGB and he went into foster immediately with two other dogs. This was indeed what he needed, and Ernie, now Tucker, was then adopted by his second family. Now he has not only two other dogs, but with three teenage children to love him! The family reports that he is living the good life and playing ball to his heart's content. We all had a soft spot for this sweet boy and are delighted he finally has his warm, safe spot. His picture is missing one dog and one son. Thanks to all who helped in this adoption!

Missy & Sam - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 5th!! While the city of Birmingham is locked down with sleet, Missy and Sam II have the white sands and blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy! Mom and early retired Dad take them on walks several times a day, and say everybody stops them to comment on how beautiful and sweet they are and where did they come from, etc. They have made lots of new friends! This 7 year old brother and sister came to AGB in late January after their dad passed away unexpectedly. Fortunately they did not have to stay in boarding long thanks to Amy and family, who also spent time with a trainer for them, which greatly increased their potential for a fast adoption. New dad couldn't wait to register the chips another day, writing "There is no possibility, zero, not going to happen that I would return these two critters..." It's nice to hear such warm words on a cold wet day!

Caleb/Casey - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 6th!!! Sweet, timid 5 year old Caleb was finally able to be adopted yesterday after getting a clean bill of health from the vet. Caleb is now Casey, and came to AGB from a situation where he was completely untrained along with his two young sons. Thanks to Caitlin and Reid, he soon could walk on a leash and lift his tail a bit. He was then transferred to Carey who continued to build his confidence with the help of his own Golden. Carey quickly fell in love with Casey who won him over by lying on the couch with his head in his lap! Casey looked like a different dog at the vet visit - happy, shiny eyes, glossy coat, and tail wagging at all the attention he was getting - as he sat in the chair, of course. Another transformation into the glorious dog he was meant to be. Good luck Casey!

ADOPTED Feb 22nd!! With great joy, we get to finally announce the adoption of Jet, our big, lovable, 7 year old who came to us in October when his owner passed away. Jet went through some very anxious times trying to get over his grief, but finally his best friends and advocates Jeff and Terri Holland stepped into his life and literally got him over the hump, and helped get him adopted. His adoptive family from Tampa area, who spent nearly a week in Birmingham with Jet making sure he and their female Golden would get along. Jet holds a special place in the hearts of all of us who worked to find him a home, and we know we speak for all in saying we could not be more thrilled for him and for his lucky family. They state "Jet is an awesome dog, and we are so blessed he came into our lives." Thank you is all we know to say to his forever family!!

Feb 16th - It is with great sadness that we announce that our sweet AGB puppy Panda has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Panda came down with Parvo virus and spent the weekend at a local veterinarian’s office. Unfortunately, she also had a serious upper respiratory tract infection. Despite giving her a transfusion and extensive care, she passed away. The combined infections were just too much for her. Panda was a 7 week old little girl weighing 7 pounds. She was not a Golden, but was believed to be part flat coat retriever. Panda was rescued from a shelter in Etowah County with another puppy, Puff. Though Panda was only with AGB for about 10 days she quickly won the hearts of her foster family and everyone who met her. She was a sweet, playful girl and she will be missed. Run free sweet girl and have fun playing with all the AGB pups on the other side of the bridge.

FEB 7TH -- Our dear Nellie crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently and is now restored to health and in the great company of the AGB dogs who crossed before her. Nellie, a 10 year old 45 pound girl, came to AGB in January from a shelter in East Alabama with her best friend Maisie. Both of these senior girls were in need of medical care for nuisance parasites, ear infections, excessive dental plaque and more. Unfortunately it was discovered that Nellie had a malignant tumor in her nasal cavity that was inoperable. AGB doctors and volunteers gave Nellie the best care they possibly could and were by her side comforting her when the end came. Run free sweet Nellie and know that you were loved and will be missed.

Baby/Lady Rebel - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Feb 13th!! Eighteen month old stray Baby, who walked up to a house in Tupelo and learned to play with a donkey to amuse herself, was adopted to the Tampa area yesterday. Her new name is Lady Rebel (because she is from Tupelo as well as the fact that new dad says she IS a rebel!) and on the check where you fill out "for," he wrote "new best friend." This retired gentleman was heartbroken over the loss of his Golden in December, and drove 9 hours at 90 miles an hour so he could get to Birmingham before PPR closed. He reports she has been to the dog park and loves every dog there, and has ventured out into the ocean up to her knees. It won't be long before she is surfing with the best of them! Beautiful Baby Lady Rebel, have a great life!

Ardmore/Arden - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Feb 1st!! This was our first Connecticut adoption. Two in one week from the Northeast? What are the odds of that in the middle of winter! Who drives 40 hours round trip in two days for a dog? Some great big dog lovers, that's who. Ardie was surrendered by a lady who worked all day and kept him in a small room 8+ hours, and she knew this was not fair to him. These folks have adopted senior dogs from AGK in the past, and originally contacted us for another age 7-up dog. They have had five senior dogs to die in the last four years, so we asked them if they might consider a beautiful young purebred we had just gotten in. They thought it over and said yes, so we sent pictures and videos, thanks to fosters Rita and Josh. Ardie, being the impish 5 month old he is, stole their hearts and the long drive was committed to.

Karma/Emme - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jan 31st!! Five year old Karma came to us because she couldn't get along with the other dog in the family. This was just astounding to all of us who spent time with her, because not a sweeter dog has ever been met. In her surrender packet was an 8x10 color photo, baby photos, and an 8x10 watercolor portrait. Someone loved her at one time. Well, she will never worry about that again - as she was leaving, her new mom turned to me and said "you have made me very happy today." She later wrote "thank you for this gift of the heart that's full of love and personality." Karma, now Emme (which means Princess), is the hit of the neighborhood and has a personal dog walker 2x per day in addition to play time daily with the local neighborhood dogs. She is glued at the hip to mom, and spends the evenings watching TV laying on her chest and gazing into her eyes. What a life! The Karma was definitely there with this adoption! Thank you Cheryl for the short term foster which relieved her kennel stress.

12/9/15 - Rainbow Bridge: We were saddened today to learn that AGB Alum Kate (formerly Sandy IV) has passed away. Kate, who was 8 years old when she came to AGB last December, was adopted by a loving family this January who adored her and showered her with affection. Sadly, Kate struggled with seizures and despite doing everything they could to treat her and improve her quality of life, she succumbed to illness last month. Though they did not have even a full year with Kate, they gave her some of the best days of her life and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge knowing she was loved and had given all her love to her family in return. Run free sweet Kate. You will remain in our hearts forever.

ADOPTED Feb 4th!! Two in one week from the Northeast? What are the odds of that in the middle of winter! This is our second Connecticut adoption in less than a week! We first had contact with these folks back in May, but never had a dog they wanted to drive 40 hours for. That was until they saw the "breed standard" gorgeous Chase, given up at age 3 due to a new baby in the house. If we could have divided Chase into 20 pieces we could have adopted him that many times; he is so beautiful and sweet. Now he's off to 2 feet of snow with his 10 month old Golden sister Sassy. The Bains' fostered him, and Jack admitted today this dog would have made him a foster failure if a deposit had not already been on him! Good thing since Jack has a pack of dogs already! With that creamy white coat, don't get lost in the snowdrifts Chase!

Liza/Lucy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Feb 2!! Yummy little 2 year old Liza was adopted by this sweet newlywed couple yesterday. Dad works from home so Liza gets to curl up at his feet while waiting for mom to get home. Liza is now Lucy, and if there was ever a love bug, this girl is it. Thanks to Amy and Brad for the fostering and early training of this former stray.

ADOPTED Jan 27th!! He came in, he went out. Eight month old adorable Milo was snatched up by this lovely lady and is now living on the lake and going to work with Mom everyday. She reports he is quite the "pleaser" and even when he messes up and does some puppy thing, he looks at her saying "Did I do something wrong? How can I fix it?" Milo is a 37 lb stray who will never be on the streets again. He might even get a brother or sister from AGB if he asks mom sweetly. What a cutie-pie!

Canyon/Cooper - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jan 26th!! Our last baby has been adopted to a single mom who is "over the moon" in love. His new name is Cooper and he has the best backyard ever to romp and roll. Cooper will be playing with the Golden Granddog in a few weeks, but for now he is the star of the household. I have a feeling we will be seeing Cooper strutting his stuff around town soon!

Elvis/Willie Nelson - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jan 21st!! This puppy would sit in the puppy pen and just croon! Singing Elvis is now Willie Nelson, and he has 7 two legged brothers and sisters and another Golden named Lucky Dog to keep him company. Mom reports he sleeps through the night and is perfect! He has already visited the lake home and knows he is a lucky dog himself. With so many in the family, we went with the parent portrait only. We know you'll be "on the road again" Willie, so have fun!

UPDATE Jun 17th 2015: It is with great sadness that we must inform you that our dear, sweet, Jewel has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Many of you know that Jewel, 10, came to us last October with cutaneous lymphoma. Her owners could not afford the treatment that could possibly give her comfort and extra time so they made the extremely hard decision to entrust AGB with Jewel and her care. AGB's own Founder Lorraine & her husband Lindsay stepped in to become Jewel's permanent foster family and gave her 2 Golden brothers to play with, Bentley & Cooper. They took care of Jewel's medical and physical needs, including chemo, and her emotional needs as well. Jewel was showered with love and affection and was never alone. In fact, she often went to work with Mom. They recently returned from a beach trip, where Jewel was pampered and enjoyed rolling in the sand and surf. Jewel was loved from her first day to her last day on this Earth and will be missed terribly. She gave so much love and happiness to everyone she met and we are incredibly blessed to have known her. Thank you all for your love and support. We are providing a link for those who would like to make a memorial contribution to AGB in honor of Jewel.

Duncan/Riley -ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jan 23rd!! Duncan, now Riley, is living it up! His new Mom says: "Just to let you know, Riley is adapting very well. He and Joy played in the fenced backyard yesterday and today, while I supervised to ensure Joy didn't get too excited. They had a great time. Riley gave as good as he got. It's just after 8 pm and Riley led me into the master bedroom and asked to be put onto the bed, which I did. He really likes the bed - good thing it's a king!" It's the life of a king for Riley for sure!

Florence - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jan 22nd!! The pictures say it all for this little doll Florence. She is the namesake of a very special donor to AGB and she is quite the little camera model! Flo is now in the Peach state, but for the last seven years her family of five lived in Singapore and South Africa, where they were able to serve as a foster home to guide dogs before they began their formal training. Keep sending us those pictures Flo - we expect to see you as the Cover girl for Dog magazine soon!

ADOPTED Jan 19th!! The first puppy out of the ring is black and white Kona, who went to the family of Noel, (now Nora), a puppy from the Christmas litter of 2012. They wanted a black puppy since Nora is cream, and had just taken their honeymoon last summer in Hawaii, so it was all just meant to be! Congrats to the happy family!

Harry/Buddy - ADOPTED
AGB 300TH DOG ADOPTED--Jan 15th!! The honor goes to two year old stray Handsome Harry, now Buddy! The new parents are exhausted from making the signs and trying to get two squirming dogs to look at the camera (and it took about 100 shots to get this one), so they want me to let you know they are really happy and love him to death! The big sign in back says "Adopt A Golden 300," the heart behind Dad's shoulder reads "Our Buddy stole our heart" and the thought on Mom's chest is from the little dog "Is he really staying forever?" I think their efforts are worth a big hand of applause, and it really shows how much they adore this boy! Buddy has an enormous yard being fenced in just for his pleasure and will have a wonderful life with these folks. They are interested in fostering for AGB as soon as everybody is all settled in, so we will also have the pleasure of working with them. Thanks Jim for transport of this cutie, and Val for the short, but helpful, foster.

Ivan/Brinkley - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jan 9th!! Ivan, now Brinkley, was adopted yesterday. This beautiful 2 year old stray came to us in October Heart Worm positive and underwent two treatments. He is now happily at home with the cat taking naps on the couch with dad. What a lucky dog!

Kayla/Sadie Mae - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Jan 9th!! Beautiful one-year old stray Kayla, only here since December, was adopted yesterday. From the picture you can see that she is "home." She gets to stay next door at Grannie's house with her Golden sister Stella while mom is at work, and she and Stella have a great time going outside and figuring out what the chickens are! Kayla, now Sadie Mae, is a pro at playing fetch at the dog park, and assists mom each night as she cooks dinner. Thanks Jim for the transport, and Caitlin and Reid for their loving foster home.

Dakota Blue - ADOPTED
FIRST ADOPTION OF 2015 -- ADOPTED Jan 8th, 2015!!! No AGB dog more deserves to have this honor than 10 year old Dakota Blue, who came to us in June after his owner was placed in a nursing home. This owner had rescued Dakota as a puppy when he saw him tied to a tree and being beaten. The loss of his hero caused DB to have anxiety based issues which made it difficult to keep him in fosters, so he was boarded much of the time. Finally in December, this nice couple read his story and came to meet him, and their hearts went out to him regardless of his behaviors since they had experience with this in the past. Sure enough, Dakota tested them, but after a session with Aaron who works with some of the AGB dogs, they were fully confident they could love and live with him for the rest of his days. Thanks to Lisa and Laura who fostered him a while, to Rebecca and Aaron for helping him emotionally, and to all the AGB volunteers who have loved Dakota since he walked in the door looking so sad. And thank you new parents for taking on this boy and giving him warmth for those arthritic bones. Happy 2015 DB!

10/6/15: Today our dear Kenny crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Kenny came to us last November after he was found wandering in frigid 38 degree temperatures. Kenny was estimated to be around 10-12 years old and struggled with various health issues, including being heartworm positive when we got him. In January of this year one of our devoted volunteers, Pat, stepped forward to be Kenny's savior and took him into her home as his permanent foster. No one could have loved and cared for Kenny better than Pat and she was by his side until the very end. This photo is of Pat's granddaughter giving Kenny the love and snuggles he so desperately needed. Kenny was a loving, smart, sweet, loyal, boy and he will be greatly missed. Run free at the Bridge dear boy. Until we meet again.

ADOPTED December 30th!! LAST ADOPTION OF 2014! We all know the story of Rosco who lost his human, then, after several months of fostering with the Banta's, was adopted. His second dad had to start traveling for work extensively and sadly had to give him up since Rosco suffers from severe separation anxiety. Val and Jeff took him back in, and we finally got an applicant who looked like the perfect match. This nice man was a world-class athlete, but now he stays home and wanted a good friend to keep him company. Rosco has done that job well, and gets undivided attention and trips to the dog park, which he loves. He is so happy with his new home that the terrible thunderstorms we had last week didn't even get him too upset! Rosco sent a letter to Santa via facebook and asked him not to put him on the Naughty list as he has been a Really Good Boy. Wishes do come true! Happy New Year AGB Nation! See you in 2015!!!

Brennan/Barney - ADOPTED
ADOPTED December 29th!! I'm so happy to announce the adoption of Brennan, our 2 year old who came to us in August after nearly being euthanized in Louisiana. This cute little guy was heartworm positive to boot, so he had an Angel on his shoulders for sure watching after him. He is now called Barney, and big brother in the picture is former AGB alum Georgie (formerly Muffin). They are plotting what fireworks they can set off on New Year's Eve in the second picture! Be good boys, and see you in 2015!

Julie/Allie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED December 23rd!! Julie whispered in Santa's ear that she wanted a forever home with cats, a big brother, a great swimming pool, three walks a day, and a job as ambassador at Mom's printing business everyday! That was a long list of wishes, but she got them all! Julie was our 1.5 year old stray. Can you imagine a beauty like her being homeless? She is now known as Allie and is another of Cathy Adam's recruits to her neighborhood. Mom will also be volunteering at meet/greets so we will have regular updates. Merry Christmas to all!

Halla/Khaki - ADOPTED
ADOPTED December 22nd!! Sweet five year old Halla has been adopted by a nice young person who works as an editor at a prominent national magazine. She will probably be used as a "prop" in some of the Home pictures, so be looking for this beautiful dog soon! Halla, now Khaki, has been a hit at the office, and everyone wants to babysit her. New mom kept saying to me "She's just so easy. Is that normal?" Thanks to the Bonham's for the short term foster, and Happy Holidays Halla!

ADOPTED INTO PERMANENT FOSTER December 31st!! We are happy to announce that Dexter has a forever home. He has Joni to love on him and to be sure he is taken care of. When Dexter came to AGB, he was very undernourished, was missing over one third of his hair, and was heartworm positive. He has many skin problems still being treated. Dexter had to spend many weeks before being eligible for foster care. It was his lucky day when Joni asked if she could foster him! She has loved him and worked closely with his vet to resolve some of long standing medical issues. She has become a permanent foster for him and will continue working with his vet. He loves his long walks knowing he always has food available. You can see in the picture that his ribs don’t show and he has hair. Way to go Dexter!

UPDATE: December 12th - It is with a very heavy heart that AGB has very sad news. Sweet Lexie III passed over the rainbow bridge last night, with our vet staff cradling her to the end. She came to us grossly over weight, with severe arthritis and developed some kidney issues. We were able to get the renal condition under control. However, she then developed liver problems and stopped eating. Lexie did not miss many meals so this was a serious deterioration. We did not want to do any invasive procedures on her due to her age. Even at the end when she was not feeling well, Lexie still wagged her little tail as soon as she saw you looking at her! You were loved sweet girl. RIP Lexie. Hi there, I’m Lexie and I’m thirteen years old. At 103 pounds, I’m a bit on the fluffy side, but it’s something I’m working on. I’ve already lost a few pounds just since I came here from the Huntsville shelter. We’re also working on some chronic renal issues and I need help getting up. It’s tough having to forego the treats, but I know I’ll do better when I’m a little lighter on my feet, so I’m sticking to my special diet. My previous human companion had to surrender me to AGB in mid-November when my owners could no longer care for me due to medical issues of their own. I sure do miss having somebody to snuggle up close to on a chilly winter’s night. Are you missing someone warm and cuddly too? Would you appreciate a furry friend with a calm and sweet nature? I am a well behaved and sweet natured dog who is available for Adoption or a Permanent Foster placement. I am also eligible for AGB’s “seniors for seniors” program which waives adoption fees for dogs like me who are at least 10 years old and my forever humans are age 65 and older. Just ask for me, Lexie.

Lilly III/Kala - ADOPTED
ADOPTED December 18th!! Who throws a beautiful, 9 month old dog out of a moving truck on an interstate!?!? Why not, at the very least, pull off the road and dump the dog - did she really have to be thrown at 65 miles per hour? Lilly's feelings were so hurt when she came to us, but time at Lisa's to de-stress and trust again let this little girl blossom into the pretty and happy girl she is now. Thank you Lisa. Lilly had several meets with nice families who wanted her, and Lisa kept asking me "didn't she show well?" I kept telling her yes, she did, but she was a special dog with a special story, and she had to be patient for the BEST family to have her. That family finally came, and as with all of the good matches, she got along immediately with the black lab (camera shy, but attached so you can see his face), jumped right on the dog bed, and began selecting her toys from the huge basket beside her. This couple also has a 14 year old dog that at first, was a little skeptical but he has now accepted her and the three romp and roll in the large back yard to their heart's content after their twice daily walks with adoring mom and dad. Lilly's new name is Kala, pronounced Kah-LAH, which is Greek for "Merry." Could anything be more appropriate? I hope Kala's story has made all of your Christmases just a little more Merry too!

Sunshine/Sandy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED December 18th!! Another puppy adoption! Starlight's sister Sunshine, is now Sandy, and living on a farm with horses and grandkids who visit often. Her new mom is a friend of one of our fosters and who told us she is "an angel on earth" and new dad is the owner of a famous BBQ place (and we got the secret family recipe for the chili - yum!). Thanks to Holli and Beth for the few days of foster and getting her out of the kennel faster. Congratulations Sandy, and have fun down in the pastures!

ADOPTED December 17th!! Look at the smile on Fiona's face! She has gone from chasing chickens at the farm she wandered up to, to living with two cats and a mom and dad who dote on her 24-7. She will be going to the West Virginia Mountains this spring with Dad, as he continues to build his log cabin out of the wood off his land, and she is his constant shadow. At three years and post Heartworm treatment, she is raring to go. We will miss giving you those belly rubs sweet girl! Many thanks to Caitlin and Reid for the foster love!

Starlight/Dixie Bear - ADOPTED
ADOPTED December 15th!! Our adorable puppy Starlight was adopted Saturday by this sweet newlywed couple. They report she has been running and running in the backyard, and they cannot wait until the puppy shots are all done so they can show her off in public! Mom is a TV news reporter, and Dad works in Media Advertising, so who knows, maybe we'll see her starring (small joke there) on TV soon! They promise growing up pictures to come. What a cute family! Thanks to the Simon's for the overnight foster.

ADOPTED December 10th!! Finally -- The perfect home for Sambo - a yard, a dog to play with, attentive parents, and a dad who takes the dogs to the soccer field to do looooong chases after Sambo's favorite thing, a tennis ball! Four year old Sambo came to us in July HW+ and abandoned in Mountain Brook by his family who moved away, left him in the backyard, and told the neighbors to look after him. Being the fun loving Golden he is, he immediately got out of the fence and went looking for a ballplayer. Through a series of events he wound up at AGB and fortunately was fostered by Rita and Josh. (Thanks so much). Sambo picked a winner and we wish him 100's of happy ballgames. You can see them in the picture saying "Come on and get this this over with! We're ready to go!"

Gretta - ADOPTED
ADOPTED December 9th!! Three year old Gretta was adopted yesterday by AGB alum mom of Stanley, who passed to the Rainbow Bridge early this fall. There was a huge hole left in mom's heart and Gretta was stepping into big paws to fill, but those "Gretta Garbo" eyes enticed everybody! Thanks Cheryl for lovingly fostering Gretta and bringing her to several meets - this match is just the one for her and she will be spoiled rotten. Lots of love to both!

Nelson - ADOPTED
ADOPTED December 3rd!! Nelson, our 7 month old, found at a convenience store, was adopted by two newlywed Dentists Friday, and she is already brushing his teeth daily! You can see him trying to give kisses to his older, smaller brother Brewster, who initially wasn't too happy about sharing the limelight. Nelson won him over though with his clean, fresh breath, and parents report he just loves loves loves his bed! No wonder - after living on the streets for 6 months. Nelson will be visiting the lake as soon as the weather is warm, but right now is enjoying playing in the large backyard. Don't forget to floss, Nelson!

Oscar/Marley - ADOPTED
ADOPTED December 3rd!! Oscar was the cutest little love bug and thanks to the Bain's for fostering this little guy. Oscar is a 7 month, 21 pound boy who wandered up from the woods to a house, and when he hit the webpage, everybody wanted him! He went to a single dad with three kids who needed a playmate, as dad has a Golden Service Dog that can only play upon release of duty. Reports are that Oscar, now Marley, plays hard then has to go into a corner and curl up for some down time! Well, that's a puppy for you. We hope you send us a Christmas picture Marley! Paws up!

ADOPTED November 24th!! Fitz, the big sweet lovable boy who came to us with almost no hair due to mange, is now in a home with Felix and his two humans who say he loves to snuggle and fetch the ball! Fitz was a favorite of Dr Falone, and he kindly allowed him to stay in his office during the day instead of being cooped up in the kennel while he recovered from his skin issues. Fitz was one of those special cases - super loving, to the point of please, please, please pay attention to me! So happy he has a buddy as well as people who will take care of him from now on. Love you Fitz and Felix!

Cookie/Dixie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED November 24th!! Cookie, now Dixie, went to her forever family and gets to go to work every day with Dad now! Dixie fits her well, and while she is still going through that 7 month chewing stage, family reports that one "no" and she is smart as a whip to stop. The Christmas tree was put up last night, and after she did three "360's" she settled in and was enthralled by the lights and decorations of the tree. What fun she will have on Christmas day! Family will be around at Thanksgiving, and we are all thankful she has a forever home now that love her and have time for her…

Chester II - ADOPTED
ADOPTED November 24th!! These three have the prettiest smiles I have seen in a long time! They report Chester is just the best and he came in with a pitiful case of mange. It is so gratifying to see what AGB does for these dogs. He will now go to all the Auburn home games and is inseparable to his new Dad, while still passing the love onto Mom. You are so sweet Chester! Waiting for Christmas pictures from you fully healed! Love it when the dogs hit the jackpot.......

Macy/Abita - ADOPTED
ADOPTED November 21st!! Sweet Macy came to us in September after her family moved and couldn’t take her. She was kept mostly outdoors. Well, Macy (now Abita) has hit the family jackpot! She’s already been to carpool several times to pick up her human siblings and is set to go to Thanksgiving at Grandma’s. This sweet girl will never be left by her family again. Abita and her new sister Nola go everywhere the family goes. New mom reports that Abita is keeping smiles on all of their faces! As the say in New Orleans, laissez le bon temps rouler! Let the good times roll, Abita!"

ADOPTED Novenmber 20th!! After waiting a month and a half, Bama II was finally adopted to his adoring parents and now lives part time in Huntsville, and part time at the beach. The second picture shows how much he likes the water! Bama came to us as a 6 year old who escaped an electric fence while chasing a squirrel, and consequently did $3000 damage to the neighbor's car. Whoops. Anyway, he is quite the beauty and completely well behaved in his new surroundings. New Mom states that everywhere he goes people stop and say "Wow, where did you get him?" Maybe we'll see you at the beach, Bama! Stay away from those squirrels!

Chipper/Baxter - ADOPTED
ADOPTED November 10th!!Mr Chipper now Baxter was adopted by a sweet lady and her son and has the best backyard any dog could ever have - a huge green area with lakes and walking trails. New mom says she "hit the lottery" with him as he is so smart and loving. Her Very Special Dog came in with Cookie as a baby and thanks to Caitlin and her wonderful training skills he was able to show what a gentleman he is on his meet. We love it when adopters just rave on and on about how in love they are with a dog, especially when they needed an "easy" dog. Wish sis, Cookie, good luck, Baxter!

Cinnamon/Lady - ADOPTED
ADOPTED November 10th!! You may not have heard that Cinnamon/Lady was charged by two huge Labradors the very first time she went out to potty in her own yard, and escaped her collar (they had just bought a harness but she was in need of going out immediately when they got home, so they did not have it on her yet). Mom tried so hard to hold on that she fell and broke her hand, as you can see in the picture (dressed up as a Halloween Lioness)! Cinnamon apparently ran three neighborhoods away, but due to flyers and quick word of mouth, someone found her within a few hours, still in her AGB scarf. When that person brought her back to her neighborhood, she recognized it immediately, jumped out of the truck which had stopped at the top of the street, ran like a rocket straight to her home at the end of the cul-de-sac, and up on the porch!!! The new parents were just about to pull out of their driveway to begin searching again when she arrived. Needless to say, many tears of relief and joy were shed. She is now the shadow of Mom, and goes to work with her everyday along with her daughter's little dog Lissie. She also has a big Golden belonging to the other daughter that she plays with. According to that daughter "you could not pry Lady away if you tried" from her mother, who also said Lady was a "joy, sweet, loving, exactly what she prayed for." Thanks Carrie for fostering her out of her shyness. Lovely Lady will have a great life! UPDATE: August 27th -- Thank you all you Golden Angels for contributing to my medical fund. I am very lucky to have so many awesome angels who are out there watching out for me! You all have a special place in my heart. Hi there, from Cinnamon, an 18-month-old girl of only 31 pounds. When you see me, you’ll know it’s true about that old saying that good things come in small packages. I was surrendered to the shelter in Fort Payne, though no one can figure out why. I got some bad news at the doctor place. I have heartworms and that upsets me. It didn't have to happen if someone had given me the medicine I needed every month. Well, too late now- all I can do is ask for help. The other AGB dogs told me I need to ask the people who are heartworm helper angels. I need one or even more than one who can send $500 for the shots I need to get rid of the worms. I know they check the AGB orphan page and I'm hoping I'll be chosen to get help. - I have all the sweet personality and friendly nature of bigger Goldens. I just don’t take up as much space! I like to ride in cars and will sit nicely at your side. I’m good at walking on a leash, so we could do some fun tours of the neighborhood together or go to the park. If you want cute and cuddly, I’m your girl! So come on in and let Cinnamon spice up your life!

