November 27, 2023 – Amber is now Lucy, and her new mom writes: We are grateful to AGB for helping us find our sweet girl Lucy. Over a year ago we lost our golden mix that we had adopted from Greater Bham Humane Society. Lucy is a cuddle bug and is always up for a walk. She came to us knowing several commands like sit, down, and shake. She enjoys going in and out of her crate, and since her first night at home, she has slept soundly without a peep. She camps at a door when she needs to go to the bathroom. 

She welcomes family and friends into our home with paw shakes and attention. She is mostly calm and alert and her presence is a comfort to all. We are working on “heel” and leash walking and she is improving daily. Based on a few experiences while walking in the park and meeting other dogs, I know without a doubt Lucy would protect me and my family if a situation were to present itself. She was not aggressive when meeting other pups, but playfully stood her ground or walked away when she met dogs that were a little too assertive. We are blessed by adopting Lucy and she is a sweet addition to our family. 

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