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BIO: THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE GENEROUS BENEFACTORS WHO DONATED TO MY EYE SURGERY FUND. CLICK 'MORE'. Hello, my friends. I used to be the "belle of the ball". But I've had some misfortunate lately. My name is Belle, I'm 5 years old and I weigh 78 pounds. I'm not only pretty but I'm a good girl too. Now the name Belle means a popular or attractive girl (which I am!) - whose charm and beauty make her a favorite (which I will be again). I just need a new family and, unfortunately, some medical stuff to be sorted out. My owner, who I loved dearly, had their work schedule changed and could no longer take care of me. AGB was called in to find me a new home. But when their vets checked me out, they discovered a detached retina causing blindness in one eye and they think the eye will need to be removed. I'm surely not looking forward to surgery and it will cost a lot too. They also discovered that I'm carrying a few extra pounds because of my thyroid but all I need to fix that is some daily pills. So while I'm not happy-go-lucky this very second, I will be again and I'll be as beautiful as ever because someone will love me and take care of me. Thanks for listening to my story. Kisses, Belle

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Belle II
Medical - eye surgery

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