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BIO: THANK YOU KINDLY TO ALL WHO DONATED TO MY MEDICAL FUND! "So, we'll go no more a roving". Hello, my name is Lulabelle and I'm 5 years old. I've been a wandering girl for most of my life but I think my wanderlust is gone for good. I've discovered a warm, soft bed at my foster parents and I get to sleep indoors with them. This is the life and I'd be real happy to live like this for always. I've always been allowed to roam free and I lived outside. Recently, I was kept on a chain because I can be a bit of an escape artist; I can go over and under fences when I get lonely and want some attention. I am a very sweet Golden girl and I'm quite easy going. I'm partly house-trained and I know the "sit" command. When I got transported to the AGB vet, I was quite anxious because I haven't been to a vet in a long time and I really didn't like being in a kennel alone. I've been diagnosed with heart worms and my coat was extremely matted. I've had one litter of puppies but I've been spayed. Strangers and new situations can scare me at first until I get to know you and feel safe. AGB got me into a foster home right away and I'm really happy now. They say I am a "love bug" and a joy to be around. So, this wandering girl has decided that life with a forever family is number one on my Christmas wish list.

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$500.00 Amount Needed
$500.00 Amount Received

Heart worm treatment

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