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BIO: PLEASE DONATE TO MY MEDICAL FUND! CLICK 'MORE' TO SEE HOW MUCH I NEED. THANK YOU! "Every morning I wake up and worry what's gonna happen today". Remember that really good Eagles song? I do worry what's going to happen every day. Right now, I feel as timid as a little mouse so maybe that why they call me Minni. I'm a tiny little 2 year old girl who is a bit underweight at 37 pounds. My sister, Winni, and I got abandoned at a shelter a couple of months ago when our owner moved. Both of us got brought to AGB together. Winni is busy in the nursery right now; she just had four little puppies. I'm trying to relax and feel safe but I was even shaking for my photo shoot. I promise I'm really sweet under all the fearfulness; I just don't understand what's happening to me. When I first got here, I hid in the back of my kennel but now I come out for ear scratches. I like those! AGB has promised I'm going to get a new home. In the meantime, I am being treated for heart worms and I've got to be spayed and microchipped so I have medical stuff to deal with. I did get all my vaccinations already. And the food is really good here so I should gain some weight. I'm longing for a day when I wake up and I'll be somebody's "sweet darling" and getting their love and care. I promise to love you right back!

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Heart worms/spay

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