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BIO: "She's got Bette Davis eyes." I may have magical, beautiful eyes like that film star but I had the scariest experience right before I came to AGB. Even though I'm not quite a Golden girl, I am still a very pretty girl that deserves a long and happy and safe life. I was turned into a very small rural shelter and I was supposed to be euthanized the very morning AGB quickly came and rescued me. Owner surrenders are the first to be euthanized because of space. I am so lucky to still be here! I'm only two years old and I weigh 44 pounds. I'm heart worm negative, vaccinated and microchipped. The folks at AGB say I am beautiful and sweet and I just beg for attention. My fur is "Harlow gold". This whole ordeal made me a little anxious at first, but now I am slowly coming out of my shell with the love and care of my foster mom and big brother doggie friend. He's teaching me how to play with toys! My alligator squeaks! This caring thing is something I could get used to! I'm getting some professional canine training which is helping me develop confidence. I'm walking all the way around the block with my foster family and I'm amazed at all the sights and smells - who knew?! My name is Mugsie because of my cute little face and sweet smile. I sure hope there's someone out there who wants a loving little girl so I never have to go to a shelter again. "She'll let you take her home.....you won't have to think twice." xox, Mugsie

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$350.00 Amount Needed
$400.00 Amount Received

Canine Training/Infection

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