ADOPTED November 10th!! Sissy came to us in June at age 11 after her owner passed away, and has been lovingly fostered by volunteer Debby and her daughter ever since. Sissy is a beautiful, sweet girl, but was always passed over at meets for another Senior dog, mainly because she barks at other dogs when on leash. Debby is a perfect fit for Sissy, and when the opportunity arose for her to be able to adopt her, she jumped at the chance. We are so happy that Sissy won't have to come to any more meet/greets and can finally relax in the comforts of home, safe and secure. Thank you all around for the people that helped with Sissy and this adoption. Be happy Miss Sissy! Kisses to you!

Ernie/Bailey - ADOPTED
ADOPTED November 3rd!! You all remember the blogs from Caesar we enjoyed on Facebook for the past two years, before he died rather quickly after being diagnosed with cancer this summer. Well, to ease their grief, they decided they wanted another AGB dog, and fell in love with Ernie through pictures, videos, and emails that we sent. All was set to pick him up a month ago, but we took him back to the vet for some blood tests to rule out any suspected kidney infection. Lo and behold, he had Heart Worms which did not show up on the initial intake exam. This was no doubt a fateful intervention. After poems and many words of encouragement sent from new dad, he was finally cleared to go yesterday. Eighteen hours after they left he is now starting a new life of camping trips, Disney World, Florida Keys, you name it. They go everywhere in the specially designed truck so Bailey can man the GPS. He also has his very own special dog bed on the Kayak he will soon be riding in over the Atlantic Coast waves. This is another Golden Angel family so I wanted you to read his very first of many blogs and enjoy several pictures. Thanks to Beth who fostered him for a time so we could know his house traits, and to Lorraine who allowed us to adopt at the Wine shop instead of the clinic! As new dad Tom put it "he rescued us." "Hello everyone! Bailey here! It took a REALLY long time to drive all the way to Florida, but my new family says I rode like a champ, and everything was just fine. I like my new place because there is a nice dog bed, food, toys, and plenty of love. We didn't get home until midnight, so my folks were pretty tired and slept a long time! I would get up, and peek over the side of the bed, and if they didn't move, I would just go back to my bed and rest some more. I'm really a sweetie...... I was at the vets for a long time to get rid of my heart worms, so I still can't run and play much for a few weeks, but my new family walked me to the beach to pee, and WOW, I can tell I'm going to like that place! I wanted to sniff and explore, but my folks said we could do that in a few more days, so I'm trying to be patient. FYI, I love my new food! It's being mixed with the food I ate at the vets (which I guess I don't like very much), so I spit out the vet food and just eat my new food which is YUMMY! Later on, if I'm hungry, I go back and eat the leftover vet food. My parents think I'm hysterical! That's all for now. I had a busy day yesterday and I'm tired, so I'm going to take a really long puppy nap and dream of running on the beach. Thanks to everyone at AGB for finding me this family to rescue, I think they are going to work out well...... All my puppy love and kisses, Bailey"

Mr. Jett/Samson - ADOPTED
ADOPTED October 31st!! Sweet little powder white Mr. Jett, now Samson, was adopted on Halloween. His new parents absolutely adore him! Samson came to us earlier this month as a stray who had wandered up to the house of a sweet lady who tried to find his home. This super cute 2 year old mini polar bear as the vet techs called him was quickly selected. Upon first sight, new mom said, that's him! He's the one! New mom now reports that he loves walks and especially to sit in both her and new dad's laps for lots of cuddling! Best wishes sweet Samson!

ADOPTED November 3rd!! One of our favorite red-headed boys, Ace, was adopted today. There was something so special about this 1.5 year old, all puppy, stray. He came to us HW+ in June and he just had to go to the perfect home with another dog and lots of fenced-in yard to run, run, run. He made this very evident by popping his cute little head up every time I visited the kennel as if saying "Oh boy! a Visitor! Play time!" He is intelligent, quick, fun, loving, and beautiful - the full package. That perfect family finally drove in from Tennessee and the meet with their beautiful dog went great. They said to me " we love him - are you going to let us take him?" Ace now has an enormous yard and is having the time of his life and they can't imagine ever being without him. They think they got the Ace trump card, and they did. We love your new life Ace! Send pictures!

Lilliana - ADOPTED
ADOPTED October 27th!! Gorgeous sweet Lilliana, our two year old, solid white girl who came to AGB in September, was adopted to a lovely home right next to a wonderful walking trail. She has two human sisters and a cat to play with, and gets a daily run with Mom. Lilli, as she is now known, loves to be the center of attention, and manages to be in the middle of every hug in the family. Thanks to Caitlin for fostering her!

Hobie/Bandit - ADOPTED
ADOPTED October 27th!! Cutie pie Hobie, now Bandit, was adopted today, and is the adored new neighborhood dog. His name came after he tried to steal pig ears at Hollywood Feed! Bandit came to us heartworm positive in August and won the hearts of everybody during his stay with AGB. At 1 year and 36 pounds, he is a dynamite little tan and white package. New mom reports he loves his belly rubs, and is the perfect gentleman. Good luck Bandit!

UPDATE Oct 22nd - It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Cooper II has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Cooper was having seizures and had a head tilt which is classic sign of a brain tumor. Arrangements were made to send him to MS at a hospital that specializes in neurological problems. It was confirmed that Cooper had a mass on his brain and other tests ruled out other less invasive medical possibilities. He spent his last few days in the comfort of the home of one of our volunteers. They announced that his condition deteriorated rapidly. They kept him comfortable and gave him lots of love. Our volunteers reported that in the short time they had with Cooper, they became very emotionally attached and reported that Cooper was as sweet a dog as you can have. Cooper was dealt a lousy genetic makeup but he left us comfortably and loved. RIP Cooper boy UPDATE: October 10th: Just wanted to let everyone know that I have not been feeling real well the past few days. I have been feeling a little unsettled, and just not getting around so well. Then today I had a seizure. My doctor has set me up to have a special test to find out why I am not doing so well. I think I heard folks talking about a picture of my brain --- Sounds kind of scary to me right now. Please cross your paws and hands for a positive outcome from my test. Everyone is telling me that the test does not hurt, and my AGB friends will be right there with me, holding my paw. The other orphans have told me there are wonderful AGB Angels who can come and donate money for my test. I really need those special AGB angels to come and help me out. You can imagine I am not likely to have any money……Does any dog? (Well maybe that famous pup, Air Bud) Well I am going to go rest up for my test - Thank you AGB Angels! This is your Cooper II staying strong! Hi there, I’m Cooper. I’m three years old and 57.5 pounds. Right now, I’m being treated for an ear infection, but it’s no big deal. When I was eight weeks old, I was adopted by a college student, but she joined a sorority and couldn’t keep me. She took me back to the lady who took in Mom and me in 2011, but she has six other dogs and felt I’d be better off with a family that has more time for me. I’m housetrained, easy on a leash and get along just fine with other dogs. We don’t know about cats yet. I know commands like sit and stay. I can shake and I just love to play fetch. We could have lots of fun together. I just know it would be so great to have a place to settle in and quit moving around so much. Take a look at my profile and see if you think I’m a good looking guy. Will you give me a chance at a forever home?

Felicia - ADOPTED
ADOPTED October 12th!! Felicia, our 3 year old stray, was adopted yesterday, and you can see from the picture she is having a great time with those three boys! This family was very cautious and careful about their adoption as they had a bad experience with adoption in the past through another rescue. To avoid that, and so that everybody would understand how to live and act in harmony with the dog, they contacted one of the trainers we recommended and had an in-home session. They have now signed up for the full 4 week session so that this is a seamless transition. I wish all of our adopters were this conscientious! They report Felicia is the sweetest dog and they are completely in love. You've got it made Felicia - have a great life!

ADOPTED October 29th!! Our wonderful, gentle giant, 8 yr old Tobie was adopted Sunday and is one lucky boy. Tobie has severe thunderphobia and his previous owner could not be at home enough to control and help him through this. He was met by his new family at the last meet/greet, but one of the children was bent on a younger dog and thought Tobie was too old. However, his nature won the wise parents over, and the thunderphobia was discussed at length. Sure enough a terrible storm came up the first night, but they had the RX at hand to help. Strangely though, he then jumped through a cracked window during a beautiful fall day when left alone! After consulting with our K-9 trainer they felt they were well equipped and ready to handle his problem as they are all so much in love with Tobie. The son who didn't want him now calls him "his wise, old dog" and Tobie is doted on by everybody. We appreciate so much the adoptive families that give our sweet Seniors a home, especially one with special requirements. Be a good boy Tobie, and stay inside those windows!

3/2/16 - Heaven gained another Golden angel when Jazz crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week after a brief battle with lymphoma. Jazz was surrendered by her owner two years ago at the age of ten. She was adopted by our friend Wayne and loved by many. She was a frequent visitor to the Pleasure is all Wine shop (owned by our AGB Founder & President) where they will deeply miss her smiling face. Run free Jazz! ________________________________________ ADOPTED October 29th!! Whoo-hoo! Jazz has been pending for a while but was finally adopted Sunday! Our sweet senior girl Jazz has been in foster with Wayne for several weeks. Wayne is one of our repeat emergencies and weekend fosters and has fostered several AGB dogs. After taking Jazz as a foster he would say "I hope no one shows interest in her at the Meet and Greet". He was in love with Jazz and if you knew this very sweet senior girl you would understand why. The only thing stopping Wayne from adopting "his girl" was that he traveled so much. So Lorraine and Lindsay eliminated that problem by offering to take care of Jazz when Wayne travels. So needless to say Wayne jumped on the offer stating "that works for me". So now Jazz has the best of worlds and has gained two bros with Bentley and Cooper. Jazz and Wayne are pictured below at Bark Park Barking at the Moon event yesterday. Another foster failure but Jazz is so easy Wayne can continue being a weekend foster when needed." Yea Jazz!

Barkley & Molly Mae - ADOPTED
ADOPTED October 20th!! It's almost too hard to even write this one. Molly Mae and Barkley, two beautiful AKC breeder dogs, were kept in a yard and constantly escaped to run the neighborhood, so BJC Animal Control picked them up March 10. The owner said she didn't want them anymore and dropped their paperwork off, and they subsequently came to AGB. Being Senior dogs and a bonded pair, as well as very large dogs, they were difficult to place. Margaret and John took them in as fosters in May and kept them through the summer (except for a brief break with foster Sandy) which we are very grateful for. However, having no luck at adoption, we brought them back to Birmingham in an attempt to find them a permanent foster in September. Despite Facebook and website pleas, we were not having many inquires that would work well for their situation, so Lorraine (AGB President) took a long shot and contacted our 2014 Adoption of the Year recipients who had just lost our dear Cedar to kidney failure. They immediately wrote back and said YES, then the next day wrote back and said "just so you understand, we are not going to be permanent fosters, we are going to adopt them." They came down Sunday to adopt the dogs and report today that the babies are doing fine and are now official Tennesseans. What would AGB do without such kind and big hearted people such as this? Words just cannot express the gratitude from all of us involved with these two people and two dogs. Thanks Margaret for coming to the meet yesterday from Montgomery, and Janet for her "God-parenting" of these two all these many months. It's great to have a happy ending on a beautiful fall day!

George - ADOPTED
ADOPTED October 20th!! George, our 1.5 year old, 26 pound imp who came to us as a stray in September, got a deposit in a flash as soon as he came in! Most of you didn't even get to meet him it was that quick, but we had to wait until he was neutered and the family returned from Fall Break to send him home. He is really a little doll and so cute you just want to tuck him under your arm and run away with him, perfect for the two daughters, ages 7 and 8. Dad reports "The only problem we may have with him is he's going to be too spoiled; he's on the bed with my wife right now taking a nap with his head on the pillow next to hers! We can't imagine life without him." Bye Bye Cutie Pie!

ADOPTED October 13th!! Saturday was a very special day indeed. Dan and Julie had TWO of their AGB fosters adopted, we had two dogs reunited, and we now get to announce our first Senior to Senior adoption. You wouldn't know it though, as these two people are still very active and vibrant. Lexie will be running to keep up with them! They wanted a dog that they could take camping with them and would get along with other dogs. When they met Lexie they went away to think about it overnight, as they have raised and trained Labs all their life. The next day, he called me and said they wanted Lexie, and that he had wanted a Golden for years and years. The fact that she is so pretty helped things along! When they picked her up at the meet/greet Saturday, I told him I would be checking back in, and his reply was "well you'll hear a lot from us - we are family now!!!" Yes, indeed you are when you adopt from AGB. As always thanks to Dan and Julie, and to Karen our new volunteer doing home checks for us in T-town (and proud owner of AGB alum Blondie Belle!).

ADOPTED October 12th!! Effie gets to go to the mountains! This little spunk filled gal is so lucky to go all the way to Boone, N.C. to a family that gives their dogs the life of a queen. They wanted a puppy that was "full of herself and into everything" and according to fosters Dan and Julie, she will fill the bill. Thanks to them for breaking this puppy in and socializing her, which the adoptive parents are very grateful for. It's so fun to meet people from all over that come to Birmingham for our dogs. Effie will be our ambassador on the ski slopes. Happy trails!

ADOPTED October 10th!! Molly V, our gorgeous 6 year old owner surrender Flatcoat, went to a family with a young daughter and a Siamese cat. The cat test was hilarious - they looked at each other, thought "okay" and slept together the first night! Molly goes everywhere with this stay-at-home Mom, and has already been to just about every fun, new, dog park in the metro area! Molly loves attention, so this suites her just fine. From the first moment this family met her they were completely in love, and I think you can see it in their faces. Proud owners and they deserve to be! Kisses Molly V, you are stunning!

ADOPTED October 12th!! Those of you who were not at Hollywood Feed yesterday missed the coolest event you would ever want to see. I did the 30-day check in for Zarian (now Zac) last week, and the Dad asked me if we were having the meet/greet this weekend. In they came with Zac and when he heard Zane was in the line of dogs, he went back to see him. Zac's new family had originally visited with Zane when Zac was adopted, but Zane was skittish and would not come near him. This time however, tail was a waggin' away. So we thought maybe we'd let Zane have a little visit with his former housemate. What ensued is truly amazing – We never saw this coming: The outing was planned to take Zac (formally Zarian) to the function to support Adopt A Golden and if need be, give a testimony of the process. Zac’s forever family did not know that Zane (Zac’s older brother by two years) was present, awaiting a hopeful family. When the two boys saw each other the moment was moving and quite memorable. Within a few sniffs, they were playing and wrestling like puppies. Our eyes started to tear up and when we looked over at new forever dad’s (Mark’s) eyes, they shared the same expression. So without true conversation, but with the impact of a deep sense of “knowing”, Zac’s forever family started the paperwork to take Zane home to be a part of the family. It just felt right. They have now had Zane home but a few hours and the two are quite the brothers. They stay very close to each other and just seem to belong together. Very different personalities! But a perfect fit." It was a great, great moment. What a wonderful family! And look at their expressions!

ADOPTED October 7th!!! Molly IV, our 2 year old AKC dog who came to us due to a new baby in the household, was adopted today by one of our wonderful volunteers, Donna, and her family! Donna started out thinking she would foster Molly IV, and Dianne made the match for the foster home with her. Molly IV is all puppy and untrained, and the first night was very high energy! However, a few days was all it took for those beautiful eyes to win everybody over. We are happy Molly IV is with one of our own and we will see lots of updates soon!

Casper - ADOPTED
ADOPTED October 6th!!! Everybody knows Casper - the year old solid white beauty, who first came to us in January, was adopted to a family that didn't work out, and came back to us in May. He has been patiently waiting for a home with a stay-at-home mom and another dog to play with and finally that perfect family came along. Ironically, their adult daughter adopted Tanner (now "Mr. Hollywood") from us last fall, so he will also join in the playtime when he gets to visit from North Carolina! The new family reports they love Casper very much and feel like he has always been a part of their family. When we registered the chip, her comment was "it's good to know he's ours now." Have a great life Casper. You deserve this home.

ADOPTED October 1st!! The adoption of less than 2 year old Duke was a fluke! The new adopters were along for the ride as their daughter was looking at dogs to adopt. When we brought Duke out for her, we decided he was too young, but the Dad said to me on the side "Can we adopt him?" They weren't even looking for a dog, but there was something extra special about Duke that sparked the heart of these two super nice people. So the application was put in and the approval went through, and off went Duke to a home with a lake in the backyard and loads of attention from this retired family. The pictures show how life in a home changes a dog. The first is at the vet, the second at the home. What a transformation when they relax and feel safe and loved again. The daughter and her son are still grieving the loss of their dog and are not quite ready to adopt, but Duke is helping to heal that wound with his weekly visits. We hope to add to this family story soon!

Mr. Hobbs/Duke - ADOPTED
ADOPTED September 29th!! These dogs have special powers of communication. Mr. Hobbs was picked up for the last meet and greet and the return time was pre-arranged with the vet tech. Mr. Hobbs apparently told the tech to ignore that meeting because when he was returned to the vet, the tech was nowhere to be found. After waiting an hour and a half, we told his handler Chuck (adopter of one-eyed winker Summer II last month, part of the Adoption Team, and AGB's Chaplain-on-call) to take him home. Well, that gave Mr. Hobbs just enough time to make the whole family fall in love with him and its all history after that! He is now called "Duke - the fabulous bean dog" and is having a blast with Summer and little Fancy. Chuck reports Duke is super sweet, and we all loved his ability to curl up his lips like Elvis used to do - so cute!!! Duke may get to accompany Chuck on some home checks, so we look forward to him serving as AGB Ambassador. From one year old stray who got kicked off a farm because he was chasing goats, to living the life of leisure with an adoring family - way to go Duke!

ADOPTED September 16th!! Pretty as a flower and dainty as a Southern Girl should be, eight year old Miss Daisy is happily ensconced in a new home with AGB alum Gretchen who is now 13! Daisy came to us in August from a family that expected the kids to take care of her because the Mom didn't like animals. It's hard to imagine anybody not liking Daisy, who is about as mild and unassuming as they come. Anyway, she, new mom, housemate, Gretchen, and the cat are all having a fun time now and they say it's like she has always lived there. We knew she wouldn't be here long!

Cookie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED September 15th!! Sweet faced little Cookie was adopted Saturday after her mom fell in love with her last Wednesday. This 5 month old came to us with brother Chipper in July, and was happily in foster with Lacee and family. Cookie has already been to Railroad Park where she was shown off to all her new two-legged friends, and has met another 5 month old Golden puppy buddy across the hall where she lives. Since mom is only gone a couple of hours every day, Cookie will have plenty of socialization and training. Good luck Cookie! Send good vibes out for brother Chipper to get adopted too!

ADOPTED September 15th!! Miss Sugar, our less than a year old, 35 pound ball of fun, was adopted to the Huntsville area Saturday to a couple who had just lost their Golden suddenly to cancer on the previous Sunday. They were devastated, so they came to the meet/greet that day. In they came and out she went after meeting their other rescue dog's approval. Sweet Sugar was found by a good Samaritan who saw her running down a hot road with bloody feet in July. The owner was located, but told the rescuer they didn't want her anymore because she kept getting out of the fence. Imagine that?! The new family had this to say: "She moved right in at the end of a busy day and long ride. Now it's nap time. Sugar was in my lap for most of the ride to Huntsville. It is uncanny how her behavior is so much like that of Layla's at the same age. Sugar is sweetness and joy covered in blonde fur. Thank you so much for the invitation to the meet & greet."

ADOPTED September 12th!! Eddie was ready and waiting and waiting....He came to AGB in April as a stray. After recovering from heart worms and just plain not feeling well on the streets, he was happy and ready for the perfect family. Today he found them!! New dad said, "I'm so glad that he waited this long for us because he's just perfect." And I couldn't agree more, what a great dog with a great family!! They've been going on lots of walks, doing lots of cuddling, and will be able to go on trips to the beach. Right after we took their first picture as a family, Eddie turned to mom and gave her a huge kiss. It was so sweet!! He walked me to the door, gave me one last thankful look as I was walking away, then happily moved on to his amazing new life! We are so happy for you buddy!

Zarian/Zeke - ADOPTED
ADOPTED September 10th!! Three year old Zarian hit the jackpot today, going to a lovely home with another dog, teenage and college kids, a stay at home (mostly) mom, and a dad who loves him to bits. Now called Zeke, he gets to spend weekends at Smith Lake and goes for long walks on the Riverchase golf course and neighborhood twice a day. Zarian came in with Zane mid-August. This adoption did indeed take a village!

ADOPTED September 10th!! Atlas hit the jackpot today with four super excited kids, another dog, and very happy parents! This was one of those "meant to be" adoptions, as Atlas was in line for another family who met him at Woofstock. We went to Mountain Brook where the kids fell all over Atlas as he bounded to the lawn, and he and their older Springer Spaniel hit it off immediately with kisses and wagging tails. Many happy tears from the kids and parents sealed the deal. They picked him up today and he is on his way to school to participate in a fund raiser, and no doubt will be the star this afternoon. Atlas is going to be a BIG boy as he was the brute of the litter of three Great Pyrenees/Goldens we got the end of July. They are keeping the name, and I'm sure he will live up to it. Grow slowly Atlas! We love you!

ADOPTED September 8th!! Off she went in the convertible today with the Co-founder of AGB and first President John Sellers and wife Debbie! Who wouldn't want to have that for a ride along with the hounds-tooth seat covers and dog collar to coordinate? Zeeva is one lucky girl, and has her forever family! She came to AGB through owner tears, after her original mom, facing medical events, knew that she could no longer give her the care and attention she needed. Zeeva was placed with a new foster family, and within days, she worked her way into their hearts. With her big brown eyes and desire to do everything right, Zeeva was saying “please be my mom and dad.” Her foster family had a trip over Labor Day and arrangements were made to house her with a temporary foster. As soon as she was dropped off and her family got ready to go, she strained against the leash and tried to get back into their car. Her eyes watched them pull away. Upon their return, she fell into her foster mom’s lap, and that set up the ending. As a note, Zeeva attended Greater Birmingham’s Humane Society ALS water event. Her personality and social skills were so apparent that her family plans to pursue Hand In Paw’s service dog certification program. You go Zeeva, we love you!!

Dottie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED September 5th!! The honor of the first September adoption goes to Dottie, our 18 month old little girl who came to us after her human had to go into assisted living at the end of July. This nice couple had recently lost their young Golden to cancer, and wanted a companion for their older Golden who was in mourning. (The older Golden has had nose cancer surgery and has exceeded his life expectancy by 24 months!) Dottie was the perfect fit and is now happily following big brother around and making herself at home on dad and mom's laps every night after work, since what Golden doesn't really think they are a lap dog? She gets weekly trips to the horse farm and has a beach and mountain trip already planned for this fall, and three walks a day including one by the neighbor and her children. On top of all that, she will soon meet her "uncle" Jake III who was adopted by new mom's father back in June! Dottie, now Stella, is a precious sweetheart and they promise to bring her to a meet/greet soon. She never went to any as she was snatched up with a deposit almost immediately. Good luck Stella!

ADOPTED August 29th!! Little bundle of happiness and energy Ares, the runt of our Great Pyrenees/Golden mix litter, wiggled her way into the arms of mom, dad, and new sister Ashlyn yesterday amidst strong competition from the other puppies running around her. Pat did the Home Visit and assured us that this would be an excellent family for a puppy and they had already begun click training while we were signing papers! She is going to be a beauty and we look forward to pictures soon. Everybody have a great Labor Day weekend!

ADOPTED August 26th!! Flint is our 20 month old who just could not seem to find a good fit even though he is a wonderful little boy. Therefore, this was a special day not only for Flint and foster family the McMullen's, but also for Jenny. Flint was one of her long time fosters twice! Our bundle of energy, Flint, has to be the happiest dog we know. And when we got to Kathy's to do the adoption his greeting was full of his typical excitement. He grabbed Jenny’s arm to pull her close, and we really believe he was telling us "THIS is finally it! THIS is my perfect family! THIS is forever!" Those of you that know Jenny’s history with this sweet, happy boy know just how much this adoption meant. When he came to us in January, Jenny fostered him through his surgery and then again when he was returned earlier this summer. Seeing him so happy and the McMullen’s so in love with him, makes our hearts sing. In fact, new dad said, the only thing this dog might be guilty of is loving too much! Flint's happily ever after includes a doggie sister, Prissy, a human sister, Allie (who was a cat person until Flint totally won her over! :-) , cats to play with, and amazing parents! He will have lots of trips to the dog park and beach. Good luck sweet Flint!! May you have all the cuddles, playtime, and love you could ever want!

ADOPTED August 25th!! Sweet little mini Summer with the one eye that winks at you all the time, finally won the hearts of a family that has a mini dog named Fancy who had to approve the adoption as well! The picture does not do justice to the reaction Summer had when she met them - even foster Carrie was amazed at how well she took to them. They promise a new Facebook worthy picture this weekend when all the family is together again. She was somewhat overwhelmed today after being left at the vet she had been at before foster, and then strange people coming to get her. She will wiggle waggle that whole body tonight when mom and big brother get home I'm sure! Summer is six and came to us with a bulging eye, and reportedly was hit by a car. The glaucoma in the eye was making her very uncomfortable, so AGB vets took the eye and she was soooo happy afterward! She has been with us since mid-May, so it was very exciting yesterday when the family, after meeting five dogs, chose her. This adoption was a great effort of coordination and cooperation, it's so heartwarming to have people who will give of their time on a HOT Sunday afternoon to get a dog in a home. As an added bonus, new Dad has signed up as a volunteer! So welcome back to the family as a foster sister now, Summer! We'll see you again for sure!

Tripper - ADOPTED
ADOPTED August 14th!!! Our great old man 12 yr old Tripper was snapped up today, no surprise to any of us much less foster Lisa. He came to us mid-July after his family moved to a new place with stairs which he cannot do, due to arthritis. He was described as "a great family dog" and this was evident from the first moment we all saw him. As fate would have it, a few weeks ago we received an application from this person who had just lost his Golden, and felt that adopting a Senior was the best thing he could do to honor this wonderful breed he loves. So up the little family came from the coast, and we started the meet with Tripper who came out in all his beautiful glory. Dad said “do we even need to meet the others?" but we introduced two others just in case. Within moments he said* to his daughter " How about we just pack Tripper up and go home!" He was so sweet and gentle there was no question. The new family lives right on the Bayou in Florida so lots of swimming will be in his future, which will be great for his hips. He also has a house with no steps, a work from home dad, a beautiful sister, and two sweet little doggie sibs who had already figured out he would be a pretty nice pillow at the meet today. Thanks Lisa for the foster and coming to the adoption. She, Jenny, and I had fun watching them melt before our eyes!

Molly III/Maggie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED August 21st!!! Good Golly Miss Mollie and all 107 pounds of her bodacious beauty headed off to the Panhandle yesterday with two very happy people. Mollie came to us at the end of July at 117 pounds and still needs to lose 25 pounds, but you can see from her picture she carries it well for a "big boned" gal. The couple started out looking at our small 28 pound girls, then also saw the mid-range girls, but it was the Big Dog that they wanted. She was surrendered at six years of age by a woman who declared to Tammy she was "done with dogs" as the children cried and the two dogs were separated. Mollie was lead away confused, sad, and bewildered. She had been an indoor dog until they moved, but she scratched the new wood floors so was dumped in the backyard. It was a very hard Intake. But now, she has a new life and new name - Maggie - with a very fit retired couple who were looking for someone to take walks with. They also are ready to take on the challenge of helping her diet, and went immediately to the pet store to buy her a floating 30 foot lead so she can have daily water aerobics in the ocean near them. They also have grandchildren who visit and since Mollie loves kids, she will have the best of all worlds. New mom wrote this morning that she is settling in nicely and stays near one of them all the time, which is just what they wanted. They are headed to the vet today to get her started on a healthy living plan and promise pictures soon.

Peaches II - ADOPTED
ADOPTED FINALLY August 18th!!! This dog is so dog-gone cute (especially when she showed up at last meet/greet with bows in her hair) we all would just stand around after events and say "Why in the world is this dog still with us?" Peaches was picked up as a stray in Homewood the end of May and at 5 months old it seemed she would fly out the door, but no, she kept being passed over. Betsy and family took her in as a foster and as typical with our dogs that are fostered, she blossomed and showed them what a living doll she is. Betsy tried and tried not to be a foster failure, but when faced with taking her to yet another event where this time she might be chosen, the family took a vote and decided she had to stay with them. I had to attach the picture taken right after Betsy called me with the news - too irresistible and adorable as if she is saying "Really?! I really get to stay???!!!" Peaches also has the pleasure of living with Bodie who was adopted from AGA. We couldn't be more tickled pink for this baby knowing now that the reason she was passed on by others was because she was meant to be in the home where she is. We'll see you at events soon Peaches - only this time you won't be a Peach to pick!

