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Lilly Bear - ADOPTED

BIO: Oct 18, 2018 - Lilly Bear is home in New Orleans and her new mom reports that she is an angel! Her new sister Rosie had a little adjusting to do but with the help of an animal behaviorist, she is doing great! She is enjoying her walks twice a day and is loving the attention from her new mom. Lilly went for a check up with her new vet and the whole office fell in love with her. We could not be happier to hear that everyone is getting along happily! ******************************************** Drum roll, please! I'm pleased as punch to tell you that I, Lilly Bear, am AGB's 850th rescued orphan! And how lucky they picked me, a picture perfect example of a Golden Retriever. I'm a sweet little girl of 8 years and I, of course, weigh just the right amount a girl should weigh at my age (a lady shouldn't have to reveal her weight, should she?). I was surrendered by an owner who had me for four years. I lived inside the house and was house trained, crate trained, heart worm negative, spayed and vaccinated. But, for some reason I don't understand, for the last couple of months, I was left outside. It took a toll on my fur and skin so now I need some beauty treatments and medicated baths to get my pretty fur back in shape. I know some stuff like "sit", "fetch" and "drop". I am very sweet and lovable and pretty. I love toys - specially the plush stuffed ones - but I never chew or bother household items. I like other dogs but I don't take any guff off them; I'll let them know that they're in my face but I won't fight with them. I probably would chase a cat or some other small critter but isn't that what I'm supposed to do? I love car rides. Time's a wasting. Let's celebrate AGB's milestone of rescuing 850 pups by finding me a wonderful new home (inside the house, please) as soon as possible. We could even have cake! Or buy me a new stuffed plush toy. That sounds like a winning plan!

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