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BIO: Hello, hello - Jax here. I'm a 7 year old fella weighing in at 93 lbs. I was found by a great couple who tried for over a month to find my owners but no one ever came for me. They tell everyone I'm the sweetest thing and they called me a "gentle giant". I love getting petted and I get along great with kids and other dogs. Some dogs thinks this is weird but I love baths and brushing! It feels like doggy massage to me! I like to go for walks, and I never have accidents in the house. AGB tested me and found out I have those nasty heartworms so they are making sure I get the medicine I need to get well. Soon I'll be all better and ready to go to my new family. AGB has found a really good match for me and I am so excited that I get to be with them forever. I am going to concentrate on getting well now. Thanks for caring about me and reading my story. AGB's friends really are Angels to all us orphans. Your friend, Jax. PS...My medicine is pretty expensive. If you could make a donation of any amount to help AGB pay for it, I would really be grateful. Thanks friends!

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$600.00 Amount Needed
$100.00 Amount Received

Medical Needs

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