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Buddy XI

BIO: Hello, Buddy here. I come from a long line of ďBuddiesĒ evidently because Iím Buddy #11 here at the rescue. Well, my name might be common, but I am a uniquely handsome gentleman! I am calm and sweet and about 12 years old. Somehow, I ended up as a stray at a shelter. I donít mind telling you, I did not like that experience. The shelter folks were nice and all, but I am clearly meant to be loved and spoiled by a family of my own. I am housebroken and will bark to tell you when I am ready to come back in. I love my squeaky ball. I will help you by carrying my leash in my mouth when we go to the car. Speaking of cars, I love to ride and usually call dibs on the front seat. I love snacks and things like vanilla wafers and Honey Nut Cheerios. I prefer to take my medicine with a slice of cheese or a Vienna sausage, but since I weigh 90 lbs. and need to lose a few pounds, the snacks are kind of limited these days! I am heartworm negative thank goodness, but came in with ear infections, fleas, some hair loss, and very itchy skin. I also limp some, so the good doctors here are giving me all the care, treatment, and medicine I need to help me feel better. All in all, I think I am in pretty good shape for a fella my age and of course, I am young at heart! So, if you are looking for a sweet, friendly, loving all around great guy to become your very best friend, your search is over! I am here and Iím ready to be your best Buddy. PSÖ Since Iím 12, I can be adopted through the senior-to-senior program to someone 65 or older and my adoption fee will be waived!

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