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Lucille/Lucy - ADOPTED

BIO: Nov 15, 2019 - It's always a joy to announce the adoption of a senior girl and Lucille, now Lucy, picked the perfect family for herself! She came to AGB heartworm positive and other issues; bad teeth, and an infected eye, and just plain needing some TLC and loving. She is now with a family where the Mom is a veterinarian and Lucy goes to work with her every day! Mom says she is a perfect Office Greeter and had that role down pat from day one. We love Lucy's happy smile. You are in great hands, Lucy, and we are proud of you for picking them! ********************************************** Little Richard sang a song about a Lucille; "Lucille, please, come back where you belong". I don't know where I belong. It seems like all the "Lucille" songs are about the girl leaving. Well, my story is different. I got left. And, unfortunately, before I got left, I had some medical issues that weren't treated so here I am - a 10 year old senior lady without a home and needing some medical care and especially some TLC for my hurting heart. I'm sweet and friendly; I like car rides, I was a pretty loving and loyal girl all my life. I weigh 56 pounds and I'm a bit malnourished. I have an eye infection and some dental issues, my skin needs some work, and I'm heart worm positive. I needed all my vaccinations. I'm so sad that this is the shape I'm in when I should be enjoying my senior years with coddling and love. AGB assures me that they will get me all fixed up to be the pretty Golden girl I once was and find me a family that will love and cherish me. I'm hoping with all my heart that there is somebody out there just for me that will sing me happy "Lucille" songs telling me that I belong to them.

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$850.00 Amount Needed
$750.00 Amount Received

Medical Issues/HW+

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