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BIO: Howdy yíall, Iím Colt. I know, I know, thatís what they call a baby horse, but I swear Iím a dog. And not nearly as big as a horse! Iím a 4 year old boy and I weigh 95 lbs. I got a new owner recently, but sadly she found out she was allergic to my dander. She decided to contact AGB because she knew they would not rest until they matched me with my perfect forever family. I am playful and easy going, and have been described as the best cuddler and the sweetest pup ever. I admit, itís true! I get along with every person I have ever met, cats, and other dogs. I LOVE toys and will often pick up several in my mouth and then try to ďtalkĒ to you! I am housetrained and I like swimming and car rides. About the only thing I donít like is storms! I really like to cuddle during those bad old storms, because that makes me feel calmer and safe. If all this sounds like a good fit for your family, I really hope youíll put in an adoption application and set up a meeting with me soon.

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