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BIO: 6/14/17 - Senior Aubie came to us from a home of 11 siblings (7 dogs and 4 cats). He wasn’t very happy when one of the dogs jumped on him and his owner decided it was best to surrender him to AGB.  After neutering, treating his skin condition and getting him into foster, his personality blossomed. Aubie gave everyone kisses, love, and immediately found his place on the couch. His adoptive mom says she fell in love with his senior face and put in an adoption application. Her comment was “I’m over the moon for Aubie.” After completing the application process, a meeting was scheduled. His new mom has two small senior dogs and two very friendly cats. They all greeted and welcomed him into their family. He’s now living at Smith Lake, enjoying daily walks, sitting on the porch and watching beautiful sunsets. We’ve also heard he’s made great friends with another golden pup next door! Aubie’s had many AGB angels that helped him along the path to his forever. He asked to give the Intake, Fosters, Medical/Vets, and Adoption Team a high “five paw.”

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