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BIO: Howdy folks, Kio here. I am a 3 ˝ year old fella who ended up as what they call “stray”. Efforts to find my owners failed and I was in desperate need of someone to take me in. Of course, the big old softies at AGB couldn’t say no to a handsome dude like me and came to get me right away. I haven’t been here long, but they already know I am a good boy on a leash and I know some commands. I am also incredibly sweet! Sadly, the doctors found out I am heartworm positive, so I will need to start treatment for that right away. I also have an ear infection, some wounds on my paws, a lesion on my head and a growth inside my ear. They’re going to take care of all these things and get me neutered and vaccinated so that I will be in tip top shape when my forever family comes along. As you can imagine, I might run up quite a Vet bill, so if you would like to help AGB pay for my care, just click ‘more’ to make a donation. Thanks friends!

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$850.00 Amount Needed
$560.00 Amount Received

Medical Fund

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