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BIO: Hello, Snoopy here. Iím a 2 year old, 70 lb. boy who is hoping AGB can help me find my forever people. Even though I am fairly young, I have had some tough times. I was hit by a car a few months ago and have been trying to recover from my injuries, but it has not been going so well. One of my elbows is in bad shape, but I have been learning to get by and still be my happy go lucky self. With all the testing AGB has done with their awesome Veterinarians, they have found I have another problem. I suffer from CCL disease, Cranial Cruciate Ligament. This means my ligaments are prone to tearing and both of my back knees will require surgery at some point. AGB is committed to getting this done for me, along with some training to help me be more calm so I don't jump so much and cause further injury. However, this will mean two things: they need to raise a lot of money to pay for all my surgeries and treatments, and they must find a very special family to adopt me who will give me the special care and support I need to live my best life. I will be able to live a happy life, but my weight and exercise must be managed to limit the stress on my legs. I have been an outside dog, but I need to live inside from here on out, though I can still be outside for low impact exercise like swimming, gentle play and leash walks. I get along with other dogs, but will need fur siblings who are calmer and won't jump on me or encourage me to run hard. I havenít been around cats. I am best suited for a family with older children. I have a sweet temperament and as you can see, I am quite handsome! If you would like to add a stunning blonde boy to your family and are willing to work with AGB on my special needs, I hope you will submit an adoption application and arrange to meet me. If you can make a donation of any amount to help with my extremely large vet bills, I would be ever so grateful! Just click "more" to see how much I need and make a tax deductible gift. Thanks friends!

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$10,000.00 Amount Needed
$895.00 Amount Received

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