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BIO: I wish I had a cheerleader singing "Hey, Mickey, you're so fine. You're so fine, you blow my mind. Oh, Mickey" for me like that upbeat 80's song. Hey, my name is Mickey and I'm somewhere over 3 years old. I weigh 49 pounds. I've been told I'm a very sweet little guy but right now I'm very uncomfortable with a skin condition that's being treated and I also am heart worm positive. I'll get heart worm treatments right after my skin starts healing from the medicine. I'll also be vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Once my hair grows back I'll be as gorgeous as a show dog; I've got the stance and poise. I have a great temperament too. Somehow I ended up in the shelter and I just need a chance to get cured and I will be (I already am) a great dog! I hope you can look in my eyes and see what a darling, handsome boy I was before I was neglected. Do you think that that somebody might sing "Oh, Mickey, you're so fine" to me if I get adopted? I need somebody to love and I sure need somebody to love me!

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$2,000.00 Amount Needed
$1,620.00 Amount Received

Heart worms/FHO surgery

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