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BIO: THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE GENEROUS BENEFACTORS WHO DONATED TO MY MEDICAL FUND! CLICK 'MORE'! Hello, I'm Ike and I'm two years old and weigh 76 pounds. For such a young boy like me, I'm having a blue, blue Christmas. I was at a shelter in east Alabama and I've also been a stray - and I was picked up heart worm positive, with several small wounds and an ear infection. Luckily for me, AGB is taking care of all that and I'll be good as new soon. While I'm waiting, I'm dreaming of laying safe and warm and calm - maybe in front of a fireplace or a Christmas tree - with someone special stroking my soft fur. Some folks at AGB told me I am gorgeous and have fur "as soft as a baby's". I'm not quite used to getting attention and being cared for but I think I might like it just fine. Perhaps you could be the one to show me what it's like to be a beloved family Golden so my next Christmas will be anything but blue. Hopefully, Ike

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$500.00 Amount Needed
$500.00 Amount Received

Medical care - Heartworms

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