Joe/Remy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED August 18th!!! Can it get any cuter than this bundle of love? The new parents and her mother drove over from Atlanta yesterday to get the pick of the Great Pyrenees/Golden litter we have. Mr. Personality Joe was the one they decided on after letting their adopted dog Lola have the final vote. Joe is quite the little clown, poking his head into every nook he can find and throwing his head back with laughter, yet he is extremely poised and quite beautiful when on lead. We will be happily watching him grow, and grow, and grow up in the next months. Good luck little Joe! Your sibs are missing you!

Boo/Maggie & Luci/Lucy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED August 11th!! Well finally this quiet little pair of angels was adopted and traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC. Boo even survived the eight hour trip without getting carsick! Boo and Luci came to us in May when the owner could no longer care for them, and because they were a pair, we had a very difficult time getting them into a permanent foster. They are such sweet, petite girls, but kept being overlooked even though they were precious and unassuming at all of the events they attended. Samantha took on the role of their advocate at several events lately and deserves a round of thanks. The application from South Carolina came in, and they told me they had looked all over the Eastern seaboard and Southeastern U.S. for months, and AGB was the only one with great dogs. As a matter of fact, at the Meet/Greet Saturday, they had a terribly difficult time making up their minds among the beauties we have! But finally these two spoke to them the most, and after several purchases at Hollywood Feed got them all fixed up, off they went in the torrential downpour. They wrote today that both girls are romping and rolling in the yard and have checked out every nook and cranny in the house, promising pictures soon. Have fun at the beach sweeties! We'll never know if you are Hovawarts or not, because the new owners don't care - they just love them, whatever the breed!

ADOPTED August 5th!! The honor of the first adoption of August goes to our sweet 6 year old Lilly who was adopted by our own foster failure Tammy H! We knew Lilly required at least one other dog to help with her confidence, and with Tammy she got double that amount. Lilly came to us as a dog terrified of loud noises due to being kept outside as the owners worked. Upon coming to AGB, Lilly went into "shut down mode" at the kennel, acting very depressed and unresponsive to anyone who visited her. She would do nothing but roll over on her back and refuse to budge. After a plea to the foster team, Tammy came to her rescue and watched this gorgeous dog blossom day by day by day, and eventually just could not bear to let her go. Lilly worked through several issues with Tammy's calm and consistent patience, and now she curls up with the other two dogs and is smiling again. However, we signed papers at the vet today and Lily was terrified she was being left there. When we walked out and she saw the car, knowing she was going home, she nuzzled up to Tammy and buried her head in her chest as if to say "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" It was a very touching moment.

ADOPTED July 31st!! The cutest Teddy Bear ever is adopted to the Peach state! Our one year old boy was a stray that Jim brought down from the Huntsville area in June. His new mom owns a PR business and he is now the official HR director, going to work with her everyday, or going to doggie daycare where he was voted "most popular." Mom has decided he is a clown at heart and has named him Morton. He is certainly entertaining and may just wind up in an advertisement, so look for this appealing face in the months to come! Go get 'em Morton - you are adorable!

Cooper - ADOPTED
ADOPTED July 28th!!! Yesterday we had sweet violins playing with adoptions; today it is 76 trombones marching along with Cooper! This show-stopping crème, 1 yr old, came to us with Max in May, and it was determined after a time that they were not bonded. Max was adopted quickly thereafter, but we knew Cooper would still do better with another dog and we waited patiently for the right family to come along. Several people saw him at the meet/greet in July and wanted him, but didn't have just the right mix of factors he needed. So, after the meet/greet, Cooper went to the Donald's instead for foster. Fate had stepped in. In the course of Cooper loving his play with AGB alum Bentley and the neighbor Collie, the Donald's noticed some favoring of his hips. They subsequently had him x-rayed and it was determined that he has hip dysplasia - but symptoms at this point are mild. They knew he would need to be exercised properly to keep his quad muscles strong, would need lots of swimming, and general good care to keep him as non-symptomatic as possible. They also realized that Cooper will probably do well for several years with this type of exercise, but also may have some hefty medical procedures in store down the road. This solidified their love and determination to help him, so they decided they wanted to adopt. What a blessing for Cooper, for now he has a chance at a good, long, life with people who know how to manage his condition. Super Dooper Cooper, you are leading the band! See ya soon, beautiful!

Buster - ADOPTED
ADOPTED July 27th!! Well, the violins were really playing for this one! Buster, 1.5 years old, came to us as a stray that wandered up to a house in February. He was heart worm positive, and as soon as his treatment was up, our Adoption Team member and super foster Jenny and family took him in. After two months, they were so close it was felt another foster might be the answer, but that foster didn't work out and he was set to return to the kennel after the meet/greet last weekend. Jenny's family had decided they wanted to foster another dog meanwhile, and had him loaded up in the car after the meet/greet. However, when Buster saw the family leaving Hollywood Feed with another dog, he let out a wail like his long lost love was dumping him for a new boyfriend! He strained on the leash as he was being lead to the car, searching for one desperate last look upon Jenny's fair face. Next thing I know, the Crump's have driven up beside me, Jenny jumps out with tears running down her face and says "I just can't leave without him!!!" So off the other fostee pup went to another foster, and Buster literally leap into the front seat with the happiest, most relieved look on a dog's face I have ever seen. This adoption was truly a love story. Buster knew today when he got his bandana and real collar with four pieces of jewelry on it that he was set for good. That's Buster under Jenny's arm in the picture along with his two doggie buds (which Buster looks like a cross between), brother Colin, and dad Michael. No more violins; play the Coda Buster!

Bonnee - ADOPTED
ADOPTED July 25th!!! Pretty girl Bonnee who came in two weeks ago at estimated age of 5, and flew out the door to a home with sidewalks, hiking trails, and parks within a minute of the front door. Guess what she'll be doing a lot of? Foster Tammy H exclaimed "Look how her face lit up! She knows, she knows! This makes me so happy!" Mom is a jewelry designer who works from home, so Bonnee will have plenty of company. She will also share the home with the cat that made herself comfortable in Bonnee's new bed! Thanks Cam for picking her up, the Dooleys for the weekend foster, Tammy for fostering and getting her nice and chill for the meet/greet, and Jenny for assisting. Love those flirty Diamond Girl eyes!

ADOPTED July 22nd!!! Thanks to Carrie D who picked Sonny up at the last moment when we didn't have enough volunteers to get him to the Meet & Greet, this lucky boy was exposed to his new family and adopted on Sunday. They were choosing between him and another of our dogs, but after the walk with him decided he was the one. When we asked why they came to that decision over the other dog, they both said "because he's just so darn happy all the time!" I told them the story of how he came to us with a hole in his leg, emaciated and almost dead, that his organs were shutting down on him, and AGB took him from the shelter and nursed him back to health. This little 1.5 year old boy is so happy to be alive, and now he goes to work with mom every day! She reports he has been a perfect gentleman with a Sunny disposition to everyone. What a happy ending to a sad start on life for this cutie. Bless you Sunny Sonny!

Little Angel - ADOPTED
ADOPTED July 22nd!! Our little one-eyed, 8 yr old mini golden Little Angel, now known as Ginger, was adopted by our very own Cheryl Hillman's mother on Saturday! When she first met LA, her comment was "but she's so big!" We all got a kick out of that and gave her a week in her home to make sure she would fit okay. Ginger made fast tracks to guarantee her spot, and was found happily sitting on the front porch with Mom the next morning and every morning since. When she came to us in February, she was curled up in a ball and would hardly move from the pain of the Glaucoma in the eye that AGB subsequently removed for her. All of us were in love with this spirited gal, and many thanks go to the Cicero family as well as Susie and family for fostering her. We enjoyed her as the honorary adoptee at last Saturday's meet/greet and hope to see her again!

ADOPTED July 18th!!! For the second Rusty adoption today, we have our 6 year old owner turn in Rusty III. Rusty has been with the Donald's for three weeks. They figured out his little idiosyncrasies which greatly improved his chances for adoption. He is a beautiful, big boned, athletic boy who loves to swim, hike, and play ball, so we needed an equally athletic-minded couple to adopt him. Frank and Cathy have been watching our site after dealing unsuccessfully with a few other rescues, and drove all the way from North Carolina to visit dogs today. They started with Ace who was adorable kissing them, then Buster who was a bit reserved, then Boo and Luci who worked them pretty hard to be picked. They were set on a boy though, so Rusty was the last stop at the Wine shop. After a meeting and short walk, they came in with eyes glistening and said "this is the one!" but Lorraine said, "Well, no, we have to talk first." She and Lindsay then talked at length with them about Rusty and his needs, and were satisfied with the answers they heard enough to say "looks like Rusty has his forever family!." They went to the pet store to shop for Rusty and then they will pick him up tomorrow morning for the long ride back. He can look forward to being an only child, swimming at the lake and beach, and these people walk three times a day so he will get plenty of exercise and play time. Thanks to the Schoening's who got Rusty out of the kennel when he was stressed, and to Jenny and John who completed our little caravan to find their newest family member. Big Boy Bye-bye!

Addie Mae - ADOPTED
ADOPTED July 16th!! She was announced and out the door! The proud new parents are our own AGB folks, Board member Jared and wife Randa. They were ready for a new baby after a recent move to Huntsville. Ironically Jim "AGB of the North" brought Addie Mae to Bham from the Athens shelter, and now she is back in the same area! Jim also did the home check for the Sharp's. What would we do without great volunteers? Ruth was holding Addie Mae when Jared and Randa walked in, and this little imp knew it was her new people. She literally started swimming in the air, trying to get to Randa as fast as she could. And of course, they were all smiles and instantly in love. According to Jared's recent email "She did great on the ride and last night. She did not make a peep last night and slept all through the night. We have only had one accident in the house so she is being great about going outside to use the bathroom. We are thrilled to have her." We know you are, and so is she. I'm sure we will see her at some events and can't wait to see pics as she grows. We'll also be interested in the new name so keep us posted!

ADOPTED July 18th!!! Our 1.5 year old stray who came to us late April HW+, has had a deposit on him since the first of May. These people are from Santa Rosa Beach and have had their application in since last October! They specifically wanted a young, red coat male, and were willing to wait until the right one came in. When Rusty came in and we sent the photos of him, they drove up that week. He came bursting out the kennel door and practically tackled both, pushing new mom down on the ground for hugs and kisses! They laughed and knew he was the one for them. Barkley their lab met him next, and tails were wagging happily. Rusty had the long-kill treatment for HW so he has just now been released for adoption and none too soon for him or them. As you can see from Dad's happy expression, they have waited a long time and were so excited to get him. Rusty and Barkley look forward to daily swims in the pool and at the beach after his next two weeks of limited activity. You're a living doll Rusty! Many happy tails to you.

ADOPTED July 10th!! Now that's a dog who is claiming his people! Look at that cute expression in his eyes saying "gotcha!" This adoption totally choked us up. We have never met a dog that so totally, desperately, needed full-time humans to love him. All three of us were crying as he loaded into the car. This couple drove from Gulfport, MS in their motorhome to spend a week in Bham just to be sure they met the right dog. They had their sights set on Rusty III, but after meeting him, then Bear, then Max, it was the 4 year old owner turn-in that melted their hearts. Max had to pass the test with 10 yr old Cairn Terrier Sammy the next day, and though we were expecting a little unhappiness from Sammy, they met and were like old friends within moments. Today was the third meet and adoption. They have two more days to enjoy Bham, and say they will be back as they have fallen in love with it. What a great way to adopt a dog. Mom's email this afternoon says " Sammy gave a happy bark when he saw Max. They played with each other's squeaky toys, and are now taking a nap together." Thanks Jenny for the help with meet/greets, and foster Carrie who texted us “It never gets old, does it."

ADOPTED July 14th!! The beautiful, but elusive camera shy Sadie II, went to her very excited family today. After a week of foster with the Evan's, and a chance to chill, Sadie pronounced herself ready to go! The new family "shopped and shopped" at Hollywood Feed, and now Sadie has her choice of dog beds and many, many toys now. Her new brother is off at camp for the week, so Sadie gets time to bond and go to work with Mom, where she will steal the show no doubt. Jack, their son, told his mom he couldn't wait to get home and he was going to rub her so much she wouldn't have any fur left! Have fun Sadie Lady, and we'll see you again! Thanks Betsy and family for again fostering!

ADOPTED July 14th!! This was the biggest Golden girl we had seen in a while!!! John C. and Ruth went on the meet/greet with this couple, and they kept saying "wow, she's not all fat, she's just HUGE" at 80+ pounds! Well, when we read the AKC papers, we found that she was "Lady Ella Enchanted," great, great granddaughter of the favorite movie star Air Bud!! No wonder! (Air Bud was a basketball playing Golden who saved the town. If you haven't seen it you must check it out.) Anyway, this sweet young Navy couple was enchanted all right, and this was before they knew her pedigree. Ella was a keeper and will be the spoiled only child for now, until they start a family. Both grew up with Goldens and big dogs so they were quite happy with her size. Hopefully the daily walks and hikes will help her firm up, and we can't wait to see how gorgeous she will be when her shaved hair grows back out. Slam Dunk Ella!

Declan/Jake - ADOPTED
ADOPTED July 7th!! After being the boy who had a "runabout", Declan, now named Jake, has a home where he will think twice about running from. He will be an only dog with a mom who dearly loves him and gives him lots and lots of attention. He will visit his doggie cousins monthly and enjoy playing with them. They want to share their pool with him, but it looks like he will have to learn about pools. Thanks to his fosters, Suzanne and family, for getting him ready to go.

Delilah - ADOPTED
ADOPTED July 7th!!! The 4th of July was just a booming good weekend for AGB! The third adoption to announce today is that of Delilah, age 6, whom Jim Enault brought down to us June 4. Delilah came out of her shell after going into foster with the Evan's family, who reported her sweet little nibble kisses and loving personality. Delilah is now at The Big Easy with a Professor at Tulane. This person's mother runs a dog rescue in Pennsylvania, so she was well versed in timid orphans and how they blossom with love. Delilah will be an only child and thoroughly doted on. Mom promises to send pictures after her hair grows out from the former owner shaving it. TNT dy-no-mite Delilah!

Oct 10, 2018 - Henry went to the Rainbow Bridge today, loved and adored by family and friends. ********************************************* ADOPTED July 8th, 2014!! Another pup heading home after the holiday!! Henry was snapped up in an instant! The minute his picture hit Facebook, potential mom Barbara sent a message that her application was in the works. Then I kept getting apps on him....a very popular boy! This family came to us through association with volunteer Cathy who just happens to live right across the street from them. Around the corner from both, is another AGB alum Marshall (fna Johnny). Small AGB world up there on the mountain. Henry gets to spend his days looking at the spectacular views over the city of Birmingham. Henry had a terrible time with kennel stress when he came to us so Jenny fostered this pretty 8 yr old for a stint. He was turned in to us due to a child having allergies, then kept outside or in the basement, so Henry wants to make sure you know he loves you and you him! A wonderful, wonderful boy he is, and we will get to see him at events that we hope mom and dad will participate in.

ADOPTED July 7th!! Well it has been a great Holiday week for our pups! - Ryder is the second AGB dog this family has adopted, with sweet Polly adopted last fall. He is a dog who adores his master almost to the point of love overload, but hey, too much love is never a bad thing! You can see in his face how happy he is. Ryder was a stray at 4 years old and came to us heart worm positive in mid-May. After treatment, the Ford's first met Ryder and Declan with Dianne. It was a toss-up, so John C. and I then met the two dogs with Polly. Declan knew he had the chance to go to Florida as an only child, so he whispered to Ryder to work his magic on Polly. Sure enough she approved and the family reported they love each other and all are happy. Many fun days for all ahead! Thanks everybody!

Jack Heinz - ADOPTED
ADOPTED July 7th!!! We are all SO happy that Foster Mom Val found Jack Heinz a home this past week! Val did the Home Check where she talked to the couple about Jack Heinz, then later did the meets and adoption. Way to go Val! Thanks also to Foster Dad Jeff who worked with JH while they fostered him and at Meet/Greets. "When Jack came to AGB everyone thought he would be adopted very quickly due to how beautiful he was. Unfortunately, Jack was very shy when it came to meeting new people. After being with us as a foster my husband and I saw a side a Jack very few had seen. He was very loving and sweet. He just needed someone to see that side of him and give him the chance he deserved. The adoptive family wanted a young female since they had recently lost their female golden to cancer and thought their 12 year old golden male Milo, would not get along with another male. However, they agreed to meet Jack. We met at the kennel and Jack was shy at first but quickly showed Alice and Mike how sweet he was. Then it was time to meet Milo and 5 yr old Pomeranian Lily. Milo was shaking since he thought mom and dad were leaving him at the kennel, but showed no aggression. Lily made sure Jack knew she was the little Diva and he showed her the respect she deserved. The next test was to see how everyone got along on Milo and Lilys turf so we drove to their house. Everyone got along great. It was a great moment when they said "we want him". Jack will need to learn to swim as now he has a great pool in his yard. I am sure that Milo will show him how it is done. Jack and Milo will go for walks everyday together with dad Mike.

Angie II / Allie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED July 1st!! Gorgeous, lovable, gimme a back and belly rub Angie II, went to her delighted family today. Angie came to us at four years old after her owner passed away. The new family fell in love at June's meet/greet, and after the Home Check with Angie in attendance (thanks to foster Kathy) new Mom couldn't get a check for deposit written soon enough. They knew they had a gem in this girl! The children are very well behaved and could not keep their hands off of her, and she was soaking up all the love. Thanks McMullen family for fostering her for several weeks; she will now be known as Allie which is Kathy's daughter's name (and Angie was Allie's most favorite foster so far) so it wasn't as hard to let her go. We hope to see Allie again at some AGB events. Happy 4th Allie!!!

ADOPTED: June 30th!! As if we all didn't know it already, Mr. Bentley has wormed his little way into the hearts of the Donald's.  Can we hear a collective "Well, Duh!"  Those bright eyes and big smiles say it all.  Bentley will get to sell wine and and will get all the exercise and stimulation he has been needing with Lorraine and Lindsay.  I think he knows he got really lucky with his new home, and this little 1.5 year old boy is quickly learning his manners.  I'm sure Lindsay and Lorraine will keep us up to date on his progress, and it won't be the last time we get to see this handsome fella.  Good job Bentley!  Oh, and thanks to the Donald's for fostering him for 8 weeks!

ADOPTED JUNE 23rd!! Our shiny, beautiful Flatcoat Retriever Jake, came bounding out of the door yesterday and ran straight to claim his new owners with a huge smile on his face! Jake came to us as an 8 year old who lived with another dog and cats. His original owners had to go into Assisted Living and he was re-homed for 7 months. When that didn't work out due to three big dogs in the home, he came to AGB mid-May. The new family has a pool at their lovely home complete with a vineyard, and a beach house where he will be spending the 4th of July with friends and family. Jake was leaning on, sitting on, kissing on, and lying next to his Doctor Dad and Lawyer Mom to be sure they didn't dare leave without him. In an email from the parents written last night, Jake apparently was trained to retrieve with hand signals and performs brilliantly with no verbal commands. In her words "What fun we will have!" Way to go Jake. Thank you Val and Jeff for fostering this pretty boy.

Baxter/Ryder - ADOPTED
ADOPTED June 14th!! Announcing the adoption of furry boy Baxter, now known as Ryder (they met Ryder and liked the name so much they decided to adopt it too)! Below are pictures of son Austin with his best friend Parker. Baxter has been glued to Austin ever since they took him home. Mom said it best in her email "We are so excited! Just got back from walking him and he was prancing all around like he is the king. Of course he is to us. We love him so much. Thank you for rescuing our sweet boy and making our family complete." Ryder has discovered the joys of toys and nylabones as well. No more Animal Control for this guy! Thanks Janet for driving many hours round trip to do the Home Visit. We have the greatest volunteers!

Bailey - ADOPTED
ADOPTED June 10th!! What a beautiful girl this is! So are her new parents, and very sweet on top of that. Four year old Bailey was with an older couple who had no time for her so they kept her outside, and when Janet picked her up she was totally matted and filthy. Diane and Dan took her first and scrubbed then brushed, and brushed, and brushed.....then Betsy and her family took her in and scrubbed, then brushed and brushed and brushed, and the result under all that dirt and old hair is this gorgeous, sweet little Golden Girl who wags her whole body when she is happy. We had a second meet today at their house on a lake so she could be introduced to the cats (Bailey had been cat tested and passed). The cats were in hiding, so Betsy and I had to leave it to the family to make sure they were friends. Bailey then went off to work with Dad, and the whole office couldn't wait to meet her as the company mascot. Jeff sent me an email a few minutes ago that said "Feel free to release your news. She's not going anywhere :)" I guess the cats will just get over it!

Wookie - ADOPTED
ADOPDTED May 29th!! If he doesn't look like a "Wookie" we don't know what does! And don't they look like they adore him in this shot? This extremely kind couple has been waiting for 4 year old Wookie's HW treatment to end. They live on a private lake and are taking him for his first pontoon boat ride with the neighbor's and their Golden this weekend. They also own a home in the mountains of North Carolina and can't wait for Wookie to explore the great outdoors with them. This little boy and his loving ways won the couple over before I ever even walked into the room at his meet. And the funny way he sticks his fanny up in the air while putting his head and forefront on the ground as he gets a fanny scratch is just hilarious. We are sure they will have many happy days and hours of entertainment with this little boy. Good luck Wookie!

Sophia - ADOPTED
ADOPTED May 28th!! Can two girls be any cuter than this?! Sophia met her match a couple of weeks ago, but patiently waited through her foster trial and holiday travelling to finally get papers signed for her. This adorable, HW+, 8 year old dog, came to us in early January from a kill shelter in south Alabama. The people down there asked AGB to please rescue her as she is such a great dog. AGB took her on even though she looks more like a Lab and probably might be difficult to adopt due to that. True to their word, she had a constantly wagging tail and a happy smile, even as she went through her Heart Worm treatment. Today she met the new mom's roommate, and that sealed the deal. Sophia followed new mom around the yard side by side off leash, so we know she will be a Velcro, laid back dog. We are so happy for her and thankful to Wayne and then Lisa for their patient and loving fostering of her. When we were leaving today we told new Mom, Sarah "I think you have a great dog there." And she said "Yes, I KNOW I do!! I can't wait!!"

ADOPTED May 27th!! The third time's the charm, right? Sambo went to his PERMANENT home today with a young married couple who are absolutely smitten with him, and who wouldn't be? That great big head and big feet are connected to the best and sweetest dog ever. Sam waited patiently while new dad signed the papers, never barking once, and dad was constantly rubbing and petting him - a mutual attraction for sure! He goes on morning runs with mom, up and down the hills of the neighborhood, and evening walks with dad to wind down the day. As we finished up and got the picture, Sambo inched up close to Ms. Ruth for a really good hug, neck to neck. It was as if he was saying "I waited a long time for this, so don't worry Miss Ruth, it's all good!"

Mint Julep - ADOPTED
ADOPTED May 17th!! I spent my first night at my forever home and slept in my crate all night. I have chew toys and play toys. I especially like the squeak toy. I like the yard and flowers with so many smells. I am on my best behavior and my new parents say I am a fast learner. I am learning to sit/stay before going in and out the door. When I hear "Bentley, come here," and I hurry to my people I get a special treat. I've heard there is a cat somewhere but I have not met him. He is hiding. This weekend I hope to meet my people's grandchildren and play. I am named after a boat because my family loves spending time at the lake. Sure hope i can swim! Thanks to all the people at Adopt a Golden for saving me and giving me an opportunity to be part of a family. God bless each of you.

Honey Bun - ADOPTED
ADOPTED May 12th!! Bill and Joyce just fell in love with our sweet Honey Bun the day they met her several weeks ago. Honey Bun ran to the fence to meet them, then around the yard, letting Bill and Joyce see that she could get around just fine. This sweet girl will get the helping hand she needs to get her golden figure back. As you can see this wonderful couple waited patiently for several months for the right dog to come their way.....and it was love at first sight. In hopes she would be adopted, Honey Bun had been working on her new food plan with her wonderful foster mom Tammy, the past few weeks. So with that in mind, we thought it was time for HB (now called Sarah) to go to her forever home in Fairhope. From one car to her new van, Sarah settled in on the back seat for another 30 minute drive to her new back yard. Pictures are promised as this girl bonds with her new family. Bill and Joyce were totally over joyed driving off..... This couple is committed to Sarah's weight reduction. And thank you foster mom, Tammy for your wonderful care of HB.

Mercedes - ADOPTED
ADOPTED May 2nd!! This yummy little cutie pie is now with an over-the top excited family out in the countryside of Leeds. This is a special adoption for the daughter and she is sure to have a loving friend for many years to come. New mom is a college friend of Cam C, and new dad has ties to several families who have adopted from AGB, so it was a good match all the way around. Family dog Rosie is still a little skeptical, but will enjoy those puppy nips soon! Love you Mercedes!

ADOPTED April 30th!! Cali the show girl went to live across town today with a super sweet family. Someone will be home with her all the time and can throw her a tennis ball 24-7. Cali had been with a person for nine years, and then was given to her 90 yr old grandmother who could not handle a big dog. She is looking forward to a loving family again and we hope to see her at some meet/greets soon! Thanks to all who chipped in for her care in recent weeks. Love that Mohawk, Cali!

Woody/Lewis - ADOPTED
ADOPTED April 17th!! This family came all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio because they wanted a rescue dog and could not find a Golden rescue with a dog in their region. They were primarily interested in Buster but wanted to meet Woody as well. So we started off with Woody, who came strutting out just as friendly as could be. He was leaning on them, giving kisses, sitting on command and never jumped up on them once. We stayed with him a good long time in the yard then went for a walk, and Woody acted the perfect gentleman, not pulling on the leash but just a little in his excitement. Wanting to meet both since they came so far, we went on to his foster to see Buster, and while they really liked Buster and his quiet sweet ways, Buster did not seem to really want much to do with them. We left the family to discuss - Sure enough they came back in and said while they thought Buster would eventually bond, Woody was the one that seemed the right fit! We were all happily relieved and then we drove back to Woody for them to sign the papers. Woody was so excited he just collapsed in the back of the minivan ready to snooze away the 7 hour drive back home. Thanks so much to Rebecca, Jenny, and former foster's the Bain's for helping this guy find the best resting spot forever. Yea Woody!

Johnny - ADOPTED
ADOPTED April 16th!! Little Johnny, our 4 month old Golden/English Setter/ GP mix(?) was adopted today by a very nice couple with a 3.5 year old female Catahoula/lab mix, also a rescue dog. They met Johnny at Meet Greet last weekend, and it was a good thing the crowds were small, because this guy was workin' the room big time and would have had fist fights over him, as he is so darn cute!!! Johnny needed to meet Bryer today and the big gal had to put him into his puppy place a couple of times, but he adored her and followed every step she took. His feet are so big they keep getting in the way of his coordination right now, and it makes you laugh just to see him galloping around like he has over-sized galoshes on. We have several ties with this family so there is no doubt we will see this little guy again when he is a BIG guy in a couple of months, and we can't wait to see his cute personality develop. Cheers Johnny!

Ms. Flossie & Henery - ADOPTED
ADOPTED APRIL 16TH!! Look how happy they are! It was so hard to ever get a good picture of the two prior to this, but it is always amazing how they want to show off their human once they connect to them. From the moment this single guy walked into their foster home, the duo were all over him, with shy Henry taking the lead with belly rubs. We gave the new Dad the option to think this over for 24 hours, but he replied: "I have prayed about this for six months and just know these two are supposed to be my dogs". This beautiful set lived the first five years of their lives tied to a swing set and starved for attention, but they have no visible scars to show except they definitely want to be indoors and velcro pups now! Their parents were a lab and a golden, but these two litter mates got the totality of their looks, one of each. The new Dad rescued a Golden from an abusive situation in Hawaii in 2000 and subsequently spent the past 10 years overseas, so it was time for a new set of pitter patters to fill the sounds in the home of this retired Marine pilot. He will soon be taking them to his new job every day, where they will become the "airport ambassadors" for a newly formed aviation department at a university in Alabama. So many thanks to their foster family who fostered them the last few weeks and showed us they are such great dogs. We hope to see pictures of this trio flying high over Alabama soon!

