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General Jimbo

BIO: Attention, General Jimbo at your service. Actually, I'm way too young to be a General officer; I'm only around 8 months old. I was secretly hoping to be called something like 'Ramses' because my beautiful black rimmed eyes look like a drawing of an Egyptian pharaoh. AGB came and got me from a shelter and brought me to Birmingham. I'm very excited about that because I'm thinking I'm gonna get a fine new home and some wonderful loving people to adopt me. The AGB folks said that a puppy boy like me with huge expressive eyes, a happy smile, and lots of soft white fur will be irresistible. I have suffered a little flea allergy so I've lost just a bit of fur on my left back side but that will grow back in no time with medicated baths. I still have to be neutered and microchipped, but I've already been vaccinated, given my rabies shot, and I'm heart worm negative. I weigh 75 pounds and unlike most puppies, I'm calm and sorta laid back. I'm very friendly and sweet. And I ride well in the car. All in all, an adorable study in black and white with a touch of gold (ears) and pink (tongue). Maybe you should come meet me!!! xox, General Jimbo (aka Ramses)

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