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BIO: My name is Carmen (on the left) and I am 7 years old and weigh 83 lbs. I am sweet and affectionate and love people and other animals. My owner became ill and had to give me and my brother, Jock, to a shelter so we could be cared for. That was scary for us. We missed our home and family a lot, but the scariest part was thinking my brother might be taken from me at any time! You see, we’ve been together our whole lives and no matter how bad things get, I am the “little sister” (even though I am slightly bigger in size!) and my brother is my rock. He always looks out for me. I NEVER want to be without him! Luckily for us, the shelter asked AGB to come get us. They said that AGB will make sure we are matched with a family who wants twice the Golden love so we will never have to live apart. I am healthy and doing well. My fur was a little unkempt when I got here and my legs a little stiff, but AGB is giving me all the care I need, and even some “spa treatments” to help me look and feel my best. If you’re interested in finding two best friends, let AGB you want to meet me, Carmen, and my brother Jock.

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