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BIO: PLEASE DONATE TO MY MEDICAL FUND! CLICK 'MORE' TO SEE HOW MUCH I NEED. THANK YOU KINDLY! Hello, my name is Eagle. That's a strong, proud name that I hope I can live up to soon. You see, I'm a young boy that's not in great shape at the moment. I'm not even a year old yet; I'm around 10 months old. I weigh 30 pounds. I wound up at a shelter and I was marked urgent for medical care. They contacted AGB and somebody nice rushed over and got me - in the nick of time! I have heart worms. I had lice on me - yuck - which gave me a skin infection. My coat is in sad shape. I needed to be vaccinated and neutered. But most of all, I needed some good food and loving care. And maybe some toys; I bet I'd like those. I'd like to just be a puppy and have some fun and adventure! They say I'll be a beautiful boy when my heart worms are treated and I gain some weight and my fur is soft and grown out. I think I'm lovable; maybe you'd come and meet me and see if you thought so too. I'm very friendly and I have a resilient spirit. Maybe the first 10 months of my life could have been happier and healthier, but I'm so hoping the next ten years will be wonderful. I was rescued in the nick of time. I sure hope that I find "love in the nick of time" too, like that lady sang in her song.

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$750.00 Amount Needed
$485.00 Amount Received

Medical care - heart worms

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