Sparky - ADOPTED
UPDATED Apr 10th!! Our little mini Golden Sparky, the "most adorable dog you will ever see" was adopted today after a long wait through his heart worm treatment. This couple needed a dog that would play with their Service Dog Nala and get along with cats, as well as a dog that would not be too big and get underfoot when new Mom was moving around. The parents and Sparky were introduced at the meet/greet last month where he was deemed "perfect," (and they stayed the entire two hours to make sure no one else put dibs on him) but we could not introduce Nala until after the treatments were over. Well today came and the two were doing figure eight play postures immediately! Of course he cannot go full steam for a few more weeks, but Sparky will have a great time with Nala AND Lady Bug, who lives two doors up! (Watch for separate picture and more about that later.) Thanks so much to John and Elaine who did an emergency foster, as we had to know if Sparky was house trained and good with cats - - he came through like a trooper! The new parents want to get Sparky settled, then they plan to volunteer at our Meet/Greets, so we are sure to have regular updates on this spunky, cute, little guy. See you soon, Sparky!

Samson - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Apr 7th!! Samson was adopted today by former volunteers Amy and Ogden. They have been on the list for a long time and adorable fur ball Samson (now Bankston AKA Banks) convinced them they were his. When their dog met him, we were at the vet and she did NOT want to play. Samson kept biting at her legs and pulling at her collar and she would have none of it. Samson adored Ogden, and would run up to him, sit and bury his face in below his knees, and wrap his big front paws around his calves in a bear hug! It was so cute!! But their dog was saying "not so sure about this guy." So a second meet was scheduled and when the two were let loose in the back yard they had a grand time chasing and being chased. Samson has been taking long runs with all of them and getting lots of play time in, and can't wait until the move in July to the Great State of Texas. There he will have a huge sheep farm to romp around on at Grandad's. Hook 'em Banks! Good job!

Chester - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Apr 7th!! Robin and Tom (our very own AGB volunteers) have had their application in for a while, waiting for a dog. They fostered Chester for a few days while foster mom Tammy was out of town. They thought they fell in love then, but were afraid Chester didn't want to play with Winslow, their current dog. So the decision was made to return him to foster mom Tammy. Well, this morning Chester woke up as a newly playful boy, and the "seller's regret" set in with Robin. He is such a great, laid back, and at the same time, loving dog; she knew she just had to keep him. When he took his nap on his back, this little guy was dreaming that this was his new forever home. Big brother Winslow just wants him to play now that they are settled and feel safe together. Chester will have plenty of room to run and play as well as a farm to check out on the weekends. I'm sure Winslow will teach him a few farm tricks. This sweet boy will be well loved....... Thanks to foster mom Tammy for taking such good care of this precious baby.

Stanley - ADOPTED
ADOPTED April 3rd!! This happy couple needed each other. Stanley's new mom came to Adoption Day two times and just could not get him out of her mind. She lost her 14 year old Golden a year ago and wanted to make sure her heart was ready, and Stanley stole it from her for good when they re-met early this week. This sweet, single gal has no children or other pets, so we know Stanley will be the center of her world! Here is to you Stanley!!! Love these Senior adoptions!

Dahlia - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 28th!!! Our sweet Dahlia, 18 month old stray from Monroe, Louisiana, found her new forever home today.  Dahlia had been waiting patiently for just the right family and she knew it when they walked in the gate.  She ran around and around the daughter and son then sat down for a pet.  Dahlia gave them all a kiss which said I'm your girl.  She loved all of them even the grandmother in tow.  The family has a 'golden' history so they knew Dahlia had to be part of their family.  A lost and lonely stray now has a wonderful, loving home and children to play with....Dahlia has landed.  And, many thanks to Jenny for fostering.

Landon - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 30th!! Our little rerun Landon found himself a forever home today with 2 sweet dogs. His new golden girlfriend just loved him and the little dog thought he was just fine to smell. Madison, the golden, will be showing Landon the ropes over the next several weeks and making sure he does not go on any unexplained adventures. Dad and daughter thought 'he is the one' - they wanted him to be part of their family....So Landon sealed the deal with his playful self and good manners. Landon was not sure what went wrong last time, but he for sure this time, will be forever. This is one sweet pup who jumped in the car ready to get to his new home to settle in with his new dad, new sister and new doggy friends, Madison and Trot. We are sure his new sister and new golden girlfriend were waiting at the door for him. Landon hit the jackpot today with this new family. This sweet boy so deserved this happy ending.

Charlie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 26th!! Charlie was adopted yesterday by the Reitz's and their dog Bogey.  Lindsay and foster Tracey, who rescued three year old Charlie from being chained outside at a neighbor's house, did the visits and adoption.  We're glad sweet Charlie has found a home and won't be outside alone again.  Thanks Tracey for fostering this pretty boy and being concerned for his welfare.  

Lady Bug - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Mar 27th!! "The Bug" finally got all of her requirements: a huge fenced backyard with pool that she ran 20 laps around this morning, two wonderful children to wear her down, parents who know how to handle a dog like this, another dog pal, and a cat to boot. After visiting with LB for an hour, all felt very comfortable with the meet and the family was in love.  They got "full disclosure" - good and bad - with written assessments as well as lectures out the wazoo.  We hope and pray this is the final home for sweet Lady Bug as she has had a hard time getting someone to love and keep her due to her chewing habits.  She came to us on Christmas Eve as a two yr old stray and we hope next Christmas she will be sitting around the tree drinking doggie eggnog! Happy Gotcha Day Lady Bug!!! Thanks to the Evan's and Dooley's for their patient and loving fostering of LB.  

ADOPTED Mar 22nd!! Chloe had some real challenges - we knew it when we brought her into foster with our family. There was a lot of discussion on whether we could handle, control and change those issues. She has severe separation anxiety, even when you are in the next room. We have locked her behind a baby gate for trial periods of time. The good news is she did not escape, but she chewed up the gate latch. We left her in our bedroom with Casey (3 year old Golden) and Bear (9 year old mixed small breed) and it only took minutes to destroy a body pillow and a spread. When we opened the door, Casey and Bear looked at us with an “I told you so!” expression. We have not been able to leave the house at the same time!! Chloe is a Velcro dog and has attached herself to her new Mom. She found her safe spaces under Moms desk and next to her, on the floor, at the end of the couch. She's learning to trust Dad. Over time and with the help of our family pack, we believe Chloe’s separation anxiety can be adjusted so she can eventually have run of the house when we leave. Chloe wants to be in control and Casey has been gentle and accepting of all of our foster dogs, but he has his hands full with Chloe. Bear and Chloe are finally at peace after a few scuffles. She gives him space and is being respectful. Chloe is a bullet on four legs. She is reportedly, very good at catching squirrels and chipmunks and dropping her trophy at your feet. Our squirrel and chipmunk populations have not declined yet, but they are learning to run very fast. Chloe enjoys running at Cahaba Beach Dog Park and we've learned she loves water. Yep, she's got issues, but we love her and are excited to have her as a permanent part of our family. We are proud to call ourselves foster failures after this beautiful beauty came into our lives!!

ADOPTED Mar 13th!! We have been holding our breath since Feb 2nd when we got this app which read: "I'm very interested in adopting Bucky. I have experience with a Visla mix." Of course after whoops of excitement, we contacted this smart young lawyer and we very thoroughly and carefully discussed Bucky and his distinct personality. This young lady really knew the traits of Bucky and was eager to call him hers! She had a great first meet and greet with the foster family, and they went on subsequent walks together to make sure the two would understand each other. After Bucky had two initial training sessions with the foster and our trainer, the third was held at the new Moms house and got the trainers gold star of approval. This week, Mom wrote that she was happy to make her "maybe baby, her forever man" !! Bucky has two more training sessions left which are for Mom to understand how to live with him. Many thanks to the Dooley's and Bonham's for their funding of Bucky's classes. Bucky will get to go to work his Mom's law office assistant. We all wish the very best, and long life together for this boy, who came to us last June along with his sister and mother. This no doubt would have been an entirely different story if not for the 6 months of foster by the Bonham's and the last three months with Carrie. So many, many thanks to them. Bye Bye Bucky!!! We are so happy for you!!!

Destin/Sadie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Feb 28th!! Three year old Destin, now Sadie, who came to us from Tennessee because of a divorce situation, went to foster immediately upon coming in. We have had an approved couple for many months that we knew would be a great fit for this girl. The mother has been to Adoption Day four times, not to adopt, as we knew at those AD's the right dog was not there, but she just wanted to get her "Golden fix" anyway. Their beautiful Golden died in the fall, and Dad teared up every time her name was mentioned. It was going to have to be a dog that ran to him and tugged at his heart immediately, and that's just what happened with Destin. This time it was happy tears from new Dad, and his wife was just thrilled he found a new buddy who will also share the love with her. This is a gorgeous, sweet dog worthy of a warm home and so glad she didn't have to wait long. Thanks to our great volunteers for the AGB recommendation. Good luck precious girl!

ADOPTED Mar 10th!! Darling Della, our 2 year old stray flatcoat, bounded into the arms of her new sister Saturday and sealed the deal with kisses for mom. This precious dog came to us on Valentine's day and it didn't take long to find her true love. We told her new family we wanted "visitation rights" as Della is such a sweetie. Thanks to her foster family who fostered her the last week. See ya soon Della!!!

ADOPTED Mar 1st!! One of our "favorite" orphans, 2 year old Liz, was adopted this morning! Liz was an owner turn-in in December for no reason, and apparently had lived outside all her life. She didn't even know what cuddling was until patient fostering by Dan and Dianne for the first week, then Kathy for the rest of the time, taught her how to love and trust. The new family is from Nashville and they and their Boston Terrier fell for Liz immediately (even after getting up at the crack of dawn to arrive in B'ham at 8am!). We allowed them to play for an hour to wear down for the long ride back. All jumped in the car with tails wagging and happy smiles. Thanks so much to our friends from AGK who did the home visit for us. Sweet, spunky Liz will be missed!!

Button/Bea - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Feb 28th!! Button, now Bea, walked in, chose a toy out of the pile, walked around to each of us trying to kiss us on the lips with toy in mouth, then settled in on the nice soft rug while we did the paperwork, like the good little girl she is. This one year old, 34 pound doll baby is cute as a button, and was turned in to a shelter along with 12 other dogs. Her new mom is a Doctor and plans to take her to the Palliative Care area with her after a bit of time, and this dog will be a perfect Hand-in Paw dog with her laid back temperament. Sweet dreams sweet girl!

ADOPTED: February 21st! Two year old Goldendoodle Izzy, who kept the Adoption team very busy, went to her sweet new Mom today. This adorable dog smiles constantly and her whole body wags with her tail. The two had an instant bond, and when Mom got her hugs, Izzy inched closer, then closer, then closer....Izzy works the room giving everybody love, so she is sure to be a hit on the many hikes and dog events planned for her. Everybody who met Izzy wondered how in the world this dog was allowed to run free and be turned in by her owner. Thanks to Travis who fostered her and Good luck Izzy! You are a star!

Shiloh - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: February 21st! Our 9 year old retired "working girl" was adopted today to a retired Hospice nurse who met her at Adoption Day last weekend. This lady was looking for a younger dog, but when she heard Shiloh's medical history; she knew it was her mission to take this gal into her last years with grace and mercy. Mom was so happy to have someone to spend all day with, and Shiloh is such a loving girl, I see many hours of TV watching and walks at Heardmont Park ahead of them. Thanks to Travis who really got her out of her shell with his fostering, and for Barbara and Vic Hayslip who loved her this week. We're all rooting for you Shiloh for many years to come………………

ADOPTED: February 21st!! We have seen instant bonds before, but this was "Oh my gosh, I love him! Oh my gosh, you're so handsome! On my gosh I've been waiting for you forever!" – Pretty much love at first sight. This sweet young lady saw 11 year old Rocky's picture on the website and told us this was the dog she wanted. Then, it was determined that because of his seizures, he needed someone home with him. She was extremely disappointed and brokenhearted and did not even want to look at another dog. The seizures are now under control thanks to AGB getting some medicines for him, and when we called and asked he if she might still want him , well we had to hold the phone away from our ears!!! She and he are excited beyond description and he will live out the last years of his life in pure contentedness. Thanks to Lisa and her brother Matthew for fostering and being there to wish this sweet boy off to his forever home. Good luck big boy!

ADOPTED: February 16th!! This very sad Dad came to the February adoption day, after his beloved dog crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last week. He had an instant connection with Brave, so we immediately went to work to conduct all the paperwork and the “checks” that needed to be done. We all know Brave has been waiting since October for the right fit, so it is joyous tears we shed, as he found his perfect home today. The following day his new family arrived 30 mins early to be able to complete the adoption. Brave was brought out and in his usual gregarious manner, went to everyone greeting them as if to say "hey how are you all doing, so are we going for a walk ?" all the while his tail wagging a mile a minute. Brave hit it off with Brian (the son) and decided he liked it right on Brian’s lap. It was precious to see how Brian took to Brave and vice versa. Don and his son Brian could barely contain their enthusiasm, which is perfect because Brave is very enthusiastic. It was a very happy and fun adoption for all involved! Brave jumped into their truck, but in his usual way wanted to ride shot gun, as he loved to do on his walks to Oak Mtn with AGB volunteers. The family drove off with Brave's head out the window and a happy smile on his face. This is one of those adoptions that was just meant to be........

Madden & Molly - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: February 10th - Hi am Molly and I am Madden. We are both 4 years old. I weigh 84 pounds and my brother Madden weighs 88 pounds. Madden and I are bonded. Sometimes grown up things happen with parents and our mom had to give us up. She was so devastated but she knew she was making the right decision for us, and has been preparing us since last October. So when the day came for us to go to AGB we were ready. Our mom took great care of us so we arrived with a clean bill of health. We are house trained and know all the appropriate commands so we are considered very well behaved. I tend to be very motherly towards Madden, I just can’t help myself. Madden, well he is Mr. Personality and has never met a stranger. We love to wrestle and play chase. Madden loves car rides and meeting new people. Madden and I have been together forever and want to stay together forever - we are double your fun duo. We have never been exposed to kitties so we’ll get back to you on that one. Hurry and get your application in as we really are the most perfect duo waiting to give you double the fun and double the love. Hugs from M&M

Snow White - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: February 6, 2014 - Well in a snap of a finger my story went from sad to totally awesome. My new family had looked at some other pups, but in their mind they really knew what they were looking for. Today they came in to look at one pup and our adoption specialist told them about me (knowing I was very much what they were looking for, and I was new to the AGB family) They decided to visit me first – well it was love at first sight. You know one of those connections where you know it was meant to be all along? Well that is my life now, I have a great, loving family and a new name – I am now the most beautiful Princess Snow White! Thank you to all the angels who were looking out for me. Tail Waggin – Princess Snow White.

Muffin/Georgie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: January 27th - Hi, guys, my name is Muffin, and I’m about to tell you a secret that I want you to keep just between us, I will explain after I introduce my cute self. First the facts -- I am a three year old male, weighing 60.3 pounds, being (easily) treated for round and whipworms but thank goodness, heart worm free. While I am healthy, my owner unfortunately suffered a series of strokes and was no longer able to care for me. I am one of so many very lovable pups surrendered due to very sad challenges in their human’s life, so I don’t have to tell you that by adopting me you are helping more than me, but my previous human family. I was turned into Bigbee Humane with my female Akita buddy, so I’ll probably be fine with other dogs at your house too. I like riding in the car, and I am good on a leash. Now for that important tidbit that I promised -- When a dog comes into AGB, it’s not unusual for us to be a little nervous in new clinical surroundings and maybe not at our most photogenic. Those volunteers are so eager to get great guys like me, who are ready to roll to new homes, onto the website ASAP. Therefore there will be more glamorous photos of me to follow after AGB gets a chance for a picture session with one of the “photographer volunteers”. If you are smart, you will snap me up before this picture is replaced by one showing me as a Robert Redford of the dog world! Don’t tell anyone our secret, and therefore let some other family get in line ahead of you! Contact AGB today, and let’s form our forever team! Anxious to meet and greet you, Muffin

January 27, 2014 Hi, folks, my name is Max, and I hope that you’ll read my story because it’s typical of so many of the deserving dogs who come through not only Adopt-a-Golden but all rescue groups. I am seven years old, and weigh 60 lbs. I’m here strictly as a victim of circumstances that saddened my human family as much me, absolutely neither their fault nor mine that here we are looking for an alternative new home for me. In respect for privacy, enough said that some health issues involving allergies led to my surrender. Please think about how very hard it is for the humans, who are facing medical challenges, to have the additional complication of finding a new home for a beloved pet. Some of the most heartwarming moments for the folks at AGB have been the placements of pups whose original owners made that so-hard surrender decision confident of AGB’s great track record of matching the right dog to the right family. Before the basic facts, the bottom line is that I am ready to go immediately to a forever home. I am good with other dogs, house and leash trained, and my favorite spot is next to a human companion. You have an opportunity here, not only to adopt me and enjoy the unconditional love that Goldens are so great at giving but also to ease the heartache for the folks who did not want to let me go. Hoping that you will make it happen, Max

Muppet - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: January 20, 2014 My name is Muppet I am a slightly shy 2 year old girl at a healthy 83 lbs. Once I get to know you I am not so shy I just need a minute or two. I am at AGB along with my siblings Molly and Madden. Our story is this, sometimes grown up things happen with parents and my mom had to give us up. She was so devastated but she knew she was making the right decision for us and has been preparing us since last October. So when the day came for us to go to AGB we were ready. Our mom took great care of us so we arrived with a clean bill of health. We house trained and know all the appropriate commands to be considered very well behaved. If your interested, my favorite things to do are to play chase and wrestle with Molly and Madden, chasing balls, and oh did I mention swim. Water is my absolute favorite thing to do. It is not required but if my new forever family has access to water that would be just to cool. Wagging my tail in anticipation.

Jan 19, 2014 - Well folks I have gone from being a working girl, to winner of the family lottery! My new family arrived by plane to meet me and see if I would get along with their dog Casey, and their children. Well of course if you know anything about me, I am just a love bug and I pretty much go with the flow. Well I worked my magic and I won their hearts! My new sibling Casey and I will work out sharing our new Mom, cuz he is used to having her all to himself. My new Mom has enough love for all of us so it will be awesome. My new Dad thought I was just the greatest. My human sister and I hit it off right away; we are already making plans to hang out a lot, to include sharing her bed at night. I now have my own BFF! My family has told me there will be plenty of walks and playtime. I am so happy. Thank you AGB for all you have done for me, and also thank you to my foster Mom and Dad, Mr. Chuck and Ms. Melissa. Well it’s time for me to get on the plane and go home - how spoiled can a girl be!! Finally content, Robin BIO: I am Robin, one of a trio of former working girls, surrendered by a breeder who wanted us to be able to live out the rest of our lives in a home with a loving family who will enjoy pampering us. I am 10 years old, 78 pounds and healthy. Up to now, I have lived outside in a kennel with other females so I would enjoy going to a home where I could have a canine sister or brother pal. Even though there will be some adjustment to living inside a home with a family, I am eager to meet the challenge. Hoping to meet you as soon as possible, Robin

UPDATE: JANUARY 14TH - Well you all know who I am adorable lovable Maggie enjoying foster life with my new foster mom Miss Robyn. She says that I am just the best little girl in the world to have as a foster daughter. My two legged sibling Winslow and I are already the best of friends and I love to mimic whatever Winslow does he's such a cool dude. My Foster mom does not believe that I am a 6 year old, she thinks I am 3 or 4 at the most. She is very impressed with my good manners and how well I just fit in. I love my foster mom and she promised me that my forever home will be as wonderful. So if you are looking for a petite, love bug, old enough to know better but young enough to enjoy life to its fullest then I am your gal. The sooner we get together the more time we have to share mutual love. Hi all, my name is Maggie. I am a 6 year old petite lady, weighing in at 50 pounds of pure love! Sadly, I was surrendered because my owner had health issues. You have no idea how sad that made me to leave my owner. I was really scared of all the changes happening in my life. I thought for sure it would be better for my human if I stayed to care for him, but it was not to be. I am glad to be with AGB, everyone has been so sweet and loving. I was given a glowing report on my behavior. Belly rubs are definitely my thing and I will roll over for belly rubs at a simple glance. I have been with AGB for a while now and as much as I love my hikes with Mr. Lindsay, and all the wonderful people that take care of me, I am so ready to meet my loving forever family. I need you as much as you need me, so let’s make it happen! For belly rubs I will give you a lifetime of unconditional devotion - Maggie xoxo

Chance (Coco) - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: January 15th!! BIO: Hey folks - I am a three-year old male weighing in at 52 lbs. I am a really sweet dog who longs for love and affection. I was given my new name by our Facebook friends because I truly needed and AGB felt like I deserved a new "Chance" at life. I have a few fear issues (such as quick movements) so I need an owner with special gifts of patience and knowledge of body language and a home without small children. Everyone with AGB loves me, and they think that I am very trainable and polite. Among other things, Chance means "opportunity" or "luck", I am hoping that while reading this you realize you are MY chance! If you understand a little dog psychology, I’m eager to work with you in order to realize my potential. Please choose me so that we can get to work on it! Patiently waiting, Chance

ADOPTED: January 13th!! BIO: Hi my name is Cedar - AGB needs a Good Samaritan to come forward for me. Someone who can give me the best 1 to 2 years I have ever known. Because I only have 1 to 2 years left to live. You see, as with many of the orphans that AGB receives they do not know our full story. What they do know is that I was found as a stray. AGB discovered I was heart worm positive and had blood in my urine. They ran numerous tests to find out what was wrong with me. The vets did urinalysis, clinical chemistry, ultrasounds and x-rays. Here is what they discovered: I have chronic kidney disease probably caused by the heart worm infection. Eventually, my kidneys will stop working. As if that was not enough, the x-rays show that I had been shot with buckshot at sometime in my life. Despite all this poor treatment by humans I am still a love bug......see my photos if you don't believe me. So you see my time is running out and I need a good forever home or at least a permanent foster. Please consider meeting me and if you can't adopt, consider donating to my medical fund on our web site. I am sad about my health, but would really like to live out my last days having all the fun I can. Please consider making this Christmas one of my best ever! Needing you, Cedar

ADOPTED: January 12th!! BIO: I’m Ox, and now that I am living the good life in a foster home I’d like to give you an update. I am a healthy, vaccinated, ten month old male weighing about 50 pounds. My foster family, particularly their other Golden and eleven year old son, think that I am the coolest dog ever! I love having human and canine siblings, and if you can provide those I am ready, willing and eager to call you my forever family. I’m going to be honest in telling my tale, in hopes that you will want to make it your mission to help me overcome the difficulty that resulted in my surrender. My owners gave me love and attention and taught me not only commands and house training, but also tricks. They did not want to give me up, but they both work outside the home, and I have a fairly common canine issue called “separation anxiety.” I love people, other dogs, cats, kids—I’m just not a loner. The fact that I am so well trained at such a young age is proof that I am intelligent and willing to work. What I need is a home with at least one stay at home parent and probably another dog to keep me company when the humans have to leave. There are great conditioning exercises that we can work on to help me over my reluctance to be left on my own. With some patience and the right techniques we can handle this! In short, with my new families help I can live up to my most awesome, Golden potential. Will you be that special someone for me? Can we make this happen in time for me to be included in your Christmas card family photo? I am really, really cute, and I will do you proud!!! Trusting, Ox

Annabelle - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: January 11th!! BIO: I am Annabelle, one of a trio of former working girls, surrendered by a breeder who wanted us to be able to live out the rest of our lives in a home with a loving family who will enjoy pampering us. I am 9 years old, 98 pounds (need to diet!), but healthy. Up to now, I have lived outside in a kennel with other females so I would enjoy going to a home where I could have a canine sister or brother pal. Even though there will be some adjustment to living inside a home with a family, I am eager to meet the challenge. Hoping to meet you as soon as possible, Annabelle

Shadow - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: January 10th!! BIO: Hey all you AGB Angels - I just wanted to put my paw up to give you all a high five! My medical costs have been fully funded! You all are just the best, I can't thank you enough. I know that there are truly Golden Angels watching out for us! BIO: I am Shadow, and I am one of those hard-to-find female black retrievers known as flat coats. Based on the track record of the other flat coats that have been part of AGB I won't be around long because people fall in love with exotically beautiful beauties like us. I am about three years old, spayed, 55 pounds and up to date on vaccines. Unfortunately, I am heart worm positive so will have to spend about a month being treated (and cured!), but that doesn't mean that you can't put in an application and your name on me so that we can roll right out of the vet's office and off to our forever lives together the minute my treatments are done. I was a surrender to a Scottsboro animal shelter, believe it or not because my owners had a new puppy. Forgive and forget, because who can understand some humans, is what I say. My transporter describes me as shy at first (which seems to be something of a flat coat characteristic) but warming up quickly, after which I was very playful, super happy, and eager to give kisses. I got an A+ on car ride behavior, and I am good on a leash. You can see by my picture that if we wanted to make dog/people comparisons I would definitely qualify as an Elizabeth Taylor. Now picture yourself getting so many compliments for having such a glamorous and well behaved companion at the end of the leash. Soon to be your forever friend, Shadow

3/27/16 - We are so sorry to learn of the passing of one of our dear AGB Alums, AJ (formerly AGB Ruby III). AJ passed away yesterday due to cancer. Our deepest condolences to Stephanie, Lynn and all of the family and friends who loved AJ. Her mom sent us this email and photo: "She was happy and pain free up until about a week ago. The Vets at Auburn believe the cancer started in her mammary gland then metastasized to her lungs and then her bones. She kept her appetite and continued to love her walks until a few days ago. She was a very special girl and my canine soulmate. We both will miss her dearly. Thank you for bringing her into our lives." Run free at The Rainbow Bridge AJ, healed and happy, and know that you were loved. ________________________________________ ADOPTED: Jan 4th, 2014!! BIO: I am Ruby, one of a trio of former working girls, surrendered by a breeder who wanted us to be able to live out the rest of our lives in a home with a loving family who will enjoy pampering us. I am nine years old, 59.8 pounds and healthy. The first five years of my life were spent with a breeder who kept me indoors, so reminding me about house training should be easy. For the past four years, I have lived outside in a kennel with other females so I would enjoy going to a home where I could have a canine sister or brother pal. Even though there will be some adjustment to living inside a home with a family, I am outgoing and eager to meet the challenge. Let’s set up a meeting and get forever going, Ruby

Baby Girl - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: December 31, 2013 BIO: Hey all you AGB Angels - I just wanted to put my paw up to give you all a high five! My medical costs have been fully funded! You all are just the best, I can't thank you enough. I do have one favor though, if you could find it in your hearts to help my buds Ember and Marley Bear, that would just be the best! I know that there are truly Golden Angels watching out for us! BIO: I am Baby Girl, sort of the Jane Doe of the dog world because no one knows my story, except that so far in my one year of life not a happy one.  I am very petite and pretty at 34.4 pounds and will probably, when full grown, be on the small side for a Golden Retriever. I wandered up to a house in Walker County, and the family who lived there was kind but already had multiple dog mouths to feed and didn’t feel that they could add me to the group.  Thank goodness, someone told them about AGB because I hear that those folks have a great track record for finding homes for pups like me.  I am heart worm positive so will have to have about a month of not fun treatments, but if you can wait a month to take a special dog into your home I surely do hope that you will consider me.  Everyone who has met me describes me as “SUPER sweet.” I am well behaved, and I like kids and other dogs.   My wish list is pretty simple: good health, a forever mom and dad and some children and maybe another canine sibling with whom I can grow up and make some better memories than I’ve had a chance to make so far. (Oh, and maybe a new name that you give me to seal the deal that we are best friends forever).  In return I will give your family many years of Golden love and licks and a tail that never stops wagging.   Please make it happen for me.   Loving you already,   Baby Girl

Hunter - ADOPTED
ADOPTED - December 31, 2013 BIO: Hunter is a very apt name for me, because I am hunting a home with all of my heart. I’m about nine years old and weighed 70 pounds at my last vet visit. I was surrendered along with a companion with whom I didn’t get along very well. Our owners surrendered us because they were moving but also admitted that they had not spent much time with us. We were left in separate areas of the back yard during the day and crated at night. I will admit that this being given up by my family has really upset me, I am a little scared as to what will happen to me, but AGB promised they would fine me a brand new forever family to love me and take care of me. I desperately want some quality people time! The nice AGB person who drove me to the vet described me as very sweet and starved for attention. If you have the time to give me the love I deserve I will pay you back from a big Golden heart forever. When I came in to AGB I was over due for another vet visit with some skin tumors, but those are being treated, and I’ll soon be good to go. I have not lost a bit of faith in people despite a right rough few years, and if you just give me a chance I will prove that a Golden Retriever is the best friend you’ll ever find. Hoping to get together soon, Hunter

