Golden retriever orphans



BIO: Has anybody got some cuddles to give? I need some very badly and cuddles are my very favorite thing. My name is Miles and I'm a lovely 8 year old gentleman. I was left at an East Alabama shelter and a nice fellow from AGB came and picked me up. The AGB folks described me as the "sweetest thing you'll ever meet". I'm pretty handsome and adorable too. I don't always feel so good; my hips bother me some and I have arthritis but AGB is having me completely medically evaluated and giving me medicine. You know what would make me feel fine - to feel safe and secure and loved. I'd always be available for cuddles and I very much would love to lay my head in your lap. That's how I show my love. Do you think you could take a chance on a sweet senior boy like me? I could be the Cuddle King of your house - wouldn't that be nice?

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