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LATEST NEWS: Adopt a Golden Birmingham (AGB) welcomes 12 more abandoned Golden Retrievers, four males and eight females, from Istanbul, Turkey, to Birmingham this month.

We gave this group of dogs names of cities and counties in Alabama. The dogs are named Theodore, Clay, Geneva, Troy, Morgan, Lawrence, Addison, Marion, Madison, Dora, Chelsea and Daphne.

The dogs flew to Atlanta and Adopt a Golden Birmingham volunteers picked them up at the airport and drove them back to Birmingham. This group of dogs brings the total number of dogs saved from Turkey by AGB to 28.

FEBRUARY 7, 2016: Adopt a Golden Birmingham (AGB) rescued ten pure bred Golden Retrievers from Istanbul, Turkey.


There are Golden Retrievers in need in Istanbul because the novelty of having a Golden Retriever as a status symbol wore off and they now live in crowded shelters or are street dogs.

Adopt a Golden Birmingham took all measures to ensure the safety of the dogs in their flight, engaging several partners to get the Turkey Golden Retrievers safely to America. Partners for the dogs' transport to Atlanta include Adopt a Golden Atlanta which has brought in several Golden Retrievers from Turkey in the last two months; the municipality of Istanbul and participating shelters; Cargolux Airlines and InXpress USA.

Adopt a Golden Birmingham (AGB) is seeking donations and adopters for the Turkey Golden Retrievers.

Adopt a Golden Birmingham (AGB) is a volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that relies solely on donations.