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BIO: "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!" I'm singing 'hallelujah' because my life just improved a whole lot! My name is Glory and I'm around 5 years old. A girl's hair (fur) is her crowning beauty and I've lost a lot of mine temporarily because I have a really bad skin condition. And my golden fur was so pretty! And so was I, but I don't feel very pretty right now and I'm itchy and raw. The good news is the vet is doing everything they can with medicines and soothing baths to get me back into shape. My back looked very sad and irritated but I'm healing up fast. The folks that found me wandering wanted to keep me but they just couldn't afford my vet bills to get me healthy again so they called AGB. I'm now officially an AGB pup and I am hoping that some nice, kind people will donate to my medical fund. I weigh 53 pounds. I am heart worm negative. I'll have to wait until my skin improves to get spayed, vaccinated and microchipped but, fingers crossed, that will happen soon so I can go into foster, or better yet, find a new family and home. Then I'll be a pretty girl again. The folks that found me said I am great with dogs, cats and people, even strangers. That I am very sweet and affectionate. My glory days are in front of me and I just know I'm going to have the best life!

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$750.00 Amount Needed
$875.00 Amount Received

Severe skin condition

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