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BIO: Good day to you, friends. I am Katy, a 9-year-old golden lady. My owners recently divorced and brought me to AGB so I can be placed in a new home. I am a sweet natured girl who gets along well with all pets and humans. I have lived outside all my life and unfortunately AGB found that I have heartworms and a heart murmur. I have had several litters of puppies and will need to be spayed, but that can’t be done until I get cleared by a cardiologist and finish my heartworm treatment. I have to tell you that I have been feeling pretty down and was worried that no one would want to adopt an older girl like me, especially with my medical issues. You can imagine my surprise when I found out AGB has already found a sweet and caring adopter who only wants to give me all the love, care, and happiness I deserve. Paws crossed that I will be well enough soon to be adopted! In the meantime, I will be getting lots and lots of medical care and I would be so happy if you could make a donation to help AGB pay my Vet bills. Just click “more” to see how much I need and to donate. Thank you so much for supporting AGB and Golden girls and boys in need like me.

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$2,000.00 Amount Needed
$1,050.00 Amount Received

Medical Fund

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