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BIO: "You're NoBunny Till SomeBunny Loves you" Hiya, friends, my name is Bunny, a sweet little puppy girl that was found wandering down a road. I'm about 10 weeks old and I weigh 8 pounds but I'm putting on pounds every single day (cause I'm a growing puppy!). I was tired and slept all the way when I was driving in some nice person's car to Birmingham. She reported that I was sweet and quiet. I got checked out by an AGB vet and into the waiting arms of a foster family. I've gotten my first round of puppy shots and will get my second round in about 4 weeks. Otherwise, I'm a healthy little girl. The AGB folks said there was a family on the waiting list that can't wait to take me home with them and let me be their girl. SomeBunny loves me!!! I promise to learn, real quick, all the things that puppies need to learn. So stay tuned because I'm sure they'll be lots of puppy photographs of me appearing as I start the adventure of my life. p.s. Thanks for rescuing me from the street and finding me a new home! Hugs and Kisses, Bunny

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