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Dolly II

BIO: Hello, I'm Dolly, a dream girl with a really bad haircut. I mean bad; this beautician shaved all my beautiful white fur from my back and belly (hope nobody tipped 'em). I feel naked but, thank goodness, I know my hair will grow back and I'll be as gorgeous as ever. My story is not unusual. I was found wandering and someone took me to an animal hospital a little bit worse for wear. I've had some litters of puppies. I don't remember how I got lost from them. I'm just over three years old and I weigh 61 pounds. AGB came and got me because they know a regal girl like me with beautiful dark eyes and a sweet disposition needs a good home and a happy life. They think I'll be snapped up. Anyway, I'm sure hoping so. Fingers crossed! They don't know a whole lot about me yet but they said I was very nice and quiet; a darling girl who just wants to be loved and petted. I've now been vaccinated but they're waiting for blood test results before I get spayed and microchipped. They'll also find out whether I'm heart worm positive or negative. Then I'll be ready for a new home. I could be the dream girl in your life.

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