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BIO: Zorro! Just like the dashing masked vigilante of pulp fiction and movies, there is no doubt that I am a legend just like him! Or will be a legend as soon as I grow up some more. I am puppy Zorro; I'm 8 months old and I weigh 24 pounds currently. Just like Zorro's signature all black costume, I wear all black fur - it's so shiny, it looks almost blue - with a signature white streak on my chest. Unfortunately, not shaped like a 'Z' - how cool would that have been? AGB rescued me from a shelter; I have no idea how I came to be in a shelter. I had mild anemia and malnutrition and I had to be wormed but now I've been getting regular, nutrious meals (I still need to fatten up a bit more) and I am happy and raring to go! I've been neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. I'm a friendly little guy and I had fun playing with another AGB orphan; we had a ball. The AGB folks said I have a great personality and that I'm going to be gorgeous when I grow up. But why wait? I can be a dashing, handsome legend in your home right now! Please contact AGB and tell them you want to meet puppy Zorro!

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