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BIO: 6/19/17 - All puppy Oralie came to us from the parking lot of a church after being found there with a bullet wound through her neck.  She is now our first adoption the the state of Pennsylvania, and as a nod to her roots, she has the new name Alabama, "Allie" for short!  Her wonderful young new Dad caught a plane to Atlanta arriving at 7:30 am and rented an SUV to drive to Birmingham.  There were several people in the lobby when Allie's trainer walked her in and dropped the leash, and Allie ran straight to her Dad with no hesitation - she knew this was the guy she had been waiting for!  After proper introductions and a bit of time in the play yard, they both hopped in the car for the long 14 hour drive home, arriving at 3:30 am on Father's Day.  Allie rode like a trouper and has begun the daily life of "spoiled rotten dog" in her new digs.  She knew to be good because her Dad sure must love her to spend almost 24 hours just to come get her on a Saturday!  Make us a proud representative of the South, Allie, and send lots of updates! Our thanks to VCA Becker and Just Happy Hounds for their loving care of this sweet girl. 

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