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Kaboom//Boomer - ADOPTED

BIO: Jun 2, 2019 - As usual, our beautiful puppies are here today and gone tomorrow! Kaboom came in at three months of age with mom Bootsie and is just as laid-back as she is, cute as a button, and promising to be a great pet. He has gone to the Lone Star State and they are already thrilled and in love with him. He hit the state with a bang and after the ten hour drive (which he handled like a pro) he was ready to explore the yard and play a bit before a good snooze. Now known as Boomer, we cannot wait to see how big he might grow and how much fun they will have with him. Lots of kisses to that little face we can't resist Boomer *********************************************** Hello, world! My name is Kaboom. I think I got my name when folks first saw me and said "You make my heart go KABOOM!!" I think they meant kaboom as in "WOW" but then again, maybe they thought I was dynamite! As you can see, I'm a 3 month old little Golden boy. I'm a puppy and all that that implies. I need to learn everything! I need vaccinations and boosters and training and good food and especially loving. I came to AGB with my Momma, Bootsie, and we both have skin problems and I have a couple of hot spots so they told me there's some medicated baths in my future. Well, okay, maybe if there are enough treats. I weigh 23 pounds and I'm ridiculously cute. AGB is going to find me a very nice family so I can grow up big and strong and learn lots of things that will make me a terrific dog. I'm a special boy so they'll be finding me a special home. So I hope when I meet them, my heart will go "KABOOM".

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$400.00 Amount Needed
$25.00 Amount Received

Puppy and skin care

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