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BIO: THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE GENEROUS BENEFACTORS WHO DONATED TO MY HEART WORM TREATMENT! CLICK 'MORE'. I've been named after a famous, romantic ballet - Giselle. Such a pretty name for such a pretty girl like me. I'm 18 months old and, on my toes, I weigh 42 pounds. I'm spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. The first part of my life is a bit of a tragedy because I've always lived outside and since I didn't get the preventative medicine I need (like all pups need), I have heart worms. So I've got to go through heart worm treatment and that makes me sad. But the AGB folks have promised that my future looks very bright. I'll get to live inside and be somebody's special girl and get spoiled with love and treats and toys. That sounds really nice. I'm going to work hard because I know I need to learn a few new skills; like sleeping in my very own bed in the house and walking on a leash. I've already got the loving dog skills down pat because I'm a very sweet, demure girl. Do you think you'd like me to dance right into your life? Be your special tiny dancer? That would make me so happy! Kisses, Giselle

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$500.00 Amount Needed
$600.00 Amount Received

Medical - heart worms

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