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August 20, 2020 – Senior dog Aspen had the smarts to follow another dog to his home when she got lost in the woods. She hung around and hung around so the finders called AGB to get her some help. Aspen has now been adopted by a nice man and she and his other dog go to work with him every day. He reports she is slowly gaining weight, is getting more confident and secure every day, and seems happy. Because of the heart shaped star on her head, she is now called “Lovey.” What a sweet name for a lucky girl!

Original Adoption Post

Hello, everyone. My name is as pretty as I am. I’m called Aspen and I’m a sweet senior girl of 9. I got lost and wandered until I followed a bloodhound pup home and that pup’s owners took care of me and called AGB. I’m so glad they found me and helped me because I was really starting to get nervous and not feel good. My pretty fur was all matted and I have a UTI, an ear infection, and a skin infection, maybe from allergies, but more likely from conditions while I was wandering. I’ve got a bit of arthritis too. I need to gain a few pounds because I only weigh 42 pounds. My new vet put me on Senior Best Care and is giving me medicine for my infections which should be cleared up soon. I am heart worm negative, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. I don’t want to be on my own anymore. It’s not fun! What is fun is having people take care of me, feed and pet me, and tell me what a pretty girl I am; that I am sweet and affectionate. I like other dogs too. So this Golden girl is looking for a new place to lay my head and folks to make sure I don’t get lost again. I’m sure looking forward to my forever home.

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