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BobbyBobu - ADOPTED

BIO: Apr 10, 2019 - Bobby, 7 months old, who was turned into a shelter because he was "too rambunctious," just needed a girlfriend to play with and some patient parents to train him. He has gone to one of AGB's original Founders as our 850th adoption, who ironically adopted Carley last year as our 800th adoption! Some things just line up in the stars correctly. Bobby is the sweetest, most well behaved boy we have seen at his age and only wants to please and be a good doggy. They are calling him Bobu after the TV character and kid him that he is "very, very bad." This is a Foster Failure but that's okay, he hit the jackpot! Have fun with Carley, Bobu, and wear yourselves out! ********************************************** In search of a 'hoo-man' person that wants to love on a baby-faced Golden puppy like me - forever! Hiya, my name is Bobby and I'm just seven months old. I weigh 41 pounds. I'm vaccinated, microchipped, heart worm negative and I just got neutered (that's no fun!). A couple of weeks ago, the person I thought was my person turned me into a shelter instead of giving me the puppy training I want and need. I've got all the right stuff to be a great pup to somebody. I'm cute as they come, I like 'hoo-mans' an awful lot and quite honestly, I'd love to be all over you cuddling and loving! They tell me I'm an AGB pup now and those folks are going to find me the very best 'hoo-mans' to adopt me. They named me Bobby because it means "famed, bright, and shining" and it's an all time favorite boy's name since the Middle Ages (and that's a long time ago, I think). So that probably means my future is going to be bright and shining and I'll be a favorite. So if you have some time to raise up a puppy into a beautiful golden boy, why don't you ask about me, Bobby? I'm awaiting!

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