Golden retriever orphans



BIO: Colt! That's my new name and it's a good one for me. An Urban Dictionary description of the name "Colt" is "a great personality, very attractive, usually gets along well with everyone", and is - ha ha - "commonly desired by the opposite sex". Well now, I just want a family to call my own no matter who it is! I'm a two year big old boy and I weigh 77 pounds which is a bit underweight for me. Somebody put me in the bullpen of a northern Alabama shelter, and AGB came and got me right away so they could find me a new safe, loving home. They've been spending time with me and said I have a great smile, I'm fun, I'm cute with good energy, sweet, and well-mannered with lots of personality. That sounds like "Colt" fits me to a tee. And you know what I hope - that I'll suit you to a tee - and you'll want me to be a part of your family.

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