Golden retriever orphans



BIO: Hi yíall! Sunni here. Iím about 5 years old and weigh 63 lbs. I was a lonely, lost girl and eventually got picked up by animal control. I was held for about a month, but no one came for me. The people caring for me knew I was not meant for life in a cage, so they started contacting rescues and asking them to take me in. Soon an AGB volunteer came to meet me and she knew I was meant to be with AGB! So she made the arrangements and before long we were on a road trip to a place called Birmingham. Iím a friendly girl and I know some commands like sit. I play well with the other dogs at my foster home. Iím affectionate and playful and I ride well in the car. I love toys and treats and a good back scratch. I would really love a forever family of my own! Are you interested? If so, tell AGB you want to meet me and letís get started on our new life together, OK? See you soon, your new best friend, Sunni.

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