Golden retriever orphans



BIO: Hello, Dolly! Thatís a song, but itís also my name and it is fitting because I am a real doll! I am 4 and a half years old, and I weigh about 80 lbs. I am a Golden-Pyrenees mix and luckily, I am pretty healthy, other than an ear infection. But donít worry, The AGB Vets are on it! I will be all well soon. I have been described as calm, mellow, sweet, cuddly, and affectionate. The thing is, I get uneasy around other animals and kids, so I was kinda hoping I could find someone to adopt me and let me be their one and only companion. I promise I will give you so much love, you wonít need anyone else. So, if youíre looking for a lovebug of a girl to give all your affection to, be sure to let AGB know you want to say hello to Dolly.

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