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BIO: "What, me worry?" Well, I guess I do a little bit; this is my 'worried' face. My owner was moving and he was just going to leave me. That right there can make a puppy worry. I'm only 8 months old and I'm sure not ready to be on my own (well, actually I never want to be on my own). But then a kindly person took me in and contacted AGB. I'm a gorgeous little Golden boy with one white sock, great ears, and expressive eyes. I weigh 52 pounds and I'm heart worm negative and vaccinated, and I'll be neutered and microchipped shortly. At eight months, I'm still a puppy and all that that implies: I need training; I need security, and I need love. Especially would like a backyard to run around in and tennis balls being thrown and safe stuff to chew on until I learn not to be a 'mouthy' puppy (I'll outgrow that!). I'm good with other pups and kids and probably would love to be a part of an active family because I'm a bit of an energetic whirlwind at the moment. I need to know what's around every corner. So the AGB people tell me not to worry because my future's "so bright I gotta wear shades". Do you want to be part of my future? I hope so! I'm going to grow up to be a wonderful, loving boy.

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