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BIO: Sep 21, 2018 - Five year old Kam, now Cam, has never met a person or animal he doesn’t like. He now has the perfect home with a family of wonderful people and animals who adore him. He has three sisters, a brother, two cats and two dogs to call his own. His new mom reports that he is doing great and loves his sister, AGB alum Sugar, and that he follows his brother everywhere. Enjoy your new life, Cam! ********************************************* Hello, everybody. My name is Kam and I'm a beautiful Golden boy weighing 89 pounds. I'm a little confused. I last saw my owners a couple of weeks ago and I heard the word "surrender". Not sure what that means but I also heard the words "allergy" and "moving". So I guess I'm looking for a new home and a new family, huh? Not what I expected to happen at 5 years old! But AGB is gonna help me and they've been real, real nice to me. They say it's not hard to be nice to a sweet and very friendly pup like me. I'm vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and heart worm negative. I'm housebroken; I'll go sit by the door and give you a simple bark to let you know I want to go outside. I love everybody; so far I've never met a person or another dog I didn't like. I have some training and will obey commands like "sit", "stay", "come", "off" and "down" so I'm quite likable because I'm very nice and well behaved - I love attention and I will always try to please you. My absolute favorite thing in the world is for someone to throw a ball and let me chase it and bring it back to be thrown. I could chase the ball for hours because it's that much fun. I am crate trained but I hate to go in there if somebody is home (whimper). I have a bit of a sensitive tummy so no rawhide and some flavors of treats. I can get a little carsick but if I stick my head out the window - no problem. I'm a really nice, handsome Golden and AGB tells me that any family would be very lucky to have me as their own boy. This hasn't been a good end of summer; perhaps you could make Fall a wonderful time. Come meet me; I don't want to be an orphan!

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