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July 5, 2022 – Alabelle was a sad and scared stray living in Mississippi when AGB rescued her. She went to foster with a loving nurse who gave her the love and care she desperately needed while she went through heartworm treatment and learned to live with loving people. Here are her mom’s sweet words, “Sometimes God has a Different Plan. My plan was to just be a foster momma. But that day I picked you up from the vet and met you for the first time, I instantly fell in love with you and I just knew in my heart it was meant to be. God knew I needed you as much as you needed me. You have brought so much happiness and unconditional love into my life. Alabelle, I love you more than words can describe. I am so grateful I get to adopt you and be your momma.” If only all dogs were so lucky!

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Hello friends. I am Alabelle and I am a 3 year old little lady weighing in at just 34 lbs. As you can tell, I am really small and underweight. I was what they call “stray” and had been on my own for some time before someone found me and got me to a shelter. They could tell that I recently had a litter of pups and they also found out I have something called heartworms. From what I have heard, those can be very bad and can even kill a little girl like me. That’s why I am so incredibly lucky that AGB took me in. They are getting me all the medical help I need and have sent me to live with a wonderful foster family who will love and care for me until I am ready to be adopted. I am sweet, adorable and affectionate and all the folks here say I have an amazing personality. What I need now is some quiet rest while I take my medicine and get better. That medicine is awfully expensive! Luckily for me, AGB has some great donors who helped pay my medical bills. Thanks for all the love and support! Your friend Alabelle.

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