Bandit - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: December 23rd!! BIO: My name is Bandit, and that’s pretty apt because the minute you meet me I will steal your heart and keep it forever! I am a healthy, neutered, three year old male. At 96 pounds I could stand to shed a few, but brisk walks together and lots of tennis ball chasing will have me slim and trim in no time. My owners surrendered me because of child’s allergies to dogs. When the allergies started I had to move to the back yard, which was not a good situation because I am afraid of thunder. No one’s fault, just one of those situations that sometimes happens. I am good with other dogs, adore kids and love to ride in the car and swim. I am very sweet and friendly except when it comes to cats. Picture me growing up with your children…what a great sight! See you soon, Bandit

3/21/16 - We are saddened to let you know the Bridge has gained another Golden angel. AGB alumni Jessie (formerly Rickey) lost his battle with cancer today. Jessie suffered from malignant melanomas on his face and foot and then developed tumors in lungs. He was treated for several months but lost his battle today. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jesse's mom as they were best friends and she loved him dearly. Run free beautiful boy. ________________________________________ ADOPTED: December 22nd!! BIO: Hi there from Rickey! I am a seven year old neutered male, weighing 72 pounds, and I was picked up as a stray in Huntsville. I have a microchip, but it wasn’t registered, and after unsuccessfully searching for my owners on Facebook, the Huntsville animal services people assured me that Adopt-a-Golden Birmingham was the place for me to find a new forever home. I am being treated for a few minor health issues relating to teeth and skin irritation from fleas, but those should be cleared up quickly, and I’ll be ready to roll. I am housebroken, leash trained, and well behaved. I was really sad being alone and on my own for a while, especially at my age! I am beginning to feel better with all the love and attention I am receiving from AGB and their Angels. My past may be a mystery, but the important thing is that the past is over and I am now just hoping to find my new and forever, Golden family to love. I’m at the perfect age to fit right into a good home with many happy years ahead of us. Hoping that you will consider me, Rickey

ADOPTED: December 22nd!! BIO: My name is Hope, and that sums it up. At seven years old and 75 pounds I am a perfect age and size to fit into most any household, and I promise to do my part to make you wonder how you ever managed without me. I am wishing and hoping for a family to appreciate the special qualities that I have that have made my foster friends fall head over heels in love with me. I was found as a stray by a Good Samaritan, and while I was in foster care waiting for transportation to Birmingham, my foster mom raved about me and described me as nothing less than AMAZING. She reports that I am house trained, great with other dogs, cats and children. I am just the sweetest pup you will ever meet. I love to carry around my soft and cuddly toys. My new foster Mom says that I am one of those “Velcro” girls who immediately attaches to a human companion. Cuddling is my favorite thing to do, so let’s get our forever adventure going right away!! Looking forward to years of cuddling with you, Hope

ADOPTED: December 16th!! BIO: No one was absulutely sure which name I would respond to as I came in with two names - Stella and Sadie. I am pretty as a picture and ready for an immediate forever home. Seems after being with my foster family I seem to answer to Sadie. I am just one year old, weigh 63 pounds and I am healthy. I was surrendered because sadly my family did not have time to spend with me and knew that AGB could find me the perfect home where I can be the heart of the family. That is the role that Golden Retrievers play best, you know. I am a beautiful sweet girl, I get along with other dogs, kids, and cats…… I love to play so am ready at a moment’s notice, be it with another 4 legged pup or the kids! A big yard to play in and a pool would be awesome! (I love to swim). We can have a great life together, so get that application in to adopt me right this minute! Love ya, Stella

Buddy (IV) - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: December 16th!! BIO: My name is Buddy, and in November I will be a ten-year old birthday boy! How great would it be if your family adopted me in time to throw a celebration?! I weigh 80.3 pounds and other than an easily treated ear infection and need of a good teeth brushing I am in excellent health. I have the AKC papers to prove that I am Golden through and through. Times are tough right now for a lot of people, including my former owner, who felt it was best to find me a new situation. I have obviously been loved and cared for because I am housetrained and know commands like sit, come and down. I get along great with other dogs, and I love people, especially kids. Among my favorite activities I would list swimming, car riding and sleeping in a bed with people next to me. Other than thunder and fireworks, which make me a bit nervous, I have that great, happy-go-lucky Golden personality and a winning attitude. If you’re ready to adopt, I’m ready to go, and that birthday is fast approaching. Please make it my first birthday with my new forever family. Dreaming of cake and ice cream, Buddy

ADOPTED: December 19th!! BIO: My name is Zeus, and I have a story just about as interesting as anything in Greek mythology. I am a 10-12 month old male, weighing 48 pounds and probably a Golden/Great Pyrenees mix. Combine those two breeds, and you get handsome and then some, as you can see from my picture. My story is really about what lengths rescue organizations like AGB and Paws Nela (PAWS of North East Louisiana) will go to in order to find forever homes for orphans like me. I was surrendered to a shelter in West Monroe, Louisiana, but with 22 other dogs also coming in that day, the shelter was on overload. That is when everyone stepped up to help me. With the help of Paws Nela rescue group, I was moved temporarily to a West Monroe vet clinic in mid-November. The vet diagnosed me with parvo virus. Man I knew that wasn’t good news and I had been feeling a bit under the weather. But after treatment I was moved to a foster home (which was pawesome) until I was healthy enough for travel. My foster mom in Louisiana reported that I am very laid back and that I love to be close to people. I am also a very responsive pup who is willing and able to learn all the things you want to teach me! As an added bonus I am also house and crate trained. I am starting to feel much better so I can’t wait for AGB to bring me to Birmingham on December 14th, with plenty of time for you to hang a stocking with my name on it. I would love a bone, a toy or two, and a comfortable dog bed to lay my head on (if that isn’t too much?); but mostly all I want for Christmas is a forever family to call my own. ‘Tis the season to adopt a golden — let’s get together in time to be merry as a family. With lots of love to give, Zeus

ADOPTED: December 14th!! BIO: I am Sara, a pint sized package of sweetness at one year old and 29.6 pounds, spayed, micro chipped, healthy, and ready to win your heart. When fully grown, I will probably still be small enough to fill the bill for a family looking to love a lap dog. Wish I could give more details about my first year, but my past is a mystery. I wandered up to a home, and the kind family who lived there tried very hard, with no luck, to find my original owners. They describe me as good with kids, and very playful with their young dog, but their senior dog objected to having a little sister. Personally, I think of myself as “Miss Congeniality.” I like all other animals, kids and adults. I get along great with pretty much anyone who crosses my path. More than anything, I would like to make friends with a squirrel. Whenever I see one I run after it as fast as I can. I am playful and cuddly, and I have fur softer than you can imagine. You will enjoy the belly rubs as much as I do! Check out the picture, folks. I am one of those happy mixes resulting in a mini-sized Golden who will look all my life like a Golden puppy. If size is the factor that has held you back from adopting a Golden, I am your opportunity!! Let’s get started on forever ASAP. Imagine how cute I will look starring in your Christmas card photo! Eagerly waiting, Sara

Quincy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: December 14th!! BIO: A big hello from a big old boy! My name is Quincy, and I am a sweet and mellow five year old neutered male, weighing in at 115 pounds. After being treated for heartworms, I am now healthy as a horse (ok, ok, small pony!) and living with my foster family until you claim me as a forever friend. Life is definitely headed in a better direction for me. Six months ago a kind couple rescued me from pretty squalid living conditions in South Alabama. My gentle disposition is proof that I am willing to let bygones be bygones and to make a fresh start with the love I deserve, and the love that I know you can give me. I for sure have a heart full of love to give you back! I just need the chance to prove to you that your home is where I belong. I am housetrained, and I know sit, stay, and come commands. I get along great with other dogs and people and I especially love kids and car rides. I am every inch (ok, and pound) that best of all dogs in the world, a typical Golden Retriever. Lets get going on forever, Quincy

Sweet Potato - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: December 14th!! BIO: My name is Sweet Potato, and as a 2-3 year old female, I am a perfect age to bond with my new forever family, learn tricks and commands, and grow up to reach my full potential. All I need is you to make it happen! Don't know how I started out, but about a month ago I wandered up to a home, and the kind couple who live there took me in and tried, without success, to find my original owners. They report that I am friendly, but a little skittish (no wonder about that, trying to make it on my own at such a young age), good around neighborhood kids and fine around their dog. I am healthy and ready to fit right into your household and your hearts. Won't you please consider me? I can be yours right away! My picture would look mighty cute on your Christmas card. Longing to know you, Sweet Potato

ADOPTED: December 14th!! BIO: Jack here, As you all know my brother Jake and I were turned in by our family after our dad passed away. Our mom had too much on her plate and could not give us the proper care and attention. We spent a lot of time outside without much human interaction. You know for us Golden's that is pure torture. My bro was adopted and now its my turn to find my forever family. I am 5 years old and a pretty big boy at 85 pounds and I must say all muscle and pretty handsome too. My favorite things to do are to go for long hikes, chase balls, play with my doggy toys and I love me some Nyla bones. I am a pretty easy going guy, I basically like everyone, other pups, school age children because they are big enough we can play ball together. My foster family think that I am awesome and I have fit in perfectly with everyone. I am healthy, in the prime of life, and share the great Golden characteristics that earned my breed the compliment of being called “America’s family dog.” I have AKC papers so I am pure Golden through and through. If your looking for a pal to go hiking and play fetch or maybe just watch TV together I am your guy. By the way did I mention I love car rides. If you are that loving family home who wants to share your life with me then you are for me and I am for you. Lets start planning all those activities. I am already dreaming of my belly rubs and treats. In return you will have my unconditional love and admiration. Hurry hurry I am waiting for you, Happy Jack

ADOPTED: December 3rd!! BIO: A heads up from Dippy to all prospective adoptive families. I am a one-year old male, weighing approximately 60 pounds. I am good with kids, in the car, and on a leash. I’m the right age and size, along with the Golden personality qualities that everyone wants! You will need to get that application in ASAP for us to join forces as a forever family! This super cute Dippy-dog is going to fly out of the adoption pool so please don’t let me get away. I am sweet and energetic and would love to have some children to race around the back yard and throw balls for me. My former owner worked very long hours, knew that I was having to spend too much time at home alone, and made an unselfish decision to ask AGB to help me find a family with more time to share in loving and training me. If you want a dog that can look forward to enjoying a long life growing up alongside you, I am the boy for you. With no health issues to treat, I am ready to jump into your car and into your life just as soon as the paperwork is complete. Let’s don’t waste another minute here! It’s as easy as downloading the application from the AGB website. Get the ball rolling and the tennis balls tossing. Expecting to hear from you soon, your soon-to-be-forever pal, Dippy

ADOPTED: December 2nd!! BIO: My name is Tyler, and if you’re into star studded good looks I am definitely a Robert Redford of the Golden Retriever world. I am a beautiful creamy color, three years old, 50 pounds, neutered, vaccinated and chipped. To sum it up, I am ready to bound into your life and start that forever adventure together! I was picked up by animal control in a small town. Let me tell you, that was a very frightening experience not knowing what was going to happen to me. But now that I am with the nice folks at AGB I am feeling a whole lot more confident. While I was on my “stray hold” the folks at the vet’s describe me as friendly, loving, and just downright eager to be around people, especially kids. The vet techs really took to me (not that I can blame them) and trained me to sit before eating and told me that I am super smart ready and willing to learn all kinds of tricks. Young, healthy, handsome, anxious to please—what more could you ask for a perfect family companion? Did you know that Goldens have been called - “America’s family dog?” You’d better hurry, hurry, hurry to fill out those adoption papers because a fellow as cute as I am will not last long in the adoption pool, and the holidays are right around the corner. I want to be in your Christmas card picture! Ready to roll together as best, best friends, Tyler

ADOPTED: November 25th!! BIO: Toby here, wearing a big Golden smile in hopes of winning your heart and sealing the deal on starting our forever home together. I am so handsome that I have even starred on WVUA-TV! As to the basics, I am eight years old, neutered, weigh 80.9 pounds. Other than minor issues of a fatty deposit and some worn teeth, I am in great health and good to go to a fortunate family. I have a super sweet disposition and am good with other dogs, cats and little kids and love riding in the car. On my behavior evaluation, I got top scores for confidence, attentiveness, and ease of training. Also straight “A’s” as well mannered, people centered, good at sharing, and not mouthy. Since I am darn near perfect on paper, let’s be up front about why I was surrendered. Like a lot of dogs, I am terrified of thunder. I need an owner who is on the home front most of the time and who is interested in learning the canine psychology tips for helping me to overcome my thunder-phobia. It can be done! If you have patience and want the satisfaction of helping a great dog to overcome a natural fear, then we are destined to be a forever pair. You have got to admit that my smiling face is hard to resist. Let’s make today the beginning of forever. With love to give, Your pal Toby

ADOPTED: November 25th!! BIO: Hey all you AGB Angels - I just wanted to put my paw up to give you all a high five! My medical costs have been fully funded! You all are just the best, I can't thank you enough. I know that there are truly Golden Angels watching out for us! BIO: I'm Ember, and I have a Golden personality as warm as my name. While my age is officially listed as six, my fabulous foster mom thinks that I may actually be significantly younger based on my small size (51 pounds) and exuberant energy. The reason that my age is guesswork is that I was picked up as a stray, with a microchip, but when my former owner was found he explained that he had to move into an apartment and could no longer keep me. If that wasn’t sad enough, when AGB got me to the doctor, I tested heart worm positive. I am trying very hard to put my street life and bad health very far behind me and all I want to think about is the future and a new forever home with a very loving family. My heartworm treatment is now over and I am feeling good. I am one of the fortunate orphans living in a loving foster home, which gives everyone a "four legs up" on knowing what to expect if you choose me for your forever best pal. My foster mom reports that I am very, very affectionate and people oriented. It would be so great if I could be in a home where at least one family member is around home most of the day. I love to chew on dogs toys, but I am respectful of human stuff like shoes and furniture, and leave those alone. I am superbly house trained, get along with cats, and love to ride in the car. I will load in that car in a big hurry when I hear that we are headed to the dog park where I can run with the other dogs! I need daily exercise to satisfy my high energy quotient, and the ideal way to match energy is with energy. In other words, do you have kid’s age eight or above who would enjoy playing games with me in the back yard? If so, I'm definitely your girl! Just look at my KNOW I'm cute! What are we waiting for?! Ready to love you lots and forever, Ember

Marley Bear - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Novemeber 19th!! BIO: Just wanted to put a shout out to all you AGB Angels who took care of me and Cedar’s medical expenses, You Rock!! I know Cedar and I are very grateful to AGB for taking good care of us, and now you have taken that worry off of AGB to have to raise more money for all us pups and our expenses. We can’t thank you enough! You all are pawesome!! Much love, Marley B. BIO: Well, folks, let’s say up front that I represent one of those stories folks at AGB hate to tell. I am a four year old, 69 pound boy named Marley Bear. After being kept confined on a cable and suffering from heart worms, hook worms and severely matted fur, I am being treated for health issues and in a month or so will be available for a brand new life with the forever family I so want and so deserve. The folks at Adopt-a-Golden are often asked how they deal every day with victims of neglect like me, and it’s not easy. The good news is that I am in the care of people who are all about re-writing sad stories that ultimately have happy endings, and that’s where you come in. Despite a rocky start in life, I have not lost one ounce of my Golden potential to live a joyful life. What I need over and above medical care is just a chance to love and be loved. Please consider me. I am super sweet and on the road to putting the past behind me. Let’s write my success story together. Hanging in there, not losing hope, and eager to make you mine forever, Marley Bear

Chance - ADOPTED
ADOPTED January 15, 2014 BIO: Hey folks - I am a three-year old male weighing in at 52 lbs. I am a really sweet dog who longs for love and affection. I was given my new name by our Facebook friends because I truly needed and AGB felt like I deserved a new "Chance" at life. I have a few fear issues (such as quick movements) so I need an owner with special gifts of patience and knowledge of body language and a home without small children. Everyone with AGB loves me, and they think that I am very trainable and polite. Among other things, Chance means "opportunity" or "luck", I am hoping that while reading this you realize you are MY chance! If you understand a little dog psychology, I’m eager to work with you in order to realize my potential. Please choose me so that we can get to work on it! Patiently waiting, Chance

Ranger - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Nov 14th - When I met my new furever family it was love at first sight. I know AGB had been looking for just the right family for me and man did they ever get it right!! My new Mom and Dad just got married this past spring and now that Mom had settled into her routine at home, they thought it was the perfect time to add a loving addition to the family. I am just a wee bit spoiled and required some one on one companionship and now my new Mom and Dad can offer me just that. It is going to be the greatest; I am on my way to that pawesome dream! Thank you AGB, I could not have done this without your help!! Much love, Ranger BIO: Ranger here and ready to jump through hoops to be a real live action figure hero for your family! I am a very healthy six year old neutered male weighing in at around 80lbs. In addition to being gorgeous and glossy, I am skilled at the basics and beyond. I know sit, stay, come, down and other tricks. I’m going to be honest with you - Though of course I am being treated kindly and having all of my needs met at the veterinary clinic, life as a kennel dog is just lonely as all get out. The sweet AGB volunteers who took me to Oak Mountain Park for a hike last Saturday swore that I had tears in my eyes as I went back into the vet's boarding facility. Not much to do most days but sleep and hope. I not only know commands, I have good experience in being the loyal family dog. If you are looking for a great companion dog for a household with school age or older children I am definitely your man, and I am ready to start forever with you right this minute. I love playing ball and riding in the car, but my favorite activity is cuddling with my humans. Due to no fault of mine, my first family had to surrender me. I understand that sometimes situations change. I am trying to not get to sad with things. That is why I spend those sleeping hours dreaming of once again fulfilling the Golden Retriever mission in life, as the heart of a family. Won’t you please give me the chance to do what I do best? Be warned that a pretty much perfect fellow like me will not be around and available very long. Better hurry! Dreaming of how much fun we’re going to have together, forever, Ranger

Captain Buddy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Nov 14 - My new furever family contacted AGB after hearing about them at work. They were looking for a new family member after losing their beloved Labrador retriever. As soon as I went to my new house for the meet and greet, I knew I was home. I ran all over the house and yard, saying "It's mine! It's mine!". My new family didn’t have to think twice; we were a true match for one another! My new Dad was stuck having to do the paperwork for me to stay with them forever while my Mom and new human sister and brother loved on me – I heard my new Dad say "hey, wait for me to bond with him too!" I have been so blessed. Thank you AGB for opening your huge hearts and taking care of a boy who had been having a hard time of life recently. You are in my heart forever, Buddy BIO: Captain Buddy here (AKA Buddy Bo). I am at an absolutely ideal age (six years old) for quickly making the transition to a rest-of-my-life home. This picture was taken a little bit ago, so I have put on a little weight since then. I now weigh about 81 lbs so am already preparing myself for a little less kibble ;-( I love to go on walks and play ball. If you have children I could play fetch and other games with them. I am not real keen on swimming up til now, but maybe with your patience, I could learn. I do LOVE to ride in a boat, and I do really well riding in a car. I know the basic commands like “sit, stay, come, down, and off”. I came to AGB under sad circumstances - My elderly owner passed away, and his son and daughter-in-law took me in. I really miss my human dad and it has made me really sad. At this time I am having to adjust to a lot of new things. My new family already had two Goldens, which were both outside dogs. I was really accustomed to being an “only child” and an inside kinda of lap dog. So as hard as it was, my family realized that under the circumstances, the best thing for me was to find a new and most loving furever family. I am very fortunate to be enjoying one of the coveted foster family situations. My foster Mom is helping me get used to living without my previous owner and getting me ready for my new furever home. I am beginning to adjust to different circumstances, which means meeting new friends. I have come across those other four legged pets they call cats; I had never come across them before, so am slowly having to adjust to them (It has been interesting to say the least!) I know that my new family is out there and looking to fill a void that I am also looking to fill. I will share all my love with you (including my sloppy kisses), in return for all your love and kindness. Please give AGB a call and tell them Captain Buddy is the handsome, trained, prime of life boy for you! It’s time to take the family Christmas card photo. I really want to shine in yours! Ready to start the adventure, Captain Buddy

Annabelle - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Nov 8th - Move over all of you blonde haired Golden girls, I am Annabelle, AGB’s absolutely stunning new dark haired beauty, and I am ready to wow everyone who visits this website! I am a four year old svelte female (weighing in around 45lbs) and healthy except for some nuisance hook/whip worms for which I’m being (easily) treated. My beautiful brunette coloring classifies me as a flat-coated retriever, and the few of those that have come into this program have raced right out to forever homes so I’m hoping that the same will be true for me. I was picked up as a stray in Perry County, and the kind volunteer who delivered me to Birmingham, reports that I am very sweet, not high energy, great in the car and know my basic commands. I am slowly adjusting to my new set of circumstances here with the wonderful AGB folks. They are taking very good care of me. Folks are saying that I am just the sweetest love bug they have been around in a while! Let’s sum it up, folks, I am ready if you are, in making that forever commitment and to call each other family. I have a lot of good years to be a loving and loyal member of your family pack so please don’t waste a minute of our together time. Adopt me today! Let the adventure begin, Annabelle

Payton - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Nov 9th - Payton’s the name, and I come with a theme song. Remember that tune about “lean on me when you need a friend?” I am a nine-year old golden male and I weigh 85 lbs (may be an extra walk or two in my future!) I am an extremely affectionate boy who likes to stick like glue to my handler when being walked or petted, and if you’ll give me a forever home I promise to be the best friend you’ve ever had. I was picked up by animal control and never claimed so I don’t have a story to share, but I respond well to most commands and absolutely love everyone I meet. Because of the joy that I get from leaning on people I would probably fit best in a home with school age or older children rather than very little fellows. My behavior evaluation rated me gentle and calm, undemanding and well-mannered, good at sharing and very trainable. I already know the basics of sit, down and shake so even though my background is a mystery it’s obvious that someone spent some good time with me in a prior life. What I need is a new life, and if you will commit to me I promise to give you the rest of my life as a totally devoted dog. That is, you know, what we Goldens are born to do. Looking forward to our future together, Payton

Periwinkle - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Nov 4th - Periwinkle here with the promised update on my improving medical status. Life is definitely looking up, and I want all of you super kind Adopt-a-Golden supporters who have contributed to my medical expenses to know that I will be forever grateful. Your donations to AGB have not only provided orthopedic care for me but heart worm treatments, spaying and neutering, and a gamut of other more minor vet needs for my fellow AGB orphan brothers and sisters as well. To recap from the beginning of what has been a short life sad story, I am an almost one year old Golden female, and I was delivered to a vet's office with two broken legs, probably from being hit by a car. The vet said that my breaks could be repaired with surgeries, but my family just abandoned me. The surgeries were successful but also expensive. You donors are just angels for dogs like me. So far AGB has received kind gifts of just over half of the $3000 needed to pay off my surgery bills. Good time to suggest that if you are reading my story because you love Goldens and have wished that you could contribute but can't adopt or foster, sending a donation to the medical fund is a HUGE help. Through it all, I have been sweet and brave and have won the hearts of everyone at the clinic. The happiest thing has happened just this week!!! I am out of the hospital and now being loved to pieces by the same amazing foster family who helped that famous AGB rescue Coosa (thrown into the Coosa River with a broken leg to drown) learn to love and laugh and play again. Now that Coosa is thriving in her forever home, my foster mom is giving her time and talent and canine PT experience to help me through about three weeks of rehab therapy. I am already crazy about my foster dad too! Soon as that's done I am good to go and SO eager to join my forever family and be the BEST companion you've ever had! Just think about how good you will feel sharing my story of hard beginnings with folks who admire my good looks and enthusiasm as I strut my stuff by your side on walks. Help me make a brand new beginning, and I will make you proud and reward you with years of Golden loyalty. I'm good on a leash, like to ride in the car, get along with other dogs, am spayed and have a long, healthy life ahead, in short a perfect candidate for fitting right into a family. Let's get started together! With love to give, Periwinkle

Maverick - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Nov 1st - Man did I have a day getting to my new forever home! I had an upset tummy on the car ride to my new home. Once I arrived I had to go potty really bad, so while I was outside taking care of business I got stung by a bee, Wow. My new family was delighted to see me and took me in to my new big bed in the den! My family had a dog just like me that passed over to the rainbow bridge earlier this year, so I can’t wait to bring sunshine back into their lives! My new family usually has someone home so I will have the company I so love as well as plenty of walking and ball fetching!! And I hear it gets even better – my new family hopes to adopt another friend for me in the near future to keep me company when they are not home. Woo-Hoo, have I hit it huge. Thank you AGB, you are my heroes! Maverick BIO: A happy high five to all of you prospective adoptive families from the newest (and may I be unhumble enough to say handsomest!) boy in the Adopt-a-Golden orphan pool. I am Maverick, a three year old, neutered and full vetted, male flat coated retriever, and I have to say that my glossy black coat makes me a scene stealer among all of these blondies. I was taken to a vet clinic with a broken foot, from which I've healed, but, sadly, for reasons that I don't understand but probably beyond their control, my owners never returned to get me. I would so like to just forget and forgive that and to find my forever home with you. I have a lovely, loving disposition, and I am good, good, good with kids. Make a mental picture of your children racing around the back yard and throwing balls for me, maybe even going to the lake for a swim? Can't you see it? I sure can! I am an ideal size at 55 pounds, and I know some basic commands and would love to learn many more. I am crate and house trained and wait politely by the door without barking when I need to go out. My foster parents brag that I am obedient and easy going and have quickly learned basic commands such as “come” and “sit.” Only hitch in an otherwise super people-oriented disposition is that I, like SO many dogs, am nervous with thunder. This is an issue that can usually be modified, if not resolved, with a little patience and owner using behavior modification tricks that AGB’s pros can share. A family with a stay-at-home mom and kids would be heaven on earth for me because I love children so much, but anyone who works at home or who is around most of the day to help me deal with occasional bad weather would have my love and loyalty forever. I am up to snuff on everything, even microchipped, and ready to go! Please consider me ASAP because the couple of other flat coats who have come through AGB have been snapped up in a flash. Let's make that my happy ending story too!! Wagging, Maverick

ADOPTED Nov 13th - My name is Howie, and you can tell from my picture that I am young and full of fun and just raring to go as your new best friend! The facts are that I am a neutered male, about two years old, weighing in at 57 lbs. Athens Animal Control found me wandering the streets trying to search for a home on my own and assured me that Adopt-a-Golden Birmingham would do a great job in finding the perfect forever placement for me. What a relief! The folks at the shelter report that I get very excited around other dogs so I am probably going to need a bit of socialization skill work to live in a multi-dog household. I am playful and outgoing, and I would be easy to train, even for a novice owner who is willing to learn the ropes along with me. An active family with teen-aged children who can match my high energy level would be amazing! I am a happy boy who is ready to settle in to my new job as your family dog. Let’s make it happen! Tail wagging In anticipation, Howie

ADOPTED Nov 3rd - Well, hi there, all of you prospective families! I am Champ, a three-year old neutered male, and I am raring to go—to your house to live. I was surrendered because of a divorce situation, which I understand happens a lot to perfectly good dogs. No hard feelings toward the humans. I like humans A LOT! Like all growing boys, I have high energy, and I most love to release some of that exuberance in serious sessions of playing fetch. I know some basic commands like “sit” and “down” and respond very well to hand commands. Still need a little work on that walk on a leash business, but, hey, we can figure that out together when we take long walks. You will be so proud of all the compliments you get as the owner of such a handsome dog. I ride very well in a car so maybe you could teach me to drive? Here’s the best—I really love kids, although older rather than younger more appropriate since I can get kind of rambunctious when I’m really having fun. I play really well with my other orphan pals, and I have lived in a house with a cat so would probably get along just fine with other animal siblings. I am 100% Golden, and the AKC papers to prove it come with me. To sum it up, I need an active owner who is looking for a companion in adventure who is confident, playful and outgoing. Looking forward to loving you forever, Champ

