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BIO: PLEASE DONATE TO MY HIP SURGERY FUND! CLICK 'MORE' TO SEE HOW MUCH I NEED. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE GENEROUS BENEFACTORS WHO HAVE ALREADY DONATED TO MY SURGERY AND RECOVERY FUND! 4/18/18 UPDATE: There is some good news for Malcolm. He successfully completed surgery on his right hip at the Veterinary Surgery of Birmingham and has entered rehab. 4/6/18 UPDATE: Poor 1 year old Malcolm! His vets have discovered he has serious hip problems and will have to undergo a replacement of both hips at a minimum. This means long weeks of very expensive vet care and recovery for this puppy to get him as healthy as possible. AGB truly needs your help with donations to give him the surgeries he desperately needs. ****************************************** Bring on the joy! Here comes Malcolm! Hello, I'm a one year old boy, weighing 42 pounds, who for some strange reason, was left in a shelter pen in Northern Alabama with another pup. Who would want to leave an absolute love like me? I don't understand it but I'm not going to let that get me down. No sir! Once I find my forever home and family, I've got my whole life to love on you. I do know the command "sit", how to walk on a leash and ride in the car. I'm heart worm negative and I'm well-behaved. The folks at AGB have said some nice things about me - that I'm a snow white, beautiful boy that makes everybody around me smile and that I believe I'm the star of a dog show. I love to be in the middle of everything! I'd really love to be in the middle of your life. What do you say? Am I the boy for you?

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$6,500.00 Amount Needed
$5,250.00 Amount Received

Hip surgeries

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