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BIO: "Toot, Toot, Tootsie - Don't cry...." That's what Al Jolson would sing to me cause my name is Tootsie. I'm a precious little girl puppy 14 weeks old and, yes, I'm as adorable as I look. I weigh 17 pounds. I sleep well in my crate except for a little whimpering at first. I was given up because there wasn't enough room for me to stay which is sad because I need patience and training and booster shots and vaccinations and consistency. But AGB is going to take care of me until I find my forever family. I'm getting my puppy shots right now which means I need to stay out of public places and off the ground and away from unknown dogs until all my puppy vaccinations are finished. Which is hard because I like to explore! I am all puppy! A falling leaf gets my attention. I can smell a pack of cookies on the counter before it's even opened. I like to dig in the flower pots at my foster mom's house. They say I was probably the leader of the litter. I will become a great companion to whoever becomes my very own people. I bet they'll sing more of the Tootsie song - "Kiss me pretty and then...do it over again". xox, Tootsie (No children under 8, please)

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