ADOPTED: Oct 29th - Well folks I am finally queen of a household! I have a beautiful backyard, one parent always at home and a frequent four legged friend, Chester, who will visit me often. Chester and I have already met and romped and played in my new back yard. I may not look Golden on the outside, but I have been told I am pure Golden on the inside! Much love to my foster Mom and Dad (Dan & Diane) for showering me with much needed love and tenderness to help me along my road to this great forever home! AGB you Rock! Always, Polly BIO: My name is Polly, and I am an 18-month old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix who has had a muddled start in life but thanks to some superior foster care now ready and eager to make a fresh beginning with a forever family. I am beautifully house trained and respond to basic commands and quickly learning more advanced ones. Good with baths and grooming and obedient about sleeping in my designated bed, but, truth be told, I am seriously people oriented and would not hate snuggling in your human bed at night and taking a shower with you every morning! I love other animals too, but be advised that herding is in my blood, and I will click my teeth when I’m trying to round up other dogs to play or groom. I am crazy about dog toys, especially nyla bones, and I am a champ at chasing tennis balls. My favorite tv program is Animal Planet, but I am really adaptable and will watch anything as long as we are sitting side by side. I am a beautiful young girl who just wants a chance, and I so hope that my picture will open your heart to me. Think of all the good years that your family and I have to anticipate. My bonding with my foster family is proof that I am primed to become the most loyal and loving companion you could find. Eagerly waiting to love you, Polly

ADOPTED: Oct 24th - Call me the charmer! My Mom liked some of the other pups, but kept saying "she really wanted to meet Teddy". When she met me, it was a deal sealer. I really did my best to turn on the charm, giving her kisses in the face and leaning on her constantly, something I hadn’t done before (but I really liked her and it felt good). Guess I knew I had found a sweetie for a mom when I met her! I am very excited to begin my new life with my new family. I hear my new Mom and Dad are thrilled as well ;-) I want to send lots of love to my foster Mom and Dad (Julie and Dan) and my foster sister (Miranda) for showing me a lot of love and cuddling and also taking me out to enjoy the great outdoors; especially when my foster sister played her favorite game of soccer! I am off to my new forever home and couldn’t be happier! Thank you all - Teddy BIO: Hi there, I’m Teddy, and I’d like to start with some guessing games. Guess which breed of dogs is most used by Madison Avenue in advertising? Bet that you got it right—Golden Retrievers! Guess why? It only took you a second to double click on the picture of cute little me, didn’t it?! I am that darling of the marketing world, a Golden Retriever puppy, and you have to agree that I look like just about the most adorable dog ever invented. As an eight-month old neutered male, I am at the perfect stage of puppyhood. Eager to please, full of fun, very trainable, and so ready to bond with you and start that life long loyalty for which Goldens are so famous. I am only available for adoption because my owner had to move out of town and could not take me to the new situation. I am healthy outside of a few minor annoyances like some puppy-typical intestinal worms and a case of non-contagious mange caused by mite bites. Both being treated and should be cleared up in just a few weeks after which I will be ready to go and good as gold. (Notice that I also have a great sense of humor!) I am good on a leash and like to ride in the car, and I have impeccable manners for a dog so young. If you are picturing me in a tv ad pitching puppy food, let’s change that image to one of me in your arms on our way to my forever home with you! Joyful puppy kisses, Teddy

ADOPTED: Oct 19th - Jake here – just wanted to give a giant bark out to let you know that I have been adopted! My new Mom just graduated from some fancy college and was looking for a playmate for her Golden (Crystal). Well when I met my new Mom it was instant attraction for us both. Then she introduced me to my new canine sister and it was “comfort” at first meet. Crystal and I get along great, and I will rely on her to teach me all the ropes in my new forever home. I have already been introduced to my new BIG backyard, and my Mom loves to throw the tennis ball for me, and she tells me we will go on long walks each day! Exercise, just what this boy likes to do. I also learned that I will be going to school to learn, just like my Mom did. They call it obedience school. I can’t wait. I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone at AGB for taking such good care of me and finding my awesome new home for me! Love, Jake BIO: Jake’s the name, sending you a high five and a big Golden smile at the thought of us making a forever life together. I am a 5 year old enthusiastic male Golden, and I came to AGB with my equally handsome brother Jack. Naturally, we would like to find a forever home with space for twins, but we are not bonded and available as single adoptees. Like a lot of our fellow orphans in this program, we were surrendered due to a sad human situation rather than through any fault of our own. Our human dad passed away, and our mom felt it best that she find us an alternative permanent home. My brother and I are healthy, in the prime of life, and share the great Golden characteristics that earned our breed the compliment of being called “America’s family dog.” We love people, attention, kids and other dogs and especially enjoy taking hikes. Not crazy about loud noises and thunder, but we can work together to modify that. My brother and I have our AKC papers so we are pure Golden through and through. What we need are one or two loving homes in which we can live up to what our breed is all about, being the most faithful and loving companions the dog world has to offer. Thanking you for considering Jack and/or me, Jake

Tanner - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Oct 13th - My name is Tanner, and I am running and jumping for joy, thinking about the forever home that is waiting for me! I’m a one and a half year old male, which means that I have a high energy level perfect for an owner who likes a jogging companion, a tennis ball retriever, a pal for some swims in the lake. My original owners were running out of energy keeping up with a bouncy pup and surrendered me, knowing that Adopt-a-Golden will find the perfect young family as a match for me. I’m on the small size at 32.4 pounds and already neutered. A few minor skin and ear infection issues, clearing up and no big deal. I’m just the right age to start serious training and very sweet natured and eager to learn and to please. Wow, did I get good grades on my behavior evaluation! All A’s in confidence, independence, playful and outgoing, and easy to train!!! I need an active owner, or a family with teenagers, who can make sure that I get the exercise I need. Dreaming of you as my forever family, Tanner

ADOPTED Oct 3rd - Friendly Golden greetings from Mila. I am a two-year old eager and willing to take my place in hearts and home that represent forever. Once I get through with heartworm and flea allergy issues, we can start that bonding that will mean the world to both of us. I have that typical Golden great disposition and experience at being great living with kids, cats and smaller dogs. My favorite hobbies are swimming and chasing tennis balls, and I am house trained. What more could you ask? All that I ask is a chance to love you as only a Golden can. Look at my beautiful face and make that commitment to be my very special person. Golden hugs, Mila

Opie (Sam) - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Oct 13th - Hi everyone, first I want to say that I appreciate your being interested enough to read all about me. My name is—well, we really don’t know what my name is since I was found wandering the streets. The Adopt-a-Golden intake team has named me Opie, the kind lady who picked me up when I was homeless called me Sam, and if you are good enough to give me a forever home I’ll eagerly answer to any name you want to give me. You can see from the smile on my face that I have kind of an “aw, shucks” expression like that little tv kid from Mayberry. I have that same kind of brush off any bad stuff that may have happened attitude too. No hard feelings toward humans! While I was in the kind lady’s home as she looked with no luck for my owners, I was good as gold (not hard, since I AM a Golden!). I am housetrained, know “sit,” don’t bother kitty cats, great with other dogs, and (drum roll here) especially great with kids like the five year old and seven month old in that Good Samaritan household. I am about three years old, weigh 72 pounds, and SO glad to be done with that nasty treatment for heartworms. The upside of that bad situation is my gratitude to all of the kind humans who read my story and contributed to my now fully funded medical needs. Did you know that it takes about $130,000 a year, mostly in medical costs, to fund the Adopt-a-Golden program? Talk about the kindness of strangers—folks who read our stories click the links to contribute, and even those who aren’t in a position to adopt provide the funding to get us orphans on the road to recovery and forever homes. I am focused on the future and full of hope that it won’t be long before we’re a family, and you’re wondering how you ever got along without me. I’m already a proven winner at easily adapting to a new family, just give me a bed and a bone and a ball for the kids to toss, and I will repay you forever with the loyalty for which my breed is famous. Counting the days, your future forever pal, Opie

ADOPTED: Oct 7th - Woohoo!! I found my jackpot today with my new sweet mom from the east side of the state. When she met me she said "now THAT'S the kind of greeting I was wanting!" As you can see it was filled with many slurpy kisses like the ones I will be sharing furever. I will have a great time watching TV and getting lots of belly rubs from my new family! thank you so much AGB!! "Slurps" Jodie BIO: I’m Jodie, so pleased to meet you and thank you for clicking on my pretty face and considering me. All of the intake folks describe me as “a real sweetheart.” I am lovely and lady like, and my behavior evaluation report card reflects this. Ask yourself how proud and happy you would be to bond with a girl who got all “A’s” on trainability, sharing, people oriented, calm and gentle, attentive and independent. Really, what more could you ask? I am about 8-10 years old, spayed and slim and trim at 61 pounds. Being treated for tapeworms and flea allergies, but those are fixable/preventable small issues that will be non-issues down the road of our happy lives together. I was surrendered to a shelter, probably due to issues beyond my former owner’s control, and I am eager and ready to start fresh in a home that will mean forever. Thanking you for thinking of me, Jodie

Smokie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Oct 5th - I am so excited to say I won the heart of my new mom and I finally have a place to call my forever home. I am looking forward to sharing my new home with a cat and a bunny. My mom has so much planned for us to do together, like taking nice strolls, which is perfect for my arthritis, and sharing tv time. I know my previous owner will have peace of mind knowing that I have found a new owner that will give me all of the love and belly rubs that I deserve. Thanks AGB! Lovingly, Smokie BIO: First, thank you kindly for clicking on my link to learn more about me. I go by the name of Smokie, and I am a nine-year old neutered male, weighing 77.6 pounds. Up front I have some arthritis related hip issues, but there are medications like Rimadyl out there that could probably do me a world of good that your vet can recommend. You humans out there who have joints that grumble as you get out of bed in the morning know that a little stiffness will not stop us leading the good life together. In fact, those daily walks that we’ll be taking will do us both a physical favor! All of the dogs who are in the AGB program with me have stories of circumstances that led to their surrenders. My background involves the poor health of my original owner, who sadly had to give me up because she suffers from multiple sclerosis. Giving me a home is not only providing a second chance for a very good dog but also invaluable peace of mind for the lady who loved me. Just think what it will mean to her to get lots of pictures of me happy and thriving. I am very gentle, and I have years of Golden love waiting to be given. Please don’t waste another day waiting for us to begin that family bonding. Eager to meet and call you mine, your friend Smokie.

Florence (Flo) - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Sep 9th - I came to AGB in bad shape and just looking for a second chance at life. Thanks to a lovely family I was able to be fostered and nursed back to health. In a wonderful turn of events, I stole the hearts of my foster parents and they decided that they would not be able to part with me. I am so proud to announce that I now have a loving mom and dad plus two four legged siblings to play with, which is great for my high energy. I now look like a whole new dog thanks to the weekly baths and TLC from my new parents. I am so excited for lots of playtime and lounging on the couch with my new family in my forever home. Thanks AGB! Flo BIO: My name is Flo, and as soon as I get a bit of medical TLC and a forever family to love, I will be as sassy as that sitcom waitress from the seventies. My medical issues probably result from the weeks I spent lost and roaming Florence, Alabama before a kind stranger turned me into the shelter where they immediately assured me that Adopt-a-Golden Birmingham would find the great home that I deserve. At 55.8 pounds I need to put on a little weight (don’t most of you wish that you had this problem!), and I’m taking antibiotics for infected ears and some skin problems that are probably just easily managed allergies. Can’t remember my exact birth date, but my guess is that I’m about 9-10 years old, and we’ll just celebrate the anniversary of the day you adopt me as my birthday from now on since I’ll be starting a brand new great life. The shelter staff gave me high marks for a sweet, positive attitude and think that I have some basic training. I got seriously high marks on my behavior assessment! I am playful, outgoing and people centered. I am great at sharing, and I would be so easy to train! I willbe happiest in a calm but active environment and probably good with kids, but very small ones only if parents are pretty canine experienced because I do have quite a bit of energy. I love to be petted and roll on my back to solicit belly rubs. My ideal owner will want to snuggle with me on the sofa or bed because I do like to recline on furniture. I am heartworm negative and spayed. What I need most is a second chance in life. In return I promise licks and wags and a big old Golden heart filled with gratitude to the forever family that I just know is out there waiting to welcome me. Let’s make that happen soon! Love, sassy Flo

ADOPTED: Sep 8th - Well I must admit things started out really rocky for me after AGB was awesome and rescued me and my Sis. I was heartbroken that my sister, Cassie, did not survive her heartworm treatment. But after all the dedication, love and affection AGB and their Angels showed me, I have been blessed with good health and my forever home! My new family comes by way of Tuscaloosa, and had read about me and my story on the AGB website. When I met my new Mom I couldn’t help but run to her and curl up in her arms and let her know that we were meant to be together. I now also have a new four legged sibling, who I know will be keeping me company and be my newest forever buddy. Everyone decided that I needed a new name and so now I am lovingly referred to as “Blondie Belle”. I know my new family will be a dedicated, loving and very doting family for me. Thank you AGB for offering me this opportunity at a fresh start! You will always be a part of me, Blondie Bell BIO: To all of you out there thinking about adopting a Golden, I am Belle, and I must warn you to have the tissues handy as I tell my story. If you have been to one of AGB's Adoption Days, no doubt you smiled at all of those human handlers having such obvious fun with their fosters and friends. Looked like being an AGB volunteer was about as good as a picnic in the park, didn't it? Let me tell you, folks, with some of the stories my fellow adoptees and I have to tell, I wonder some days how those folks handle it. Before I relate the personal tragedies that have befallen me in my two young years, please let me explain a bit about the program. Too many people have the misguided idea that a dog ends up a surrender because the dog has a problem. Without being specific about how my sister Cassie and I found ourselves orphans, all dogs who come through rescues have "back stories," sometimes known, or, in the case of strays, complete mysteries. Too often those stories don't mean that dogs or humans did anything "wrong." Oftentimes, divorce or death or disease or financial bumps in the road result in a family having to give up a pet. In many cases, surrender represents an owner's ultimate act of animal good responsibility and a heart-rending decision. I recently came to AGB with my bonded sister Cassie. Both of us were suffering from heart worms, and, trusting that there are kind strangers out there who will contribute to offsetting the expense of treatment, the vet began the grueling process of freeing us of heart worms and back to the good health necessary for adoption to a forever home. The treatment carries risks, and my beloved sister Cassie did not survive. To say that I am grief stricken is an understatement. Cassie was the alpha of our little pack of two, and now I have to not only undergo about a month more of very uncomfortable procedures, I've also got to figure out how to go on without my soul mate. I'm a Golden, and with some help I'll learn to smile again because smiling is what Goldens do best. Potential adopter, here's where you come in. Every dog in this program deserves the forever home for which we all long, but you've got to admit that my story is pretty compelling. At only two, I have a long life ahead in which I can promise to be the most devoted dog you've ever owned. I will be every day grateful, and I will show it. I am on the small side at 57.9 pounds, and I have a gentle and winning personality that makes me a good candidate for just about any home. One last thought, if you are a family who understands the hole in your heart that a death creates, and you are ready to welcome a "successor" dog, maybe we could work on healing our hearts as a team. There is no "timetable" for starting to love and laugh again. In early September, I will be ready, and I hope and pray that you will be ready to make me a part of your life. Hanging in there, Belle

Cassie - Rainbow Bridge
With collectively saddened hearts, the Adopt-a-Golden Birmingham team learned yesterday that Cassie, our bright and brave two year old orphan, died as a result of complications from heart worm treatments. Cassie did not get a chance at the long and happy life with a forever family, sharing adventures with her bonded sister Belle, that she deserved and that we so wanted for these two special girls. Cassie’s was a too early death that should not have happened--and which would not have happened--had she been on a regular course of heart worm prevention. All rescue programs get too many dogs surrendered because of heart worm issues. NO DOG should die from heart worms or have to go through the grueling treatment required to cure this condition, a treatment in itself not without risks, as in Cassie’s case. One simple pill a month will prevent heart worms. Pet owners, and prospective pet adopters, PLEASE rank this once monthly treatment on a par with feeding your dog every day. If the cost of heart worm prevention seems prohibitive, please reconsider dog ownership or search your life for some other less essential expense you can eliminate. If reading Cassie's story prompts even one dog owner to exercise the responsibility of heart worm prevention, her premature death will not have been totally in vain. Cassie was a Golden with a breed-typical giving spirit, and she would love to know that her loss might mean that another dog gets a chance to live a long and full and healthy life. We mourn the passing of a lovely dog while renewing and reinforcing our commitment to seeing Cassie’s beautiful sister Belle through the next month of heart worm treatment as we do our best to assuage a large hearted Golden Retriever’s intensely suffered sense of grief. Belle so needs to go from end of treatment immediately into a loving and forever home. If you are considering adopting a Golden and have the love to give a sweet little girl whose heart has been hurt both physically and emotionally please contact AGB and begin the process so that not a moment is wasted on the road to Belle’s new beginning. Safe passage across the Rainbow Bridge our sweet Cassie.

August 12, 2017 - We are so sad today to hear that precious Leroy has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. His Dad said "It is with a sad, heavy heart that I relay to you of our sweet boy, Leroy’s passing. We helped him over the Rainbow Bridge on August, 12th, 2017. He was rapidly declining from complications of his Congestive Heart Failure & Renal Failure..........Over time, his Cardiologist added & adjusted his heart medications, but his heart & kidney’s ultimately began to fail. We brought him home, gave him the most love we could muster & helped his struggling end. He was the biggest, sweetest, goofiest, most handsome Golden Retriever I’ve ever known. Everyone who saw him or met him thought the same. His coat was so beautiful that every person that met him commented on how beautiful he was. He loved to go on trips with us & was a frequent car-companion for me on my trips to & from my work......... Words are inadequate to convey how much we loved him & how much he loved us. His time with us was brief, a short 4 years, but his presence will last a lifetime. My wife & I do not have kids, so, quite literally, he was “our boy”, our furry child & we loved him as such. He was my fishing buddy & constant companion. He provided us with such joy & he filled our collective hearts with his love & affection. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Leroy into our hearts & home. He was well loved & taken care of & he will stay with us in our heats & minds forever. We are now staunch supporters of pet adoption a a result. We were fortunate to be the ones who gave Leroy a second chance." ADOPTED: Sep 14th, 2013 - YAY! Thanks to AGB, I have overcome so much while being with them for three months. My forever home is just what I have always wanted; a dad that is a doctor, a mother that is a physical therapist, a four legged sibling and five cats! My new parents were well informed of my medical issues and set me up with a great cardiology specialist. So I know I am in good hands. After a three hour car ride I am settling in nicely in my new home. My new family has also decided to give me the family name Leroy, so I’m officially a part of this great family. Grateful always, Leroy MEDICAL UPDATE: Jul 9th - Just thought I would update everyone on my progress so far. I have been undergoing my treatment for my CHF. I am doing really good with my medicine. I have maybe 2 more weeks and then the heartworm treatment will begin. I heard the folks at AGB say that I will need to be on my CHF medication for the rest of my life. I heard them say that the medicine will cost between $150 - $200 a month for my new forever family. I am not sure what all that means, but I am praying there is a special family out there who believes, like I do, that I am special enough to be a part of their family! ;-) BIO: Hi my name is Sandy - I am a very handsome, 7 year old male weighing in at 52 pounds. The Doc says I need to put on some weight; no worries there now that AGB is making sure I am eating a good diet. My former family contacted AGB to see if they could find a good home for me. My human sibling had allergies and evidently they said I was making her sick. I guess it was best to leave so she wouldn't be sick anymore; but it sure made me sad to leave. I do enjoy being around other dogs and even enjoy a cat or two. I think kids are pretty cool too. One of my favorite things to do is going on car rides. I am a happy go lucky guy who just enjoys life. Unfortunately there is a bit of bad news regarding my health. It appears I am in the early stages of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) whatever that is. Anyhow no biggy, it was found early enough so I can get started with treatment. There was a double whammy however, I am also heartworm positive, so after my CHF is under control I will be treated for the heartworms. Phewww! It’s all about attitude and mine is great. So I know I will be healthy and strong in no time. As sad as I was to leave my family, the best thing that happened to me was AGB, because they are going to make me all better and I know it will cost a lot of money. In the end I am one lucky boy. In no time I will be ready to Rock my new forever family's world. Remember, stay positive and good things will come your way, that's my motto. More to come, Love Sandy

ADOPTED: Sept 17th Hey everyone! After two months in a foster home I am finally on my way to a forever home. I am so stoked!! Everyone in my new neighborhood was excited to see how well I was getting along with my new family and drove by with a thumbs up while myself and my 4-legged sibling were playing in the front yard. I will no doubt have a happy life from now on. Thank you AGB for all the love and attention I received while in your care! You rock! Ally BIO: Ally here, giving a shout out that I am healthy, up-to-date with vet work, spayed and, in other words, ready to start my forever life with my future family ASAP!   Who can resist a beautiful blonde with a mysterious past?  That’s me!  I was found wandering the streets of Alabaster, and kind folks there fed me while putting up fliers and posting all over the internet from Facebook to Craigslist lost and found, with no luck in locating my owners.     In addition to my gorgeous Farah-Fawcett-tousled hair good lucks, I can offer a prospective family the best of a Golden girl personality, and I play exceptionally well with other dogs, kids and people in general.  I am five-six years old so I have a long lifetime of love to give.   Please, forever family, let’s not waste a minute getting together and getting started on a wonderful adventure spending Golden days. Love Ally

Hudson - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Sep 12th - Thanks to my ability to melt hearts, I have landed myself a forever home. My foster parents realized how well-mannered I was and fell in love with me and decided that they just had to keep me. I not only have a loving mother and father but I also have a beautiful 6 year old Golden sister to spend all of my time with and learn manners from. My new family is everything I could have hoped for. I have so much room to run and play with my new family and I love getting my feet wet as I walk along the edge of the pool!! AGB you are my biggest hero, Hudson BIO: Hey guys - my name is Hudson, and I honestly don’t know what happened to part me from my family. I was picked up as a stray by Huntsville Animal Control, good folks who knew that Adopt-a-Golden Birmingham would help me become a part of a family who will love me as much as I will love them. I am one year old, neutered, fully vaccinated, healthy and heartworm negative. At 50.1 pounds I could stand to beef up a bit, but the good news is that my wonderful new family will not have to be stingy with the healthy dog treats as we have fun together working on my training. At the risk of bragging, when I was evaluated they described me as “shockingly well mannered for a dog so young” and “awesome.” (Aww, thank you kindly for such nice comments!) I need a little work on sharing toys and learning to “drop” instead of trying to play tug-of-war, but, hey, what youngster innately wants to share stuffed toys and towels? Other than that, I am playful, outgoing, and people centered so I’ll be a piece of cake and a joy to train. Since I’m a toddler myself, I’m not really suitable for a family with children younger than teenagers, no very small children please. A fenced yard where I have room to run and play would be heaven! Forever family, I am dreaming about meeting you because I plan to be the dog of your dreams. Dreaming, Hudson

ADOPTED: Sep 4th - I was able to help my new parents and check off owning another Golden from their bucket list! I won their hearts with my charming personality and loveable puppy ways. I claimed them as my parents by jumping for joy when they came to visit me. They gladly agreed and fell in love with me. I have finally found the people that I want to spend the rest of my life with and I will work my very hardest in making them happy as long as I get belly rubs in return. Love Sabe BIO: Sabe here, calling out to all prospective Golden families to say that you would be wise to contact AGB ASAP because I am going to fly out of that adoption pool to a forever home as fast as my sixteen month old legs can run! As you can see from my picture, I have a regal head and a very alert expression. Teaching me commands and tricks is going to be a great adventure for both of us. I am past the puppy-annoyance stuff like teething and at the ideal age for training. Minor health issues like some worms and neutering, but those will be handled in no time, and I will be ready to roll to your house and into your hearts. I play well with other dogs and like children so no sweat on those scores. What I wish for most is some kids to grow up alongside me. Did you know that Goldens are consistently voted the BEST family dogs in America? Of course you’re wondering why a great boy like me was surrendered, and it’s a pretty typical “not my fault or my owner’s” tale. My owner had kept me outside during the day and crated at night, which worked fine, until my owner got married and moved to a new place that did not have room for a large breed growing dog. (I’m actually on the small size at 47.5 pounds, but I have some growing to do.) No hard feelings on either side, just one of those changing circumstance sort of things. Now admit it, you would not be reading this if you were not thinking about becoming a proud Golden owner! Picture me at the end of a leash strutting down the street next to you and think about how good you’ll feel when people say, “What a beautiful dog!” and you get to answer, “We rescued him.” Let’s go for it!!! Hoping to meet you soon, Sabe

ADOPTED August 29th 2013!! BIO: Hi ya'll my name is Lenny. I am an 18 month old Golden male, weighing in at approximately 72 pounds. I was evidently a stray and turned in to a vet clinic. After trying to find my family (to no avail), a nice lady at the clinic contacted AGB to ask if they would take me. Of course AGB said they would. The nice lady from the clinic even drove me to meet with the AGB folks. How pawsome is that!! I am glad to not be roaming around anymore. AGB has made sure I have a warm bed with kule food to eat. The vet even looked me over and said I was a good strong, handsome boy. Now I just need to find my forever family. Evidently my previous family did not teach me proper manners or a whole lot of obedience. You will have to be patient with me and spend time with me working on my doggie manners and dog training. I am a very sweet and playful guy who gets along with other dogs. For now it is probably best that I don’t have any young children in my family til I learn my doggie manners. I am full of love to share with you – I am just a young, playful pup looking for that chance to come into your life and share it with you. Please ask about me – Lovingly, Lenny

4/25/16 - The Rainbow Bridge gained a special angel today. AGB alumni Dubya succumbed to the cancer that his forever family knew would eventually return. Up until today he had felt good and enjoyed life to the fullest, playing, walking and swimming with his siblings. His forever mom described him as adorable, special, sweet beyond measure and had not a mean, wicked bone in his body. "He was all love and we adored him." The picture at the creek was taken just two weeks ago. No doubt Dubya enjoyed his life right until the very end. Run free at the Bridge, Dubya. You were loved and will never be forgotten. __________________________________________ ADOPTED August 30th 2013! BIO: Hi ya’ll – my name is Dubya (W-ya). I am an awesome 9 year old love bug wrapped up into one awesome golden boy. Both my partner Bushy and I were turned in together. Our family was moving away into a one bedroom apartment and they knew that would not be a good situation for both of us. They contacted AGB and asked if they could help us find that great forever home, that they could no longer give us. AGB has stepped in and promised us that they will help us to find that awesome new home! I ride well in the car, walk well on a leash and am as friendly as a golden boy should be. I would love to be the center of attention in my new forever family. Bushy and I appear to be doing fine on our own, so I will get use to not having to share all that awesome cuddling and love with him! I am just an all-around great guy to be around; kids and other dogs don’t seem to bother me. (Well except I might have to share attention with another dog, which I prefer not to do ;-) Okay, so I want to be spoiled, can you blame an older gentleman? I do love to share a bunch of kisses, so I hope that won’t bother you ;-) I would really like it a lot if someone was home quite a bit so I don’t spend a lot of time alone. A guy my age can get lonely sometimes; remember I am the best love bug you can ever invite into your forever home. I hope that you read this and know that I am the “polished” guy for you! Please tell AGB you would love to meet me. Lovingly, Dubya

Murray - ADOPTED
ADOPTED Aug 29th 2013!! BIO: I am learning to answer to the name Murray, namesake of the Scottish tennis champion Andy Murray, but I will very quickly learn to come running with my tail wagging to any name my forever family chooses for me. My beautiful wavy coat probably indicates that somewhere in my background there are United Kingdom bloodlines since the Goldens over the pond tend to have curlier coats than their American cousins. Did you know that our breed originated in Scotland in 1868 when sportsman Lord Tweedmouth married two very special dogs called Nous and Belle? While my ancestors came from Scotland, I was surrendered to a shelter in Scottsboro AL, and the staff there knew immediately that Adopt-a-Golden Birmingham would find me just the right new home. I am an eight-year old neutered male, weighing 99.5 pounds. A little stiffness in my back legs may be result of minor arthritis issue, but good brisk walks with my new family will help me lose a bit of weight and loosen up those legs. I admit that I really don’t like thunderstorms, especially if there are no humans around to comfort me, but there are great training tips that can help me learn to cope with storms. I am in the prime of life with lots of good years ahead to double return the love my forever family gives to me - Much Love, Murray

4/12/16 - Another one of our precious AGB Alumni has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Cabby (AGB Nugget), who was adopted in August of 2013, fought the good fight, but lost his battle with Lymphoma yesterday. Our thoughts are with his forever Mom, Sue, who loved him completely and is broken hearted. We know this is not good-bye, but just "until we meet again". You will live on in our hearts sweet boy.

