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March 28, 2020 – Alfie has been adopted to a local family who also have AGB alum Chloe. Here is what Mom has to say: “Alfie, now named “Max is doing great and you can officially consider him happily adopted! We’re now laughing at the fact that about the only behavior mentioned before we met him was that he was “food motivated”….Food motivated, indeed! He brings a whole new definition to the title of Champion of Counter Surfing and consumer of soft plush toys but he’s successfully re-training us…we’ve reshuffled the toy box assortment and finding creative ways to prep meals that leave no temptations on the counter! He clearly hasn’t had much time living indoors or anyone to work with him on commands and manners but he’s a sweet and loving soul that’s learning fast and we’re looking forward to helping him continue to adjust to the “good life”. Many thanks to you and AGB for bringing us together!”

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“What’s it all about, Alfie?” Not sure I’ve got an answer to that big question! Here’s what I do know – I’m a very handsome, cream colored boy that’s looking for love! I’m 2 years old and AGB rescued me from a shelter. I weigh 58 pounds and I’m vaccinated, microchipped and heart worm negative. I just got neutered (not my choice, believe me!). The great people at the vet kennel said I’m very calm, sweet, friendly and food motivated. I’ve got a very sweet smile. I LOVE humans! Looking forward to finding a new home where they love me back just as much. “without true love we just exist, Alfie…until you find the love you’ve missed….” So is anybody out there looking for true love with a boy like me? I’ll just be over here waiting for you so I don’t miss out on the true love stuff.

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