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BIO: Hello, my name is Bruce. Iím a 10 year boy who has been through some sad times and I am looking for someone to take me in and give me all the love and care I deserve. My owner became very sick and had to go to a care facility. I was not allowed to go there, so suddenly I found myself without a home and the person who loved me most. It has been very confusing for me. Luckily, the kind folks at AGB have taken me in and they promise to find the perfect home for me. I love other animals and all humans. I am a sweet boy, but I have been a little scared at the Vet, even though I have been told that the doctor is just trying to take care of me and help me to feel better. My hind legs hurt and they are giving me medicine for arthritis. Sadly, I have something called heartworms and I will have to undergo treatment to get rid of those nasty things. I hope someone is out there with a big heart who will welcome me into their home with the love and patience I need to heal and enjoy life again. If you think you could be my perfect match, you can learn more about me, submit an application, and make a donation to help with my care on the AGB website. Thank you for your concern and your help. Your friend, Bruce

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$1,000.00 Amount Needed
$150.00 Amount Received

Bruce II
Medical Fund

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