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BIO: Hi, Romeo here! Iíve heard that Romeo is the name of a very famous, handsome, lover boy. I guess thatís why they call me Romeo because as you can see, Iím a handsome fella. I was found stray and taken to a shelter, and before too long a nice volunteer came and took me to AGB. I weigh 59 lbs and am estimated to be about 8 years old. Age is just a number, right, so I guess what really matters is that I am just the right age to be adopted and start my new life. The humans say I am sweet, affectionate, and friendly. I used to be a little nervous with people at first, but my foster family has helped me with that. The doctors here found I had some itchy skin and a hot spot on my back, but that is all good now too. I have been vaccinated and neutered and finished my treatment for heart worms with flying colors!! Everyone has been very kind and loving to me and they made me a promise that they would do whatever it takes to get me adopted. So now I am just focusing on meeting folks who are looking for a forever best friend. Could that be you? If you would like to meet me, just tell AGB you want to meet the Lover Boy, Romeo!

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