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BIO: Jun 5, 2019 - Senior boy Levi, turned in to a shelter because his owner no longer had time for him, is living the good life with adopters of two other AGB orphans. One has since passed to the Rainbow Bridge, and when Mom saw Levi's face on-line she knew it was time to adopt again even though Dad was a little hesitant. But after the first meet where Levi climbed right up in Dad's lap, the deal was sealed pending Polly's opinion. She said "yes" when they met and the two are happily napping together while Levi recovers from Heart Worm treatment. He is looking forward to finally getting to chase a ball and that handsome face has won over everyone he meets. Rest easy Levi, good times are coming soon. *********************************************** Hold onto your hats, folks, there's a new pup in town (Birmingham)! Hello, everybody, my name is Levi and they're saying I'm a senior boy. I don't look like it and I don't act like it - a big, good-looking guy like me is in his prime. No white face either; just a distinctive white tuft of hair on my chest. I have a curly coat of reddish fur that the ladies love to run their fingers through and a grin that will steal your heart. Someone called me "a lump of love"! I am in a bit of a predicament. My former owner took me to a shelter and said he had no time for me. Well, I guess he didn't, because I am heart worm positive, I need to be neutered and microchipped, and I had to get all my vaccinations. But, thank goodness, AGB came and got me right away and promised to find me a new home with somebody that WILL have time for me and take care of me. Sounds great! I weigh 69 pounds, have a typical golden personality, and I'm just real comfortable getting comfortable with you. I'm a little afraid of storms but lots of us Goldens are. I'm ready to get this medical stuff done and hit the road with you! I could be your new pup in 'your' town.

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$600.00 Amount Needed
$1,805.00 Amount Received

Medical - Heart worms

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