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BIO: PLEASE DONATE TO MY MEDICAL FUND! CLICK 'MORE' TO SEE HOW MUCH I NEED. THANK YOU KINDLY! It's 2019! Have you ever heard that song "Celebration" ("We're gonna have good time tonight....")? Hi, my name is Jackson (the fourth of that name at AGB). The AGB folks tell me that all the pups named Jackson are pretty special and I'm no exception! I am ready to strike a pose, meet some people, and have a good time! A big sweetheart that anybody would love! I'm a beautiful Golden boy, 4 years old, and I weigh 65 pounds. I love attention and I've been told I have a wonderful, friendly smile. I know some basic commands and I love car rides. But I'm special in a kind of sad way too. I was found running loose with another pup and taken to a vet clinic for 10 days and then transferred to the Florence shelter. Fact is, I was hit by a car last year and my leg did not heal properly. I was not taken to the vet so my left front foreleg is nonfunctional now with severe muscle atrophy. Dragging my leg for this whole year has caused multiple abrasions and infections. It didn't have to be this way. There's no fixing my leg to be usable now so the vets have recommended amputation. And that's not all. I have heart worms and need treatment; I need to be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Take care of your pups, folks! I have a great attitude to life but it would have been so much sweeter if I had been taken care of in the first place! I'll get through all this horrible medical stuff; I'm a trooper, and then AGB has promised they'll find me a wonderful new home where I will be taken care of and cherished like a Golden pup should be. Sounds great to me! I'm hoping some nice folks will donate to my medical fund so I can get started on my new life. Maybe that new life will be with you?

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$2,500.00 Amount Needed
$1,120.00 Amount Received

Jackson IV
Amputation/Heart Worms

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