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Sharley - ADOPTED

BIO: May 14, 2019 - Sharley had a bit of notoriety upon intake; she was adopted four years ago to a person who lives in a loft downtown and shortly after adoption, she slipped her lead on a walk and went missing for months. AGB had a posse of volunteers looking for her all of that time and finally one of our eagle-eyed people spotted her inside a fenced area not far from her loft home. She went back to her owner, but now four years later he relinquished her due to being overwhelmed because he adopted two other dogs. But, lucky for her, our volunteer Jeri had been waiting a couple of years for a small, sweet dog that would get along with her little Poodle and Sharley has fit in like a glove with both of them. Jeri says she is a gem, and almost immediately sent a text saying "Cash the check! We love her!!" Have a good life Sharley in your new, safe home! ********************************************* My name is Sharley; a pint sized, sweet and shy, Golden girl. I weigh 32 pounds and I'm just four years old. The Urban Dictionary says that a girl named Sharley is "a beautiful, funny, amazing, perfect girl with long beautiful hair". I do have a long beautiful white coat tinged with gold; my crowning glory. I'm a family girl surrendered because my owner had too many dogs to care for and I am missing having a family. I'm good with other dogs, have no experience with cats, and I can be a little timid around new folks but I am one sweetheart of a girl. I'm heart worm negative, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. I'm so ready to get my new home. Don't you want a sweet little powderpuff girl pup like me?

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