Golden retriever orphans


Maggie IX

BIO: "Wake up, Maggie, I think I got something to say to you ..." Remember that old Rod Stewart song? Oh, dear, it wasn't great news first hearing it but my previous family surrendered me so I could find a family that had more time to give me the attention I crave. They really want the best for me. Hello, I'm Maggie - the ninth one at AGB - a pretty, cream colored Golden girl that is 6 years old. I weigh 85 pounds; I'm vaccinated, spayed, and about to be microchipped. I've been an outside dog for a while, although I am crate trained to sleep inside. I would so love a special someone or a family that would welcome me and teach me anything I need to know to be an inside, companion dog. Golden Retrievers don't like to be without their people; we need that time and attention or we might show unwelcome behaviors like being destructive when we're alone too much. I am friendly and like everybody - strangers, other dogs, kids and cats. I like to go running and I like car rides. You can see I have a really pretty face and a sweet smile. I hope the next lyric I hear from that song is somebody singing "You stole my heart" when my new family takes me home.

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