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BIO: PLEASE DONATE TO MEDICAL FUND! CLICK 'MORE' TO SEE HOW MUCH I NEED. THANK YOU! Hi friends! Im Oliver. I am 6 years old and weigh 80 lbs. My family could no longer take care of us, so me and my brother Remington were taken in by AGB. They have been really nice to us and promise to find a family who will want us both. We really want to stay together because weve never been apart! We get along with girl dogs and people. We bark at cats! We like kids, but get really excited so were probably best suited for older children. We have been living outside so we will need a family who can teach us some house manners and who will give us lots of play time. We have not been to the Vet in years so we need a good bit of medical care that AGB is taking care of for us. We have run up kind of a big bill since there are two of us. If you could spare a few dollars to help, it would really make our tails wag! If you are looking for a couple of handsome, friendly, Golden guys to be your best buddies, I think Remington and I could be the perfect pups for you. Just fill out the adoption application online and tell AGB you want to meet us!

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Oliver III
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