ADOPTED: Aug 20th!! UPDATE May 15th: It's me Cory I am really a sweet boy my foster family thinks that I am awesome. I tried to be the best dog but sometimes it just takes a while for someone like me to feel totally comfortable with a new family. I have been through an awful lot in my life. My forever family just needs to open their hearts wide and give me time to adjust. I promise if your patient I will give you all of my unconditional love forever and ever. UPDATE: May 2nd Now this is what I call turning on my best charm. If you can't love a face like this, well than I just don't know what to think. I am hoping my handsome charm is enough for your heart to just melt away. You of course than have to run and contact AGB so you can have me all to yourself! I am waiting....... Update: March 18th Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I am starting to feel much better. I am really liking these 2 squares a day, and not having to worry about where I will lay my head down from day to day. I am looking good and feeling good for a young man of 18 mos, thanks to AGB. I am now just waiting for that family to come along and recognize how special I am. I just want to hang out with my new family (kids are great) and do all the great family things you might be doing each and every day! I am kule with other dogs and will also make that great cuddle bug you might be searching for – you will be amazed at the great family member the ‘ole Cory is. I really just want a family to love me, play with me, and maybe we could swim or go for walks? Hey I’m Cory, I came in with my bud Rory. We were found in north Alabama wandering and abandoned. We were a mess! We were both underweight and well let’s just say we hadn’t seen a vet or groomer in quite a long time! Well that is all behind us now. I am hearing everyone say what a sweet boy I am. I have been a little reserved with all these changes that are happening right now. The vet here seems really nice and I get regular meals so what more can a guy ask for, (other than a furever family). BTW I like Rory just fine but I'm OK if we don't stay together. I know we are both hoping for that awesome furever home. Anxiously awaiting your love - Cory

ADOPTED: Aug 20th!! A warm Golden hello from AGB’s newest orphan! I am Casey, the picture perfect candidate for a speedy adoption by a loving and forever family. I am just four years old, prime of a dog’s life, over that nuisance puppy stage and with lots of years of loyal companionship ahead for a family who will love me and be loved equally in return. As soon as AGB gets a couple of minor medical issues handled—need spaying and a little cosmetic surgery for an infolding eyelid—I am so ready to roll! Like so many of the orphans in this program, I am available through no fault of my own but rather a surrender because of a sad divorce situation in my humans’ family. I am housetrained, have lived peacefully with a cat, know some basic commands like “sit” and “come” and walk well on a leash. I would love to be trained to do some tricks for treats!! I am AKC registered and come with papers as a pedigreed pooch. Looking forward to loving you, future forever-family, Casey

Floppy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Aug 16th!! (both me and my bro Yellow together ;-) Hey folks, my name is Floppy. I am an 18 month old sweet golden boy with beautiful red fur and I weigh 69 pounds. I am the awesome pup on the right side of this photo. Our most recent family took us from a friend of theirs so that we weren’t always chained up; they knew that was not good for us. When we got to our new home our family already had a small dog. Well evidently he didn’t like us, and we all didn’t get along. Our new family felt it was best for us to find that great forever home. We are so lucky that AGB came and got us. AGB promised to look out for us and find us that special forever home where we could stay together. After all what is life without your best bud and an awesome forever family. I guess we haven’t been very well socialized, being chained up and all, so I will have to receive some obedience training. I am young and smart (not to mention lovable), so this should be a fun thing to do with our new family, especially if you can be patient with me as I learn! We came from a home with young children, and I think that for now cats and small dogs may not be in the cards for us, maybe after I grow older and wiser? We are great dogs who just want to be active with our new family. I love to explore new things and places. If you have the love and patience for us we will reward you with a life well lived for all of us! Please tell AGB you would love to have us explore life with you. - Yours, Floppy

Yellow - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Aug 16th!! (me and my bro Floppy are staying together! ;-) Greetings everyone – my name is Yellow. I am an 18 months old, 65 pound handsome golden boy. That's me, the better looking brother, on the left side of the photo. Our most recent family took us from a friend of theirs so that we weren’t always chained up; they knew that was not good for us. When we got to our new home our family already had a small dog. Well evidently he didn’t like us, and we all didn’t get along. Our new family felt it was best for us to find that great forever home. We are so lucky that AGB came and got us. AGB promised to look out for us and find us that special forever home where we could stay together. After all what is life without your best bud and an awesome forever family? I guess we haven’t been very well socialized, being chained up and all, so I will have to receive some obedience training. I am young and smart, so this should be a fun thing to do with my new family, especially if you can be patient with me as I learn! We came from a home with young children, and I think that for now cats and small dogs may not be in the cards for us; maybe after I grow older and wiser? We are great dogs who just want to be active with our new family. I can't wait for a new family to take us home and shower me with my favorite chest rubs! Ooohwee – I get excited just thinking about it. If you have the love and patience for the two of us we will reward you with a life well lived for all of us! – Please ask about us ;-) Happily, Yellow

Biscuit - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Aug 16th! Hi ya'll - Like so many of the orphans who come to Adopt-a-Golden, I was surrendered due to changes in family circumstance, and my family was very distressed at having to give me up but assured me that another family is out there waiting to love me as much as they did. My former life included a seven-year old child so I am kid friendly. My name is Biscuit, and I am a four-year old spayed female with AKC papers. I am heartworm negative and weigh 50 pounds, meaning that plenty of spoiling with dog treats is A-ok! My foster family reports that I am very sweet and energetic and, like most feisty females, will put others in their place if they get too bouncy when I’m not ready to play. Listen up families with pools or lake places because I love to swim! I have some separation anxiety issues so I will be happiest in a home where at least one member of my new family is around most of the time. If you work from home or are retired we can make a terrific team!! Thanks for reading my story! Love, Biscuit

ADOPTED: Aug 12th!! Hey, family-in-need-of-a-dog, you might want to hurry to adopt me before some Hollywood producer snaps me up for the movies. With a shiny, medium red coat and an ear-to-ear smile, I am definitely handsome enough for stardom. At two years old I am just the right age to join a family without asking them to deal with puppy issues. I weigh 59 pounds and am heartworm negative. I do have an ear infection and a few skin allergies and am being treated with a two-week course of great meds that should help a lot. Unfortunately, my first family had to surrender me because of health care costs. I don’t particularly like to ride in cars, but that may be because I haven’t had much experience traveling. On my behavior assessment report card I scored high for playful, outgoing, and independent, which also means that I need a calm environment with an experienced handler. A family with children over twelve who could help with my training and spend time throwing tennis balls for me would be just the ticket. The shelter reports that I am great with other dogs so if you have a dog that needs a little brother, I’m your man! I need a little work on sharing toys, but I don’t guard food. The movies in which I most want to star are home movies with a forever family. I've got many years of Golden devotion to give so please choose me, and let’s get started on our adventure together! Chow, Toby

ADOPTED: Aug 12th!! Hi everyone - At two years old I have many years of love to give you as my forever family. My name is Cody and I am a 61.3 pound neutered male, heartworm negative and vaccinated. I’ll just bet that you never got a report card as good as the one I got on my behavior assessment! I got A+s for being confident, gentle, calm, undemanding, well mannered, people centered, not mouthy, easily trainable, and I am happy to share!! There was also a note that I am SUPER sweet! This is good news because it means that I will fit right in to just about any household, with or without children and probably with other dogs because I am patient and tolerant by nature. What’s my background? Wish I could tell you. Animal control picked me up as a stray, although I know basic commands like “sit” and “down” and I am good and patient on a leash. The Adopt-a-Golden volunteer who transported and overnighted me reports that I behaved like a real gentleman on the car ride, enjoyed playing with her kids, and seem to be housebroken. What more could you ask than a boy who is so eager to please? I’m just asking for a chance to fill the hearts of a family as only a Golden can do. Can’t you picture us having days of fun playing ball, taking walks and learning tricks? I promise to be the best forever family dog in town so let’s make it happen! Wagging my tail waiting, Cody

Bailey - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Aug 12th! My name is Bailey, and everyone who meets me agrees that I am the dog-ification of what it means to be a Golden Retriever. I am full of sunshine in the personality department and tail-waggingly eager to be a family’s best friend. Through no fault of my own, I am a double surrender to AGB, but that hasn’t diminished my belief in people one iota. I understand that sometimes human situations get complicated, like not having an adequately fenced yard or moving from a house to an apartment that won’t accept dogs, with the result that tearful owners have to give up a perfectly good pet as they cope with other issues. No hard feelings to former families, who sang my praises, but I surely am ready to settle in with that forever family. I am seven years old, neutered, what you’d describe as a short guy, and easy-going except during thunderstorms. I don’t like thunderstorms! AGB has the services of a great canine behaviorist who can suggest many ways that I can be conditioned to overcome this fear. Just reading me storybooks on rainy days would help, and an owner who works from home would be ideal because we could keep each other company. My former family, who sound broken hearted over telling me goodbye, reports that I love walks and water and snoozing in my bed cuddling my favorite toys and that I know some basic commands. In fact, they describe me as a “Velcro” dog, and I am so ready to make that permanent attachment that a good boy like me so wants and deserves. I love people (especially ones who like to give belly massages) and other dogs and cats so I will quickly and easily adjust to a new situation. If you give me a chance, I promise to give you all I’ve got in love and loyalty. Yours, Bailey

ADOPTED: Aug 10th!! Hi! I'm Cleo and I'm a 10 year old female. My sweet owner went to live in a care facility and wasn't able to take me along. I'm glad that AGB is able to help me find a new forever home. The vet says I'm in great shape and ready for a new family right away! I am good with other dogs and I think kids are neat too. The coolest thing is AGB has a program to match senior dogs up with senior humans! If you meet that requirement, just ask the sweet adoption folks and they can let you know the details. I'm ready, willing and able to be a great foot or lap warmer in exchange for an ear scratch or a belly rub *wink, wink*

ADOPTED: Aug 7th!! Hey everyone, my name is Bushy. I am a 6 year old gorgeous, sweet, red, female Golden. Both my partner Dubya (W-ya) and I were turned in together. Our family was moving away into a one bedroom apartment and they knew that would not be a good situation for both of us. They contacted AGB and asked if they could help us find that great forever home that they could no longer give us. AGB has stepped in and promised us that they will help us to find that awesome new home! Life is going to be good for me, I just know it. I am a love bug who walks well on a leash and loves car rides. I have a lot of enthusiasm, mixed with what they tell me is called nervousness, so a calm, but active family would suit me just fine. Because of my enthusiasm it is best that I don’t live with younger children as I learn to settle in and get adjusted to a new life style. I get along with other dogs, but would really love to be the only dog, so I can have all your attention! I will definitely make it worth the effort!! I really like to play and run with and maybe even do some of that swimming stuff, I hear it is awesome! I think a lot of family time to bond and of course get those awesome belly rubs is just what this gal needs. I tend to get nervous with loud noises and thunder, so your help in loving me and cuddling with me would be my wish come true. If you are that seasoned family who wants to welcome this awesome girl into your life, please ask AGB about me. Until we meet and fall in love – Bushy

Dallas is orphan number 16. He is a 6 year old small male Golden weighing in at about 55 pounds. He is an owner surrender to a local shelter. He apparently is an escape artist according to his former owners. Dallas is neutered but is HW positive. He spent day in and day out outside left to his own devices. He told us he escaped because he was bored. This poor boy was filthy dirty and filled with fleas. We have been told by the Shelter and our Vet that he is as sweet as can be. He has had a bath and is already feeling a whole lot better. He will be undergoing his HW treatment and will be available for foster and or adoption in the coming weeks. There is nothing wrong with this boy that a loving home will not cure. UPDATE SEPT 3rd, Hi just wanted everyone to know that I am going to be on TV on Wednesday WVUA Tuscaloosa cable TV in Birmingham. I am a good boy and I promise to be devoted and faithful if you are the right forever family for me. UPDATE: Sept 12, 2012 Another match made in heaven. Dallas' new mom was searching for another daughter to add to her two adoptive daughters Bella and Zoe. But...... then she met Dallas and it was love at first sight. Without hesitation Dallas ran into Ann's arms knowing in his heart that this was going to be his forever mom he just knew it. All he needed to do was get along with Bella and Zoe and all would be good. He already won over his dad. Not only did all go well with his meet and greet of his siblings they all really loved each other. Even Bella who is very picky thought this guy is really a cool dude. Dallas jumped in to the car and looked out the back window waving goodby with a tear and a big smile. It is always bitter sweet. Dallas we will miss you sweet boy but we are all so very happy for you. You so deserve this new home

ADOPTED: July 28th!! UPDATE: June 14th - Sweet Coosa had her first follow up visit with her Doc and the report was great. Her broken leg is healing nicely and another two to three weeks should do it. The doctors informed us that her fractures were at least 4 to 6 weeks old so this poor little baby had to endure incredible pain for a long time. She is one tough little cookie. Coosa advised us that she is ready to start looking for a forever home. A family with children would be awesome. Her face brightens up when she sees kids. She has been great with her four legged siblings but then they were very easy to get along with. If you think you are the right family for Coosa get your application in ASAP. Coosa deserves the best possible family. UPDATE; June 4th - Coosa is rehabilitating in a foster home. She has a huge ordeal to get over. Severely broken leg, horribly infected external ear and the emotional trauma. Our foster reports that she loves to be petted but otherwise she lies quietly allowing herself to heal. Coosa does get along with her two legged foster siblings. She is still very scared and nervous but then who wouldn't be. Coosa for the time being needs to be kept on a leash at all times as she would attempt escape. Day by day we see improvement in both her emotional and physical state. Stay tuned for continued updates. BIO: Hi my name is Coosa. I am a petite and very pretty Golden Girl. I am told that I am not a whole lot older than one year old, but I feel like I have lived a life time. My story is pretty sad and unbelievable, I am still in shock. On Memorial Day I was thrown out of a boat on one of the slues of the Coosa River. I tried really hard to get back to the boat but they drove off. I swam to the nearest embankment and lucky for me there was a good samaritan who saw the whole thing and he took care of me. I am so thankful for this man. I was really scared and my paw hurt real bad and so did my ear. Well it turns out that I had a broken leg in two different places. My ear is an old sore that never was treated and got really infected. The Vet thought I would need surgery to fix my leg but the bone doctor decided that he would put me in a cast for several weeks and they would keep checking every two weeks to see how I was mending. It is kind of weird hobbling around with the cast but at least it does not hurt me anymore. The Vet said that I was severely neglected, but not anymore. AGB has taken really good care of me, even my nasty ear is starting to feel better. I am still sad but everyone has been so nice that I thank them by wagging my tail and giving kisses. AGB promised to find me the perfect forever home where I would be treated like a princess. Apparently I deserve to be treated that way but I never knew cuz I sure as heck wasn't treated that way before. I am a little anxious but also excited about my future with a new forever family maybe your the one. Lovingly, Coosa

ADOPTED: July 17th!! You can see from the smile on my face how excited (and well mannered!) I was on the ride from Florence, where I was an owner surrender, to Birmingham, where Adopt-a-Golden promises to find me the forever home a girl as sweet as I deserve. My name is Sadie, and I am a four-year old spayed female, up to date on vaccines and heartworm negative. I am the perfect age to immediately fit right into a family, and I promise to always keep wearing the big smile that tells the world how much I appreciate the wonderful people who gave me a second chance. Can’t wait to meet you!!! Yours, Sadie

Gracie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: July 13th!! Hi everyone, my name is Gracie and I suit my name as I am a very graceful lady. I am approximately 2-3 years of age and definitely need to put on a little weight. I am all Golden, but my two pups are Golden mixes. Being their Momma, of course, I think they are both beautiful, regardless. ;-) AGB came to get us out of a situation that was just getting worse for me and the pups. AGB was concerned that we needed to get the proper care and that wasn’t going to happen if we stayed where we were. I am so glad that they came and got us because I was most concerned for my 2 pups wellbeing (Cassidy and Bacchus). I was told that I was probably used as a backyard breeder dog - not a life I wanted for me, or for my two babies. The future is looking much brighter for us. I am anxiously waiting to find my forever family but need to be a little bit more patient as I am Heartworm positive. Fortunately I am not severely infected so I should be good as new in no time. Happily yours, Gracie!

Maggie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: July 14th!! My name is Maggie and I am an eight year old golden girl recently surrendered. I loved my two very young human siblings but my Mom was afraid I was getting too nervous around them when we were all playing. They were just so little - and loud! - so a home with no children or just older children would probably work best for me. I am also thunder phobic. Otherwise, I am a perfect lady - house trained, I know commands -(sit, stay, come and down), I totally ignore cats, am spayed, fully vetted, fine being crated and I am micro-chipped! What more could you want in a Golden??!!! In true Golden fashion, I love attention and am very loyal. My former family had a very hard time giving me up, but I am ready and waiting for my NEW family! I just know they are out there! Hugs, Maggie

Cassidy - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: July 15th!! Hey puppy lovers – my name is Cassidy. I am an adorable 6 month old Golden mix puppy. My mom is a Golden and my daddy is a Golden mix. I came in with my Mom Gracie and my brother Bacchus. We were taken in by AGB as we were not in the greatest of situations. I believe my Momma was stuck in a backyard to have puppies a lot. She wasn’t very happy or healthy and it was getting hard on all of us to continue to try and stay happy and healthy. AGB has us now and they are taking very good care of us all. I am trying to adjust to all the changes happening in my life right now. I am a little shy, (not quite as much as my brother) ;-) If you want a sweet young lady that will love you forever and wants to be with you as your forever companion, I believe with all my heart and soul that I am your girl! I am really looking forward to meeting you, Cassidy!

ADOPTED: July 14th - It did not take long for me to melt the hearts of my new parents. They were in the market for a beautiful Golden and I fit the bill. With my laid back personality and beautiful red coat, I was the perfect match for my new parents. I am looking forward to always being the center of attention and spending lots of time cuddling on the couch. My parents have decided that the name Hannah will be a better fit for me and I couldn’t agree more! Thank you AGB, you are the best! Hannah BIO: Hello – my name is Ariat. I am a 3-4 year old, beautiful red legged, golden girl; whom if I have to tell you ;-( weighs 76 pounds. Luckily size and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder and I think I am very fit. (if I don’t say so myself!) My family had a new baby and didn’t feel they could give me the attention I needed any more. They felt it best if AGB could step in and help me find a new forever home. I am really sad right now, but AGB has promised me they will find me a new forever home. I believe that they will, so I am slowly getting back to my old self. I am great with kids, other dogs, and I pretty much just ignore cats (why wouldn’t you??) I seem to have this little problem with a well-known golden trait and that is swimming ;-( I have had a kiddy pool, but I would love to try and learn how to swim in a bigger body of water; yahoo, water fun – (A girl has to live on the edge sometimes!) I have grown up outside mostly, but I love to be inside. I would love to cuddle up with my new family to help me get over the thunderstorms that can make me a bit nervous. I know I will be a great pup for any family looking to add a new happy go lucky girl to their family. Tell AGB you are the family for me – I am so excited to have fun and learn new things, just a perfect ending to my story! Thanks for reading about me. Much Love, Ariat

Claire - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Jun 24th - Even though I am known for my shy disposition, I warmed up to my new family very quickly. My new dad works from home so I will always have someone to turn to if a storm comes along. My new parents are very familiar with rescued animals so I know I will receive all of the attention and love I need. I will be living in Mobile which is exciting news for me because I will be close to the beach and will be able to swim often! AGB, you are awesome! Claire BIO: Hi my name is Claire. I am 7 years old and a little shy, but I warm up to new people pretty quickly. I am the sweetest girl you will ever meet. My family was expecting a new human baby into the family and they were afraid they would not have the time for me, so they asked AGB if they could step in and take care of me. I am very sad having to leave my family, but AGB has promised me there is a special family out there for me, waiting to shower me with lots of fun and affection. I am housetrained, get along with other pups, and best of all, I love to swim! I have a little problem with the loud noises that storms make, but if you are with me, life is good. I am waiting for that special forever family to take me home and share their life with me. I can’t wait as I have so much love and fun just waiting to come out! Come meet me – Love Claire

Phoebe - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Jul 1st - Hey AGB fans - I have scored big! My Mom and Dad were looking for that very special pup that would fit their family nicely. They worked with AGB, and when the folks at AGB saw me they just knew it was a match made in heaven. My human siblings brought me toys when they came to meet me. Yes, I can be bought for a price ;-) We played fetch and of course they were awesome at giving me belly rubs! Right away we all asked "Where do we sign?!" This family is the best family ever and I am going to have an amazing life together with them!! Thanks AGB for all you do, Phoebe BIO: Hi my name is Phoebe; I am that tall, long-legged redhead with a tail that won't stop wagging. I am 16 months old and, although full of energy, I have very nice manners and am house trained. I also know some pretty kule commands such as sit, wait and off. My family is military and they were moving across the country. They wouldn’t have the time to spend with me, so they asked AGB if they could help find me that forever home that would love me forever, while giving me the attention they could not. I am a very loving, affectionate girl who loves to snuggle up to my human(s) as much as you will let me ;-) I will constantly have a toy with me, ready and willing to play at a moment’s notice – especially those awesome, small round things – I think I have heard them called tennis balls! I like to play with other dogs. If you are an active family looking for a furbaby to love you to pieces, than I am your girl. Come see me – Yours, Phoebe

Adonis - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: Jun 29th - I have finally met the very special family that I was looking for! My new parents knew I would be a great fit for their family when I gave them big kisses on the nose. My new family also has four children and I am in heaven. Nonstop snuggles and belly rubs, who could complain about that? My new name is Charlie and I think it is a great fit. I also have a new four legged sister and we are going to get along great. I am so thankful to AGB for finding the perfect forever home for me. Always, Charlie BIO: Hi my name is Adonis - I am a beautiful 1 year old male golden retriever! I evidently was a stray and my original family just could not be found, even though everyone tried really hard to find them. A nice lady took me in and then contacted AGB so they could help me find that pawsome forever home. I am housetrained and hear everyone say what a very sweet and lovable boy I am. I get along with cats (really) and I also love children, they are fun to be with. I liked riding in the car as well. I am still a very young boy so I am sure there are so many other fun things out there for me to experience with my new family. I can’t wait; the thought just makes my tail wag faster. And now that I won’t have to be outside all the time maybe those pesky storms won’t make me as nervous any more. The sounds were kind of loud if you know what I mean ;-( According to Greek mythology my name means “the God of Beauty and Desire” – Of course I am a handsome boy -- who really desires to be a part of a very special forever family! Ask AGB and come meet me -- Love, Adonis

UPDATE: 29 Jun Hooray!! It has finally happened for me. My forever Mom traveled all the way from south FL to meet me. She had already fallen in love with my by just seeing me on the website. Lots of AGB folks made my trip down to south AL possible so that I could spend some time with my new family and seal the deal. My Mom knows all about me and my quirks and still said that I was the boy for her! I am the happiest boy ever. My whole body is wagging! I have been with AGB for a while, but they always took the best care of me. I won't forget my AGB Mom and Dad, Lorraine and Lindsay. Love you all, and thank you so much. You all are the bomb!! Sam BIO: May 1st Just hanging out as patient as I can be waiting for my forever family. I am now 14 months old and can't wait for you to come make me yours!! UPDATE: Apr 15th Hey folks, Sam here. Just wanted to put a bark out to folks that while I am waiting for that terrific forever home, I am going through some remedial dog training to help me pass the time. It is helping me freshen up on my doggie skills. I have had to hang out in my doggie hotel a bit too much so I am getting really sad. I am really looking for a family who will know how to handle my excitement and if there is a 4 legged sibling, I look forward to them being my mentor! I really like to play or do just about anything the family will be doing. Just as long as I am with my family......I will love you soooooo much!! Contact AGB and tell them you want to come and meet Sam, the handsome boy! BTW I am almost 14 months old now. BIO: My name is Sam and my family adopted me when I was a puppy. I was nine months old and my family sadly gave me away to AGB because they said I became too much for them to handle. I admit that I can be a little rambunctious but geez I am just a puppy. No one ever spent any time with me and I was just really lonesome and bored so I had a lot of energy to burn. I am a little bit frightened with everything that has happened but I am still super friendly guy. I admit I may need a little work on my manners but I am ready and willing. As much as I like to play I like just as much to cuddle up in your lap. I know that I will add joy to your family because I am totally irresistible honest. Yours - Sam

Ruby / Hope - ADOPTED
UPDATE: 24 Jun Yeah, my dream come true - I am off to my forever home; and best of all I have a new name! I hear I will be taking a car ride as well to get to my new home in FL, awesome! My Mom and Dad are retired so we will get to spend a lot of time together playing and cuddling. I hear there may even be some beach time in my future! Yahoo!! A girl could not ask for a better life. I can't wait to begin the new journey with my forever family. Much Love AGB, Thank you, Hope BIO: My name is Ruby and I would love to tell my story - if only I could talk!! What AGB does know is that I am about 4 years old and I was picked up as a stray in not too good of shape. Thank goodness they got me out of that animal control shelter! Not a great place for such a cute girl like me! I had been on my own for a bit so my golden locks were not in the best of shape. Good thing is that after some treatment and clipping of matts, I will be back to the beautiful golden I should be! I am heartworm negative - (yea!) - ride well in a car and walk on a leash. I do have a few odd scars on my body but as you can tell by my picture, I am still a cutie!! I can't wait to find my next - and final family - so hurry up! I am waiting to spread all my wonderful "golden temperament " with someone! All My Love, Ruby

Isabelle/Izzy - ADOPTED
UPDATE: 14 June - Well folks my miracle has happened! My forever family came to visit me at the last adoption day and we fell in love with each other. They had recently lost their senior Golden and were ready to open thier hearts to another loving companion. I hope to fill their hearts with joy for the rest of my days!! My tail is held high and I am so happy. Thank you AGB for making another happy forever family come true!! Love Izzy BIO: Hello, my name is Isabelle - Izzie for short - and I am a beautiful nine year old girl just waiting for a new family to call my own! My former home was great but my human brother developed allergies and I had to go. No worries tho' - I know that there is a home out there that wants me, 'cause I am a great girl! I know commands like "sit", "come" and "down" and am great with kids! I like going for rides in the car and love lots of attention from my family - and can give lots in return! Of course I am house trained - (please!) - and well, just basically a "perfect dog"! :) I am scared of loud noises like thunder or fireworks - (grrrr!) - but as long as you are nearby, I can make it through any storm! Recently I had to have surgery for a growth on my check - but the vet gave me a clean bill of health. I am getting a little older and have a touch of stiff joints from time to time, but nothing major. I still have plenty of get-up-and-go! So I am pretty picky who I want for my "new" family as this time I want it to be forever!!! If you have plenty of love to give and want just as much in return, I am your girl!!! Yours, Izzie

Shelby - ADOPTED
UPDATE: 13 June - Well all I am on my way to my new home - and I get to travel all the way to MS! I can't wait - this is so exciting. I can't stop wagging my tail! I love my new Mom, and her boyfriend has a handsome Golden fellow for me to play with, so my days are going to be the best ever!! My Mom understands my medical history so no worries about me getting sick again, so Yaahoo, let the good times roll!! Thank you AGB you have done your best by me!! Love Shelby BIO: Hello, my name is Shelby and I am a big, beautiful, 75 pound, seven year old girl that is so excited to be in the care of AGB! Sadly my family found that they could not give me the care and attention that they felt I deserved. I had really bad skin issues, arthritis and very thunderphopic and no one was really able to figure out the cause of my skin issues. The cost of trying to figure it all out and keeping me more and more isolated was weighing on them heavily. They knew I really needed to be with others to show off my most pleasing, golden-friendly personality, I sat alone for hours on end, day after day. This made my family very sad. So I am really happy they contacted AGB. Now we know that I have thyroid issues and now that I am on medication I will be my gorgeous fun loving gal once again. Yea!! I am house trained and good with kids and getting use to being on a leash. I love family life and I can't wait to find my forever family. I am looking for a laid back family that likes leisurely walks, maybe some ball tossing and someone to cuddle with. I love to cuddle!! I will make you my number one person if you make me yours. Call soon kisses, Shelby

