Golden retriever orphans



BIO: Hey yíall. My name is Rudy. Iím a four-year-old, 85 lb fella. My human father passed away recently and my family had a hard time caring for me and the other dogs in our house after that. I wasnít getting the attention and exercise I deserve, so AGB agreed to take me in. Iím a super sweet guy who loves everyone I meet. I can be shy when in new environments, but I warm up quickly. I get along well with other dogs and have lived with other Goldens and Dachshunds in the past. I donít have much experience with children or cats, but I am curious to know more about both! I love to play and get pets and loviní. My friends at AGB told me they have a family who has been waiting for a boy like me for a really long time and they want to meet me! I really hope we all love each other and soon I will be enjoying life in my new forever home.

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