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Dude/Chandler Bing - ADOPTED

BIO: Dec 8, 2018 - Dude, one of the dogs from a neglect/hoarding situation, has been adopted by one of AGB's favorite families. They previously adopted Coosa Ruth (center in picture) then Bell Pepper (right) and when they saw Dude's picture and story they fell head over heels in love. That feeling was multiplied upon finally meeting him and he meshed with the two girls as if he had always been with them. Coosa surveys most of the scene from the couch while Bell has shown him the ropes. Ann sent the following email: "This is the best we could do for the family photo. Miss Bell was being the clown she is. Coosa Ruth was worn out from Bell the Clown. Chandler Bing (as he is now called), well, as long as he is near Mama, it's all good! The Pepper Pack is loving life!" ***************************************** Hello, my name is Dude the GoldenDoodle. Way back in 1883, a dude meant a "fastidious man"; today it's a slang term for a cool, young guy. I don't think I fit either of those categories right now but it's not my fault. I'm 8 years old and I've had a really tough life. AGB got me, along with two of my canine friends, after an abandonment/neglect case was resolved. My poor coat was so matted when they collected me that it had to be cut off in hunks. I'm pretty skinny at 57 pounds but AGB and my friends the vets are working on that. My teeth are worn down from chewing on metal. You'd try to chew your way out too if you were being treated poorly. Miraculously, I'm heart worm negative but I've had to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped recently. During the course of my vet examination, they found a heart murmur so I'll need some radiographs and some other vet referrals. But I'm so glad I'm safe and in warm and loving hands. And eating well. I have a happy heart; my spirit has not been broken. As soon as I get a little better and get my medical bills paid, I'll be a wonderful, handsome companion for somebody special with all the love and goofiness of a Golden Doodle personality. Thank you kindly for listening to my tale. I cannot wait to meet my new family, wherever they are.

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$850.00 Amount Needed
$320.00 Amount Received

Heart Murmur tests/treatment

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