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BIO: In Scotland - where Golden Retrievers first originated - a pretty girl is called a 'bonny lass'. I guess that's why they call me Bonnie. I'm a pretty girl. A lady never discloses her age but I might be somewhere around six or so but if you ask me directly, I'll say five...or maybe even four. That's my prerogative, hee hee. They also say I need to tell you how much I weigh. All right, 67 pounds. I'm also vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and heart worm negative. I'm in good health but I do take thyroid medicine. Of course I'm house trained. I lost my mate - my soulmate dog - a while ago and, since then, I'd rather not be around other dogs that much. I'd love to be your one and only in an adult home that doesn't have kids. I love grown-ups! I'm having a lovely time in my foster home; they say I'm great and very lovable and sweet but I'd rather be 'home' for Christmas. Is anybody looking for a brown eyed 'bonny lass' to snuggle with near the Christmas tree? If so, than please ask about Bonnie. xox

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