Maggie - ADOPTED
ADOPTED: June 14th!! Hey – My name is Maggie. I am 4 years old and the friendliest girl you ever want to meet! My family adopted me when I was two years old as a stray, and now they are moving and can’t take me with them. I am really sad about that and don’t understand everything that is going on, but I have to believe that they are doing the best thing for me by letting AGB take care of me now. The folks at AGB have been taking real good care of me, and have promised to help me get my own great, forever home. I am good with kids, I think playing with them, swimming and going for walks would be really awesome. I do get really scared though, when there are loud noises around outside, such as those noises I hear my humans call fireworks, and then when storms come around I really don’t like the thunder noises. I guess they call it thunderphobia. The doggie doctor said that my family took good care of me and that I am healthy and can go to my forever family at any time. I am just a love bug looking for that awesome family that needs to fill a void with this most awesome of girls. Please come meet me and let me be a part of your family – Put a song in your heart (Maggie Mae) Yours, Maggie

Summer - ADOPTED
UPDATE: 9 June Well I worked the magic and it couldn't be foster parents and foster brother Brody fell in love with me! They all decided we made a great family and so we decided to make it permanent. I am so happy to be in my forever home. There is play time and swim time and plenty of cuddle time for both of us! This is one happy ole gal, ya'll. Thank you AGB, You Rock!! BIO: Hey you all! My name is Summer and I'm a 9 year old Golden girl. My former family decided they did not have the time nor the money to take care of me. I was so sad I had been with my family since I was 8 weeks old. I don't get it I was so confused. Fortunately my Vet stepped in and recommended they turn me over to AGB. As it turned out I was allergic to my food that is why I was always sick. The vet changed my food to hypo-allergenic and gave me some medicine and I am feeling FANTASTIC. AGB came and got me and promised me that I would be feeling better in no time and that I would have all the love and sweetness I deserved, really soon. I am an 80 lb mature, loving girl who is housetrained and good with both dogs and children. I really enjoy car rides and playing ball. I would love to share my sweet and loving personality with my new forever family. If you are looking for that gal who still enjoys living life large - Please think about me. Everyone is being super nice, but I miss having a family. Love, Summer

UPDATE: 4 Jun Well I am a really happy pup today. I feel like if dogs could go to Las Vegas, I won big!! I am in my forever family and man am I going to be spoiled and happy. I owed it all to AGB and finding me my awesome forever home. AGB thank you for taking good care of me and finding me my dream home! Forever, Andy BIO: Hey everyone, my name is Andy. I am a 2-3 year old male golden. I was picked up as a stray and then turned into the shelter. AGB was contacted and of course they said they would take me. It took 3 “chauffers” to get me to Birmingham, but I am glad that is now over with. I was a bit nervous when I first got in the car with my first driver, but the more driving we did away from the shelter the more settled I became. By the time the last chauffer had me she was telling me I was such a sweet boy. Did that ever get my tail wagging! It has been a while since I have heard kind words directed at me! I have just undergone my doggie doctor visit and unfortunately they tell me I have these pesky creatures in my heart. The doctor said I was heart worm positive. I have to go through some medical treatment and at the same time they are going to help make me even healthier by neutering me. Guess my original family didn’t take very good care of me at all. AGB has stepped in and told me I don’t have to worry about things anymore. They are here now with the kule doctors to help me get better. I really want to settle down with my own family and be the spoiled rotten dog I know I was born to be! If you think you can handle the sweetest dog, which will love you forever – than I am your dog. You may have to be a bit patient while I get rid of these pesky worms, but contact AGB and let them know you are VERY interested in “Orphan Andy” – much love, Andy

Rory / Buddy - ADOPTED
UPDATE: MAY 17th Well it has finally happened for me! I am in my forever home and my tail is still wagging. My new Mom came to adoption day and fell in love with me. I had an initial visit with my new 4 legged sibling and it went well. Once we were home it took just a couple days and it was awesome just knowing we will be with each other from now on! I now have a new name and an awesome life ahead of me. Thank you AGB for rescuing me and making all this possible. I will miss all the good people whom I have come in contact with, and all the AGB pups that are still waiting for their forever homes. Lots of Love, Buddy BIO: UPDATE: March 9, just finished up a relaxing day at AGB adoption day. I am really waiting for you to come meet me and fall in love - Just saying......... Hi everyone! I'm Rory and my buddy, Cory, and I were found wandering and abandoned in north Alabama. We were covered in fleas, ticks and dirt but AGB cleaned us up really nicely. I am a sweet boy and very outgoing. I am pretty good on a leash as well. I'm thrilled to have regular meals and the vet made it sound pretty grim when he talked about how I only weighed 35 lbs. I like Cory just fine but I'm OK if we find different homes. Mainly, I just want a warm place with nice people and regular meals. I don't ask for much and I have a lot of love to give in return!

Savannah - ADOPTED
UPDATE: May 14th Well guys I am finally off to my forever home. I am literally jumping around with joy. My new family came to adoption day and of course fell in love with me! I now have two human siblings to play with. It turned out to be an awesome birthday gift for one of my siblings as I arrived on his birthday! AGB you rock, you took great care of me and now I am on to my new life. Thank you! Savannah BIO: May 2nd Hey you all, I am the most awesome pup - you have to visit me. I love to be loved on. I will just lay with you and enjoy your company. I am a bit over 4 months old, but if you hurry I am still able to be held and not want to wiggle out of your loving arms - I LOVE the attention! Please come visit me on adoption day, May 11th. You will recognize me as the most lovable PUP there!! UPDATE: March 24, Hey all-Savannah here, just wanted to let you all see an updated photo of the cutest puppy you will EVER lay your eyes on. I am getting cuter by the day. I am really trying not to get too impatient, waiting for my furever family to fall in love with me! I have plenty of puppy "breath" kisses ready to give you! Hey y'all! I'm Savannah and I'm a whopping 14 weeks old so I'm going to fill out *just a little bit*. The nice people at the shelter called AGB when I came in so they could help find me a perfect forever home. I might be a little more like a Lab than a Golden in my look but, regardless, I'm going to be one fine Southern Belle! I slept in the car on the way back to headquarters so I was ready to play when we arrived. Who has time for a photo when they have just woken up? I was ready to play! I'm ready to share my puppy kisses with a new family so don't wait long to get in touch.

Bella/Shiloh & Spike/Cosmo - ADOPTED
UPDATE: MAY 16th Hey folks, Bella and I are ectstatic - we were adopted TOGETHER! Our new family came to adoption day, and thankfully kept visiting with us. They decided they were ready to open their hearts to a new dog in the family, and since they are retired, they figured why not open all the way up and take both of us! We will get to spend a lot of time with them and will be showered with lots of love! And boy do we have lots of love to share. We also now have new names that we think are pretty kule. We would like to thank AGB for all they did in taking good care of us and most importantly - keeping us together. Much Love, Shiloh and Cosmo BIO: APRIL 13, 2013 - We had so much fun at our first adoption day. I hope you came out to meet me and my handsome brother Spike - we are anxious to get to our new forever home! Hi everyone: My name is Bella and my brother, Spike, is to the right of me. We are 14 months old, medium in size. I am a tad smaller than my bro. I weigh about 55 lbs and Spike 60 lbs. Sadly, our owner was moving out of the country and could not take us with them. We were listed on craigslist (whatever that is) and that is how AGB found us. We love to be with each other and thank goodness we have each other because loosing your family is really traumatic. We did not understand how they could just leave us. We were really scared and stressed when we were brought to the vet. After a while we realized everyone was so nice to us. The folks at AGB have taken really good care of us and kept us together. Spike and I were so worried that they would separate us. Thank goodness they realized we had to stay as a pair. As close as we are we love people of all sizes. We are house trained and very well behaved. We may need a little bit of help walking on the leash but Mr. Lindsay has been working on that. Spike and I would love to be with a family that is active with kids. We could go to soccer, baseball and football games with you. We love to ride in the car. We just recently learned to swim, so access to water would be cool. Mostly we want to be with a family that includes us in their activities. We will reciprocate with our unconditional love. Oh did we mention we lovvvvvvvve treats. We give great doggy kisses and if you pick us you will not be disappointed because we are pretty darned cute and sweet. Please consider a pair, it really is NOT extra work; We know that because our AGB friends told us………….Bella & Spike

Sandy / Savannah - ADOPTED
UPDATE: May 11th Well am I ever a lucky girl. My new family met me and it was love at first sight! I am now in an awesome home, with a new name that I really like, and best of all I have a new four legged sibling. We get along great. I see lots of love and play in my future - am I ever happy now! Thank you AGB for everything you did for me! Love, Savannah BIO: I am Sandy, a 3 year old female golden. I was turned into a shelter by my family and they did not even leave my name when they left. I am having some problems with my coat, and I am very underweight. I am grateful to all the people helping AGB get me the help I need. They also gave me my new name, which by the way I think is really sweet. It matches my personality. I am that sweet girl who loves to ride in the car and hang out with my family. I am not sure why my owners did what they did, but here I am. I am so glad that AGB is taking care of me now. I am undergoing my wellness check with the doggie doctor and will let you all know what they have to say. I need a home where I know that I will be safe and always loved. If you are looking for the most gorgeous, sweetest 3 year old golden you can find, I will always be your girl! Waiting………..Sandy

Cornbread - ADOPTED
UPDATE: May 3rd Geeze life deosn't get any better for this boy. I have my new forever home and man are we going to be having fun. I have 4 other four legged siblings, and a Mom and Dad. My new Mom and Dad are at home with us so we are just going to all get to swim (remember how I Love that water) at the lake house, and then we will go to the beach often, and then I hear mention of a farm that I will get to live on as well. Man talk about all the excitement and love one pup could have ever hoped for. AGB you Rock! My life will forever be truly Golden! Thank you, CB BIO: Apr 23rd Here is our baby Cornbread doing what he loves best - swimming!! He loves the water. Please consider this sweet baby as your forever dog. Hey ya’ll! My name is Cornbread (okay so sometimes humans have a strange sense of humor). I am a 1 year old male Golden. I love to be with people all day, all the time. I like to stay busy with my family. If it is walking, jogging, playing ball, or going for a swim (love, love, love that water) I am your Golden. I can also chill out in the family room and chew on a toy that might come out of my toy bin?(rawhide maybe). I am a “big boned” boy at 85 pounds, so I need to keep active to drop just a couple of furry “love handles”. I am such a goofie big boy that sometimes my exuberance can frighten little kids. I will need you to work with me on some of my doggie manners, but I know I will be that model pup in no time at all. I am already wowing folks with my sit and my giving of “paw”. I walk well on the leash, and am absolutely there when you say “road trip”! I hear humans say how very smart, friendly and sweet that I am. My former family was a young family and evidently I was too enthusiastic (I am a pup?) for their lifestyle, so they thought it best to have AGB find me my forever family. If you enjoy an active lifestyle and would like to add this most awesome of Goldens to your family, I want to be there to share all the fun things that families do together. I have a whole lotta love to share with my special family! Please come and meet me to make my only wish come true – A furever family - you won’t regret it! P.S. Bring a rawhide and I will be your friend forever ;-) Cornbread

Tessie - ADOPTED
UPDATE: May 8th Well folks this is an awesome day for this Pup - I have my new forever family! I am on my way to Louisiana - I am so excited! I now have an awesome Mom and Dad as well as a four legged sister named Oreo. She is going to help me grow up with all the dog knowledge I will need to be the best pup I can be. AGB took care of me with all the TLC a girl needed, and now they have found me an awsome forever home. Thank you AGB for all you do. My life was in your hands (literally) and you did an awesome job for this girl, My Love Always, Tessie BIO: UPDATE: April 9th Hey guys, Tessie here.....just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing so much better. The doctor tells me that two weeks of rest and relaxation and I should be good to go. Looks like all the well wishes and prayers worked out well for me. I truly appreciate it all the way down to the tip of my furry little tail! I am really looking forward to finding my furever home! Hi puppy lovers! My name is Tessie and I am a 4 month old adorable female. I am not feeling my best right now, but I know with AGBs help I am hoping to get better real soon. I was found wandering around town, so was picked up as a stray and brought to a shelter. The shelter knew that because I was not well and they couldn’t help me feel better, they contacted AGB. I was taken directly to one of AGBs best veterinary clinics. As AGB and the shelter suspected, and the doggie doctor confirmed, I have been diagnosed with parvovirus. People are worried about me because this disease can be fatal. I am thinking that does not sound so good….I believe that because everybody has jumped in very quickly to take care of me, and I am very young, that the doctor and the vet staff will help me fight this. I will let you all know real soon how I am getting along – meanwhile if you can find it in your heart to donate to AGB so they can continue to help dogs like me, it would make me very happy. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. Hugs and kisses, Tessie

Max / Mac - ADOPTED
UPDATE: May 7th I am the happiest young man around today! My new Dad drove all the way up from Orange Beach (AL) to meet me. It was love at first sight. Not only do I get to romp at the beach, I hear we have a place in TN that we will go to where we will have all kinds of outdoor activities that my Dad and I will be doing. I can not wait. To make things even more exciting, I have a new name which I think is really neat. Thank you AGB for finding my very own terrific Dad! I am blessed. Always, Mac. BIO: Hey folks my name is Max. I am a two year old male golden. I am a little bit on the smaller side for a male golden, but that just means I have bunches more love to share with my new forever family! As you can see from my photo, I love to go for car rides. I heard Ms. Tammy tell everyone I rode so well as her co-pilot. I am a sweet boy who is very friendly with everyone I meet. Sharing the love is my motto. I was originally turned into a shelter as a stray. AGB was contacted and came to my rescue. AGB told me that I no longer needed to be on my own and worry about where my meals would come from, or where I would sleep each and every night. I am a very lucky pup! I underwent my vet check with flying colors so I am anxiously awaiting my new family to come and take me home with them! If you want a happy pup to hang out with, play with, and share the love, you have found your next family member. Who knows I may turn out to be the smartest pup you have ever had in the family. Please contact AGB and let them know you want to meet me. Much love, Max

UPDATE: May 2nd Yippeee I am outta here. I have found my most awesome forever family. I am so happy, I can't stop rolling over for belly rubs. This laid back "ole soul" is going to be able to hang out with my family all day and be loved on 24/7. It doesn't get any better for this dog! Thank you AGB for being so patient and finding me the best forever home! Sometimes patience can be an awesome virtue. My gratitude forever, Yours, Red. BIO: Apr 15th What's up folks? Red here with just a refresher on what a great boy I am. I love people more than just about anything and even though I'm only 3 years old, I'm a bit of an old soul. I am quiet and calm and would make a perfect lap dog. I would be a great dog for someone who is dog savvy but doesn't have a dog yet - I want to be your boy!! I can be quite the ladies man as well if you think you need some extra companionship as a single parent--I am great with children as well as Grandma and Grandpa. I am just a laid back guy who loves people! UPDATE: April 1 Wahoo, you Golden lovers are way too awesome! My medical fund has been paid in full! I want to thank you from way down deep in my heart. I would be really happy to see you all apply some more of that love to my gal Olivia, she is really close to having her medical bills paid for. This let's AGB help more pups like me when our medical bills are taken care of. You all rock! Much Love, Red UPDATE: Feb 24th - Just thought you would like an update on how much better I feel after my treatment. I am still looking for that special furever family. I have come through my health issues with a great report and have many years of love still to give! Update Feb 3rd - So excited that I'm done with my heartworm treatments and better than ever. I'm now ready to find my forever home. Hey everyone my name is Red and I am a 3 year old male. I was picked up as a stray by animal control in Calhoun County and thanks to AGB I am now safe and warm. There is no history on me but I can tell you first hand that I am pretty darned sweet and will make the right family the world's best dog ever. Unfortunately I am Heart Worm positive and have started my treatment. It is not a whole lot of fun but when I am done I will be as good as new and ready to love and be loved on. AGB promised me that I would never have to worry about finding shelter or forage for food because they would make sure that the perfect family adopts me. My tail is wagging just thinking about it. Please consider me for your family. I will bark at you soon, Red

Sabina - ADOPTED
UPDATED: Apr 25th Well folks, I am off to the great life of being a pup in a awesome forever home. I even have my own four legged sibling. This is to good to be true. I am wagging my tail all the way to the backyard to play! Take care of my other siblings back with AGB. Thank you - Sabina -- BIO: Hi puppy lovers! My name is Sabina and I am a 6 month old gorgeous female golden. I am sure you have heard this before, but I am the sweetest pup around. I also am very curious about things going on around me. You can see from my photo my tail is in full motion checking things out. I find I do prefer pampering whenever possible! When Ms. Lulu brought me to AGB, it had been raining and there was a puddle I just couldn’t convince myself to walk through, so Ms. Lulu picked me up and carried me so I wouldn’t have too. I think maybe this pampered pup thing could grow on a girl. AGB rescued me from a shelter and now they are going to do everything they can to ensure I stay healthy and warm until my forever family realizes they have to have me! Contact AGB and tell them you need a pampered pup in your life today! Thanks for reading my story. Hugs and Kisses, Sabina.

Susie / Joan - ADOPTED
UPDATE: Apr 18th Wow, I am the luckiest pup around for miles. My new family saw me and knew they had to meet me and take me home! It was Love at first sight for us all I think. They have renamed me Joan, and I really like it. My tail will be wagging all summer! Thanks for everything AGB. Yours, Joan -- BIO: Hey you all, my name is Susie. I am an 18 month old female Great Pryness/Golden mix. I consider myself very lucky right now. My family turned me over to a shelter without any other reason than they couldn’t keep me. The receiving area at the shelter had many dogs and all their runs were full. Luckily someone contacted AGB and a good samaritan brought me to Birmingham. If they hadn’t I heard folks talking about me having to go over the Rainbow Bridge. That scared me because I thought I hadn’t done anything wrong to have to do that. Well all that is behind me now - I am looking forward to the greatest of life’s offerings, and AGB has promised to help me. I am looking for a very loving, patient family to take me into their home. I have been through quite a bit here recently and would like to be able to settle into a new home very soon. Please come visit with me at the AGB adoption day (4/13) and see for yourself what a sweet, quiet young girl I am! See you soon, Susie

Penelope / Sadie - ADOPTED
UPDATE: Apr 21st Well guys the awesome good looks of this gal has won the hearts of my new forever family. I am so happy I will now have a family to call my very own plus an awesome new name! I now just hope my siblings have the same awesome good luck I did. Thanks AGB! Always, Sadie -- BIO: Hi everyone, my name is Penelope. I am a 7 week old female golden mix, with either Lab or Irish Setter. Myself, and my 5 siblings were turned in to a shelter. Evidently our family couldn’t take care of us any longer. As you can see from my name and photo I am the talk of the puppy park! I am undergoing my wellness check and will have another update once the doggie doctor has looked me over. I can’t wait to find a forever home where I can grow up happy and loved. My name is of greek origin which means “weaver” – I think I see weave polls in my future, how about you?! “ta leme” (see you later) Penelope

Olivia - ADOPTED
UPDATE: Apr 21st Well it has been a long road for me, but I believe things have worked out awesome for me now. I have a family who truly loves me and tells me I won't have to worry about anything, anymore. I have an adorable baby 4 legged brother who I can't wait to play with and teach him all the kule dog stuff we should know! My life has finally compled one part of a journey. I could not have done it without you all at AGB. I am now on to the best part of my next journey - my new forever family!! Always, Olivia -- BIO: Just a new photo for my fans! I am eagerly awaiting my forever home! UPDATE: April 16th - There are angel's out there and I have been fortunate to have more than one but I do want to give a shout out to Shasta's momma for completing my heart worm medical fund. Now I am with my foster family and my Golden foster sister, whose name is also Olivia, what are the chances of that happening? I love my foster family and my sister. Thank you AGB for helping me through all these scary changes in my life. love and kisses everyone Olivia UPDATE: April 12th - It is me again everyone I really did think that I found my forever family but my mom said that she was not over her other pup who had passed to Rainbow Bridge. I pleaded with her to give me some time that I could help through this but she was just too sad. Now I am really sad too. She said I was really a sweet girl and it had nothing to do with me. So I am back searching for my forever family. If you are looking for pure sweetness through and through then you need me in your home. P.S. my medical fund for my Heart Worm treatment has not been totally funded but almost. If you could help AGB complete payment then they can help another rescue's medical needs. UPDATE: March 17 Hey ya'll, just wanted to put an awesome bark-out to the Blair family to include my awesome canine supporter, Candy Cane, for making a very kule donation to my medical fund! I am feeling much better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am almost fully funded, so if you are unable to adopt me or one of my great pals here at AGB, maybe you can contribute to our medical funds. It helps AGB do what they do best and that is find us great furever homes! Update February 21st - Hi everyone! The doc checked Daphne and I out and we are both heartworm positive. I'm not sure what that means really since I feel OK but they said I have to take some pretty nasty medicine but I'll be in great shape after it's all done. Everyone has been really sweet and positive about the outcome so I'm going to be strong and brave. I overheard the people giving AGB the estimates on the bill and it's kinda high! They are so sweet to pay it for me but that makes it harder to help the other orphans who come along. Please donate to my bills if you can so the rest get all the help they need as well. Thanks and I'll check back in with everyone after treatment is done in about 30 days! I know, I'm not technically a Golden, but don't hold it against me. I'm Olivia and I'm a one year old Flat Coated Retriever. I was turned into a shelter with my buddy, Daphne, by our owner. They didn't give a reason and didn't even tell the shelter our names. I think the ones the people at AGB have given us are pretty cool though. We are both quite sweet and we really have no idea why our people decided they didn't want us. She and I both are good on a leash and we enjoy riding in the car. I'd love it if we could stay together but it's most important that Daphne and I find good forever homes.

Gretchen- ADOPTED
UPDATE: Apr 21st Well folks don't count a girl down just because she has a lot of knowlege in her upper years! My forever family took me home as they loved the idea that I was already over all that stuff the younger generation goes through. I am in my prime years and my new family was thrilled! I also now have a sibling whose name is Sabina the cat. It is awesome I get to play with her all day, and curl up on the couch for naps, Wooo Hooo. Life is awesome - Thank you AGB for being so patient with me! Forever, Gretchen -- BIO: UPDATE: March 22 - Just wanted to let you all know I am patiently awaiting my new furever family. Thought I would entice everyone with another great artistic rendition of who else, but me! Ask about me, you won't regret it! Hello my name is Gretchen I am 11 years old. My mom really loved me a whole bunch but fell on hard times. She has to work really long hours and I missed her so much because she was gone so much. My mom was also concerned that she did not have the financial means to take care of my medical needs like vaccinations and heart worm prevention. She made a very unselfish decision because she loved me so much to give me up so that someone else could love me and take care of all my needs. I will really miss my mom but totally respect what she has done for me. Giving me up was true love. I love people and children. I am great with cats and dogs. I walk well on the leash and overall I am a pretty easy going gal. I don't have a lot of years left but I have a whole lot of love to give. I maybe a senior but I come with loads of experience and wisdom and I would love to share with the right mature family.

Milo / Sullie - ADOPTED
UPDATE: Apr 20th Awesome news folks - this great family has picked me to be their forever puppy. I now have a young human sibling to grow up with and a mature 4 legged sibling to teach me all the great dog stuff I need to know. My new Mom works with school age children and she teaches them about dogs and how to treat them, I hope someday she can take me to the school with her and have all those awesome kids love on me. Thank you AGB my life is going to be awesome!! I wish my sibliings the best of luck in finding their forever homes! Much Love, Sullie -- BIO: Hi everyone, my name is Milo. I am a 7 week old male golden mix, with either Lab or Irish Setter. I believe I am the brains of the family. I am ready to learn all the puppy tricks and then some. I figure with my brains and good looks how can things go wrong? I can’t wait to get settled into my new forever home! Myself, and my 5 siblings were turned in to a shelter. Evidently our family couldn't take care of us. I am undergoing my wellness check and will have another update once the doggie doctor has looked me over. I can’t wait to be in a forever home where I can grow up happy and loved and meet all this awesome potential I have been blessed with. Please come hang out with me, I am sure we can find something to talk about. Maybe we can discuss you taking me home to your family so I can spend the rest of my life being the best pup you ever had! You won’t be disappointed, Yours - - Milo

Callie - ADOPTED
UPDATE: Apr 13th, Well folks, I am on cloud 9, I met my new forever family and it was love at first sight. I am very blessed to be going home and starting a new life. Yeehaw! My tail was wagging all the way to the car. Thank you AGB! Keep doing what you do best for us special pups -- BIO: Hi, my name is Callie. I am approx. 12 months young. AGB was contacted when I and my puppies were literally “dumped” on a good samaritan. When another rescue organization stepped in to help, they found foster homes for my puppies, but asked AGB to help me out. I am so glad they did. It is nice to finally be on the road to health and happiness. I am receiving my wellness check from the doggie doctor and will let you all know how that goes. I am sure the Doc will schedule a procedure for me so I will no longer be able to have puppies, but I know it is the safest thing for me in the long run, so I am good with all that. I am a petite Golden and of course very, very sweet. I would love a forever home where I will no longer be treated like a bag of trash that is left by the side of the road. I know that there are lots of families out there who will take one look at me and know that they will have to have me in their families, and I know that the future will be very bright for both of us. More to come, and thank you for reading my story - don’t wait too long to contact AGB, I am hoping be able to bust out of here with the most awesome of families and start over again! Yours, Callie

Charlie - ADOPTED
UPDATE: Apr 14th - Well folks I am the luckiest pup around Birmingham today! I have found my new Mom and Dad. They work close by so I will get to see them alot during the day. Yahooo!! Thanks AGB for helping give an ole guy another chance!! BIO: Hey y’all, my name is Charlie. I am a young and playful 9 year old male. I am a "brilliant" dog who has never met a stranger and I love receiving attention from everyone around me. I walk very well on a leash and I am in great shape. I am such a love bug, I can't wait for my furever family! I think what would make me happiest is to be in a house full of humans, both adults and children. That makes my tail wag now just thinking about it ;-) I am very well-mannered in the car, and would love to go for rides with the family! I was originally taken to a shelter because my family's living situation had changed and they had to move into an apartment. I will miss my family very much, though I know they are still taking care of me by letting AGB find my new furever home. I am so thankful that AGB will be helping me with this process because everything seems a bit confusing right now. I underwent my wellness check and the doggie doctor says I am a very healthy and spry pup! My nightly dreams consist of a family who will love on me, and in turn I will love them back sooooo much more!! You know you are looking for an 80# lap dog to hang out with -- so let me show you what a kule dude I am…….. Lots of paw - Charlie.

Daphne - ADOPTED
UPDATE Apr 10th Well it has been a long time coming, as I had to get healthy and all, but my new family was ever so patient! I fell in love with my new sis, and my new family is the most awesome family. I am off to North Carolina to live the life of luxury. I am also very happy that my partner, Olivia, found her forever home a few days ago as well! Thank you AGB for all you have done for us! BIO: UPDATE MARCH 5TH - Oh my goodness I am so overwhelmed by the generosity you have shown me for my medical fund. I am fully funded and had an extra $100 so I asked AGB if it was ok to allocate $100 towards Olivia's fund. Thank you Mr. Wade for your kindness and thank Mr. Stubbs for allowing me to share your generosity with Olivia. If you could see me now my tail is going thump thump in gratitude. Update February 21st - Well, the doc says I have heartworms but that I'm going to be fine after treatment. I'm a little nervous but everyone has a positive attitude and is very comforting. I will be done in about 30 days and even more ready for my new forever home! I have heard the folks talking about my medical expenses and they seem concerned. If you could, please consider donating for my fund so they can continue helping more of my buddies to find new homes. Morning all, I'm Daphne! I'm about a year old and I was turned into a shelter with my buddy, Olivia. My owner didn't tell them our names and they didn't give a reason so we really aren't sure what they were thinking. The nice folks at AGB gave us new names and I think we'll keep them for now. I am a sweet girl and I love to ride in the car. I've been taught the basics of walking on a leash and I seriously love to chase a tennis ball. I think it would be nice to stay with Olivia but, most of all, I just want a new home to settle into.

UPDATE: April 3rd -- This is just pawesome, my new Dad Tyler saw me on the web, and knew he had to have some of that good ole "Teddy" Bear loving. I am the happiest pup in AL right now. A great home and new four legged playmates - Dad just works down the street so I don't have to be alone all the time. Doesn't get any better for the TB. Thank you AGB, please keep working the magic for my other AGB pals! -- BIO: Hi y'all, I'm Teddy. I am an 8 week old male, cuddly, “Teddy Bear”. I love cuddles and sharing puppy kisses and can’t wait to get to my furever home and be able to do just that!